The Palestinian website published it and it exposes the forgotten Holocaust that the

promoters of the other holocaust don’t want you to know about — the one committed against the
Ukrainian Christian people by the Jewish leaders of olshe!ik "ussia# $lthough there ha!e been
literally thousands of films and documentaries on the Holocaust %the one with the capital H&
trademark applied for' you will ha!e to wait in !ain for films or no!els or remembrances
anywhere but in the Ukraine where this unspeakable genocide occured# The truth is that all
genocides are e(ually e!il& they all in!ol!e the slaughter of the innocent# ut& when it comes to the
Jewish dominated news and entertainment industry& some genocides& actually one genocide is
more e(ual than the others# )t is the glue and soul and sinew of the continued occupation& murder&
torture and theft of Palestine so it is thrust before us in some form in e!ery day of our li!es#
Dr. David Duke
Holocaust and Holodomor (Origins of Anti Semitism)
By Nicholas Lysson
One might think the worst holocaust deniers
—at least the only ones who command serious
attention—are those who insist the Nazi
holocaust, as it involved the Jews only, was
without parallel.
Guenter Lewy argues or e!ample in "he
Nazi #ersecution o the Gypsies $O!ord
%niversity #ress, &'''( that while the Gypsies
were gassed, shot and otherwise e!terminated in
great num)ers, right alongside the Jews, they
were not true victims o *the+ ,olocaust $capital
*,+( )ut only o something collateral. Lewy even
suggests the Gypsies invited their own
destruction with certain cultural traits—in
particular, sharply divergent moral standards or
dealing among their own and with outsiders.
-ut pre. or anti./nlightenment Judaism is hardly a less ethnocentric or hostile moral system.
0s /dward Gi))on correctly notes in "he Decline and 1all o the 2oman /mpire, vol. 3, ch. 34
$3556(, *the wise, the humane 7aimonides openly teaches 8in "he -ook o "orts, 4933: that, i an
idolator all into the water, a Jew ought not to save him rom instant death.+ ;ee also 2a))i ;imeon
)en <ohai=s remarka)le second.century e!ercise in e>usdem generis9 *"he )est o the heathen
merits death? the )est o serpents should have its head crushed? and the most pious o women is
prone to sorcery+ $<er. @id. iv. 66c? 7assek. ;oerim !v. 3'? comp. 7ek., -eshallah, Aayehi, 3, and
"an., Aayera, &', all as cited )y Jewish/ 1or *heathen+ some translators simply
write *goyim+? or *prone to sorcery+ they write *a witch.+ 2a))i ;imeon is mentioned more than
5'' times in the "almud.
Bsrael ;hahak and Norton 7ezvinsky, in Jewish 1undamentalism in Bsrael $&d ed. &''C(, say
$p. 3( *that in the usual /nglish translations o talmudic literature some o the most sensitive
passages are usually toned down or alsiied,+ and indeed $pp. 34'.43( that *the great ma>ority o
)ooks on Judaism and Bsrael, pu)lished in /nglish especially, alsiy their su)>ect matter,+ in part
)y omitting or o)scuring such teachings. 1or a uller discussion o the point, see ;hahak, Jewish
,istory, Jewish 2eligion9 "he Aeight o "hree "housand <ears, esp. ch. & $3DDC(, availa)le online.
0s to Jews, Gypsies or anyone else, o course, ethnocentrism or even outright cultural hostility as a
rationale or genocide is o)scene.
0 particularly relevant parallel to the Nazi holocaust is the %krainian holodomor o 3DE&.EE, a
state.created amine—not a crop ailure—that killed an estimated ive million people in the %kraine,
one million in the Faucasus, and one million elsewhere ater the ;oviet state coniscated the harvest
at gunpoint. "hroughout the amine, the state continued to e!port grain to pay or industrialization.
;ee 2o)ert FonGuest, "he ,arvest o ;orrow $O!ord %niversity #ress, 3DH5(. Norman Davies gives
the ollowing description in /urope9 0 ,istory, p. D64 $O!ord %niversity #ress, 3DD6(. ,is irst
paragraph assem)les Guotations rom FonGuest? the )racketed phrase is his own9
*0 Guarter o the rural population, men, women and children, lay dead or dying+ in *a great
stretch o territory with some orty million inha)itants,+ *like one vast -elsen.+ *"he rest, in various
stages o de)ilitation,+ *had no strength to )ury their amilies or neigh)ours.+ *80s at -elsen: well.
ed sGuads o police or party oicials supervised the victims.+
. . . 0ll ood stocks were orci)ly reGuisitioned? a military cordon prevented all supplies rom
entering? and the people were let to die. "he aim was to kill %krainian nationhood, and with it the
*class enemy.+ "he death toll reached some 5 million. "he world has seen many terri)le amines. . . .
-ut a amine organized as a genocidal act o state policy must )e considered uniGue.
;ee also Oksana #rocyk, Leonid ,eretz and James /. 7ace, 1amine in the ;oviet %kraine,
3DE&.EE $,arvard %niversity #ress, 3DH6(? Nicolas Aerth, *"he Great 1amine,+ in ;tephane
Fourtois, et al., "he -lack -ook o Fommunism, pp. 34D.6H $,arvard %niversity #ress, 3DDD(?
/dvard 2adzinsky, ;talin, pp. &45.4D $3DD6(? 7iron Dolot, /!ecution )y ,unger $3DH4(? ;imon
;e)ag 7onteiore, ;talin9 "he Fourt o the 2ed "sar, pp. HC.H4 $&''E(? and the Fommission on the
%krainian 1amine, 2eport to Fongress $3DHH(. "hat report, at pp. 6.5, cites estimates o the num)er
killed that range as high as H million in the %kraine and D million overall.
#iers -rendon, "he Dark Ialley, pp. &CH.CD $&'''( gives this description, drawn rom still
urther sources, all cited in his notes9
0 population o *walking corpses+ . . . even ate horse.manure or the whole grains o seed it
contained. . . . Fanni)alism )ecame so that. . . local authorities issued hundreds o
posters announcing that */0"BNG D/0D F,BLD2/N B; -02-02B;7.+. . .
"hey staggered into towns and collapsed in the sGuares. . . . ,aunting the railway stations these
*swollen human shadows, ull o ru))ish, alive with lice,+ ollowed passengers with mute appeals. . .
. 8"hey: *dragged themselves along, )egging or )read or searching or scraps in gar)age heaps,
rozen and ilthy. /ach morning wagons rolled along the streets picking up the remains o the
dead.+ ;ome were picked up )eore they died and )uried in pits so e!tensive that they resem)led
sand dunes and so shallow that )odies were dug up and devoured )y wolves.
-oris #asternak says *what B saw could not )e e!pressed in words. . . . "here was such
inhuman, unimagina)le misery, such a terri)le disaster, that it )egan to seem almost a)stract, it
would not it within the )ounds o consciousness.+ ;ee -rian 7oynahan, "he 2ussian Fentury, p.
3E' $3DDC(. Nikita @hrushchev, in @hrushchev 2emem)ers9 "he 1inal "estament, p. 3&' $3D56(,
says *B can=t give an e!act igure )ecause no one was keeping count. 0ll we knew was that people
were dying in enormous num)ers.+
0ccording to ;. J. "aylor, ;talin=s 0pologist9 Aalter Duranty, "he New <ork "imes=s 7an in
7oscow, p. &'& $O!ord %niversity #ress 3DD'(, *. . .;oviet authorities
. . . reGuire8d: that the shades o all windows )e pulled down on trains traveling through the
North Faucasus, the %kraine and the Iolga )asin.+ 0t pp. &ED.C', "aylor says this amine *remains
the greatest man.made disaster ever recorded, e!ceeding in scale even the Jewish ,olocaust o the
ne!t decade.+
Bn ;eptem)er 3DEE, Duranty—who cultivated his relationship with ;talin, and is remem)ered
today or his pu)lic denials that any such thing was happening—privately told ellow >ournalists
/ugene Lyons $%nited #ress( and 0nne O=,are 7cFormick $hersel rom the New <ork "imes( that
the death toll was 5 million, )ut that the dead were *only 2ussians.+ $;ic9 mostly %krainians? and
note the word *only.+( ;ee Lyons, 0ssignment in %topia, pp. 45D.H' $3DE5(. Duranty=s num)er is
descri)ed in Lyons=s )ook only as *the most startling B had. . . heard,+ )ut is revealed in Lyons=s
*7emo or 7alcolm 7uggeridge+ $Dec. D, 3DE5(, Guoted )y 7arco Farynnyk in *"he New <ork
"imes and the Great 1amine, #art BBB,+ availa)le online.
;everal days ater giving the 5.million num)er to Lyons and 7cFormick, Duranty told the
assem)led sta at the -ritish chancery in 7oscow that the toll or the ;oviet %nion as a whole
might )e as high as 3' million. ;ee the report o Ailliam ;trang, the charge d=aaires $;ept. &6,
3DEE(, Guoted )y Farynnyk in the te!t accompanying n. C6. "he -ritish government reerred
pu)licly to the ongoing situation as an *illegal amine.+ Bd., n. C6.
Duranty=s 3'.million num)er may have come rom ;talin himsel. Bt=s reputedly the same
num)er ;talin gave Ainston Fhurchill a decade later? see, e.g., /ric 7argolis, *2emem)ering
%kraine=s %nknown ,olocaust,+"oronto ;un, Dec. 3E, 3DDH $availa)le online(.
0ccording to 0rthur @oestler, The *host in the +achine, pp. &63.6& $3D65(9
Bn 3DE&.E, the years o the great amine which ollowed the orced collectivisation o the land, B
travelled widely in the ;oviet %nion, writing a )ook which was never pu)lished. B saw entire villages
deserted, railway stations )locked )y crowds o )egging amilies, and the prover)ial starving
inants. . . . 8":hey were Guite real, with arms, pued up )ellies and cadaverous heads. B
reacted to the )rutal impact o reality on illusion in a manner typical o the true )eliever. B was
surprised and )ewildered—)ut the elastic shock.a)sor)ers o my 8Fommunist: #arty training )egan
to operate at once. B had eyes to see, and a mind conditioned to e!plain away what they saw. "his
*inner censor+ is more relia)le and eective than any oicial censorship. . . .
;ome %krainian accounts, and that o 7uggeridge, who covered the holodomor or the
7anchester Guardian, take the trou)le to say that this mass starvation was imposed largely )y
Jews. Lazar 7. @aganovich is oten identiied as an architect o the policy. 0 photograph in
7onteiore, 2ed "sar, a)ove, shows him personally searching a arm or concealed ood. Bn
7uggeridge=s novel Ainter in 7oscow $3DEC( he appears as @okoshkin, *a Jew+ and *;talin=s chie
Bn &''E Levko Lukyanenko, the irst %krainian am)assador to Fanada, was said to have made
an anti.;emitic em)arrassment o himsel on this su)>ect. -ut see Orest ;u)telny, %kraine9 0
,istory, p. E6E $&d ed. 3DDC($*Jews were . . . disproportionately prominent among the -olsheviks,
nota)ly in their leadership, among their ta!. and grain.gathering oicials, and especially in the
despised and eared. . . secret police 8emphasis added:+(? 7onteiore, 2ed "sar, a)ove, p. E'4 $as
late as 3DE5, Jews accounted or only 4.5 percent o ;oviet party mem)ers, )ut *ormed a ma>ority
in the government+ 8emphasis added:(? <uri ;lezkine, "he Jewish Fentury, p. &4C $#rinceton
%niversity #ress, &''C($the secret police was *one o the most Jewish o all ;oviet institutions+(?
and 0rno J. 7ayer, Ahy Did the ,eavens Not DarkenJ, p. 6' $3DHH($*0s o the late twenties . . . 8a:
disproportionate num)er o Jews came to hold high posts in the secret police and to serve as
political commissars in the armed services. "hey. . . were. . . appointed to high.level and
conspicuous positions which called or unimpeach.a)le political loyalty. . . +(. 7ayer, a proessor
emeritus o history at #rinceton, is himsel Jewish, and had to lee the Nazis as a reugee.
"he Bsraeli writer -oas /vron says the leaders o the ;oviet revolution were scarcely less Jewish
than the Kionists. ;ee his )ook Jewish ;tate or Bsraeli NationJ, p. 3'5 $/nglish tr., Bndiana
%niversity #ress, 3DD4(9 *"he )ackgrounds o the two groups were much the same. . . . Only
dierences o chance and temperament caused the one 8individual: to )e a Kionist and the other a
revolutionary socialist.+
On 1e)ruary H, 3D&', Ainston Fhurchill pu)lished an article, *Kionism Iersus -olshevism9 0
;truggle or the ;oul o the Jewish #eople,+ in the Bllustrated ;unday ,erald $London(, reprinted in
Lenni -renner, ed., 43 Documents9 Kionist Folla)oration with the Nazis, p. &E $&''&(. 0mong other
things, Fhurchill said $pp. &4.&6(9
"here is no need to e!aggerate the part played in the creation o -olshe.vism. . . )y. . .
international and or the most part atheistical Jews. . . . 8B:t pro)a)ly outweighs all others. Aith the
nota)le e!ception o Lenin 8who had a Jewish grandather and )y some accounts a Jewish wie:, the
ma>ority o leading igures are Jews. 7oreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes
rom the Jewish leaders. . . . 0nd the prominent, i not indeed the principal, part in the system o
terrorism. . . has )een taken )y Jews. . . . "he same evil prominence was o)tained )y Jews in the
)rie period o terror during which -ela @un ruled in ,ungary. "he same phenomenon has )een
presented in Germany $especially in -avaria(, so ar as this madness has )een allowed to prey on
the temporary prostration o the German people.
