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SAVE International® is the premier international society devoted to the advancement and
promotion of the value methodology (also called value engineering, value analysis or value
management). Value methodology benefits include decreasing costs, increasing profits,
improving performance and improving quality.

Society members practice the value methodology in the public and private sectors for
organizations in more than 35 countries. VM applications span a variety of fields, including
construction, product design and manufacturing, transportation, health care, government and
environmental engineering.

SAVE International® offers member services such as education and training, publications, tools
for promoting the value methodology, certification, networking and recognition.
SAVE International® is the leading advocate for the practice of function-based, value-enhancing
SAVE International® will:
 Promote the benefits of;
 Advocate for the practice of;
 Certify the competence of value practitioners in; and,
 Education individual in
Function-based, value enhancing methods.

Strategic Goals
 Promote the value methodology worldwide.
 Collaborate with societies and organizations with common interests.
 Identify new opportunities for application of the value methodology.
 Embrace new tools and techniques.
 Create more flexible and comprehensive value education.
 Expand and diversity membership.
 Enhance the image of the profession.
Core Values and Beliefs
The following core values and beliefs give SAVE International® boundaries in the pursuit of its
 Foster an environment for personal and professional growth.
 Embrace honesty and integrity.
 Celebrate the accomplishments of members.
 Advance the profession worldwide.
 Concentrate on strengthening the knowledge of members.
“VM offers great promise for solving problems of the new millennium, as well as continuing to
enhance the value of products, services and systems, and construction projects.”
SAVE International® plans to play the following role by 2020:
 Because of SAVE International®’s influence the problem-solving value methodology,
including function analysis, is intimately familiar to chief executive officers and chief
financial officers of corporations and government agencies worldwide for achieving
stellar results in adding value to products, services, construction projects and business
 SAVE International® is known as the premier value organization, with highly skilled
members providing value-based leadership in every facet of VM application.
 Opportunities abound as SAVE International® members enjoy top career advancement
and business success due to the variety of educational and value-based research offered
by the society at universities, symposia, on the Internet and in collaboration with
societies of similar interests.
 SAVE International® is the repository of all value and related improvement
methodologies, as well as information knowledge databases, for people everywhere.



James D. Bolton, PE, CVS-Life, PVM,
Whirlpool Corporation
E&T Capabilities – Global Product
211 Hilltop North, MD-8537
Saint Joseph, MI 49085 USA
T : (269) 923-0056
Email: james_d_bolton@whirlpool.com
Mary Ann W. Lewis, FSAVE
Black & Veatch
18310 Montgomery Village Avenue, Suite 500
Gaithersburg, MD 20879 USA
T : (301) 556-4385
Email: lewismaw@gmail.com

Jeffrey Plant, MBA, P.Eng., CVS, PMP
Plant Group Inc.
400 Applewood Crescent, Suite 100
Vaughan, ON L4K 0C3
T : (905) 482-4990
F : (905) 482-4988
Email: jplant@plantgroup.com
Thomas E. Wiggins, CVS
Faithful+Gould, Inc.
1360 Peachtree Street, Suite 850
Atlanta, GA 30309 USA
T : (404) 469-9127
Email: tom.wiggins@fgould.com

Drew M. Algase, CVS-Life, FSAVE
VE Manager & Master Black Belt
Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies
47690 E. Anchor Ct.
Plymouth, MI 48170 USA
T : (734) 454-0059

F : (734) 451-2547
Email: valuedma@yahoo.com


Stephen J. Kirk, Ph.D., FAIA, CVS-Life,
Kirk Associates, LLC
3007 North 156 Drive
Goodyear, AZ 85395 USA
T : (313) 701-2084
Email: kirkassociates@aol.com
Renee L. Hoekstra, CVS
2255 North 44th Street, Suite 17
Phoenix, AZ 85008 USA
T : (602) 493-1947
Email: rhpartnering@earthlink.net

