2014/4/4 -NO.

Anfal battle`s
echo in Idlib to
support Coast
Opposition loses air
defense battalion
Syrian army uses
toxic gases… again
Syria`s friends…. presidential elections a f arce and insult
Airlift from Jordan to
Turkey for opposition`s
After Jarba`s visit.. Ayoub inspects observatory 45
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (437) 2014/4/4
Deadly clashes accompa-
nied with heavy artillery and
warplanes bombing erupted
in Jobar area in Damascus
leaving scores of civilians
dead. Syrian Arab army tar-
geted the area by toxic gas-
es, according to opposition`s
sources.In Maliha, violent
clashes took place between
the two sides.In the same
time, al-Nusra militants at-
tacked the main square of
Maliha, without achieving
any progress after being
bombed by Syrian warplanes
and forced to retreat towards
Zamalka. Syrian Arab army
has full control on Maliha,
according to an offcial mili-
tary source. Duma, Zamalka,
Jesreen, Kafrbatna and Wadi
Syrian army uses toxic gases… again
Airlift from Jordan to Turkey for opposition`s fghters
Ein Tarma have been under
heavy shelling as well. Syr-
ian army defused 38 an ex-
plosive devices planted at
the entrance of Duma, and
uncovered a 200-meter tun-
nel expanding from Harasta
to Majed suburb.Military
convoys and troops have
been mobilized to launch a
major military operation in
informal sources said an
about existence of An air-
lift transferring more than
1000 fghters from differ-
ent nationalities including
Saudi Arabia, Jordan and
Syria from Marka Airport in
Amman to Antioch in Lewa
Iskenderun to fght Syrian
army in Latakia country-
side has been active recent-
ly, according to unoffcial
sources.A growing number
of the militants transferred
had already undergone an
intensive training Al-Risi-
fyah camps under the super-
vision of Jordanian intelli-
gence and CIA.
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The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (437) 2014/4/4
Egyptian Jihad-
ist killed in Lattakia
Opposition loses air
defense battalion
Anfal battle`s echo in Idlib to support Coast
Battle of Asad Kurdistan
Opposition kills SAA feld commander
Ahmed Muzayen, nick-
named (Abo Safya Al-
Masri), a military com-
mander of Sham Islam
movement was killed dur-
ing battles broke out lately
near Observatory 45 with
the Syrian army.
The Syrian army recaptures
an air defense battalion
and Talet Taana in Aleppo
countryside, while clashes
took place between the Syr-
ian army and opposition`s
fghters in Talet Sheikh Yu-
suf and around the central
prison of Aleppo.
Militants of Islamic Front
and Janhet Al-Nusra said
they are starting the Bat-
tle of Anfal Echo in Khan
Shaikhoun Idlib country-
side, to support Anfal battle
in the Syrian coast.
ISIL militants declared start-
ing the Battle of Asad Kurdis-
tan against the PKK fghters
in Al-Hasakah by detonat-
ing a car bomb in Kahtani-
In al-Kalamoun in Damas-
cus countryside, battles
continue between opposi-
tion militants and the Syrian
army, especially in Sakhra
and Al-bakhah where SAA
feld commander Colonel
“Adel Issa” was killed.
ya town killng a number of
victims.ISIL has recently de-
feated PKK in Tall Al-Boka,
Farisa and Soufan villages in
Ras al-Ain countryside.
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The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (437) 2014/4/4
After Jarba`svisit.. Ayoub inspects observatory 45
Syria`s friends…. presidential elections a farce and insult
Two days after SNC head
Ahmed Jarba`s visit to the
bordering city of Kassab has
been widely covered by me-
dia outlets, state Syrian TV
displayed footage of SAA
General Chief of Staff Major
General Ali Ayoub inspecting
army forces in Observatory
45 and nearby posts.” Syrian
people look at you with an eye
of confdence to achieve the
inevitable victory and drive
out Zionist-backed groups”,
Ayoub addressed the soldiers.
The Group of Syria`s Friends
said the results of the presi-
dential elections scheduled
to take place before the next
July in Syria will not have
any legitimacy.The group
said in the statement that the
elections conducted by the re-
gime of President Bashar al-
Assad are “democratic farce”
and reveal the regime’s re-
fusal of Geneva Conference.
Such elections will increase
divisions in the country, “
President al-Assad wants the
elections to support his dicta-
torship”, said the statement.
Running the presidential run
comes amid sharp accusa-
tions against Assad of com-
mitting war crimes which
make a blatant insult to the
lives of innocents.The group
said it will go on support-
ing the efforts of UN envoy
to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi,
to mediate in order to reach
a political solution between
the two parties, calling on the
Syrian government to stop
obstructing the Geneva`s pro-
cess by agreeing on all items
in the Geneva 1 communiqué