Fhurchill=s views, as e!pressed here, resem)le those o the "imes o London=s correspondent in
2ussia, 2o)ert Ailton. ;ee George Gustav "el)erg and 2o)ert Ailton, "he Last Days o the
2omanovs $3D&'(, esp. pp. &&&.E', ED3 $*8t:aken according to num)ers o population, the Jews
represented one in ten? among the komisars that rule -olshevik 2ussia they are nine in ten—i
anything, the proportion o Jews is still higher+(, ED&.DE and C''. "he 1rench version o the )ook,
Les Derniers Jours des 2omanos, also pu)lished in 3D&', contains a list o 446 top igures in the
-olshevik regime, classiied )y ethnicity. "he Jewish proportion is a )it over eight in ten, including
two.thirds o the leadership o the secret police.
"he non.Jews are divided among various small categories—2ussian, Lett, 0rmenian, German,
Georgian, etc. "he list is a)sent rom the slightly later /nglish and 0merican editions, )ut is
availa)le online. ;ee also John 1. O=Fonor, "he ;okolov Bnvestigation $3D53($a translation, with
commentary, o sections o Nikolai ;okolov=s /nGuLte >udiciaire sur l=assassinat de la amille
impMriale 2usse(, especially or the comments o O=Fonor and his sources on Ailton.8i:
Jews among the -olsheviks who imposed the holodomor o 3DE&.EE would have relished
settling scores ater the C' years o )loody pogroms that ollowed Fzar 0le!ander BB=s assassination
in 3HH3—especially the still.recent massacre o 4',''' to 3'',''' Jews, mostly in the %kraine,
during the 2ussian civil war o 3D3H.&3. $1ar greater num)ers o gentiles, o course, also perished in
that war? estimates run well into the millions.(
0l)ert ;. Lindemann, /sau=s "ears, pp. CC&.CE $Fam)ridge %niversity #ress, 3DD5( says that
*8i:n. . . the %kraine, the Fheka leadership was overwhelmingly Jewish+? that *the high percentage
o Jews in the secret police continued well into the 3DE's+? and that *8c:omparisons to the secret
police in Nazi Germany have tempted many o)servers.
. . . 8":he e!tent to which )oth. . . prided themselves in )eing. . . willing to carry out the most
stomach.turning atrocities in the name o an ideal. . . is striking.+ Lindemann adds that9
George Leggett, the most recent and authoritative historian o the 2ussian secret police,
speculates that the use o 8non.;lavic ethnic minorities in the secret police: may have )een a
conscious policy, since such Ndetached elements could )e )etter trusted not to sympathise with the
repressed local population=.8ii: O course, in the %krainian case that population had the reputation
o )eing especially anti.;emitic, urther diminishing the potential sympathies o Jewish Fhekists in
dealing with it. 8Fiting Leggett, "he Fheka, Lenin=s #olitical #olice, p. &6E $O!ord %niversity #ress,
3DH3(.: . . . . Fheka personnel regarded themselves as a class apart. . . with a power o lie or death
over lesser mortals. $/mphases added.(
<uri ;lezkine=s "he Jewish Fentury, a)ove, illustrates the attitude o Jewish -olsheviks toward
dying %krainians. ;ee @evin 7acDonald=s review o ;lezkine, entitled *;talin=s Ailling
/!ecutionersJ+, www.vdare. comO miscO'433'4 Omacdonald Pstalin.htm $a much uller version o
which appears in the Occidental Quarterly, all &''4, also availa)le online(9
Lev @opelev, a Jewish writer who witnessed and rationalized the %krainian amine in which
millions died horri)le deaths o starvation and disease as an *historical necessity,+ is Guoted 8on p.
&E' as: saying *<ou mustn=t give in to de)ilitating pity. Ae are the agents o historical necessity. Ae
are ulilling our revolutionary duty.+ On the ne!t page, ;lezkine descri)es the lie o the largely
Jewish elite in 7oscow and Leningrad where they attended the theater, sent their children to the
)est schools, 8and: had peasant women $whose amilies were oten the victims o mass murder( or
nannies. . . .
@opelev did not oer his opinions rom a distance. Bn his words, *B saw women and children with
distended )ellies, turning )lue, with vacant, lieless eyes. 0nd corpses. . . . B saw all this and did not go
out o my mind or commit suicide. . . .+ 7oynahan, "he 2ussian Fentury, a)ove, p. 3CD. 7oynahan, )y
the way, gives a high.end estimate o the death toll as *pro)a)ly. . . 3C million.+ Bd. at 3E'.
@opelev was then in his early &'s. $@oestler was si!.and.a.hal years older.( @opelev )elieved
without Guestion that *we were warriors on an invisi)le ront, ighting against kulak sa)otage or
the grain that was needed )y the country, )y the ive.year plan.+ ;ee vol. 3 o his memoirs, "he
/ducation o a "rue -eliever, p. &&6 $3DH'(. ,e gave speeches to starving peasants at *several
meetings a day,+ telling them how much more the state needed their grain than they did
themselves. Bd. at &&D. "he peasants most oten responded, *chop o my head+? they had nothing
let to give. Bd. at &E3.
1iteen years later, @opelev himsel was in the -utyrka prison in 7oscow, where his ellow
inmates, the writers Dmitri #anin8iii: and 0le!andr ;olzhenitsyn, challenged his denial o his own
Jewishness, and the Jewishness o the revolution. ;ee vol. E o @opelev=s memoirs, /ase 7y
;orrows, p. 3H $3DHE(9
Ahen B told ;olzhenitsyn the history o the various parties and reached the ;ocialist
2evolutionaries, recalling the leaders, Gorovits, Gershuni, Gots, he interrupted in astonishment,
almost in dis)elie9 how can that )e— Jewish surnames, when the ;2s were a 2ussian peasant partyJ
#anin reproached me or the sinul re>ection o my people—or not wanting to avow mysel
*irst and oremost a Jew. . . . -ut it=s clearer to an outsider.+ . . . ;olzhenitsyn seconded him. . . . ,e
could not agree with. . . my sel.deinition9 *0 2ussian intellectual o Jewish descent.+
Notwithstanding @opelev=s sel.deinition, he was incontesta)ly Jewish or purposes o the
Bsraeli Law o 2eturn, which came into eect well within his lietime.8iv: 7oreover, while he
)ecame a man o ar more humane views as he grew older, there would )e some irony in e!cusing
his *true )eliever+ phase as a mere youthul olly. Fompare the unsparing treatment recently given
GSnter Grass, concerning service in the Aaen ;; that involved no complicity in atrocities, and
ended in his late teens.
"he phrase *;talin=s willing e!ecutioners+—with its echo o Daniel Jonah Goldhagen—is
;lezkine=s $p. 3E'(. 0t pp. 3HE.HC, translating rom the 2ussian, ;lezkine Guotes Ba. 0. -rom)erg
$3DE3( on what ;talinism )rought out in its Jewish servitors9
"he convinced and unconditional opponent o the death penalty. . . , who could not, as it were,
watch a chicken )eing killed, has )een transormed outwardly into a leather.clad person with a
revolver and 8has:, in act, lost all human likeness. . . , standing in a Fheka )asement doing *)loody
)ut honora)le revolutionary work.+
;hahak, in "hree "housand <ears, a)ove, ch. C, traces Jewish
*hatred and contempt+ or peasants— *a hatred o which B know no
parallel in other societies+—)ack to the great %krainian uprising o
36CH.4C, in which tens o thousands o *the accursed Jews+ $to Guote
the %krainian Fossack leader -ohdan @hmelnytsky( were killed.
;ome say the num)er is more accurately stated in the hundreds o
thousands. ,einrich Graetz says the num)er *may well )e. . . a
Guarter o a million.+ ;ee his ,istory o the Jews, vol. 4, p. 34 $3H46.
5', /nglish tr., Jewish #u)lication ;ociety o 0merica ed., 3D46(.
"he Jews at the time o the massacres were serving the #olish
szlachta $no)ility( and 2oman Fatholic clergy on their %krainian
latiundia as arendars—toll., rent. and ta!.armers, enorcers o
corvee o)ligations, licensees o eudal monopolies $e.g., on )anking,
milling, storekeeping, and distillation and sale o alcohol(, and as
anti.Fhristian scourges who even collected tithes at the doors o the
peasants= Greek Orthodo! churches and e!acted ees to open those
doors or weddings, christenings and unerals. "hey had lie and
death powers over the local population $the typical orm o e!ecution )eing impalement(, and no
law a)ove them to which that population had recourse. ;ee Graetz, vol. 4, pp. E.6? ;u)telny, pp.
3&E.EH? Norman Davies, God=s #layground9 0 ,istory o #oland, vol. 3, p. CCC $O!ord %niversity
#ress, 3DH&(? and Bwo Fyprian #ogonowski, Jews in #oland, pp. 6H.5D, &HE $3DDE(. 0ccording to the
last three o these sources, the arendars leased estates or terms o only two or three years and had
every incentive to wring the peasants mercilessly, without regard to long.term conseGuences.
0s ;hahak points out in "hree "housand <ears, chs. E and 4, a non.Jew, in traditional Judaism,
was never *thy neigh)or+ or purposes o Leviticus 3D93H—which was dou)tless an advantage in
such ta!ing work as an arendar=s. ;hahak has much to say a)out ra))inical pronouncements,
a)undant in Bsrael even now, that gentile souls are closer to the souls o animals than to those o
Jews. "hose pronouncements are grounded, at least in part, on /zekiel &E9&' $*8their: lesh 8i.e.,
penises: is as the lesh o asses and 8their: issue 8i.e., semen: is like the issue o horses+(.8v:
Norman Fantor comments in "he ;acred Fhain, p. 3HC $3DDC( that *perhaps the Jews 8o the
arenda period: were so moved )y racist contempt or the %krainian and #olish peasantry as to
regard them as su)human. . . . "here is a parallel with the recent attitude o the Aest -ank
Orthodo! and ultra.Orthodo! toward the #alestinians. Judaism can )e in its ,alakhic orm an
e!tremely restrictive and )linding aith.+
0ccording to Fhaim -ermant, "he Jews, p. &6 $3D55(9
. . . 8O:ne cannot see the events o 836CH.CD: as entirely the result o crazed anaticism or
mindless superstition. . . . 8B: the no)ility were. . . the ultimate e!ploiters,the Jews were the visi)le
ones and aroused the most immediate hostility. 2a))is warned that Jews were sowing a terri)le
harvest o hatred, )ut while the revenues rolled in the warnings were ignored. 7oreover, the ra))is
themselves were )eneiciaries o the system.
"hose ra))inical ore)odings are also mentioned in Jaco) @atz, /!clusiveness and "olerance,
p. 34& $O!ord %niversity #ress, 3D63(. Graetz $vol. 4, pp. 4.6( says o the Jewish arendars that they
had lost *integrity and right.mindedness. . . as completely as simplicity and the sense o truth. "hey
ound pleasure and a sort o triumphant delight in deception and cheating.+ ,e adds that they
*advised the 8#olish no)le and ecclesiast.ical: possessors o the Fossack colonies how most
completely to humiliate, oppress, torment, and ill.use 8those colonies:. . . . No wonder that the
enslaved Fossacks hated the Jews. . . . "he Jews were not without warning what would )e their lot,
i these em)ittered enemies once got the upper hand.+
Graetz $vol. 4, p. 5( also says @hmelnytsky had personal reasons or leading the revolt9 *0 Jew,
Kachariah ;a)ilenki, had played him a trick, )y which he was ro))ed o his wie and property.+ Bt
says everything, o course, that it was possi)le )y trickery to ro) a Fossack o his wie.
"he )est.known contemporaneous account o the revolt is Nathan $Nata( )en 7oses ,annover,
<ewen 7esulah, which appeared in Ienice in 364E. 0n /nglish translation was pu)lished three
centuries later as "he 0)yss o Despair $3D4'(. ,annover was well aware o the peasants= grievances
$see pp. &5.E' o "he 0)yss(. ,e descri)ed the massacres in the grimmest o terms, ull o )i)lical
allusions. ,e then gave the rest o his lie to the holy mysteries o Lurianic ca))alism. 0s Graetz
puts it $vol. 4, pp. &3.&&(, *that )ook o alsehoods, the Kohar, 8had: declared that in the year o the
world 4C'H $36CH( the era o redemption would dawn, and precisely in that year ;a))athai 8Ke=evi:
revealed himsel. . . as the messianic redeemer.+
;a))athai was a manic.depressive one o whose ollowers, ;amuel #rimo, preached that *your
lament and sorrow must )e changed into >oy.+ ;pinoza and other rationalists were not amused.
"housands o ;a))athai=s lock even ollowed him into *holy apostasy+ when he converted to Bslam
in 3666. ,is own conversion was under duress? theirs was not. Graetz=s highly.reada)le account o
the ervor $vol. 4, pp. 3&3.65( is similar in style and tone to Gi))on=s account o the early Fhristian
0rendas did not disappear ater the @hmelnytsky uprising. ;ee Jewish 1amily,istory. orgO
GrandP DuchyPoPLithuania. htm $*During the 3Hth century, up to H' percent o Jewish heads o
households in rural areas 8o what are now Lithuania, -elarus, %kraine and parts o #oland: were
arendars, that is, holders o an arenda+(. #ogonowski, p. 5&, descri)es the return o the Jews to the
%kraine ater 36CH.4C. ;imilarly, see ;imon 7. Du)now, ,istory o the Jews in 2ussia and #oland,
vol. 3, p. 34H $3D36(.