Richard L. Johnson PE, DEE, CVS
PMA Consultants, LLC
4901 Vineland Road, Suite 330
Orlando, FL 32811 USA
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Email: rjohnson@pmaconsultants.com
John E. Sloggy, PE, CVS
Value Based Design, LLC
522 Hilliard Dr, Ste A
Fayetteville NC 28311 USA
T : (910) 322-1561
Email: jsloggy@valuebaseddesign.com

Robert B. Stewart, CVS-Life, PMP, FSAVE
Value Management Strategies Inc.
1724 SW Clay Street
Portland, OR 97201 USA
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Email: rob@vms-inc.com
Craig L. Squires, CVS
NWIS.net, LP
P.O. Box 131106
he Woodlands, TX 77393 USA
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John L. Robinson, PE, CVS-Life, FSAVE
Strategic Value Solutions, Inc.
19201 E. Valley View Pkwy., Ste. H
Independence, MO 64055 USA
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F : (816) 795-0725
Thomas E. Wiggins, CVS
Faithful+Gould, Inc.
1360 Peachtree Street, Suite 850
Atlanta, GA 30309 USA
T : (404) 469-9127
Email: tom.wiggins@fgould.com
Email: john@svs-inc.net

Luis M. Vengas, PE, CVS-Life, LEED AP,
Strategic Value Solutions, Inc.
2670 Ravenoaks Place, NE
Marietta, GA 30062 USA
T : (816) 977-8896
Email: luis@svs-inc.com
Muthiah Kasi, CVS-Life, FSAVE
Alfred Benesch & Co.
205 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 2400
Chicago, IL 60601 USA
T : (312) 565-0450
F : (312) 565-2497
Email: mkasi@benesch.com

Randall K. Sprague, PE, PP, CVS
Jacobs Engineering
P.O. Box 1936
Morristown, NJ 07962-1936 USA
T : (973) 267-0555
F : (973) 267-3555
Email: randall.sprague@jacobs.com
AVS/VMP Director
Randy Barber, PE, CVS
OAC Services
701 Dexter Avenue, N., Ste. 301
Seattle, WA 98109 USA
T : (206) 674‐6113
M : (206) 390‐9235
Email: rbarber@oacsvcs.com
Laurel M. Dennis, PE, CVS-Life
6810 37th Street Court
West University Place, WA 98466 USA
Email: lmdennis@earthlink.net


Greg Andrysiak, CVS
Cost Innovations LLC
6393 Gallery Dr.
Canton, MI 48187 USA
T : (734) 404-0216
Email: greg@costinnovations.com
Stephen Garrett, CVS
Kirk Value Planners
675 Spruce Hill Lane, Suite 100
Ortonville, MI 48462 USA
T : (248) 240-9605
Email: sgarrett@kirkvalueplanners.com

Jeffrey T. Hooghouse, AIA, CVS
US Army Corps of Engineers, HQ
441 G Street, NW
Washington, DC 20314 USA
T : (202) 761-5533
Fred Kolano, CVS‐Life, FSAVE, MBA,
Value Management Strategies, Inc.
1874 Deer Park Circle S.
Grand Junction, CO 81507
T : (970) 242‐5531
Email: jeffery.t.hooghouse@usace.army.mil Email: fred@vms‐inc.com

Bob Rude, PE, CVS-Life
RSR Solutions, Inc.
4503 Black Lake Belmore Road
Olympia, WA 98512 USA
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Email: bob@rsrsolutions.com
Emad W. Shublaq, Ph.D., CVS,CPEng.,
Shublaq Management Consulting
P.O. Box 301955
Riyadh 11372 SAUDI ARABIA
T : +966 (50) 5256587
Email: dr.eshublaq1955@gmail.com


CVS Committee
• Luis Venegas (D)
• Steve Garrett
• Bob Rude
• Emad Shublaq
Recertification Committee
• Muthiah Kasi (D)
• Greg Andrysiak
• Randy Barber
• Jeff Hooghouse

AVS/VMP Committee
• Randy Barber (D)
• Fred Kolano
• Tom Wiggins
Workshop Committee
• Randy Sprague (D)
• Greg Andrysiak
• Fred Kolano
• Emad Shublaq

