I’m the boss coz I know Arabic

By Maulana Amin Safdar okarvi
There were a total of 6 boys, the professor brought 4 to me.
I asked those boys "How much time did you spend studying?"
They replied " months". I said "when you people went to them, you were empty
minded. !hate"er the group taught you using the name of #abi $saw%, you guys to
agreed to it. This is true isn&t it?"
They replied "'es".
#ow when you people ha"e come to me, you&re not empty minded. 'ou guys ha"e
been brainwashed with the notion that other people would de"iate you from the hadith
of #abi $saw% to the sayings of Imam (bu Hanifa $ra% They agreed to it saying &yes
this is what we were taught&. I told them "it)s only fair now that you should stay with
me for months at least.
*irst listen to what I say and then we will do something about your reformation. +ut
I&m not asking for months yet only hours from you in which you do what I tell you
to. They agreed to it.
I ga"e them a book called "Hadith and (hle hadith". I was busy myself, writing
something. I asked them to read the ahadith regarding &not doing rafa yadain& till I
complete my work. I o"ersaw them doing so.
They were reading the ahadith and after a short time they would elbow each other
saying "mate, they were lying for months claiming the Hanafies don)t ha"e hadith
but only the sayings of (bu Hanifa. +ut here we find so many ahadith. !hen they
finished reading I asked if they had any ,uestions, they said "!e -ust need to know
how much this book costs and please buy one for us" .the shaykh laughs/
I ga"e them a copy of the books and they left happily
+ut the 0hayr 1u,alids had already trained him $another person% that when you go to
1aulana (min, do not listen and -ust speak. That guy came to me and told me "2lease
do not ad"ise me anything I will ask ,uestions to you". I told him that there are 3
situations. ( person goes to a doctor either to get himself treated or treat the doctor. If
you came here to treat me I)m ready to get treated and then I will listen.
+ut the right to ,uestion would be mine because I am ill. I would tell you that I ha"e
such and such illness so please prescribe me a medication for it.
(nd if you ha"e come seeking reformation for yourself then you ha"e to listen to me
as well. The person said "tell me which source should we first use to e4tract a ruling
from?" #ow I am a doctor and I know where the patient is speaking from .the
audience laughs/ 5o I confirmed the ,uestion with him.
I told him "from +eheshti 6ewar" $audience laughs%
The person became furious saying "He&s a kafir, I)m not going to listen to him". I
indicated to my students not to let him go, they made him sit down but he would try to
go again. !e somehow made him feel rela4ed after 7 mins. I said "'ou became upset,
no problem I will apologise. The actual thing with us Hanafies is that we only speak
the truth". Then he furiously said "'ou mean this was the truth?"
I told him "yes it was". He stood up again with anger.
I told him "if this is not the Ha, $truth% for you, tell me what source has the first place.
He said "The 8ur&an". I said "for the 1u-tahid not for you"
He said "it&s for me as well". 5o I asked him if he prays.
He replied "yes"
I said "one day you sit in Tashahud and you forget to recite (t9Tahiyaat, instead you
recite 5urah *atiha .. does it happen ?
He said "yes sometimes it does"
I ga"e him the 8ur&an and asked him, "where is this ruling in the 8ur&an?" stating if
we recite surah fatiha instead of at (t9Tahiyaat, what we should do.
5o I ga"e him the 8ur&an but he wasn)t touching it. I told him "'ou were calling me a
kafir so I cannot touch it, but since you&re not a kafir, so please touch it.
'ou can read the 8ur)ans translation for many months but you can)t find this ruling
there. 'ou can read the 5ihah sitta translations for many years but you can)t find this
ruling in there. 'ou will find this ruling in +eheshti 6ewar.
I had already told you that the first source is +eheshti 6ewar
I told him "see I am not afraid of you. *or e4ample a :hristian came and said that he
wanted to become a 1uslim. I said ;<, and we make him a 1uslim. His name was
=ehmat 1aseeh so we changed it to =ehmatullah.
#ow after he becomes a 1uslim .. isn)t salah obligatory on him ?
He said "yes for sure"
I said "I am not scared of you I would gi"e him +eheshti 6ewar or Taleem9ul Islam.
In there only 3 main conditions are mentioned regarding salah> The clothes should be
pure and the body should be pure. I would gi"e him a book of fi,h. I asked "since
how many years you ha"e been praying? He said "? years". I ga"e him the 8ur&an and
asked him to deri"e the ruling regarding the conditions of salah.
I would gi"e the con"ert a book of fi,h but can you please deri"e this ruling from the
8ur&an? He said "I cannot". I asked him "Then why did you say the 8ur)an is the first
He said "I would ask a 5cholar" I said that +eheshti 6ewar is also written by a
5cholar. 5o the point came back to a 5cholar isnt it?
( modern age scholar would also ,uote Imam (bu Hanifa&s rulings
The thing is, people lo"e proclaiming such things.
I was gi"ing a lecture once, a person came up to me and said "I ha"e an 1.( in
(rabic and 1.( in Islamic studies. @o I also need to do Ta,leed?" I told him "'es, a
great dealA e"en more than the a"erage person".
The person asked "!hy, I know (rabic?" I asked "@o you know more (rabic than
(bu Bahl ? i said "Bust knowing (rabic is not enough". I asked him "!here did #abi
$saw% send HaCrat 1u)aC $ra%.
@id the people speak a rare language?
He said "#o they also spoke (rabic". I said "#abi $saw% didn)t say to teach them
8ur)an and hadith and let them do I-tehad"
#o, not at all, all of their languages was (rabic .. but the 1u-tahid was HaCrat 1u)aC
$ra% (nd all those (rabic speakers were doing his Ta,leed.
+ut the person argued saying whate"er ruling is closest to the 5unnah should be
implemented whether it)s the ruling of Imam 5hafi or Imam (bu Hanifa
I told him "you ha"e a lot of courage stating that, but you do know I am a primary
school teacher. If a primary school teacher feels that a student is weak, he tells the
student to read from where"er he knows. +ut for you what I should do is gi"e you DE
rulings regarding law, DE regarding inheritance, DE regarding salaah, DE regarding
Cakat and DE regarding ha-- and ask you to e4plain the madhab of the 4 imams, then
ask you to pro"ide the proofs of the 4 imams regarding the ruling and then gi"e me an
e4planation why one of them would be preferable so that I could see why that opinion
is much more preferable to you that it wasn)t to Imam (bu Hanifa or Imam 5hafi.
:onsidering you a weak student I ask you to tell me one ruling which you ha"e
researched in your whole life. 0i"e the madhab of the 4 imams, their proofs and then
tell me your choice and opinion out of them. !hat was the reason of the Tar-eeh? He
started to look here and there and told me he can&t do this. I told him "if someone can
do this then send him to me as this is real courage"
'ou being an 1( in (rabic that &(llah forbid& all the 4 imams stand in front of you as
criminals and you are the -udge A sometimes you scold Imam Hanifa that your such
and such ruling is incorrect... 5ometimes you scold Imam 5hafi A +ut you yourself
don)t e"en know a single ruling.
2eople try to do i-tehad but if a bird without wings tries to fly then what will happen
to that bird? 'ou know what the children would do to that bird $in (sian countries%
because it cannot fly? Fither that or the cat would eat it up. 5imilarly those who want
to be mu-tahids &without wings&, they either become hadith re-ecters or something
Translated by the Hanafi fi,h channel.