;hahak $"hree "housand <ears, ch. C( says that under the arenda system, *the ull weight o the
Jewish religious laws against gentiles ell upon the peasants.+ 0s to the nature o those laws, see id.,
ch. 4, especially under the heading *0)use.+ ;ee also such passages as #salm &9H.D $*. . . B shall give
thee the heathen or thine inheritance. . . . "hou shalt )reak them with a rod o iron? thou shalt dash
them in pieces like a potter=s vessel+(? #salm &39H.3' $*8":hy right hand shall ind out those that
hate thee. "hou shalt make them as a iery oven in the time o thine anger9 the Lord shall swallow
them up. . .+(? #salm 5D96.5 $*#our out thy wrath upon the heathen. . . 8:or they have devoured
Jaco) 8i.e., Bsrael:, and laid waste his dwelling place+(? Jeremiah 3'9&4 $al.most identical(? #salm
3E59H.D $*O daughter o -a)ylon, who art to )e destroyed, . . . 8h:appy shall he )e, that taketh and
dasheth thy little ones against the stones+(? #salm 3CD95.H? Bsaiah C493C $*"hus saith the Lord, . . . in
chains. . . they shall all down unto 8Bsrael:. . .+(? Bsaiah 6'93& $*. . .8":he nation and kingdom that
will not serve 8Bsrael: shall perish? yea, those nations shall )e utterly wasted+ (? Bsaiah 6394.6 $*. . .
8;:trangers shall stand and eed your locks. . . 9 8<:e shall eat the riches o the Gentiles. . .+(? and o
course /sther H933 through 3'9E. 0s to the last, and the east o #urim, cele)rated yearly then as
now, see /lliott ,orowitz, 2eckless 2ites $#rinceton %niversity #ress, &''6(.
III %"&ISH A##I#+D" #O NON$%"&S, ie )"SA+ AND "DO-*
"he -a)ylonian "almud, ca))alist treatises, and other ra))inical writings e!tant during the
arenda period were even harder on the gentiles, particularly Fhristians. ;ee Johann 0ndreas
/isenmenger=s hugely controversial/ntdektes Judenthum $35''(, translated as 2a))inical
Literature9 Or the "raditions o the Jews $35CH(. 0t p. &4E o that translation we read that9
"he 8ca))alist: "reatise /mek hammelech, in the #art entitled ;haar shiashue hammelech,
gives us the ollowing #assage. *Our 2a))ins, o -lessed 7emory, have said, <e Jews are stiled
7en? )ecause o the ;oul ye have rom the ;upreme 7an $i.e., God? whom the Fa)alists call 0dam
0helion? that is, the ;upreme 7an(. -ut the Nations o the Aorld are not stiled 7en, )ecause they
have not, rom the ,oly and ;upreme 7an, the Neshama $or glorious ;oul(. -ut they have the
Nephesh $i.e. the ;oul( rom 0dam -elial? that is, the malicious and unnecessary 7an, called
;ammael, the ;upreme Devil.+
"he ne!t seven pages are illed with urther such Guotations. /isenmenger also discloses a
ra))inical o)session with /sau and his nation /dom, themselves deemed satanic $as to which see
more rom scholars discussed )elow(.
Jaco) @atz, the author o /!clusiveness and "olerance, a)ove, and a proessor o Jewish history
at the ,e)rew %niversity in Jerusalem, is hardly an admirer o /isen.menger. Iery much the
contrary. -ut in 1rom #re>udice to Destruction, pp. 3C.34, &3, passim $,arvard %niversity #ress,
3DH'(, @atz admits some important points9
8/isenmenger=s: )ook was impressive )oth on account o its size—some &,3&' pages in two
volumes—and its tremendous erudition. . . . 8,e: was acGuainted with all the literature a Jewish
scholar o standing would have known. . . . Fontrary to accusations that have )een made against
him, he does not alsiy his sources. ,e Guotes them in ull and translates them literally. . . . "he
Guestion is how did /isenmenger arrive at so darkly a negative picture o Judaism while Guoting its
sources unadulteratedlyJ
R R R #here .as a nucleus of truth in all his claims( the %e.s lived in a .orld of
ethical duality/ different standards in their internal and e0ternal
relationshi1s. . . .$/mphases added.(8vi:
"he anthropologist John ,artung comments, in an essay entitled *Love "hy Neigh)or9 "he
/volution o Bn.Group 7orality+ $3DD4, availa)le online(, that *the hal.lie and penetrance o such
cultural legacies are oten under.appreciated.+ "o illustrate ,artung=s point, *#our out thy wrath
upon our enemies+ $*shoch hamatcha al hagoyim+( is even now a prayer at the #assover seder.
David 7. Aein)erg, director o pu)lic aairs at the -egin.;adat Fenter or ;trategic ;tudies o
the Orthodo! -ar Blan %niversity near "el 0viv, deends it as )eing *part o the ,aggada te!t or a
reason9 to purposeully e!clude and ward o the placid, alsely high.minded thinking that has
overtaken so much o today=s Aestern world.+ ;ee Aein)erg=s essay in the Jerusalem #ost, 0pril &3,
&''E $availa)le online(. "he /nglish translation *upon our enemies+—not *upon thine enemies,+ or
even *upon the heathen+—is taken here directly rom Aein)erg. 0ll those renditions seem
interchangea)le in any event. "he actual word, o course, is goyim.
0ccording to Davies $God=s #layground, vol. 3, p. CCC( the oppressiveness o the Jews as
arendars )1rovided the most im1ortant single cause of the terri2le retri2ution that
.ould descend on them on several occasions in the future * Bn 3DH6 the ;tanord
history department voted 3&.33 against oering tenure to Davies, then a proessor visiting rom the
%niversity o London. Davies sued unsuccessully or deamation, which suggests the tenor o the
discussion. Davies is now a ellow o Aolson Follege, O!ord. "he Gueen awarded him a F7G in &''3.
0ctually, the Jewish *hatred and contempt+ that ;hahak remarks on can )e traced )ack to
times well )eore the events o 36CH.4C. ;uch attitudes can )e seen, or e!ample, in medieval
traditions in which /sau—portrayed in Bsaiah 6E and O)adiah as one with whom God himsel is at
war—came to stand or agricultural Fhristian /urope. ;ee 2a))i "zvi Aein)erg, */sau./dom9
#roile o a #eople+ $Dec. 36, &'''(, at http9OOwww .) J,O#arashaO engO vayishlachO
wei.html. ;ee also /!clusiveness and "olerance, a)ove, p. 6, which says that in medieval Jewish
poetry /dom was synonymous with Fhristianity. Bn 7alachi 39C *the Lord hath indignation or
ever+ against /dom? see also Jeremiah CD95.H, Lamentations C9&3.&&, /zekiel E4, and 0mos 3933.
I3 SLA3" #'AD"
/dom was never geographically i!ed. Bt ollowed the Jews wherever they went—the nation
allotted to Bsrael=s dehumanized twin, as ripe or righteous predation as the original /sau.8vii:
/dom=s presence in /urope helped rationalize the Jewish role in the immensely proita)le slave
trade o the eighth through the 3'th centuries. /uropean )oys—mostly in the /ast, )ut in the Aest
as well—were kidnapped and castrated )y Iikings, sold to Jews, taken south down the ma>or rivers,
and sold again as eunuchs in 7uslim lands rom #ersia to ;pain. ;ee ,.2. "revor.2oper, "he 2ise
o Fhristian /urope, pp. D&.DE $3D64(. 0s "revor.2oper points out, the words or slave and ;lav
come rom the same root in every /uropean language, a reminder o a commerce whose memory
has aded away in the Aest. "he 0ra)ic word or eunuch is rom the same root. ;ome trace this
trade as ar )ack as the ith century. .
0 related matter is 0shkenazic—though not ;ephardic—eschatological doctrine, which in the
*late antiGue+ period ollowed Jeremiah C69&H $*1ear thou not, O Jaco) 8i.e., Bsrael:, my servant,
saith the Lord9 . . . or B will make a ull end o all the nations whither B have driven thee9 )ut B will
not make a ull end o thee. . .+ ( and #salms 33'96 and DC93. ;ee 0diel ;chremer, o -ar Blan
%niversity, */schatology, Iiolence and ;uicide9 0n /arly 2a))inic "heme and its Bnluence in the
7iddle 0ges,+ at research.yale.eduOyciasOdata)aseO1ilesO7/;I6.&.pd9 0t p. C, ;chremer says9
8":he construction o the eschatological redemption in terms o the total eradication o the
nations, or at least in association with such an e!pectation, has a potential o shaping a violent
personality and might contri)ute to. . . a violent mind.setting. 1or i one is hoping or God=s
redemption soon to come, and is inspired )y the idea o a total o Bsrael=s enemies as
an essential part o that redemption, one=s violent inclinations are not entirely suppressed and in a
sense they are )eing ostered. $/mphasis added.(
;chremer=s paper was presented on 7ay 4, &''& at the <ale Divinity ;chool. "he reerence in
his title to suicide concerns the year 3'D6, when large num)ers o Jews in the 2hineland killed
themselves and their own children, si)lings and parents, rather than su)mit to Frusaders= eorts to
convert them )y orce. -y way o e!planation, ;chremer Guotes ;igmund 1reud9 *No neurotic
har)ors thoughts o suicide which he has not turned )ack upon himsel rom murderous impulses
against others.+ ;chremer cites many )i)lical passages and ra))inical e!egeses that might eed such
1or a much uller discussion o this whole set o issues, see Bsrael Jaco) <uval, "wo Nations in
<our Aom)$/nglish tr., %niversity o Faliornia #ress, &''6(. 0t pp. 3&'.&3 <uval tells o prayers
. . . demonstrate the a)yss o hostility and hatred elt )y medieval Jews toward Fhristians. 0nd
we have here not only hatred, )ut an appeal to God to kill indiscriminately and ruthlessly, alongside
a vivid description o the anticipated horrors to )e )rought down upon the Gentiles. "hese pleas are
ormulated in a series o ver)s—*swallow them, shoot them, lop them o, make them )leed, crush
them, strike them, curse them, and )an them. . . destroy them, kill them, smite them. . . crush them
8again:, a)andon them, parch them+—and in the )est alpha)etical tradition, the string o disasters
the poet wishes or the Gentiles goes on and on.
<uval collects an a)undance o such material, rom )oth )eore and ater the events o 3'D6. Bn
agreement with ;chremer, he says $p. 3&E( that *we are dealing here with a comprehensive religious
ideology that sees vengeance as a central component in its messianic doctrine.+ ,e repeats $p. 3&4(
that this vengeance was to )e *against the Gentiles+—most o whom, it seems sae to say, were
peasants—and that the vengeance stood *at the very heart o the messianic process.+ ,e says
tellingly $p. 3EC( that *the Fhristians were not unaware o the Jewish desire to see their
"he ethnocentric hostility o the Jews—consistently commented on )y the peoples who have
encountered them over the millennia—can )e traced ultimately to the origins o Judaism as set
orth in the "orah, e.g., Genesis D9&4 $*Fursed )e Fanaan? a servant o servants shall he )e unto his
)rethren+(? /!odus 3593C.36 and EC93&.3E ? Num)ers &C9H $*God. . . shall eat up the nations his
enemies, and shall )reak their )ones, and pierce them through with his arrows+(, &496.3E $wherein
God commends #hineas or his initia.tive in running a >avelin through )oth parties to a marriage o
Jew and gentile(, E395.3D and EE94'.46? and Deuteronomy &9EE.E4 $*8on God=s command: we. . .
utterly destroyed the men, and the women, and the little ones, o every city, we let none to
remain+(, E9C.5, 593.4 $*thou shalt. . . utterly destroy them+(, 593C.&6 $*thine eye shall have no
pity+(, &'93'.35 $*thou shalt save alive nothing that )reatheth+( and &493D. Disdain or ordinary
la)or—to )e perormed )y /sau and /dom, )ut to )e e!ploited )y Bsrael—appears as early as
Genesis &49&E.&5, as discussed in note vii )elow.
/thnocentric hostility has lent itsel to Jewish ta!.arming. "his can )e traced )ack to very early
times, and has sometimes involved copious use o deadly orce, put at the disposal o the ta!.
armers )y their no)le clients. ;ee 1lavius Josephus, "he 0ntiGuities o the Jews, )k. 3&, ch. C $3st
c.(, availa)le online $;yria violently stripped to its *)ones+ or #tolemy BBB(? and /lias -ickerman,
"he Jews in the Greek 0ge, p. 3&' $,arvard %niversity #ress, 3DHH(.
