Read this text.

My name’s Maria. I’m twelve years old and I’m Brazilian. I live in Manaus, in
Amazonia , the biggest tropical forest in the world. My father is a biologist and
he works there. He studies the relationship between humans, trees and
I like living here. I like music, animals, and collecting unusual stones I
pick up when I go to the forest with my father.
I don’t like seeing the destruction of the forest, plants, animals and
indigenous people. Nature is in danger all over the world. There are so
many problems: the pollution of the air, ocean and rivers, the destruction of
the ozone layer, animals and plants in danger of extinction, fires, climate
changes and global warming are just some of them .We must start doing
something to change this situation. It begins with every one of us, at home
, at school, everywhere. We must answer a question: what can we do?
First we should reduce – for example – use less water when we shower
or while we brush our teeth. We can reuse some materials, like old clothes or
shoes, right? And we should also recycle. I recycle paper, glass, metal and
What about you?
Are you doing the three Rs?
Don’t forget that.
“Reduce, reuse and recycle“

1. True (T) or false (F)? Correct the false ones.
a. Mary is Australian.
b. Maria’s father is a pharmacist.


c. She likes living in Amazonia.


d. People shouldn’t recycle.


e. People should protect the planet.



glass. Mary recycles because ( ) 1. ________________ R I C O L I O N 2 . Match the phrases to make true sentences about the text. ________________ 4. a. what we can reduce. What does Maria’s father do? _________________________________________________________ c. Where does Maria live? _____________________________________________________________ d. ________________ 7. How old is Maria? __________________________________________________________________ b. paper. it’s important for us. Water is an example of ( ) 3. ________________ 3. Can people do something to protect our Planet? __________________________________________ h. ________________ 5. ________________ 2. reduce. c. a. ________________ 6. 4. b. We can recycle ( ) 4. d. F O X R G J W T P U J E Q S R H M G F L A N Q I O I R E U A Y P N R T P U K I P K A I H D E O O E F G A V B N M Y F E N X Z A S D E R T T O U B 1. Answer the questions . Which are some of our Planet’s problems? ______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ g. reuse. ________________ 8. The 3 Rs are ( ) 2. When does she pick up unusual stones? ________________________________________________ f.2. recycle. Does she like seeing the destruction of the Earth? _______________________________________ e. Find eight wild animals in the word search. Is Maria doing the three Rs?_________________________________________________________ 3. plastic and metal.

People _________save the environment.5. a. e. c. Fill in the blanks with the right modal verb. d. b. . c. I ___________________________ (plant) a tree every year in my school. In this Zoo we _______________ take photos. She _________________________ (not / reuse) her sister’s clothes. We __________________ pollute our environment. b. 7. must / mustn’t . Complete with should or shouldn’t. People _____________ use the bins to keep the waste in the right place. Rivers ________________ be polluted. Everyone ________________ recycle. d. We _______________ be quiet in here.______________________________________________ c. 8. Mark and Rose protect animals. should / shouldn’t) a. Everybody ______________ recycle glass and paper. You _______________ turn right here. . ( can / can’t ._____________________________________________ d. a. h. 6. ___________ you plant a tree in your garden? g. You throw away lots of rubbish. . My friends ___________________ (not / throw) rubbish on the ground. f. You _______________ ride your bike here. d. 9. Put the verbs in the negative form. .__________________________________________ . Paper ________________ be recycled. My family ___________________ (be) a member of Greenpeace.___________________________________________ b. c. Complete with must or mustn’t. a. b. People are trying to save the world. Complete with the Present Simple of the given verbs. My mother plants a tree every year.

5. I _____________________________ (save) money to buy a recycling container._________________________________________________________________________? B – Yes._________________________________________________________________________? B – We can start to protect our environment at our school. B. People ________________________ (try) to save Nature I. A .We are writing some articles about Environment for our school newspaper. ( 6 sentences) ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ GOOD WORK! . glass. Complete with Present Continuous.10. d._________________________________________________________________________? B – We can start by recycling paper . b. Ask questions. water and animals. 2. Use the words to write a text about the place where you live and what you must do to protect your environment. c. Now she _______________________ (plant) flowers in her garden. A . A . we aren´t doing anything to stop the destruction of plants. we can protect our environment. by saving water and not throwing rubbish on the floor. 3. plastic and metal._________________________________________________________________________? B . Every day more people _______________________ (recycle) glass and paper. 4. 1. a. A – _________________________________________________________________________? B – No. A . A.