Strike is an organized work stoppage by a body of workers to
enforce compliance with demands made on an employer or a group of
employers. Strike actions by teachers at the various levels of education
in Nigeria have had serious effect on the academic performance of the
students. The various unions such as the Nigeria Union of Teachers
(NUT) !cademic Staff Union of Universities (!SUU) !cademic Staff
Union of "olytechnics (!SU") etc. uses strike to demand fair wages
University autonomy funding of Nigeria schools etc. !lmost all heads of
states and presidents of Nigeria between #$%% & '(#) have been
compelled by !SUU through strike to meet their demands.
University *ducation +orldwide is regarded as a citadel of
knowledge the fountain of intellectualism the most appropriate ground
for the incubation of leaders of tomorrow. ,owever over the last thirty
years in Nigeria the university system has witnessed an unprecedented
industrial unrest and so many official assaults than other social
institutions. Statistics from the National University -ommission (NU-
'((') revealed that since #$$' !SUU has embarked on strike over ')
times to drive home its demands the recent one in '(#) which lingered
for more than . months polytechnics in Nigeria have been shut down for
close to % months now due to strike. There is hardly a full academic
session that strike actions will not result in loss of studies delayed
graduation for students and economic waste for students parents and
the country as a whole.
The effect of these prolonged strike actions on student academic
performance and learning cannot be overemphasized. /isruptions in
academic performance serve as a non0motivational factor to students. 1t
discourages them from learning. 1t is not surprising therefore that during
strike actions most students are seen involved in diverse activities such
as se2ual immorality cyber scam pool betting unnecessary gossips
watching of films and reading of comic materials for entertainment
purposes rather than reading their books. 1n the long run they soon
forget about academics and are no longer prepared for class activities
which negatively affect their learning capabilities.
3dubela ('(#') concluded that an effective learning or an
enhanced academic performance is achieved by successful covering of
the course outline timely and before e2ams. This is rarely achieved with
strike actions in place. 1n conclusion disruption in academic
performance caused by the fre4uent teachers strike actions breads
disappointment frustration emotional and psychological trauma and
unpreparedness on the part of the students and lack of motivation which
dampens human development.