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Steven Todd Flax

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Steven Flax vs. Linda Flax Case Number:08-DR-009435

October 29, 2009 William Ignatuck, Esq. Attorney for Ms. Flax 3922 N. Tampa St. Tampa, FL 33603 (813) 229-9222 (813) 229-2191 fax

Dear Mr. Ignatuck:
Your mother should be very proud you. Your client owes me $2,000 and by paying you more than $2,000 she can now put off for months or years paying what the Court has ordered her to pay me. Imagine my surprise when you informed me in court today that failure to comply with a valid Court Order with regards to distribution of property is not a matter for Contempt in the state of Florida. Who knew? Clearly having a legal degree helps when you go to court. You and your client must have been gleeful and danced in the streets. Please tell me this…What is the morality of Linda paying you more to defend her from Contempt charges rather than just paying me the much smaller pittance that was so clearly and specifically ordered by the Court? I understand that you earn your living by seeing to it that dangerous criminals go free. Do you have any doubt that Linda repeatedly went to work and repeatedly drove while dangerously intoxicated? Do you have any doubt that Linda tried to murder me with her loaded 38caliber revolver? Do you have any doubt that Linda drove my children while she was dangerously intoxicated? Do you have any doubt that Linda emotionally and physically abused my innocent young daughter and caused my daughter irreparable long term psychological damage? Do you have any doubt that Linda battered me regularly for years? You have seen the pictures. Which of these things do you doubt?

William Ignatuck, Esq.
Attorney for Ms. Flax 11/5/09 Page 2 of 3

You claim, wrongly, that my recordings of Linda are illegal. I made them because without them people just like you would never believe the truth of how evil and brutal Linda truly is. Please, never forget, that my responses to all of Linda’s crimes was to get her the help that she needed to recover, to be healthy and to save our marriage. That is the reason why Linda is not in jail today for her attempted murder of me with her loaded handgun, mandatory five-year imprisonment as you may know. It turns out that I was stupid to show her kindness and compassion. I was stupid, brain damaged, to try and help her. As you well know, no good deed goes unpunished and I surly have been punished. The most evil person in all of this melodrama is Norman, Linda’s beloved father. When I turned to him for help years ago FOR his help in getting Linda to stop drinking and to get Linda into rehabilitation, that’s when Norman started secretly to coach Linda to hide copies of my financial documents, to coach her to be unemployed during divorce, and to coach her to divorce me for maximum profit. Surely you have seen the emails that are in my possession that document all of this. If you have not seen these emails, let me know and I will send them to you. They are bone chilling. As you know, it is nearly impossible to get all of these documents before a busy Judge. However, you should know that not once did Norman ever tell Linda to stop drinking, to stop taking drugs, or to go into rehabilitation. Norman, it seems, more than Linda, was always after my money. Norman wanted Linda to marry me and to divorce me for maximum profit. It makes no difference to Norman that I saved his life when he had his heart attack, that I rode with him in the helicopter to the hospital, that I saved the live of Doris Tew Linda’s grandmother, and that I save Linda’s live several times. For Norman, gratitude and loyalty are fleeting and unimportant. Mr. Ignatuck, I am sure that your mother is proud that you keep dangerous criminals on the streets and that you aid convicted criminals to steel from the innocent. Please let me know if your client ever intends to follow Judge Fernandez’s orders and pay me the pittance that she owes me? Rest assured, I will be methodical if not ignorant in pursuing justice.


William Ignatuck, Esq.
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Steven Flax