Education in Namibia

Including Exam-Grading and Entry requirements for UNAM and Polytechnic
Primary Education (Parts from Wikipedia with personal changes and additions from Jo
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Compulsor education starts at primar education le!el at an age of "# Primar education consists
of se!en ears from $rade % to $rade & to prepare children for secondar education#
Secondary Education
)econdar education stretches o!er a period of * ears from $rade + to $rade %,# Children are
presented with a Junior )econdar )chool Certificate (J)C) after successful completion of $rade
.he e/amination results are graded according to a & point scale of grades 01$ and points are
awarded for sub2ect grades as follows: 03&4 53"4 C3*4 6374 8394 :3, and $3%# (as in $rade %,)
Grade 10: 0 learner can onl be promoted to grade %%; if a minimum of 23 points ha!e been
obtained in the best six subjects including English with a minimum o an ! grade<smbol#
0fter successful completion of $rade %, learners are presented with a Namibia )enior )econdar
8ducation Certificate# .his certification can either be the =nternational $eneral Certificate of
)econdar 8ducation "#G$SE% or the >igher =nternational $eneral Certificate of )econdar
8ducation (>=$C)8)# =$C)8 e/am papers are set and marked in Namibia; but moderated b
&#G$SE ?uestion papers are set; marked and moderated b the @ni!ersit of Cambridge in the
@nited Aingdom#
$rade %, cannot be failed but for learners that wish to pursue further studies the need to obtain a
good grade as per the re?uirements of tertiar institution both locall and abroad#
.he 8!aluation )cale for $rade %, is:
• =$C)8 grades: 0B 0 5 C 6 8 : $ 8?ui!alent points: 0C3 +; 03&; 53"; C3*; 637;
839; :3,; $3%
• >=$C)8 grades: % , 9 7 8?ui!alent points: %3 %-; ,3D; 93+; 73"
8ntr re?uirements for @N0M and Poltechnic (Points)
• E ,* points plus min# $ in 8nglish for @ni!ersit @ndergraduate 'egree Courses at @N0M
• E ,, points plus min# ' in 8nglish for @ndergraduate 'iploma Courses at @N0M
• E %& points plus min# E in 8nglish for @ndergraduate $ertiicate Courses at @N0M
.he abo!e points must be reached with a pass in i(e subjects and in not more than 9
e/amination sittings#
0t the Polytechnic of Namibia admission is based on grade %, certificate with a ma/imum of fi!e
?ualifing sub2ects with a total score of 2) points or more and a E symbol or better in English#
:rom Mo8 Website
*# .he N))C >igher Le!el ?ualification was designed to compl with an @ni!ersit and .echnikon
admission re?uirements; therefore; mainl those sub2ects needed for admission to such institutions
were made a!ailable for e/amination at >igher Le!el# =t is not possible at this stage to determine
how man candidates ?ualif for admission to @ni!ersities* because or most candidates their
+SS$ &igher and ,rdinary -e(el results will ha(e to be combined* although in most cases
the majority o these candidates .ualiy ater combination o results/
"# .he results of the N))C >igher Le!el e/amination are reported on a 71point scale of grades: %;
,; 9 and 7 of which grade % is the highest and grade 7 the lowest# Candidates who ha!e failed to
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reach the minimum standard for a grade 7 will be ungraded which is indicated b a F@G smbol#
.he points are awarded on a point scale as follows: % 3 %-4 , 3 D4 9 3 + and 7 3 &#
(b) (Normall) 0 grade 3 or better symbol is re.uired in a +SS$ &igher -e(el subject or
entry to 1ni(ersities/ H# .hus if compared to ,-%-; more candidates ma ?ualif for @ni!ersities
admission* though it still re.uires the combination o other subjects on +SS$ ,rdinary
.able ,: Weighting of C0 marks in grade +1%-
Subjects Grades 8-10
Continuous Assessment (CA) Examination
Skills-based subjects (languages,
Pre-Vocational subjects)
50% 50%
Content subjects (all other subjects) 35% 65%
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