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AVS Recertification Committee
• Laurie Dennis

Kim Fantaci
Executive Director
Karen Smith
Association Executive

136 South Keowee Street
Dayton, OH 45402
Telephone: 937.224.SAVE (7283)
Fax: 937.222.5794
E-Mail: info@value-eng.org


Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability: Opportunities and Responsibilities of the
Value Profession


Steven Paget, AVS, LEED AP, and Craig Squires, AVS
Date: 26 June, 2010
As most of us know, Lawrence Miles’ innovation, value analysis, was a response to the
scarcity of industrial materials and labor during World War II. The challenge of scarcity and
Miles’ creative response launched our profession and opened the door to countless value
improvements. In the early 1970’s, value specialist Alphonse Dell’Isola introduced the use of
energy modeling in building analysis to identify the lowest possible energy use needed to
fulfill the required function. The Federal OMB Circular No. A-131 states “the application of
VE in facilities construction can yield a better value when construction is approached in a
manner that incorporates environmentally-sound and energy-efficient practices and
materials.” The value profession has the opportunity to continue contributing to the wise
use and conservation of resources as we enter the 21
There is little doubt that human society is facing the unprecedented dual challenges of
dwindling fossil fuel reserves and global climate change. The impacts of global warming are
evident all around us. The demand for hundred dollar a barrel oil reflects the growing
demand for water and other scarce resources. Globally, the two colliding trends of increased
demand and reduced availability of energy and natural resources outline a stark reality. The
unprecedented challenges of our era call for unprecedented responses. The 2030 Challenge,
launched by a concerned architect and endorsed by professional societies, universities,
federal and local government, NGOs, and numerous other organizations nationwide, calls for
fossil fuel use in all new buildings to be reduced 100% by 2030, in other words to be carbon-
neutral. Similar initiatives in manufacturing, transportation, energy, and service industries
are being championed by organizations across the globe.
The SAVE International website Vision Statement page looks to the future with the
statement “VM offers great promise for solving problems of the new millennium, as well as
continuing to enhance the value of products, services and systems, and construction
projects.” What is our obligation to future generations? What are the opportunities offered
by the defining challenges of the dawn of the 21
century? Do wehave a responsibility to
use the value methodology as exemplified by Miles, Bytheway, Dell’Isola, and the many
other innovative practitioners of our craft? The Miles Foundation has launched the Carbon
Value-Index Project to research the use of a carbon index for correlating the carbon footprint
of products and services to the function provided. Individual value specialists are
incorporating the principles of sustainability into measures of performance. Clients are
asking for sustainability and environmental performance criteria to be considered in value
studies. Value analysis is stimulating innovative responses to the problems of the new
If these questions and the opportunities and responsibilities posed by the challenges of
peak oil, global warming and sustainable development interest you, attend the forum
Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability: Opportunities and Responsibilities of the Value
Profession at the 2008 SAVE Conference. The forum is an opportunity to listen to value
specialists who have been grappling with these questions and applying the value
methodology to problems of energy, water and material conservation, pollution reduction,
and climate change.
Forum panel members, knowledgeable in the application of sustainable design and the
value methodology, will represent the transportation, manufacturing, construction, and
energy sectors. The forum moderators will pose questions to the panel members
addressing the professional responsibility and opportunity for value specialists created by
the challenges of energy, climate change and sustainability. The audience will be invited to
ask questions, as well as respond to questions and offer opinions. The intent of the forum is
to engender a spirited discussion of the subject within SAVE International with the goal of
raising our professional response to these issues.
The threat posed by climate change and environmental degradation is formidable and will
require a concerted global response. Gregory Knoop, AIA, in his 2007 article Value
Engineering and Sustainable Design: The Commonality of Quality, published in Environmental
Sustainability: Collaboration and Marketing Best Practices in the Building Industry, stated:
“Value engineers need no longer hide in the shadows. Now, more than ever, we need them
to step forward and take part in upholding the principles of quality and value in construction
by promoting and lending further expertise to environmental sustainable design and
construction.” The time to take up this challenge is now.