;ee also 2a))i ;imeon=s lumping o gentiles with serpents, a)ove? Fornelius "acitus, "he
,istories, )k. 4.4 $c. 3'D 0.D.( $*8the Jews: regard the rest o mankind with all the hatred o
enemies+(? Gi))on, ch. 34 $*the8ir: sullen o)stinacy. . . and unsocial manners seemed to mark them
out a distinct species o men, who )oldly proessed, or who aintly disguised, their implaca)le
hatred to the rest o humankind+(? and /milio Ga))a, *"he Growth o 0nti.Judaism or the Greek
0ttitude "oward the Jews,+ in A.D. Davies and Louis 1inkelstein, eds., "he Fam)ridge ,istory o
Judaism, vol. & $Fam.)ridge %niversity #ress, 3DD'(. 0t p. 6&D Ga))a attri)utes to ,ecataeus o
0)dera $early Ed c. -.F.( an o)servation a)out the hostility o the Jews. Ga))a e!cuses that
hostility, saying the Jews= *misanthropic reserve+ was understanda)le in light o the e!odus rom
/gypt. -ut the e!odus—thought )y ,ecataeus to have )een an e!pulsion, and )y "acitus to have
)een an e!pulsion o lepers—was perhaps a thousand years past even when ,ecataeus wrote. 0t p.
6C4 Ga))a cites #osidonius $3EC -.F.( on the advice given to his contemporary, @ing 0ntiochus
;idetes, to destroy the Jews, *or they alone among all peoples reused all relations with other races
and saw everyone as their enemy. . . .+
0lmost identical advice was given to @ing 0hasuerus $Ter!es B, CH4.C64 -.F.( in /sther E9H.D.
;ome two.and.a.hal millennia ater 0hasuerus, the Jews still cele)rate on their most >oyous
holiday the vengeance he allowed them9 *sl8aughter: o their oes seventy and ive thousand,+
including *)oth little ones and women,+ and hanging not >ust o the man who gave the advice, )ut o
all ten o his sons. Bt was an occasion o *light, and. . . >oy, and honour,+ and o *gladness and
easting.+ Bd., H933.35, D93E.&H.
7artin Luther=s comments on this story, in "he Jews and "heir Lies $34CE(, it with <uval=s
account o *a comprehensive 8Jewish: religious ideology that sees vengeance as a central
component in its messianic doctrine,+ and ;chremer=s account o Jewish hopes or *eschatological
redemption in terms o the total eradication o the nations+9
Oh how 8the Jews: love the -ook o /sther, which so nicely agrees with their )loodthirsty,
revengeul and murderous desire and hope. "he sun never did shine on a more )loodthirsty and
revengeul people than they, who imagine themselves to )e the people o God, and who desire to,
and think they must, murder and crush the heathen. 0nd the oremost undertaking which they
e!pect o their 7essiah is that he should slay and murder the whole world with the sword.
"his passage—indeed, the whole essay—is oten cited as evidence o Luther=s
pathological anti.;emitism, )ut <uval and ;chremer show that at least on this point he knew
whereo he spoke. 0s <uval says, *the Fhristians were not unaware o the Jewish desire to see their
destruction.+ Luther=s comments also it with the descriptions o Jewish arendars given a)ove—men
who *ound pleasure and a sort o triumphant delight in deception and cheating+ $Graetz(? who
sowed *a terri)le harvest o hatred+ $-ermant(? and who may have )een *so moved )y racist
contempt or the %krainian and #olish peasantry as to regard them as su)human+ $Fantor(.
3 #H" N""D #O HA#" AND #O B" HA#"D
/ven in the &3st century, Bsraeli children are taught to sing *"he Ahole Aorld is 0gainst
%s+$*,a=olam @u=lo heg=denu+(. Ae have not only David 7. Aein)erg=s deense o the *shoch
hamatcha+ prayer, )ut even 2a))i 7eir <. ;oloveichik, *"he Iirtue o ,ate,+ 1irst "hings, 1e).
&''E $availa)le online( $*Ahen hate is appropriate, then it is not only virtuous, )ut essential or
Jewish well.)eing+(. ;oloveichik is not a ringe igure. ,e is a mem)er o an e!ceedingly eminent
Orthodo! ra))inical amily. Ahen he wrote the article he was resident scholar at the Jewish Fenter
in 7anhattan and a -eren ellow at <eshiva %niversity, and was studying the philosophy o religion
at the <ale Divinity ;chool.
Note the words *essential or Jewish well.)eing.+ "he *virtue o hate+ seems to come o a
positive need to )e hated. "he widely.pu)lished 2a))i Dr. Dan Fohn.;her.)ok, proessor o Jewish
history at the %niversity o Aales $Lampeter( and author o "he #arado! o 0nti.;emitism $&''6(,
says in an interview with the Bndependent$%.@.(, 7arch 3D, &''6 $availa)le online( that9 )%e.s
need enemies in order to survive 4I5n the a2sence of %e.$hatred, %udaism is
undergoing a slo. death &e .ant to 2e loved, and .e .ant %udaism to survive
intact 4#5hese are incom1ati2le desires &hy do .e endure6 Because .e7re
hated* $/mphases added.(
Fohn.;her)ok says o a ounder o Kionism, "heodor ,erzl9 *,e warned that i our Fhristian
hosts were to leave us in peace or two generations, the Jews would merge entirely into surrounding
races.+ Bd. ,erzl also wrote in his conclusion to Der Judenstaat $3HD6(9 *%niversal )rotherhood is
not even a )eautiul dream. 0ntagonism is essential to man=s greatest eorts.+
Bn his )ook $p. &'D( Fohn.;her)ok says that *in the past ultra.Orthodo! Jewish leaders were
prooundly aware o this dynamic.+ One o his e!amples is ;chneur Kalman o Lyady, the irst
Lu)avitch 2e))e and author o the "anya $35D6(, the undamental )ook o the ,a))ad movement,
whose irst chapter amously concludes )y saying gentile souls *contain no good whatever.+ 8i!: Bn
3H3&, Kalman worked with the anti.;emitic Fzar 0le!ander B to deeat Napoleon. ,e eared
Napoleon would li)erate the Jews, who might e!pect to )eneit materially—although that=s a much.
disputed calculation—)ut whose souls would )e lost to assimilation and intermarriage.
;imilarly, according to ,a=aretz, June E, &''C $availa)le online(, *in the mid.3Dth century,
2a))i 8;amson 2aphael: ,irsch, the leader o Germany=s Orthodo! Jews, wrote that anti.;emitism
is the tool through which the God o Bsrael preserves his people.+ Bn 3D4H, 2a))i Dr. Nahum
Goldmann, then president o the Aorld Jewish Fongress, com.plained that the *current decline o
overt anti.;emitism might constitute a new danger to Jewish survival,+ one that *has had a very
negative eect on our internal lie.+ Bn 3D45, Leo #eer, then counsel to the same organization, said
much the same. 0s to )oth, see 0lred 7. Lilienthal, "he Kionist Fonnection BB, p. C3& $3DH&(. ;ee
also Fharles /. ;il)erman, 0 Fertain #eople, p. 364 $3DH4(9
*1or all that we are preoccupied )y the damage once done to us )y our enemies, we are still
more concerned )y the curse o riendship we now encounter,+ Leonard 1ein, editor and pu)lisher
o 7oment magazine, told the Fonerence o Jewish Fommunal ;ervice in 3DH'. . . . *Deep down—
and sometimes not so very deep—we still )elieve that we depended on the pogroms and
persecutions to keep us a people, that we have not the i)er to withstand the lures o a genuinely
open society.+ $/mphasis added.(
,annah 0rendt says o this whole line o thinking, in "he Origins o "otali.tarianism, p. 5 $3D5E
ed.(, that *. . . eternal anti.;emitism would imply an eternal guarantee o Jewish 8corporate:
e!istence. "his superstition is a secularized travesty o the idea o eternity inherent in a aith in
3I !'O3O8IN9 AN#I S"-I#IS-
Bt ollows rom this *superstition+ $or psychological insight( that where anti.;emitism is
inadeGuate to prevent an erosion o Jewish identity, it has to )e a)ricated or provoked. 0
seemingly encyclopedic survey o such a)rication—at least as it=s appeared in recent years—can )e
ound in Norman 1inkelstein, -eyond Fhutzpah, pp. &3.H4 $%niversity o Faliornia #ress, &''4(.
8!: 0s to the other techniGue, provocation, see <uval,"wo Nations? ;hahak, "hree "housand <ears?
Lindemann, /sau=s "ears? some o the other material discussed a)ove? and the private diary o
7oshe ;harett, then prime minister o Bsrael, or 7ay &6, 3D44.
"hat diary entry records the view o ;harett=s colleague 7oshe Dayan that only )y a strategy o
endless *provocation and revenge+ toward its neigh)ors can Bsrael survive. Bsrael, says ;harett
$paraphrasing Dayan(, *must. . . invent dangers+ to *keep its morale high and to retain its moral
tension.+ ;harett even Guotes David -en Gurion9 *Bt would )e worth while to pay an 0ra) a million
pounds to start a war.+ ;ee the e!tended Guotation rom ;harett=s diary in Livia 2okach, Bsrael=s
;acred "errorism, p. CC $3DH'( $availa)le online? emphasis in original(. 2okach, whose ather was
;harett=s minister o the Bnterior, says $id., p. H ( that )y the mid N4's, i not )eore9
#errorism and )revenge* .ere to 2e glorified as the )moral and even
sacred* values of Israeli society 4#5he military sym2ol .as no. +nit :;:, led 2y
Arik Sharon #he lives of %e.ish victims had to 2e sacrificed to create
1rovocations <ustifying su2se=uent re1risals A hammering, daily 1ro1aganda,
controlled 2y the censors, .as directed to feed the Israeli 1o1ulation .ith images of
the monstrosity of the "nemy ("m1hasis added)
7eanwhile, she says, Bsrael=s leaders never )elieved in any e!ternal threat to Bsrael=s survival.
Ahat they wanted was regional hegemony, and o course internal cohesion. In :>?@, after her
2ook had ceased to 2e ne.s, 'okach .as found dead in a 'ome hotel room
-oas /vron makes some o the same points as 2okach, in Jewish ;tate or Bsraeli NationJ,
a)ove. 0t p. &43 he says9 *Bn the a)sence o a positive national )ond, -en Gurion deli)erately sought
to )ase the national consciousness on the negative oundation o terror and nightmare. . . .+
0ccording to two )ooks )y the 7ossad deector Iictor Ostrovsky, -y Aay o Deception $3DD'( and
"he Other ;ide o Deception $3DDC(, 7ossad doctrine is sGuarely in accord with the views o Dayan
and -en Gurion, as recorded )y ;harett and ampliied )y 2okach and /vron.8!i:
1or more on hostile solidarity as an essential element o Judaism, see three )ooks )y @evin
7acDonald, 0 #eople "hat ;hall Dwell 0lone $3DDC(, ;eparation and its Discontents $3DDH(, and
"he Fulture o FritiGue$3DDH(? and John ,artung=s essay *Love "hy Neigh)or,+ a)ove. ,artung
)egins with an epigraph rom -laise #ascal=s #ensees $365'(9 *7en never do evil so completely and
cheerully as when they do it rom religious conviction.+
7acDonald and ,artung see Judaism as an economic strategy or competing with host
populations, rom whom the sharpest sel.dierentiation has to )e maintained. One might iner
rom their work—as rom such passages as Deuteronomy 593C.&6—a system designed to suppress
the recognition o ellow humanity across ethnic and religious lines, a system still unctioning
millennia ater its inception. O course, any such analysis is taken as purest anti.;emitism, an
occasion o *terror and nightmare+ or $o all things( hostile solidarity.8!ii:
;ee also 7oses ,adas, ,ellenistic Fulture9 1usion and Diusion, chs. 5 and &' $Folum)ia
%niversity #ress, 3D4D( as to the inluence, via #lato, o closed, totalitarian ;parta on Judaism as ar
)ack as the 7acca)ean period $3C&.6E -.F.(.8!iii:
hen there=s the widely.reprinted article that 2a))i Bsrael ,ess, campus ra))i at -ar.Blan
%niversity, wrote or its student magazine, -at @ol, entitled *Genocide9 0 Fommandment o the
"orah+ $1e). &6, 3DH'(. 2a))i ,ess took as his te!t Deuteronomy &4935.3D $*8":hou shalt )lot out
the remem)rance o 0malek rom under heaven? thou shalt not orget 8to do: it+(. 0malek, he said,
is any people that declares war on Bsrael. "he Bsraeli state ra))inate has never taken direct issue
with 2a))i ,ess—as it has or e!ample with 2eorm Judaism.8!iv:
Bn &''3, 2a))i Ovadiah <ose, ormerly ;ephardi chie ra))i, and ounder and leader o Bsrael=s
third largest political party, ;has, called sweepingly or *e!termination o the 0ra)s,+ saying *it is
or)idden to )e merciul to them.+ ;has 7.@. /li <ishay $later /hud Olmert=s vice prime minister(
said 2a))i <ose was merely echoing 0riel ;haron. --F News, 0pril 3' and 33, &''3, availa)le
Desire to escape the Jewish condition—with its ethical dou)le standards, its *virtue o hate,+ its
a)horrence o *the curse o riendship,+ its o)session with *total eradication o the nations,+ and the
conseGuent esotericism o the ra))inical literature—motivated those early secular Kionists who
longed or direct la)or on the land and disparaged intellectual and commercial occupations
reminiscent o the arendar role. Lenni -renner discusses such attitudes in Kionism in the 0ge o the
Dictators, ch. & $3DHE(, availa)le online. ;ee also ;lezkine, "he Jewish Fentury, a)ove, pp. E&5.&H.
"hat group o Kionists hoped to make Bsrael a *normal+ nation.
-ut their religious successors, returning to Judaism=s roots, have countered that normality is
precisely what Bsrael can never have, )ecause o its uniGue relationship with God. ;ee ;hahak and
7ezvinsky, Jewish 1undamentalism, a)ove, p. 539
"he Gush /munim 8-loc o the 1aithul: argument is that secular Kionists measured. . .
