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Sun (Greenwich only) 11am—6pm
As a courtesy to our therapists and other clients, please give us a minimum
of 24 hours notce if you wish to cancel or change your appointment, or we
will otherwise have to charge you the full fee as part of our cancellaton
SHR works by gradually heatng the dermis to a temperature
that efectvely damages the hair follicles and prevents re-
growth, while avoiding injury to the surrounding tssue. A
high repetton rate of short pulses are delivered deep into
the dermis, achieving high average power and
therapeutcally efectve heat build-up, with virtually no
How is SHR diferent from IPL/Laser hair removal?

IPL is painful because the whole band of unfocused light hits
the skin, with a lot of useless energy causing heat damage
and pain while trying to reach the hair follicles.
SHR™ uses low energy levels, therefore it is painless as
compared to IPL hair removal or Laser Hair Removal even
on Brazilian bikini area.
All our SHR treatments starts with a full consultaton and a
patch test. During this consultaton we will assess whether
this treatment is suitable for you as well as determine a
personal prescribed treatment plan which will give you the
best results.
All our therapists are fully qualifed Laser Specialists and
are licensed to treat clients using advanced IPL/Laser
equipment .The SHR system has been FDA certfed for hair
New incredible Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Small area £39:
Cheeks, Jaw, Chin, Upper Lip, Neck, Hands, Feet, Navel,
Under arms, bikini, G string bikini.

Medium Area £78:
Face, Lower Back, upper back, Abdomen, Chest, Shoulders,
half arm, half leg, Brazilian, Hollywood, forearms, upper

Large Area £156
Full Leg (upper and lower), Full Back (upper and lower) Full
Thorax (stomach and chest).
Book a course of 6 and receive your last session for free.
Pure Synergie
84 Strand
Covent Garden
Inside Hebe Hair
Tel: 02078367248
Pure Synergie
20 College Approach
SE10 9HY
Inside Green Wellbeing
Tel: 0207 998 5731
Pure Face
Pure Synergie Facial
Our nourishing and relaxing bespoke Pure Synergie facials
are performed using the lovely Neals Yard products which
contain no alcohol, perfume or parabens.
Choose between:
-Sof as a Feather ( Sensitve Skin)
-Revive and Glow( Normal/Dry Skin)
-Rediscover Radiance ( Mature Skin)
-Enzyme S.O.S Repair ( Combinaton/Oily Skin)
30/60 Min £30/£55

Dermalogica Prescriptve Facial
Dermalogicas Prescriptve facials are completely customised
to suit your every skin need, every tme you visit. Start your
treatment with a thorough Face Mapping followed by the
traditonal cleanse, tone, steam and extracton, massage,
mask and moisture.
30/60 Min £30/£55

Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial
This facial treatment helps to eliminate dry and dull skin,
helping to stmulate collagen and elastn producton.
Reducton of scarring will also be visible. You will leave
with a newly energized and glowing complexion.
30/60 Min £35/£60

Crystal Clear Facial
Using the Crystal Clear Oxygen Machine, this incredible
facial will help to rejuvenate any dull, dry and lacklustre
skin whilst helping to rehydrate and repair damaged skin.
30/60 Min £35/£60

MesoQuest Facial
The MesoQuest is seen as a highly efectve Mesotherapy
ant-ageing facial. The procedure can be used to tone,
tghten and rejuvenate tred and sagging skin on the face
and neck. The celebrity must have facial of the year.
60 Min £65
Pure Body Pure Beauty
Complete Tranquility Massage (Aromatherapy Massage)
Sometmes we all just need a moment away from it all.
This aromatherapy massage uses a blend of essental oils
which will help the body relax and rejuvenate. This
popular aromatherapy massage is useful when you want
to take tme out for yourself or when you are under
pressure at work or in your personal life.
30/60 Min £30/£55

Renewed Energy Massage ( Swedish Massage)
This renewed Energy massage with an uplifing blend of
Bergamot, Eucalyptus and Thyme, will help stmulate the
body into acton, soothe tred muscles and recharge your
mind. This Swedish massage is slightly lighter than our
deep tssue massage.
30/60 Min £30/£55

Ultmate Muscle Massage
With our deep tssue massage, we massage the muscles as
deeply as possible, without damaging muscles and
surrounding tssue. We use specifc oils with warming
black Pepper, stmulatng Rosemary, muscle relaxing Sage
and soothing Lavender which are specifcally formulated
for Deep tssue massages.
30/60 Min £35/£60

Total Back Detox Facial
Whether you sufer from break outs, or just want to look
fabulous in your new dress, this relaxing back cleansing
treatment is an absolute must for the summer season. A
soothing scalp massage is included.
30 Min £30

Special Occasions
We specialise in all types of Makeup including Party and
Bridal Makeup.
Please ask us in store for more informaton.
Prices start from £35
Lip/Chin/Cheek Wax £8
Eyebrow Wax £10
Half Leg Wax £22
¾ Leg Wax £27
Full Leg Wax £33
Bikini Wax £15
G-String Wax £22
Brazilian Wax £28
Hollywood Wax £32
Underarm Arm Wax £11
Half Arm Wax £17
¾ Arm Wax £20
Full Arm Wax £22
Full Chest Wax Incl Shoulders £22
Full Back Wax Incl Shoulders £25
OPI Manicure £22
OPI Pedicure £35
Please bring a pair of open toed shoes for your OPI pedicure.
OPI File and Polish (Hands or Feet) £15
Shellac Manicure £32
Shellac Pedicure £45
Shellac Removal £10
Gelish Manicure £32
Gelish Pedicure £45
Gelish Removal £10

NEW Callus Peel Pedicure
Our special Callus Peel product will leave your
feet baby sof and feeling rejuvenated giving you
an amazing result.
The treatment can be done as a stand-alone
treatment or incorporated within a Pedicure. It
can also be an add on with File & Polish.
Callus Peel 15 Min £15

Eyebrow Shaping £10
Eyebrow Tint £11
Eyelash Tint £22
Eyes Full Package
(Eyebrow Shape, Eyebrow/LashTint) £35
Eyelash Perm Including Tint £44