2014/4/8 -NO.

Battle of
“Ikhwat al-Anfal “
broke out!
“Itisam” battle occu-
pies al-Jabas market
Armenian fghters
to Syria….
Zoubi…. Syria presidential elections to be held
Al-Rahman Corps
to raid capital
Coalition: Safi forced to resign
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (441) 2014/4/8
“I disapproved the decision
of giving interim opposition
government full authority in
cases related to coalition at
all scales, in addition to re-
lief issues, so I was forced to
resign ”, Louay Saf- spokes-
person for the Syrian Nation-
Coalition: Saf forced to resign
Coalition not convinced by allies
Zoubi…. Syria presidential elections to be held
Syrian Opposition Coali-
tion expressed no satisfac-
tion with support received in
contrast of that obtained by
Syrian government, clarify-
ing after Istanbul meetings
“Presidential candidates to
apply their bids in the last
ten days of current month”,
Syrian Information Minister
stressed.“The elections will
take place as scheduled in
June “, he added.In an inter-
view for Lebanese al-Manar
TV, al-Zoubi stressed that
these elections are like a test
for political discourse of Syr-
ian Government in believing
in political solution and re-
specting the constitution.
al Coalition said.He clarifed
that this decision will restrict
coalition power, stressing
that his resignation does not
mean rejecting coalition as a
political organization, but he
objects the lack of coalition
that it is not the right time
to resume negotiations, ac-
cusing that Syrian govern-
ment of deterring political
solution and handing power.
During the meetings, coali-
tion endeavored to re-form
its political body, assigning
two ministers of Health and
High Education for the in-
terim opposition government
that emerging from coalition.
Page NO.3
The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (441) 2014/4/8
Battle of “Ikhwat al-
Anfal“ broke out!
Al-Rahman Corps to raid capital
Legal Body Leader
Armenian fghters to Syria….
“Ikhwat al –Anfal” is the name
of last two days–battle that
has been waged by al-Nusra,
Islamic Fronts and FSA fght-
ers in Quaintera.As a result,
fghters dominated on Maghar
al-Mir al Saghira village, op-
position claimed.After two
days of launching the battle,
opposition fghters made a
notable advance to an impor-
tant post of a 61-Independent
Brigade, as SAA attempted
to send military buildup to
Quaintera Eastern Hills, ac-
cording to opposition.On the
contrast, state military sources
stressed that battles continue
on hill‘s eastern slopes toward
army posts in the eastern hills
and that after fghters’ domi-
nation on western peak.
“Al-Rahman Corps” fght-
ers ordered other battal-
ions, either to fght along-
side with the armed groups
in Maliha, Damascus coun-
tryside, or stirring other
fronts in other regions, this
comes after Syrian Army
heavily bombed opposi-
tion bastions , destroying
one of homemade- rock-
ets factories .In Doma,
confrontations between
Syrian Army and Islamic
Front have intensifed, as
Syrian Army advanced to-
ward high orchards, aim-
ing explosive devices,
mortars-factories at al-
Hajaria surrounding area.
Clashes between Syrian
Army and “Shohadaa Jo-
bar“ battalion continued in
Jobar, as FSA broke into a
137-Briaged in the Damas-
cus western countryside.
Legal Body Leader-Ali Jamal
al-Farwan, nickname “Abu
Obada” was killed in Inkhel-
Daraa countryside by a car
blast, according to opposition
“More than of 1500 Armenian
fghters head from” Nagorno-
Karabakh” to Tartus port;
including 300 fghters from
“Siady al-Ghozlan” military
band that known by military
experience, sources stressed.
In the contrast, Foreign Min-
istry Press Offce of Nago-
rno-Karabakh denied sending
military units to Syria, con-
sidering that ridiculous.
Page NO.4
The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (441) 2014/4/8
“Itisam” battle occupies al-Jabas market
Opposition loses Haramya mount.
In latakia countryside, the Syrian Arab army tightened its control on Haramyah
mount near al-Nisr mount, and killed 100 gunman in an ambush.
“As a result of “al-Itisam
“battle that aiming to lib-
erate some areas in Alep-
po, including al-Sharfy
region, artillery and mili-
tary academy, fghters
dominated on al-Jabas
market, advancing toward
a 606 square”, opposi-
tion claimed .“15 civilians
were killed and 50 others
injured as mortars hit al-
Hamadanya region”, op-
position added.Fighters
dominated on al-Akrab
region, they also attacked
military checkpoints at
Aleppo -Khanasir way.