*normality+ )y applying non.Jewish standards that are satan.ic. . . . 80ccording to: one o the
group=s leaders, 2a))i 8;hlomo: 0vner9 *Ahile God reGuires. . . normal nations to a)ide )y a)stract
codes o >ustice and righteousness, such laws do not apply to Jews.+ . . . 2elying upon the Fode o
7aimonides and the ,alakha, 2a))i 8Bsrael: 0riel 8o Gush /munim: stated9 *0 Jew who kill8s: a
non.Jew is e!empt rom human >udgment and has not violated the 8religious: prohi)ition o
murder.+8!v: $/mphases added.(
On the other hand ;hahak and 7ezvinsky say $id.( that *the murder o a Jew, particularly )y a
non.Jew, is in Jewish law the worst possi)le crime.+
;uch contemptuous attitudes and narcissistic dou)le standards were very much alive at the
time o the holodomor. Bn 3DE&, the irst year o the amine, the great /astern /uropean ,e)rew
poet Fhaim Nachman -ialik pu)lished the poem *7y 1ather,+ which ;hahak $"hree "housand
<ears, ch. C n.D( says is still *taught in all Bsraeli schools.+ "he poem depicts -ialik=s *righteous and
upright+ ather dispensing vodka in a *den o pigs like men,+ to ;lavic peasants *rolling in vomit+
with *aces o monstrous corruption.+
-ialik calls them *scorpions+ or good measure. "he ather=s *whispered sylla)les,+ meanwhile,
audi)le only to his adoring son, are *pure prayer and law, the words o the living God.+ "he poem
nowhere acknowledges the common complaint that the Jews encouraged ;lavic alcoholism, which
)rought in revenue, e!posed peasants= remaining assets to oreclosure, and made them easier to
"he poem is missing rom -ialik=s supposedly Fomplete #oetic Aorks $3DCH( pu)lished in
/nglish 3C years ater his death. "hat )rings us )ack to ;hahak and 7ezvinsky=s point, a)ove, a)out
)ooks and translations that alsiy )y omission.
A related 1oint( A search of the Li2rary of Bongress catalog under the key.ord
)arenda* 2rings u1 CD a11arently relevant items, not one of .hich is in "nglish By
.ay of com1arison, a search under the com2ination of )+nited States* and )slavery*
2rings u1 more than :;,;;; A search under )+krainian famine* 2rings u1 all of ten
items A search under )holocaust* 2rings u1 more than :;,;;;
7ore evidence o ineradica)le attitudes $*. . . B shall give thee the heathen or thine
inheritance. . . . "hou shalt )reak them with a rod o iron? thou shalt dash them in pieces like a
potter=s vessel+( was recently seen on Bsraeli television in the series *"he Oligarchs.+ "he series was
most deinitely not shown in the %.;. %ri 0vnery descri)es it in an article entitled *,ow the Iirgin
-ecame a Ahore+ $&''C(, availa)le online9
;ome o its episodes are simply un)elieva)le—or would have )een, i they had not come
straight rom the horses= mouths9 the heroes o the story, who gleeully )oast a)out their despica)le
e!ploits. "he series was produced )y Bsraeli immigrants rom 2ussia.
8"he oligarchs: e!ploited the disintegration o the ;oviet system to loot the treasures o the
state and to amass plunder amounting to hundreds o )illions o dollars. Bn order to saeguard the
perpetuation o their )usiness, they took control o the state. ;i! o the seven are Jews. . . . 8-oris:
-erezovsky )oasts that he caused the war in Fhechnya, in which tens o thousands have )een killed
and a whole country devastated. ,e was interested in the mineral resources and a prospective 8oil:
pipeline there.
. . . Bn the end there was a reaction9 Iladimir #utin, the taciturn and tough e!.@G- operative,
assumed power, took control o the media, put one o the oligarchs $7ikhail @hodorkovsky( in
prison, 8and: caused the others to lee $-erezovsky is in /ngland, Iladimir Gusinsky is in Bsrael,
8and: another, 7ikhail Fhernoy, is assumed to )e hiding here 8in Bsrael:(.
Bn short, then, the history o Jewish relations with ;lavic peasants—together with the much
longer history o Jewish attitudes toward *the nations+—has enormous rele.vance in e!plaining why
hereditarily.Jewish -olsheviks in the 3DE's, using supposedly scientiic 7ar!ist terminology,
deined the %krainian peasantry as the *class enemy+ and carried out a policy o genocidal
starvation. Bn "he Jewish /!perience, p. E6C $3DD6(, Norman Fantor reely admits as much9
"he -olshevik 2evolution and some o its atermath represented, rom one perspective, Jewish
revenge. . . . During the heyday o the Fold Aar, 0merican Jewish pu)licists spent a lot o time
denying that—as 3DE's anti.;emites claimed—Jews played a disproportionately important role in
;oviet and world Fommunism. "he truth is until the early 3D4's Jews did play such a role, and
there is nothing to )e ashamed o. Bn time Jews will learn to take pride in the record o the Jewish
Fommunists in the ;oviet %nion and elsewhere. Bt was a species o striking )ack. $/mphases
"hese words are part o Fantor=s introduction to a chapter )y the 2ussian Jewish writer 0rkady
Iaks)erg, entitled *;talin=s Jews.+ Bt is most unlikely that Fantor, a proessor o history at New <ork
%niversity and a ormer 2hodes scholar, wrote in ignorance o the scope o ;oviet state homicide.
Leaving aside issues o pride, shame, and ethnic or religious loyalties, this passage puts Fantor in
ull agreement with Fhurchill, 2o)ert Ailton, and 0m)assador Levko Lukyanenko, all a)ove.
/dwin ;choonmaker, Democracy and Aorld Dominion, p. &33 $3DED( conirms Fantor=s point9
1iteen years ater the -olshevist 2evolution was launched to carry out the 7ar!ist program,
the editor o the 0merican ,e)rew could write9 *0ccording to such inormation 8as: the writer
could secure while in 2ussia a ew weeks ago, not one Jewish synagogue has )een torn down, as
have hundreds—perhaps thousands—o the Greek Fatholic churches. . . .+ $0merican ,e)rew, Nov.
3H, 3DE&, p. 3&.( 0postate Jews, leading a revolution that was to destroy religion as the *opiate o the
people,+ had somehow spared the synagogues o 2ussia.8!vi: $/mphasis added.(
"hus the long cycle o violence9 $a( throughout the middle ages, the 0shkenazim prayed or
divine e!termination o the goyim, as descri)ed in "wo Nations? $)( the atti.tudes relected in such
prayers were relected as well in speech, conduct and demeanor, plainly intelligi)le to the goyim
themselves, as descri)ed )oth in "wo Nationsand at greater length in "hree "housand <ears? $c(
Jews as slave.traders and arendars, in Fhaim -ermant=s words, *sow8ed: a terri)le harvest o
hatred+? $d( peasants responded )y killing Jews in great num)ers in revolts and pogroms over the
centuries? and $e( Jews as -olsheviks ultimately responded, in Fantor=s phrase, with *Jewish
revenge.+ "hat revenge consisted o mass murder on a scale ar )eyond any theretoore imposed on
Jews )y Fhristians, or on the civilians o any /uropean nation )y their own government.
0part rom war as such, there has there )een no terror on that scale since, either, at least in
/urope. $0sia, and particularly 0sian Fommunism, is another matter.( ;ee the numerical estimates
in "he -lack -ook o Fommunism, p. C, and in ,arvest o ;orrow, p. E'6. "he ormer set o
estimates puts the overall num)er o deaths rom Fommunist *crimes against civilians+ in the
;oviet %nion and /astern /urope at &3 million. 7artin 7alia o the %niversity o Faliornia at
-erkeley, in his oreword to the -lack -ook, p. !!, says *. . . it is at last )ecoming clear that our
current Gualitative >udgments are scandalously out o line with the 8&'th: century=s real )alance
sheet o political crime.+
#here has 2een little %e.ish .illingness to acce1t res1onsi2ility for any 1art of the
long cycle Fantor *learn8ed: to take pride in. . . a species o striking )ack,+ and ;hahak $"hree
"housand <ears, ch. C( says o the @hmelnytsky re)ellion that9
"his typical peasant uprising against e!treme oppression, an uprising accompanied not only )y
massacres committed )y the re)els )ut also )y even more horri)le atrocities and *counter.terror+ o
the #olish magnates= private armies, has remained em)lazoned in the consciousness o east.
/uropean Jews to this very day—not, however, as a peasant uprising, a revolt o the oppressed, o
the real wretched o the earth, nor even as a vengeance visited upon all the servants o the #olish
no)ility, )ut as an act o gratuitous antisemitism directed against Jews as such.
0n e!ample demonstrating ;hahak=s point is Louis 1inkelstein, ed., "he Jews9 "heir ,istory,
Fulture and 2eligion $Ed ed., & vol., 3D6'(, which tells o the massacres o 36CH.CD $pp. &4'.43,
EHH.HD(, )ut says nothing o the arenda system. 1inkelstein=s inde! has no entry under that word.
Nor, or that matter, does Georey Aigoder, ed., "he New /ncyclopedia o Judaism $&d. ed., New
<ork %niversity #ress, &''&(. "he essay on @hmelnytsky in the /ncyclopedia Judaica $3D5&(,
ignoring even Graetz and Nata ,annover, actually denies the e!istence o evidence the Jewish
arendars were oppressive. None o these recent works, o course, says so much as a word a)out the
%krainian amine o 3DE&.EE or its perpetrators.
Bn "he ;acred Fhain, pp. 3C.36, passim, Fantor says that *. . . ra))inical Judaism preers silence
on history,+ and that ater the intense historical emphasis o the -i)le9
%udaism 4s.ung5 radically to 2ecome a religion .ithout history 2y not later than
the second century AD By and large the %e.ish 2lackout on historical .riting
continued into the nineteenth century &hat .as not 2lotted out .as diminished
and narcotiEed into a recital of un1rovoked victimiEation 4of %e.s5
"o similar eect, see "hree "housand <ears, ch. &, esp. notes H.3C and accompanying te!t? and
;amuel Grayzel=s preace to "he 0)yss, a)ove, at p. i!. /ven today, Fantor says $p. 34(, )realistic,
truth$telling history of the %e.s is not .elcome in the ruling circles of the American
and Israeli %e.ish communities, among the ra22is, the 2illionaire 1atriarchs and
the 1rominent 1oliticians*8!vii:
;ee also chapter H o ;eparation and Bts Discontents, a)ove $*;el Deception as an 0spect o
Judaism as a Group /volutionary ;trategy+(. 7acDonald )egins that chapter with a Guotation rom
,annah 0rendt, "he Origins o "otalitarianism, a)ove, pp. vii.viii. 0rendt notes the *strong
polemical and apologetic )ias+ in Jewish historiography $a matter that also interests Fantor, and
especially ;hahak(, and then says9
Ahen 8the: Jewish tradition o an oten violent antagonism to Fhristians and Gentiles came to
light *the general Jewish pu)lic was not only outraged )ut genuinely astonished,+ so well had its
spokesmen succeeded in convincing themselves and every)ody else o the non.act that Jewish
separateness was due e!clusively to Gentile hostility and lack o enlight.enment. . . . 8":his sel.
deceiving theory. . . actually amounted to a prolongation and modernization o the old myth o
chosenness. . . .8!viii:
0rendt=s interior Guotation in this passage is rom Jaco) @atz, /!clusiveness and "olerance,
a)ove, p. 3D6. Fompare chs. 33 $*Ghetto ;egregation+( and 3& $*"he 0ttitude o /strangement+( in
that )ook. ;uch sel.persuasion as to non.acts may )e why Guenter Lewy, a)ove, can argue that the
Gypsies )rought down genocidal wrath on their own heads with their moral and ethical dou)le
standards. Lewy has apparently repressed all awareness that Judaism has, in @atz=s words, its own
*ethical duality—ollowing dierent standards in . . . internal and e!ternal relationships.+8!i!:
3II #'"A#-"N# OA %"&ISH FINAO'-"'S7GIN#"LL"B#+AL #"''O'IS-
"he preerence or silence a)out Jewish history may )e also )e a corollary o din moser, the law
—rooted in Deuteronomy 359H.3& and openly enorced in the #ale o ;ettlement through most o the
3Dth century—under which those suspected o )etraying Jewish inormation to gentile authorities
were su)>ect to death without notice, )y order o the ra))is and other community leaders. ;ee
Jewish 1undamentalism in Bsrael, a)ove, pp. 3C'.C5. 0t pp. 3C6.C5 ;hahak and 7ezvinsky say that9
"he new Bsraeli historians have presented evidence showing that until the 3HH's the killings o
Jewish inormers )y Jews in the "sarist /mpire were numerous. . . . 8":he writer ;haul Ginz)erg. . .
wrote in his auto)iography that during the nineteenth century hundreds o Jewish inormers were
drowned in the Dnieper, the largest river in the *#ale.+ "hese inormers were charged and convicted
under the law o the inormers simply )ecause they were suspected o inorming the authorities
a)out something. R R R 80: Jewish inormer was condemned to death in secret without )eing a)le to
say anything in his own deense. "his mode o e!ecution was employed or hundreds o years until
the recent time.
