2014/4/9 -NO.

Rankous battle
begins… Syrian
army steps up
Truce in Tadamon
Homs’ militants :
or surrender
Quneitra’s rebels control ammunition depot
Mustafa.. Syrian
Jarba to China
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (442) 2014/4/9
Rankous, Damascus coun-
tryside has witnessed ferce
clashes between armed op-
position and Syrian army
as it attempts to capture
Rankous battle begins… Syrian army steps up
Quneitra’s rebels control ammunition depot
Opposition controls buildings near Air Force Intelligence
In Quneitra, military opera-
tion room of “Anfal broth-
ers” battle declared that bat-
tles will carry on between
Syrian army on hand, and
the Islamic front, ISIL, and
Ahrar al-Joulan on the oth-
er, who had captured 3 am-
munition depots belonging
to Syrian army. Opposition
websites have released pho-
tos saying that it was a feld
visit for “Mohammad Khat-
ib” commander of the bri-
gades participating in Anfal
Ahl al-Sham room operation
in Aleppo said it controlled
one of the buildings near Air
Force Intelligence HQ after
deadly battles with Syrian
the town using artillery
and warplanes, leaving one
of al-Nusra feld leaders
“Abu Talha al-Baghdadi”
killed. Syrian army has
brothers battle, while Jamal
Maarouf, commander of Syr-
ia Rebels Front, asserted that
his fghters, who targeted a
stronghold for Syrian army
in Tal Ahmar, achieved no-
table victories, especially in
Quneitra countryside.
full control on Radar Hill
and observatories which
oversee Rankous, offcial
military source announced
State media said that SAA
is ready to liberate the rest
towns of Kalamoun, Most
notably Maloula, before
making any military settle-
ment or serious reconcili-
ation in Zabadani. Syrian
army continues to smash
armed groups’ dens in
Zabadani, Mleha, Daria,
and Harasta after a sweep-
ing military operation has
kicked off to rebate battles
in Ghouta.
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The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (442) 2014/4/9
Curfew in Al-Hasakah Clashes in Waer neighborhood
ISIL leader killed in
Deir Ezzor.
Jarba to China.
Homs’ militants : support or surrender
Truce in Tadamon
Kurdish People’s Protection
Units (YPG) imposed a cur-
few in al-Kahtania town in
al-Hasakah as inactive cells
linked to explosions and car-
bombs in the city are still in-
side the city. Scores are arrest-
ed during the crackdown.
Armed opposition attacked
the military hospital in Waer
neighborhood, Homs coun-
tryside and nearby army
checkpoints, after thwarting
Syrian army’s attempts to
break into the neighborhood,
according to opposition.
ISIL leader in Deir Azzor
“Younes Aysh” , known as
“Abu Kutada Jorzi” was killed
after his car has been bombed
in the city`s countryside.
The Information Offce for
Syrian opposition coalition
said that Ahmad Jarba is visit-
ing China on April 14 , where
he will meet a number of of-
fcials to review the political
solution for the Syrian crisis
and clarify Syrian people`s
attitude and suffering .
Unoffcial media outlets re-
ported that opposition rebels
in the besieged Homs may
Director of “Ahrar al-Sham”
media offce “Abu Abdul-
lah Hourani” talked about a
problem with Syrian army
that prevents making a truce
in Tadamon in Damascus
have taken a decision to hand
over the city for their inability
to carry on fghting due to the
cruelty of siege. The besieged
fghters appealed in a state-
ment the factions and combat
battalions to fuel them to start
a new battle and recuse the
city from being handed.
countryside, clearing out that
Tadamon’s local council “still
confused” adding that Syrian
army called the offcial mili-
tary council to sign the truce
but the request was rejected.
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The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (442) 2014/4/9
Badr: coalition members to keep their posts
Mustafa.. Syrian Government illusory
Minister Defense in the
Interim opposition gov-
ernment “ Asaad Mustafa
“ considered that Syrian
Government’s statements
Anwar Badr, member of
Syrian coalition political
body, said that results of
coalition elections refect
a consensual list among
all Syrian opposition pow-
ers, denying the decline of
any member`s post.
on military solution in its
way to end is just an illu-
sion , stressing that FSA
achieve victories and wel-
comes any military sup-
port , pointing out that
Syrian army have power-
ful arsenal but they will
not be able to end military
operations .