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To All Concerned Parents

Children's Commissioner

Charity Commission

Like you I am a parent of a current pupil at the school who has significant
concerns regarding pupils safeguarding and welfare, under the current senior
management and Trustee leadership.

As to-date given I have not had my concerns addressed or my questions
appropriately answered. As such I intend to write to other agencies who have a
responsibility and role to play in resolving the issues at the school. I have
attached where possible email addresses of some of those people and agencies
that should be involved. Some of you may wish to copy my intention.

I have also now been informed that a group of educational professionals with
expertise have written to the Trustees and other Agenices offering their services
to turn around the school, which would require the removal of the senior
management team. The Trustees declined that offer on the basis the Tribunal
decision was unfair and the issues were not that serious. Clearly, given the
dislosures in the media many of us appreciate that in our view it is that serious. I
strongly feel the situation cannot continue in the manner in which it is.

I do not believe the current senior management team or the Trustees have the
ability to manage this school and turn it around as it has absolutely no
understanding of safeguarding or child protection. I hope that at least some of
you share that view

I trust this is of assistance.

Clare Hook