 More than 5 years of experience in the field of Information Technology.
 Experience working with web and application server technologies (Apache, Tomcat, WebSphere, Red Hat Linux).
 Experience with deployment and configuration of J2EE application in IBM WebSphere Application Server.
 Korn Shell Scripting and programming experience using Java, C++.
 Have valid CCNA, LPIC (Linux Professional Institute Certification), CompTIA Linux+ certification,
IBM certified WebSphere Application Server v8.0, core admin, Network Deployment.

Industries: IBM WebSphere Application Server, Apache, Tomcat, Red Hat Linux, Web Technologies, Computer Networks.

Functional Areas: Unix System Administration, Unix Shell scripting, IBM WebSphere Administration, Building, Configuring
and troubleshooting JVM, C++, Java, JavaScript, Routing and Switching, Network Monitoring.


Unix User administration, File permissions, File Systems, Partitioning, Logical Volume Manager
(LVM), GRUB, boot process, Kernel, Process management, Top, ps, cronjob, ssh, scp, lsof,
du, df, Find, exec, xargs, grep, sed, awk, Regular Expressions, Vi, Nano
Programming Languages Java, JavaScript, Unix Shell Scripting, Python, C++, SQL, PHP, JQUIRY, CSS, HTML
Computer Networks OSI, TCP/IP, RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, IPV4, IPV6, BGP, Ethernet, ARP, VLAN, STP, VTP, MPLS,
Databases / DB Tools SQL, MYSQL
Network Tools Telnet, SSH, Putty, SecureCRT, Wireshark, Nmap
Application Development
Vi, Nano, Notepad++, Eclipse, NetBeans IDE
Certifications Linux Professional Institute Certified (LPIC-1), CompTIA Linux+, CCNA, CCNP Route
IBM certified WebSphere Application Server v8.0, core admin, Network Deployment.


NTT DATA, INC. 12/12 - Present
Unix Systems Administrator
 Content (war, ear, static) Deployments in WAS (WebSphere Application Server) in Unix and Windows environment
 Build JVM, Configure and troubleshoot JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
 Build WAS (WebSphere Application Server) Platform, install DMGR and Node, federation and configure global security
 Create and configure WAS Data source and JDBC provider
 Generate web plugin using WAS console, Configure MQ
 Troubleshooting J2EE Web Applications and Unix Systems
 Work with Application Development teams to troubleshoot problems
 Writing bash scripts for Unix System Administration
Environment: IBM WebSphere Application, Redhat Linux, BMC Blade Logic tool, Putty, Bash shell, Windows Server 2008,
IT Service Management with ServiceNow, ServiceManager

 Developed a Shell script for system disc space cleanup
 Developed a Shell script for log rotation
 Developed a Shell script to identify the JVM based on port number
 Developed a ticket bundling web tool using JavaScript

Inbound Customer Service Agent
 Provide information regarding client program plans, account status, service issues, billing inquiries, cancellations, payments
 and general information.
 Navigate computerized system (CISY, DTI) to enter new sales order from crews, kiosks, web or telemarketing suppliers.
 Respond to all incoming email and faxes received.
 Navigate computerized system (CISY, DTI) to update database as needed.
 Reply to emails and faxes sent by Customers and Contractors when necessary to achieve issue resolution.
Environment: Windows Xp, Computerized system CISY, DTI.

Laboratorie Hubert Curien, University Jean Monnet. 12/09 - 06/10
Research Assistant
Worked as a team member of a group of researchers and engineers working on development of Spectral Imaging Systems.
 Developed algorithms to improve spectral image capture and recover the reflectances from ColorChecker240 image.
 Developed a Matrix Optimization Algorithm to reduce the color difference between the measured and predicted colors for a
 high end EIZO (CG241) liquid crystal display using Matlab.
 Implemented the Masking Model that use principal component analysis (PCA) to eliminate the effect of chromaticity
 Designed a GUI interface using Java, to create a directed graph and find the shortest path using Dijkstra'sAlgorithm.
 Wrote programs in JAVA to implement image segmentation
Environment: Spectroradiometer, Spectrophotometer, Retiga Monochrome Camera, Liquid crystal tunable filter, High End
EIZO and LG Monitors, Matlab, Java.

IT Support
 Installed, configured, and maintained Apache Web servers, FTP, SAMBA
 Company-wide network and system administration of UNIX and Windows/DOS systems
 Log and system monitoring, installation of monitoring tools (SNMP, tcpdump)
 Maintained and installed pc hardware, and peripherals
 Installed, configured, and maintained REDHAT Linux and Windows operating systems
 Wrote system administration scripts for user management, task automation and resource management
Environment: Redhat Linux, Shell, Apache, Windows Xp, Putty, PC Hardware.


Master of Engineering, Internetworking, 2012
Internetworking Program Scholarship (CGPA 4.06/4.3)
Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS, Canada

Erasmus Mundus Research and Training, Color Informatics and Media Technology, 2010
Erasmus Mundus Fellowship, European Union
Universite Jean Monnet, St Etienne

Bachelor of Science, Applied Physics and Electronics, 2004
University of Dhaka
Dhaka, Bangladesh