0gain, as ,artung says, *the hal.lie and penetrance o such cultural legacies are oten under.
appreciated.+ ;hahak and 7ezvinsky discuss din moser in the conte!t o #rime 7inister<itzhak
2a)in=s assassination )y a religious zealot, heartily encouraged )y othodo! ra))is, only a ew years
short o the &3st century. 0lso as to the 2a)in case, see 0llan F. -rowneld, *Growth o 2eligious
/!tremism in Bsrael,+ Aashington 2eport on 7iddle /ast 0airs, 0ug..;ept. &''', availa)le online.
Din moser may have some.thing to do with the enormous antipathy with which some regard
;hahak himsel, and with the death o Livia 2okach. Bt may also illuminate some o the matters
discussed in the endnotes )elow.
Ahile truth.telling is silenced, ad hominem viliication is ampliied. David ,orowitz o
1ront#age7ag. com, to pick >ust one e!ample, calls ormer #resident Jimmy Farter a *Jew.hater,
genocide.ena)ler and liar+ or saying Bsrael imposes *apartheid+ on the #alestinians in the Aest
-ank. ,e also accuses Farter o *)lood li)el.+ -ut ,orowitz surely knows that 0riel ;haron told
ormer Btalian #remier 7assimo D=0lema—at length, according to D=0lema—that Bsrael means to
orce the #alestinians into *-antu.stans.+ ,a=aretz, 7ay 3E, &''E $availa)le online(. ;ee also
;hulamit 0loni $ormerly Bsraeli minister o /ducation(, *Bndeed "here is 0partheid in Bsrael,+Jan.
4, &''5 $avail.a)le online(9
On one occasion B witnessed an encounter )etween a 8#alestinian: driver and 8an Bsraeli:
soldier who was taking down the details )eore conisca.ting the vehicle and sending its owner
away. *AhyJ+ B asked the soldier. *Bt=s an order—this is a Jews.only road,+ he replied. B inGuired as
to where was the sign. . . instructing 8non.Jewish: drivers not to use it. ,is answer was. . .9 *Bt is his
responsi)ility to know it, and )esides, what do you want us to do, put up a sign. . . and let some
anti.;emitic reporter. . . take a photo so he can show the world that apartheid e!ists hereJ+
$/mphases added.(
,orowitz=s invective is aimed, o course, not so much at Farter as at politicians and others still
worried a)out their >o)s. Bt=s meant to intimidate—which it does—and its style is not new. /sau=s
"ears, a)ove, reports complaints o such *intellectual terrorism+ $1ranz 7ehring=s words( rom the
early 3HH's. ;ee p. 3E6? compare pp. 3EH.ED, 3DE. "here=s no reason to suppose such character.
assassination )egan only then, or that it=s unrelated to the essential, uniying cycle o provocation
and revenge discussed a)ove.
"he Nazis, no less than the -olsheviks, regarded ;lavic peasants with murderous contempt, an
attitude not traditional in the army general sta, )ut )rought to e!ceedingly ull lower in the ;;.
;ee, e.g., ,.2. "revor.2oper, "he Last Days o ,itler, pp. 4.H $3DC5(. 0rendt says the Nazi plan, on
which time )lessedly ran out, *aimed at the e!termination o the #olish and %krainian people, . . .
35' million 2ussians 8and: the intelligentsia o Aestern /urope.+ "he Origins o "otalitarianism,
a)ove, p. C33. "he %krainians learned what the Nazis meant to do with them ater they initially
greeted the Aehrmacht as li)erators in 3DC3—a greeting the holodomor goes ar to e!plain.
Bt would )e interesting to know what the Nazis made o the holodomor, which was still very
much in progress when they came to power in 3DEE.
"hey surely knew a)out it. "he German intelligence services, even on the unlikely assumption
that they had no sources o their own, could hardly have missed the story in the -ritish press as
reported )y 7uggeridge, )y ormer #rime 7inister David Lloyd George=s heroic protMgM Gareth
Jones, and )y 0.". Fholerton o the News."elegraph and the ;unday "imes? in the 0merican press
as reported )y Lyons, )y 2alph -arnes o the New <ork ,erald."ri)une, )y A.,. Fham)erlin o the
Fhristian ;cience 7onitor, )y Ailliam ;toneman o the Fhicago Daily News, )y ,arry Lang and
2ichard 7. ;anger o the New <ork Journal, and )y 0dam J. "awdul o the New <ork 0merican? in
the 1rench press as reported )y ;uzanne -ertillon o Le 7atin? and in the German press as reported
)y the li)eral $and Jewish( #aul ;cheer o the -erliner "age)latt, and )y Otto 0uhagen in the
scholarly >ournal Osteuropa, IBB $0ug. 3DE&(. /ven at that early date, 0uhagen said %krainian
peasants were reduced to eating the cadavers o horses, rom which they contracted inectious
"he Nazis could hardly have ailed to notice, moreover, when "heodor Fardinal Bnnitzer o
Iienna called in 0ugust 3DEE or relie eorts, stating that the %krainian amine was claiming lives
*likely. . . num)ered. . . )y the millions+ and driving those still alive to inanticide and canni)alism.
;ee the New <ork "imes, 0ug. &', 3DEE, reporting )oth Bnnitzer=s charge and the oicial denial $*in
the ;oviet %nion we have neither canni)als nor cardinals+(. "he ne!t day, the "imes added
Duranty=s own denial.
Other sources can )e ound )y searching on the com)ination o *Bnnitzer+ and *%kraine+ and
*amine.+ 0lso, #.F. ,ie)ert and the 2ev. Fharles ,. ,agus tried to organize relie eorts on )ehal
o the German 7ennonite community. None o the proposed relie operations had any signiicant
7ost likely, the lesson the Nazis drew was how sae, easy, even accepta)le it was to murder
whole populations. "hat was demonstra)ly ,itler=s own conclusion a)out the early.&'th.century
0rmenian genocide at the hands o the "urks $*Aho speaks any more 8o that:J+(8!!: and the
annihilation o the 0merican Bndians $*"reat them like redskins+(. Likewise, the Kionist leader
Iladimir Ja)otinsky actually spoke o the *good name+ ,itler himsel had supposedly given to
orced *mass migrations.+
Just )eore his death in 3DC', Ja)otinsky >ustiied *transerring+ the #alestinian people out o
their homes on the ground that *the world has )ecome accustomed to the idea o mass migrations
and has )ecome ond o them. . . . ,itler—as odious as he is to us—has given this idea a good name
in the world.+ "om ;egev, One #alestine, Fomplete, p. C'6.'5 $&'''(? see generally Nur 7asalha,
/!pulsion o the #alestinians9 "he Foncept o *"ranser+ in Kionist #olitical "hought, 3HH&.3DCH
$3DD&(. " years ater Ja)otinsky=s )ack.handed compliment to ,itler, 0dol /ichmann
was put on trial in Bsrael. "wo o the counts on which he was convicted alleged mass orci)le
e!pulsion o people—non.Jews at that—rom their homes. "hose counts $nos. D and 3'( )oth
carried the death penalty. ,annah 0rendt, /ichmann in Jerusalem, p. &C4 $3D6E(.
Bsrael is now concerned )oth to cultivate its relations with "urkey and to preserve the claim o
Jewish e!clusivity or *the+ ,olocaust $capital *,+(. "here is also a Jewish tradition in which the
0rmenians, or o)scure reasons, are eGuated with the 0malekites? see 2eckless 2ites, a)ove, pp. 3',
3&&.&4. 0ccordingly Bsrael not only maintains a diplomatic silence a)out the slaughter o the
0rmenians )ut also lo))ies against its commemoration in the %.;. ;ee Larry Derner in the
Jerusalem #ost, 0pril &3, &''4 $*8O:n the su)>ect o the 0rmenian genocide, Bsrael and some %.;.
Jewish organizations, nota)ly the 0merican Jewish Fommittee, have or many years acted
aggressively as silencers+(? and Jon Aiener in the Nation, July 3&, 3DDD $*Lucy Dawidowicz, a
leading ,olocaust historian, argued that the "urks had Na rational reason= or killing 0rmenians,
unlike the Germans, who had no rational reason or killing Jews+(.
Note careully Dawidowicz=s *rational reason+ or killing 3.4 million human )eings? @opelev=s
*historical necessity+ and *revolutionary duty+ to kill 5 $or perhaps even 3'( million? @oestler=s
*mind conditioned to e!plain away what 8he: saw+? and Fantor=s mature >udgment that *there is
nothing to )e ashamed o.+ -ernard Lewis, )y the way, a Kionist proessor emeritus at #rinceton,
actually has the distinction o having )een convicted in a 1rench court o *holocaust.denial+ as to
the 0rmenians. ;ee Norman 1inkelstein, -eyond Fhutzpah, p. 4Dn, a)ove.
"he late David 2oth, national ethnic liaison o the 0merican Jewish Fommittee, once testiied
)eore Fongress—in 3D66, when Bsrael was descri)ing itsel as a )astion against ;oviet inluence in
the 7iddle /ast, rather than as a magnet drawing it in—that *it is outrageous to think that the death
o 5 million %krainians is somehow less important than the death o 6 million Jews.+ Ae should, he
said, *deny the ;oviets the ultimate victory o our silence.+
Nicholas Lysson
1. Bn 3D&' Ailton and Fhurchill )oth e!pressed hope that through Kionism,
Jewish energies could )e channeled constructively $that is, one is tempted to say, against
non./uropeans( rather than destructively $that is, on the same interpretation, against
ellow /uropeans, their social and economic order, and their royal houses(. ,ence the title
o Fhurchill=s article. Fhurchill=s views evolved as -ritain descended what 2o)ert 1isk calls
*the )loody staircase+—as to which see my companion essay, *On the Origins o the
-alour Declaration.+ Note in that essay threats made )y )oth Fhaim Aeizmann and his
protMgM ;amuel Landman a)out the destruction Jews might wreak i rustrated as to
#alestine. Aeizmann wrote o *overthrow8ing: the world,+ and Landman o *pull8ing:
down the pillars o civilisation,+ a metaphor o)viously inspired )y Judges 369&3.E3.
Ahence came these erocious energiesJ #art o the answer involves traditional
eschatological doctrines and attitudes toward gentiles, as discussed in the present essay.
0nother part involves the Jewish population e!plosion in the %kraine during the 3Dth and
early &'th centuries. Bt swamped the occupations traditionally thought suita)le and—
together with the pogroms that ollowed the czar=s assassination in 3HH3—led to massive
emigration, heightened revolutionary activity, and other attempts to recover those
occupational niches. ;ee, e.g., ;u)telny, a)ove, p. &569
"hroughout the nineteenth century, especially in its latter part, the Jews e!perienced
a tremendous rise in population. -etween 3H&' and 3HH', while the general population o
the 82ussian: empire rose )y H5U, the num)er o Jews increased )y 34'U. On the 2ight
-ank 8o the Dnieper: this rise was even more dramatic9 )etween 3HCC and 3D3E the
num)er o its inha)itants rose )y &64U while the Jewish population increased )y HCCUV
2eligious sanctions o large amilies, less e!posure to amine, war, and epidemics, and a
low mortality rate )ecause o communal and the availa)ility o doctors largely
accounted or this e!traordinary increase.)ack
&. ;imilarly, the ;oviet %nion put Jews in charge o camps or German #OAs
in the immediate atermath o Aorld Aar BB. 1or the torture and killing that ensued, see
John ;ack, 0n /ye or an /ye $3DDE(. ;ack=s )ook was denounced )y /lan ;tein)erg o the
Aorld Jewish Fongress on the F-; program *;i!ty 7inutes,+ Nov. &C, 3DDE. ;tein)erg
accused ;ack o *)lackening history,+ as i such a thing were possi)le.)ack
E. 1or more on Dmitri #anin, see, e.g., David 2emnick, *;easons in ,ell9 ,ow
the Gulag Grew,+ the New <orker, 0pril 3C, &''E. 0 search on his name, in Guotation
marks, also )rings up considera)le material.
C. "he Law o 2eturn is )ased on heredity and ethnic ailiation, and ignores
issues o religious )elie and practice $or lack o either( so long as no other religion has
)een willingly adopted in lieu o Judaism. ;ec. C0$a( and $)(, enacted )y 0mendment No.
& $3D5'( permits Gualiication through certain Jewish relatives )y )lood or marriage. ;ome
have suggested connections through which Lenin, and even ;talin, might have Gualiied.
;ee Dmitri Iolkogonov, Lenin, pp. H.D $3DDC( as to ;talin=s suppression o inormation
a)out Lenin=s Jewish antecedents? compare 2o)ert ;ervice, Lenin9 0 -iography, pp. 35.&3,
&H.&D $,arvard %niversity #ress, &'''(. ;tuart @ahan, "he Aol o the @remlin, pp. 36D.
53 $3DH5(, alleges that ;talin was married at one point to 2osa @aganovich, Lazar=s sister.
0s )eits a regime that regularly *)lot8ted: out the remem)rance o 8inconvenient people:
rom under heaven,+ the record is unclear. ;ome have denied even that Lazar had such a
sister. ;he is depicted, though, in 2o)ert #ayne, "he 2ise and 1all o ;talin, pp. C3'.3&
$3D64(, in connection with the apparent suicide o ;talin=s second wie.
4. ;ee, e.g., ;hahak and 7ezvinsky, Jewish 1undamentalism, p. !i!, discussing
the centrality o this theme in Lurianic Fa))alism and in the views o its recent ollowers,
including particularly 0vracham <itzhak ,acohen @ook, chie ra))i o #alestine, 3D&'.E4.
