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Reflective prompts for Creative Arts Therapy Group Facilitators before and after a group
 What is my role as the facilitator?
I support my colleague in any activities during the pilot group. I am also responsible to
facilitate activity such as zoom circle and draw a story.
 How will I set the tone of the session/introduce the activities in a fun way?
I introduce zoom circle by using the term passing zoom energy and also after they know
how to pass it I suggest them to use hand gesture to pass the zoom energy to the
people beside them.
 Why are we playing these particular games? What are my aims/intended outcomes?
My aim for this group session is to have fun together with the children and learn how to
facilitate a group activity for them.
 How will I know if I’ve achieved my aims/outcomes?
I will know that I achieve my aim when I able to see the children having fun with our
 What are my personal feelings about these activities? If I was this child’s age, would I
enjoy these games?
If I was this child’s age, I would enjoy milling around, zoom circle and fantasy story
making activity. I personally feel that these games are interesting and fun to play with.
 Are the activities appropriate for the age /cultural background of the child/children in
the group?
I think that all these activity are appropriate for all age group. But, I am not sure
whether it is applicable for Malaysian cultural background. I personally think that it is
not easy to encourage children to share their qualities during the small group formation
 Do I know the ‘rules’ of the games?
Yes. I know the rules of zoom circle and draw a story. Zoom circle requires one person to
transfer the zoom energy to people beside them without fail.

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 Who (if anyone) in the group will find the activities difficult/challenging/easy?
Children might have some difficulties in guided imagery.
 Do I need help to adapt the activities in any way to allow/encourage full participation of
all group members?
 What back-up strategies will I need?
My colleague and I have come out with certain options as back up for conducting milling
around activity.
 How will I handle behavior that is potentially disruptive to the group?
I will request the person in charge to join and monitor us during the group activity to
ensure the discipline of the children inside the centre.
 Am I aware of why this behavior might occur?
Yes. I think this kind of behavior might occur as we are not familiar with the children.
 If the group is large or diverse in needs, do I have a ‘support’ person available?
Yes. I have the support from my colleague to help facilitate the big group. Apart of that,
I also have support from the person-in-charge of the centre to help us monitor the
process of the activity to ensure their discipline.
 What will I do if a child knows a different version of a game and wants to play that? (You
might suggest that you play their version next time, or it might be appropriate to share
different versions at the time and abandon one of the other games you had planned)
I will suggest that we can try out the different version of the game next time.
 Is this the right time for the game/activity?
Yes. I think it is the right time for the game because that is the free time whereby the
children are able participate in our game.
 Is the room the right temperature?
I think the room temperature is not that good. It only depends on air conditioner to cool
down the room temperature.
 Am I feeling up to it?
Yes. I feel that I am ready to take up this challenge to try out the activities for the
children to have fun.

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After completion of a session it is useful to take a few moments as soon as possible to reflect
on the activities:
 What went well?
I think milling around, small group formation, zoom circle, fantasy story making and
draw a story went well. Apart of that, the number of children that participated in our
activities is more than the amount that I expected.
 Was there anything that was difficult to monitor?
I feel the big crowd of children is not easy to monitor. There is one child that does not
want to participate in most of our activity. I feel it is not easy to ensure that some
children would not disturb their friends during the activities.
 What skills did you use?
I use listening to understand the difficulties that some children had during our activity. I
also use questioning skills to encourage children during “draw a story”.
 What did you enjoy about the activities?
I enjoy mixing around and playing together with the children. I also enjoy observing the
children having fun and excited while playing.
 What did the children most enjoy?
I think they enjoy playing with fantasy story making and zoom circle.
 Was each activity of an appropriate length?
Yes. I think the length of the activity is good.
 Was the level right for the child/whole group?
Yes. Most of the activities are right for their level but I feel that their level yet to enable
them to focus on guided imagery. This group of children consists age group around
8~12years old.
 Did you introduce and summarize activities effectively?
I able to introduce the activities effectively but I don’t really summarize after the activity
that I have conduct.
 Did you achieve your objectives?
Yes. I achieve my objective which is to have fun with the children and learn how to
conduct a group activity for children.
 If you were to do a similar session again, would you change it in any way? Why?
Yes, I would like to change certain things inside the activity if I would do a similar session
again. I feel it is useful to enhance my learning experience and deal with children more

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 What would you do differently?
I would like to do zoom circle differently because some children tend to shout at other
children during the game.
I would also like to do draw-a-story differently because some children tend to disturb
others when they finish it early.
 How would you extend/alter each activity to move the child/group on to the next stage
when they are ready?

Maybe in future, I would include some rules that players are not encouraged to shout at
each other while passing the zoom.

I think that another piece of big paper can be included inside this activity for children to
express themselves while waiting for other children to finish their drawing.
 Were there any issues raised concerning age, cultural or gender differences which will
need to be addressed?
Yes. I think selection of soft toy for the fantasy story making is crucial because the soft
toy that we have chosen is pink in color. Some boys do not touch it long and throw it to
their friends after they get the soft toy.
Also, one option in milling around would require everyone to give hi-5 to other people
raised some issues regarding gender differences. Some boys does not want to do a Hi-5
with girls or vice versa.