Qualification name: Baccalaureus Technology: Engineering

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Qualification stream: Telecommunication
Qualification code: BTELN - TEL
NQF level: 7
Total credits: 120
Delivery mode for this qualification:
This qualification will be presented using both online and distance learning modes.
Purpose statement:
Students will be competent to design, implement and control production, testing, planning, construction,
commissioning and maintenance in the field of Electrical Engineering by applying technical knowledge,
engineering principles, innovative design, problem-solving techniques and managerial skills. They will be capable
of exercising independent technological judgement and responsible decision making by taking into account the
relevant financial, economic, commercial, social, environmental and statutory factors. A qualified person with
sufficient experience will be able to register with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) as a
Professional Technologist in this field of Engineering.
Admission requirements
Qualification admission requirements
National Diploma: Engineering: Electrical (S4) with Mathematics III OR National Diploma in Electrical Engineering
(T3) with Mathematics III PLUS the bridging subject: design project III (DPJ391U) OR National Higher Diploma in
Electrical Engineering (T4) with Mathematics III, PLUS the bridging subject: Design project III (DPJ391U) OR
nationally or internationally equivalent qualification.
Maximum time to finish a qualification
A 1-year qualification must be completed within 3 years.
A 2-year qualification must be completed within 5 years.
Student fees and funding your studies
Application fee
Pay the application fee once you receive the reference number: R100,00 for all applications. This fee is non-
refundable even if you decide not to study through Unisa or do not qualify for admission to Unisa.
Student fees
The cost of studying at Unisa depends on the qualification and the number of modules you choose. Although
Unisa’s study fees are generally lower than other higher education institutions, student fees are determined in
line with funding from the Department of Higher Education and Training.
The average student takes between 4 and 6 modules per year at a cost of between R1 000 and
R2 000 per module. The module costs do not include your prescribed books.
Estimate Unisa student fees for this qualification level
Qualification Minimum per annum Maximum per annum
Baccalaureus Technologiae (BTech) R6 240 R36 800
Each Unisa qualification is structured in such way that you need to pass a total number of modules within a
certain amount of time in order to graduate.
Module Pre-requisite/Co-requisite/Recommendation
Group A. Compulsory
EMT4801 - Engineering Mathematics IV

IPR4701 - Industrial Project IV

Group B. Choose 6 from the following subjects. Note: Theory and Practical modules count as 1 subject.
Students may either do ENM401E or ENT401E.
CAN4701 - Circuit Analysis IV (Theory) Co-requisite: CANPRA4 or CAN4PRA
CANPRA4 - Circuit Analysis IV (Practical) Co-requisite: CAN4701 or CAN401E
CMN401E - Computer Networks IV

DSP4701 - Digital Signal Processing IV Co-requisite: DSPPRA4 or DSP4PRA
DSPPRA4 - Digital Signal Processing IV (Practical) Co-requisite: DSP4701 or DSP401E
ECM4701 - Electronic Communication IV (Theory) Co-requisite: ECMPRA4 or ECM4PRA
ECMPRA4 - Electronic Communication IV (Practical) Co-requisite: ECM4701 or ECM401E
ECT4701 - Electronics IV (Theory) Co-requisite: ECTPRA4 or ECT4PRA
ECTPRA4 - Electronics IV (Practical) Co-requisite: ECT4701 or ECT401E
ENM401E - Engineering Management IV

ENT401I - Entrepreneurship IV (Option I)

MWE4701 - Microwave Engineering IV (Theory) Co-requisite: MWEPRA4 or MWE4PRA
MWEPRA4 - Microwave Engineering IV (Practical) Co-requisite: MWE4701 or MWE401E
OPE4701 - Opto-Electronics IV (Theory) Co-requisite: OPEPRA4 or OPE4PRA
OPEPRA4 - Opto-Electronics IV (Practical) Co-requisite: OPE4701 or OPE401E
RAE4701 - Radio Engineering IV (Theory) Co-requisite: RAEPRA4 or RAE4PRA
RAEPRA4 - Radio Engineering IV (Practical) Co-requisite: RAE4701 or RAE401E
SCM4701 - Satellite Communications IV (Theory) Co-requisite: SCMPRA4 or SCM4PRA
SCMPRA4 - Satellite Communications IV (Practical) Co-requisite: SCM4701 or SCM401E