"hey Guote him9 *"he dierence )etween a Jewish soul and the souls o non.Jews—all o
them in all dierent levels—is greater and deeper than the dierence )etween a human
soul and the souls o cattle.+ "hey add that *according to the Lurianic Fa))ala, the world
was created solely or the sake o Jews? the e!istence o non.Jews was su)sidiary.+ ;uch
tri)al narcissism pervades the various teachings discussed )y Johann /isenmenger $p. D,
a)ove(, )y ;hahak in "hree "housand <ears, and )y Bsrael Jaco) <uval in "wo Nations in
<our Aom) $pp. 33.3&, a)ove(. -i)lical passages Guoted herein, )y the way, are taken rom
the @ing James Iersion, )ut the )racketed reerence to penises in /zekiel &E9&' is )ased
on the 2evised ;tandard Iersion, where the word is *mem)ers.+
6. ;ee also /lisheva Farle)ach, liided ;ouls9 Fonverts 1rom Judaism in
Germany, 34''.354', pp. &3&.3E $<ale %niversity #ress, &''3($*/isenmenger did not
a)ricate. . .? he Guoted accurately and translated literally. . .+(? and ,enry ,art 7ilman,
"he ,istory o the Jews, vol. E, p. CD $3H53 ed.($*8/isenmenger=s: reading was vast, his
industry indeatiga)le. . . . B have never heard his accuracy seriously impeached+(. ,aving
granted those points, @atz and Farle)ach are let to argue—most indignantly—that
/isenmenger errs )y assuming Jews are aware o ra))inical writings and take them to
mean what they say. On pu)lica.tion, /isenmenger=s )ook was suppressed )y oicial
decree? inluential Jews had complained that it might lead to the sort o massacres seen
>ust 4' years )eore in the %kraine. "he /nglish.language version even now has a ha)it o
disappearing rom li)raries $see, e.g., the online catalogue o the New <ork #u)lic Li)rary(
and is availa)le in many university li)raries only online, with access restricted. Bt is,
however, availa)le or purchase in a acsimile edition pu)lished in &''6.
7. ;ee Genesis &49E3.EC $Jaco)=s taking advantage o /sau=s mortal distress to
acGuire his )irthright—*B am at the point to die,+ answered with *swear to me this day+(,
and the immediately ollowing verse, &693, a)out *amine in the land+? and &5934.CC
$Jaco)=s thet o /sau=s )lessing )y outright raud(. Note the grandiosity o the )lessing
$Genesis &59&D(9 *Let people serve thee and nations )ow down to thee9 )e lord over thy
)rethren, and let thy mother=s sons )ow down to thee? cursed )e every one that curseth
thee, and )lessed )e he that )lesseth thee.+ Bn Genesis E&9&H and E493' Jaco) is renamed
Bsrael. Bn Genesis EE93.3E /sau good.heartedly orgives his twin. Jaco) $Bsrael(, though,
retains /sau=s )irthright and )lessing. /sau remains eternally in liine disavor $see the
sources >ust cited in the te!t(. "his continues the su)servient status God ordained not >ust
or him, )ut also or his *nation+ or *manner o people,+ even )eore his )irth $Genesis
&49&E(. /sau=s murderous )ut transitory rage at )eing derauded $Genesis &59C3( puts him
aoul o the stolen )lessing9 *8F:ursed )e every one that curseth 8Jaco)V:.+ 0part rom that,
/sau=s only o)vious ault is naWve trust in his own mother and his own twin. /sau=s
*manner o people,+ i.e., mere *m8e:n o the ield+ $Genesis &49&E, &5( can e!pect little
rom that twin, who preers to stay in his tent $id.(, *lee8s:,+ at the mother=s direction,
rom the victim o his raud $Genesis &59CE(, and deals underhandedly with La)an, the
uncle who gives him reuge $Genesis E'9E3.CE(. Jaco) is to )e *lord over 8his: )rethren,+
and to him even *nations 8are called to: )ow down.+ "his oundational myth may )e the
earliest record o the *hatred and contempt+ reerred to )y ;hahak $see p. 5, a)ove(. Later
#harisaic contempt or men o the ield is discussed in /vron, Jewish ;tate or Bsraeli
NationJ, a)ove, pp. &D.E'. /vron thinks the reaction came in the orm o Fhristianity and
its spread among the disavored. 1or talmudic viliication o /sau, a metaphor or 2ome,
then Fhristianity, see http9OOwww.>ewishencyclopedia.comOviewPriendly.>spJartidX
C45YletterX/. 0nd see 0lastair G. ,unter, *$De(nominating 0malek9 2acist ;tereotyping
in the -i)le and the Justiication o Discrimination,+ in Jonneke -ekkenkamp and <vonne
;herwood, eds., ;anctiied 0ggression, p. D& $&''E(. ,unter writes o the e!propriator=s
invaria)le dehumanization—not to say demonization—o those he e!propriates.
H. <uval is a proessor o Jewish history at the ,e)rew %niversity in Jerusalem
and was a visiting ellow in the Founcil o the ,umanities at #rinceton %niversity in the
spring o &''C. ,is ventilation o the matters covered in "wo Nations has not )een
uniormly well received. ,is introduction $p. !iii( Guotes /zra 1leischer=s reaction to an
earlier article <uval wrote on the same themes9 *"his article is o the type that it would
have )een )etter had it never )een written? and once written—it would have )een )etter
had it never )een pu)lished? and once pu)lished—it would have )een )etter had it )een
orgotten as Guickly as possi)le.+ 0nother version o those last ive words is *sentenced to
o)livion.+ ;ee Bsrael ;hamir, *0 <iddishe 7edina,+ availa)le online. Fompare the
discussion o din moser at p. &', a)ove.
D. "his is one o the milder translations. Others include *totally impure and
evil+ and *totally satanic.+ $;ee generally /isenmenger as to such matters.( <israel
7eyerowitz, *,asidic #rimary Aorks in /nglish "ranslation+ $&''C, availa)le online( says
that *due to the diicult homiletic style o most primary ,asidic works, a mere translation
will not properly convey the author=s intent.+ $/mphasis added.( "hree "housand <ears
$esp. chs. & and 4( might suggest that the supposed utility o *mere translation+ is Guite
intentional, allowing simultaneous $a( practice o the *virtue o hate,+ $)( denial to
outsiders—especially gentile authorities—that any such thing is actually meant, and $c(
assertion that any outsider who perceives hostility does so only )ecause o the anti.
;emitism imputed to all gentiles.
10. ;ee also, e.g., --F News, July 3H, &''C $*8#rime 7inister 0riel: ;haron said
that his advice to 1rench Jews was that moving to Bsrael was Na must and they have to
move immediately.= R R R 0 week ago, #resident JacGues Fhirac rushed to condemn an
apparently anti.;emitic attack on a #aris train that turned out to )e a hoa!+(? Jewish News
Aeekly o Northern Fali., July &E, &''C $*"hree months ater an arson ire that their son
has admitted to igniting charred their home, 2a))i <ose and ,inda Langer are turning
their lives right side up again+(? 0gence 1rance #resse, 0ug. E', &''C $*1rench police
conirmed that a man arrested in connection with what was irst )elieved to )e an anti.
;emitic arson attack on a Jewish social center a week ago was a Jewish man who had
worked there. . . +(? 0ssociated #ress, ;ept. 3D, &''C $reporting that @erri Dunn, a
proessor at Flaremont 7c@enna Follege in Faliornia, was convicted o attempted
insurance raud ater spray.painting her own car with anti.;emitic slurs(?
c), Oct. 3D, &''C $reporting that Olga 0)ramovich was caught ater a spree
o painting swastikas through Jewish sections o Queens and -rooklyn, and that her
motives were not as might appear(? and an 1-B notice issued in mid.;ept. &''4 or 0dam
#earlman, aOkOa 0)u ;uhay) 0l.0mriki, 0)u ;uhay), and <ihya 7a>adin 0dams, wanted
or Guestioning a)out *0l Qaeda+ terrorist threats against the %.;. #earlman=s grandather,
with whom he had lived, was Farl @. #earlman, 7.D., a prominent Orange Founty, Fali.
urologist and 0nti.Deamation League )oard mem)er. ;ee also note !i, )elow.
33. 0s to Kionist alse.lag terrorism, designed to look like the work o others
and $generally( to create the appearance o e!ternal threats, see, e.g., -y Aay o Deception
and "he Other ;ide o Deception $including plot to assassinate #res. George ,.A. -ush
and rame #alestinians or the crime ater -ush roze loan guarantees or Bsrael(? 0ri -en
7enashe, #roits o Aar9Bnside the ;ecret %.;..Bsraeli 0rms Network $3DD&($;.;. 0chille
Lauro attack, successully )lamed on #alestinians, and an attempt to )low up an /l 0l
airliner in /ngland, successully )lamed on ;yria, ater which *7argaret "hatcher closed
down the ;yrian em)assy in London+(? #atrick ;eale, 0)u Nidal9 0 Gun or ,ire $3DD&(
$Fity o #oros erry attack, successully )lamed on #alestinians, assassinations o
#alestinian moderates, shooting o Bsraeli am)assador ;hlomo 0rgov in London in 3DH& to
provide prete!t or invasion o Le)anon(? Naeim Giladi, -en Gurion=s ;candals9 ,ow the
,aganah and the 7ossad /liminated Jews $3DD&, availa)le online( $Bsraeli )om)ing o
synagogues and li)raries in -aghdad in the early 3D4's to stampede BraGi Jews into
moving to Bsrael, and a scheme to paint an airplane in /gyptian colors and use it to )om)
Bsrael(? 0))as ;hi)lak, "he Lure o Kion $3DH6($)om)ing o BraGi Jews(? Ail)ur Frane
/veland, 2opes o ;and9 0merica=s 1ailure in the 7iddle /ast $3DH'($same, also Bsraeli
sinking o %.;.;. Li)erty in June 3D659 /veland was a high.level FB0 oicial in the region(?
Fdr. /lmo ,. ,utchison, Iiolent "ruce $3D46( $,utchison was the 0merican chairman o
the Bsraeli.Jordanian Joint 0rmistice Fommission, which the Bsraelis walked out o in
3D4C, taking as their prete!t killings that appear to have )een alse.lag(? ;tephen Green,
"aking ;ides9 0merica=s ;ecret 2elations Aith a 7ilitant Bsrael $3DHC(, and Living )y the
;word $3DHH(? 2a))i 7oshe ;honeld, "he ,olocaust Iictims 0ccuse9 Documents and
"estimony on Jewish Aar Friminals $3D55($,aganah=s )lowing up o ;.;. #atria in ,aia
har)or in 3DC' to em)arrass -ritish over policy on Jewish immigration to #alestine,
alsely )lamed on mass suicide o passengers, who would otherwise have
)een taken to saety in 7auritius(? Aashington 2eport on 7iddle /ast 0airs, Nov. &''&
$Bsraeli alse.lag attempt to assassinate John Gunther Dean, once himsel a Jewish
reugee, and )y then %.;. am)assador to Le)anon, in 3DH'(? -ar)ara Frossette, *Aho
@illed KiaJ+ Aorld #olicy Journal, all &''4 $Dean=s accusation in 3DHH, when he was %.;.
am)assador to Bndia, that Bsrael assassinated #res. Kia ul.,aG o #akistan and 0rnold
2aphel, then %.;. am)assador to #akistan, )y sa)otaging their plane—ollowing which
Dean was declared mentally unsta)le and relieved o his oice(? #rocuraduria General de
la 2epu)lica de 7e!ico, -oletin No. 6D5O'3 $Oct. 3&, &''3($attempt )y Bsraeli agents to
)om) the 7e!ican legislative palace a month ater DO33(? 0lred 7. Lilienthal, "he Kionist
Fonnection BB, ch. 3' $3DH&, availa)le online( $Lilienthal, a lawyer who advised the %.;.
delegation at the ounding o the %N, is mostly concerned with overt Bsraeli terrorism that
the 0merican and /uropean media reuse to acknowledge as such, )ut also descri)es letter
)om) campaigns that he thinks were alse.lag(? 7argaret "ruman, ,arry ;. "ruman
$3D5E($reporting Kionist attempts to assassinate #res. "ruman, various o his aides, and
-ritish politicians such as 0nthony /den and /rnest -evin with letter )om)s(? 2o)ert B.
1riedman, "he 1alse #rophet $3DD'( $Bsraeli plan to use 2a))i 7eir @ahane=s Jewish
Deense League to em)arrass %.;.. ;oviet relations )y assassinating ;oviet diplomats in
the %.;.(? George A. and Douglas -all, "he #assionate 0ttachment $3DD&($same9 the
senior -all was undersecretary o ;tate in the 3D6's(? many sources on the )lowing up o
the @ing David ,otel on July &6, 3DC6 )y Brgun Kvai Leumi agents disguised as 0ra)s? and
2okach hersel, a)ove, on such su)>ects as the 3D4C Lavon 0air, in which Bsraeli agents
)om)ed %;B; li)raries, theaters and other sites associated with the %.;. and %.@. in Fairo.
"his list is hardly e!haustive? nor perhaps could the su)>ect ever )e e!hausted.
