2014/4/6 -NO.

Food aid enters
U.S. military aid to
Komalah Kurdish
forces join opposition
Syrian National University “the Interim government’s new project”
Battles continue in
Military operation to stop Mortar attacks
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (439) 2014/4/6
The Syrian warplanes
launched barrel-bomb at-
tacks on al-Qantara in Lat-
takia northern countryside
coincided with artillery
shelling targeted some re-
gions surrounding al-Niser
Mountain and the borderline
with Turkey, the Syrian Ob-
servatory said.Meanwhile
ferce clashes erupted be-
tween the Syrian army in co-
operation with the National
Defense forces (the Syrian
resistance to liberate Isken-
derun) in one hand and (al-
Nusra fghters in cooperation
with Ahrar al-Sham, Sham
Battles continue in Lattakia
Military operation to stop Mortar attacks
al-Islam, Junoud al-Sham,
Ansar al-Sham and other
Islamic fghting battalions)
on the other in al-Nabaaien
region and at the surround-
ing of the Observatory /45/.
A rocket, fred by the Syrian
army, has struck on Nabaa
al-Mur leaving some inju-
ries, the Observatory added.
The Syrian army launched
few days ago a military op-
eration targeting al-Mleha
in the eastern Ghota and
Jobar neighborhood being
main threat to the Capital
Damascus by fring mortar
shells at Damascus sub-
urbs. Meanwhile the Syr-
ian Observatory for Hu-
man Rights stated that two
mortar shells struck Opera
House at the Surroundings
of Chief of Staff headquar-
ter at Umayyad Square,
leaving two civilians dead.
Another mortar shell fell
near the Russian Embassy
in al-Mazraa, no casual-
ties reported. Al-Ghassani
mortat attack as well left
three injured. On the oth-
er hand, the Syrian army
attempts to block smug-
gling roads of the opposi-
tion between al-Zabadani
Valley and Lebanese east-
ern mountains where elite
units of the Syrian army
are deployed.
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The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (439) 2014/4/6
Interim government
takes over granaries in
Syrian National University “the Interim gov-
ernment’s new project”
Al-Saf… “resignation of Coalition members to
be accepted”
Ahmad Tohme, PM of the
interim government warned
against “supporting extremist
groups in Syria,” stressing that
“terrorist organizations crimi-
nalized by the Saudi govern-
ment had shed the blood of
Syrians”. Tohme pointed out
that “the organization of the
Islamic State in Iraq and the
Levant and al-Nusra Front”
distorted the course of the
revolution and used the mis-
guided as fuel for their radical
ideas. He appealed to every-
one not to sympathize with
these organizations, which
caused disastrous results
against the innocent, accord-
ing to the Saudi newspaper
“Al-Riyadh”. In another con-
text, Tohme participated in
“the consultative meeting for
the people of Horan in the
Turkish city of Istanbul”, and
listened to the needs of the
people of Daraa and promised
more attention and support.
Meanwhile, Daraa militants
announced in the meeting that
granaries that have been re-
cently liberated are under the
management of the Syrian in-
terim government.
Abdul Rahman al-Hajj,
adviser to interim govern-
ment PM, revealed a gov-
ernment’s project to es-
tablish a Syrian national
university. “We developed
the government’s plan of
education, and explained
the projects that we are car-
rying out, this includes var-
ious stages of education”
al-Hajj said.“We’ll present
a special study of the Syri-
an National University and
a plan to set up three theo-
retical colleges in politi-
cal science, management,
languages and parallel sci-
entifc colleges (Dentistry,
architecture, and civil engi-
neering). Five institutes of
technology have also been
prepared with the Society
of Syrian- Americans En-
gineers, an association of
academics and experts at
a high level to train cadres
recognized to be distribut-
ed on job market, he added.
Louay Saf, spokesman for
the National Coalition, said
that the regime is not ready
to engage in any political
process, and has no agenda
so far to complete the Ge-
neva negotiations.In regard
to the election of Coalition`s
political body, al-Saf said
that “two proposals for the
mechanism of expanding
the body and gives it ex-
ecutive powers will be dis-
cussed and voted on as usu-
al. There are items that will
also be proposed to increase
the powers of the commit-
tees and political body, and
the regulations governing
the relationship of the coali-
tion with the interim gov-
ernment”. He also pointed
out that the request made by
resigned SNC member to
be readmitted had been ac-
cepted, and that resignation
of any member will be ac-
cepted at their will.
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The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (439) 2014/4/6
Food aid enters Ghota
Clashes on regime’s checkpoints in Hama
Komalah Kurdish forces join opposition
The Red Crescent managed
to enter 1600 food baskets
in the frst phase and one
thousand basket of relief in
the second phase of a plan
to bring aid to the besieged
in East Ghota, where the
united relief offce received
Scores of Syrian army sol-
diers have been killed and
injured while attempting to
break into Mork city in the
northern countryside of Hama
amid violent clashes at the
city’s outskirts, Hama Media
Center stated. FSA has also
broke into al-Ameyya check-
food baskets and distribut-
ed them to major centers in
the towns, in preparation to
distribute them to civilians
under the supervision of
Crescent Red, waiting for
the intensifcation of efforts
to introduce more aid.
point in al-Saa`n, and al-Jalma
checkpoint in the eastern and
northern countryside respec-
tively, the center added. Other
clashes took place at Shezer
and Qaramta checkpoints,
while opposition fghters tar-
geted by homemade rockets
Khattab military barrack.
Komalah “Kurdish opposi-
tion Forces” joined “Syr-
ia’s rebels Front”, as Capt.
Biwar Mustafa, command-
er of the Kurdish military
organization, emphasized
that this step came out to
unify the military efforts
along with all revolution-
ary factions fghting the
regime, stressing that the
victory of the revolution
requires the unifcation of
the forces of the Syrian op-
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The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (439) 2014/4/6
Coalition calls for protection of civilians against indiscriminate bombing
U.S. military aid to FSA
Opposition Coalition de-
manded to protect civilians
against regime indiscrimi-
nate shelling on Aleppo,
stigmatizing such action as a
war crime prohibited by the
terms of Annex I of Geneva
Convention. The Coalition
said that It the fle of the Syr-
ian regime must forwarded
to the International Criminal
Court in order to prosecute
war criminals. The coalition
statement also asked the Se-
curity Council to take active
and direct steps to stop the
systematic violence and in-
discriminate shelling of ci-
vilians in Syria.
Media sources quoted U.S
.security sources that The
United States is fnalizing
a plan to increase training
FSA fghters, and to provide
them small arms shipments,
as it would increase aid and
will send these shipments to
the moderate fghting groups,
which resides mostly in Jor-
dan, in addition to the Syrian
southern border. The aid like-
ly wouldn’t include surface to
air missiles, because America
fears the possibility of the ar-
rival of advanced weapons to
extremist Islamic groups who
would use it to attack Israel.