Instructions to make a bootable PGP Recovery image on an USB thumb drive with Windows

1) Insert the USB thumb drive
) !"en u" the #y $om"uter icon and %ind the removable drive that you &ust inserted including
the drive letter such as G
') Right click on the drive letter and select ()ormat*
+) Under )ile System select (),-* or (),-1.* /do not select ),-' or 0-)S)
1) Uncheck the o"tion to (2uick %ormat* the USB
.) $lick on Start
3) When it4s com"leted close out the %ormat utility and the #y $om"uter Window
5) 6ownload 7U#I /%reeware) utility8
)rom the %ollowing UR98
?) When "rom"ted what to do with the %ile click on (save*; Save it to your hard drive in the #y
6ocuments %older
1>) When it4s %inished downloading click (close*
11) Go to the Symantec site %or a recovery image that corres"onds with the correct version o% PGP
Whole 6isk @ncry"tion that you have encry"ted the drive with;
Note: #ake sure that you download the correct version number and #P release number o% what
you have encry"ted the drive with currently; I% you are not sureA then you can boot to the BootGuard
"rom"t where you would normally "ut in your "ass"hrase and select the ,dvanced menu o"tion and
view what the PGP version in%ormation is on that screen;
PGP Whole 6isk @ncry"tion Recovery 6isk Image/s) = PGP 6eskto" %or Windows ?;5;< = ?;1;>
PGP 6eskto" 1>;> and 1>;1 %or Windows Recovery 6isk Images
PGP 6eskto" 1>;;> %or Windows Recovery 6isk Images
PGP 6eskto" 1>;;1 %or Windows Recovery 6isk Images
Symantec @ncry"tion 6eskto" 1>;';> %or Windows Recovery 6isk Images
1) When "rom"ted what to do with the IS! %ile you are downloading; $lick (Save* and "ut it in the
#y 6ocuments %older on your hard drive;
1') ,%ter the %iles are downloadedA o"en u" the 7U#I;e<e utility that you downloaded in ste" 5 by
double clicking on it
1+) $lick on (I ,gree*

11) $lick the dro"=down menu under the "art where it says (Ste" 18 Select the drive 9etter o% your
USB 6evice*; Use the drive letter that you %ound in Ste" %or your recently %ormatted thumb

1.) Where it says (Ste" 8 Select a 6istribution %rom the %ollowing Bo< to "ut on your USB*; Scroll
down till you see (-ry an Unlisted IS!*

13) $lick on (Browse*

15) Browse to the %older where you downloaded the Recovery Image IS! %ile in Ste" 11 and 1
/should be in #y 6ocuments) and $lick !k

WARNING: Make sure that you have backed up anything existing on the thumb drive as the contents
will be overwritten with this utility
1?) $lick on ($reate*

>) $lick (7es on the warning about overwriting the thumb drive

1) 7ou may see a black command "rom"t "o" u" /don4t close this) also don4t close the 7U#I utility
until you receive this screen at which "oint you can click (0e<t*

) $lick 0o to the "rom"t that asks (Would you like to add more IS!4s:6istros 0ow*

') $lick )inish
+) Remove the thumb drive and "ut it in the machine that you need to boot %rom;
1) 7ou will need to boot the USB thumb drive on that other machine; I% you need hel" doing thisA
"lease contact your P$ manu%acturer on instructions %or how to do that;
.) !nce you have booted the USB utility it will give you boot o"tions; 7ou need to select the
bottom o"tion