3&. 0t the same time, o course, it=s perectly accepta)le—no evidence whatever
o )igotry—to use terms like *Bslamoascism,+ or to trace pro)lems to the very nature o
some religion $so long as it=s not Judaism(, e.g., the supposed anti.;emitism o such
passages as John H9E5.CC and 2evelation &9D—even Luke 3'9&D.E5V—or *>ihadist+
e!hortations in the @oran. 7any have remarked on the e!plosive reaction that would
ensue i anyone spoke o Jews in the terms the "almud uses or gentiles, to say nothing o
the terms 7aimonides uses or )lacks. 0s to the ormer, see /isenmenger. 0s to the latter,
see 0 Guide or the #erple!ed, )k. BBB, ch. 43 $3&th c.(? c. the "almud tractate ;anhedrin,
which as Guoted )y /isenmenger $/ng. tr., pp. 3'4.'6( teaches that9
. . ."hree dierent @inds mingled carnally in the 0rk o Noah9 0nd . . . they were all
)randed and punish=d or it9 Namely the Dog, the 2aven, and ;hem. "he Dog $in Foition(
is linked to the -itch. "he 2aven emits his ;eed )y the 7outh. 0nd ;hem was punish=d on
his ;kin? or rom him has sprung the -lack Fus 8i.e., Fushite? compare the 2evised
;tandard Iersion o the -i)le, Num)ers 3&93, using that word, with the same verse in the
@ing James Iersion, which more orthrightly—not contemplating sales in the 0merican
;outh—says */thiopian+:.
3E. ,adas, pp. H3.H&, Guotes a well.known passage rom #lato, Laws DC&a) $E6'
-.F.J(, which he says provided a model or )oth 7acca)ean and then talmudic Judaism9
"he principal thing is that none, man or woman, should ever )e without an oicer set
over him, and that none should get the mental ha)it o taking any step, whether in earnest
or in >est, on his inliidual responsi)ility. Bn peace as in war he must live always with his
eyes on his superior oicer, ollowing his lead and guided )y him in his smallest actions.
Bn a word, we must train the mind not to even consider acting as an inliidual or know how
to do it.
,adas says Jewish religious leaders, unlike #lato and his *Nocturnal Founcil,+ have
genuinely )elieved in liine revelation as a )asis or this model. $1or #lato, the claim o liine
authority was only a necessary lie.( 1or ;hahak=s comments on ,adas, see "hree
"housand <ears, in the concluding paragraphs o ch. 3. ;hahak sees Bsrael, unless it
changes course in a most unlikely way, as )ecoming *a ully closed and warlike ghetto, a
Jewish ;parta, supported )y the la)our o 0ra) helots.+ "he resem)lance o the ;partan
model to ;oviet Fommunism is also o)vious. ;ome have noticed a similarity )etween
Bsrael and the ;oviet %nion o the 3DE's in terms o the ideologically.)lindered style o
their respective apologists, particularly in e!cusing state terrorism—e.g., 0rthur @oestler
and Lev @opelev in their days o hope and illusion, Daniel #ipes and 0lan Dershowitz
today. "hat seems understanda)le in terms o -oas /vron=s point, a)ove, that *the
)ackgrounds o the two groups were much the same.+
3C. Not only have the ra))is reacted indulgently to such ver)al e!pressions.
"hey have also endorsed mass killing directly ater the act, a time when so)er second
thoughts might )e e!pected. ;ee David ,irst in the Nation, 1e). &, &''C $online only( on
Dr. -aruch Goldstein=s #urim 3DDC massacre o &D #alestinians and wounding o scores
more, children included, )y machine.gunning them in the )ack as they )ent
ground in prayer $whereupon Bsraeli troops killed &4 more as the survivors rose to
7any were the ra))is who praised this *act,+ *event+ or *occurrence,+ as they
delicately called it. Aithin two days the walls o Jerusalem=s religious neigh)orhoods were
covered with posters e!tolling Goldstein=s virtues and lamenting that the toll o dead
#alestinians had not )een higher. Bn act, the satisaction e!tended well )eyond the
religious camp. . . ? polls said that 4' percent o the Bsraeli people, and especially the
young, more or less approved o it.
15. ;ee id. at p. CE or a similar statement )y the head o a yeshiva near Na)lus,
2a))i <itzhak Gins)urgh, that a Jew=s killing non.Jews does not constitute murder in the
Jewish religion. Gins)urgh wrote this in his contri)ution to a )ook o essays praising
-aruch Goldstein. "he interesting point is that *8n:o inluential Bsraeli ra))i has pu)licly
opposed Gins)urgh=s statements.+ 0t p. 6E, ;hahak and 7ezvinsky Guote 2a))i <ehuda
0mital—whom ;himon #eres considered a moderate and appointed to his ca)inet in 3DD4
—as saying *our war is directed against the impurity o Aestern culture and against
rationality as such.+ $/mphasis added.(
36. "he term *Greek Fatholic+ reers to the %krainian Greek Fatholic $or
*%niate+( church ormed in 34D6 under the rule o 2oman Fatholic #oland. "he rite is
Greek Orthodo!, )ut the church recognizes the pope. 0t the time o the -olshevik
2evolution it included a su)stantial proportion o the peasantry at which the holodomor
was directed, especially in the western %kraine.
35. #ower is spoken to truth. ;ee Noam Fhomsky, *"he 1ate o an ,onest
Bntellectual,+ availa)le online, on how Norman 1inkelstein, then a #rinceton doctoral
candidate, )ecame a non.person there ater he e!posed as raudulent Joan #eters=s hugely
successul 1rom "ime Bmmemorial $3DHC(, a purported proo that there had )een no
signiicant indigenous population in #alestine prior to Kionist settlement. ;ee also "ony
7artin, "he Jewish Onslaught9 Despatches 1rom the Aellesley -attleront $3DDE( on what
happened when 7artin, using Jewish sources, tried to e!plore the Jewish role in the trans.
0tlantic slave trade that arose more or less contemporaneously with the arenda system.
;earch on the com)ination o *7ark 2o)erts+ and *Folum)ia %niversity+ as to the
ongoing Kionist *witch hunt+ at that institution. ;earch on the com)inations o *Juan
Fole+ and *<ale,+ and *2ashid @halidi+ and *#rinceton+ or Kionist vetoes over aculty
appointments. ;ee #aul 1indley, "hey Dare to ;peak Out $3DH4 and su)seGuent editions(
on other academic and political reezeouts. 1indley=s irst edition also has stories a)out
how Jewish proessionals—doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.—risk destruction o their
livelihood i they oppose the oicial line $as might )e predicted )y the o)servations o
7oses ,adas in note !iii and the accompanying te!t, a)ove(. ;omething similar happened
to the New <ork "imes, threatening to put it out o )usiness, when 0rthur ,ays ;ulz)erger
reused in 3DC5 to run an advertisement )y an alter ego o 7enachem -egin=s terrorist
organization Brgun Kvai Leumi. ;ee 0lred 7. Lilienthal, *-ook on New <ork "imes /ditor
80.7. 2osen.thal: ,elps /!plain 7edia -ias or Bsrael,+ Aashington 2eport on 7iddle
/ast 0airs, June 3DHD $avail.a)le online(. ;ee also Iictor Ostrovsky, *1irst.,and
0ccounts o #ro.Bsrael 7cFarthyism 8sic:,+ Aashing.ton 2eport, Nov. 3DD5 $availa)le
online(. Ostrovsky reports threats to the saety o a 7ontreal law irm=s employees, which
orced it to a)andon a lawsuit. "he suit was )ased on an Bsraeli reGuest, televised in
Fanada, that some *decent+ Fanadian Jew assassinate Ostrovsky. Ostrovsky also tells o
arson that suc.ceeded in )urning to the ground his house in an Ottawa su)ur). Bn airness
to the unlamented Joe 7c.Farthy, he never did things Guite like those. 0gain, compare the
discussion o din moser at p. &', a)ove.
3H. ;uch moral inversions are pervasive and seem to orm with automatic ease.
"hree e!amples9 1irst, ;holem 0leichem=s *"evye der 7ilkhiker+ $3HD4( and its
adaptations $most nota)ly 1iddler on the 2oo( present Jews in the highly anomalous role
o lova)le %krainian peasants. $Fompare ;u)telny, a)ove, p. &569 *"raditionally the Jews
were an ur)an people. "sarist restrictions against their movement into the countryside
reinorced this condition+(. ;econd, the movie version $3D6'( o Leon %ris=s novel /!odus
$3D4H( has Jews, per Lee J. Fo)), *)eseech8ing:+ #alestinians in 3DCH to remain on their
land—whereupon the #alestinians depart o their own volition, presuma)ly out o
gratuitous anti.;emitism. $Fompare p. 455 o the novel9 *B the 0ra)s o #alestine loved
their land, they could not have )een orced rom it. . . . "he 0ra)s had little to live or. . . .
"his 8departure: is not the reaction o a man who loves his land.+( "hird, ra))inical
involvement in the 0merican civil rights struggle o the 3D6's presents )aling anomalies.
0s ;hahak puts it in ch. & o "hree "housand <ears9
;urely one is driven to the hypothesis that Guite a ew o 7artin Luther @ing=s
ra))inical supporters were either anti.)lack racists who supported him or tactical reasons
o *Jewish interest+ $wishing to win )lack support or 0merican Jewry and or Bsrael=s
policies( or were accomplished hypocrites, to the point o schizophrenia, capa)le o
passing very rapidly rom a hidden en>oyment o ra)id racism to a proclaimed attachment
to an anti.racist struggle—and )ack—and )ack again.
0t present, Bsrael=s closest non.Jewish ally is e!actly the white *Fhristian Kionist+
element in the Old Fonederacy against which much o the civil rights struggle was waged.
"he alliance is )ased on shared ear o repressed populations seeking to gain or assert
rights. ;ee, e.g., 7ichael Lind, 7ade in "e!as, p. 346 $&''E(. Lind also reports $id.(
-en>amin Netanyahu=s *contemptuous comparison,+ )eore a Dallas audience in &''&,
*)etween #alestinian 0ra)s and 7e!icans.+
19. Norman 1inkelstein gives some e!amples o that duality at pp. &.E o Bmage
and 2eality o the Bsrael.#alestine Fonlict $&d ed. &''E(, where he descri)es the progress
o the philosopher 7ichael Aalzer, o the Bnstitute or 0dvanced ;tudy in #rinceton, rom
$a( deending Bsrael on the )asis o a universal ethic, in Just and %n>ust Aars $3D55(, to $)(
deending it, once that )ecame impossi)le, on the )asis that there is no universal ethic, in
;pheres o Justice $3DHE( and /!odus and 2evolution $3DH4(, to $c( arguing, in "he
Fompany o Fritics $3DHH(, that even i there were a universal ethic, a *connected+ social
critic would still privilege his *own+ people. 1inkelstein comments that *or Bsrael=s
Nriends,= the ring o Aalzer=s message is as welcome as it is amiliar9 to )e Nconnected= is to
ask, NBs it good or the JewsJ=+ Fompari.sons, o course, run not >ust to the Gypsy dou)le
standards descri)ed )y Guenter Lewy, )ut also to the N;D0# slogan *"hink with your
)lood.+ "he latter parallel has plainly occurred to 1inkelstein. ,e compares Aalzer, in the
second and third stages o his metamorphosis, to *the ascist ideologues that Julien -enda
chastised in "he "reason o the Bntellectuals+ $3D6D(. 0s to denial o a universal ethic )y
another prominent deender o Bsrael, see ,adley 0rkes, *"he 2ights and Arongs o 0lan
Dershowitz,+ Flaremont 2eview o -ooks, all &''4 $availa)le online($*Dershowitz has
insisted that Nreason= has no truths to disclose in the realm o morals+(. ;ee also Jewish
1undamentalism and "hree "housand <ears, )oth a)ove, or ra))inical pronouncements,
not otherwise translated rom the ,e)rew, that could easily pass as e!pressions o Nazi
ideology i certain proper nouns were changed. Bt appears, )y the way, that the comparison
)etween Jews and Gypsies has occasionally intruded on Jewish consciousness, and that
the su)>ect is a sensitive one. ;ee Graetz, vol. 4, p. 3D5. "he comparison with the Nazis, o
course, is a)solutely or)idden, as )ecame clear when the Bsraeli politician <ose $"ommy(
Lapid told the ca)inet that a picture o a suering #alestinian woman reminded him o his
own grandmother. ;ee *Gaza #olitical ;torm ,its Bsrael,+ --F News, 7ay &E, &''C
$availa)le online($*reerring to the "I picture, 7r. Lapid said he was Ntalking a)out an old
woman crouching on all ours, searching or her medicines in the ruins o her house and
that she made me think o my grandmother. B said that i we carry on like this, we will )e
e!pelled rom the %nited Nations and those responsi)le will stand trial at "he
,ague= . . .+(. Lapid=s remarks produced an uproar. ,e was reprimanded )y #rime
7inister 0riel ;haron, and had to deny pu)licly that he=d intended a comparison o Bsrael
with Nazi Germany. 7ore recently, however, he has returned to the theme. ;ee his article
*;top the Jewish -ar)arians in ,e)ron,+ Jerusalem #ost, Jan. 35, &''5 $availa)le online(
$*8L:iving here among us are Jews that )ehave toward #alestinians e!actly the way that
German, ,ungarian, #olish and other anti.;emites )ehaved toward Jews+(.
&'. 1or an e!cellent—and thoroughly disgusted—account o the 0rmenian
genocide and the general reluctance to discuss it, see 2o)ert 1isk, "he Great
Aar 1or Fivilisation9 "he FonGuest o the 7iddle /ast, pp. E36.44 $&''4(.