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IField Navigation Guide

This guide is intended to help a new users navigate the IConnect portal and also serves as a guide to
using the incuity trend tool.
The i-connect Portal
The IField portal can be viewed from either the Lekki environment or the Agbami (or FPSO)
environment. The links to the environments is as shown below. for the Lekki environment and for the FPSO environment
The IField Portal displays as shown below.

Fig 1. The Agbami IConnect portal
Basic information (e.g. production, well test HSE etc) is readily available on sub-panes clearly titled for
easy comprehension.
A brief description of the sub-panes that make up the portal (based on the numbering shown previously)
is as follows:
1. A simplified map of the Agbami field showing well type and current status. A green dot shows a
flowing/active well, while shut-in/inactive wells are marked with a yellow dot.
2. HSE metric showing values for today, month-to-date and year-to-date.
3. Outstanding Workflow Tasks showing alerts for workflows ready to be analyzed by the relevant

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4. Scheduled and Active events showing events currently occurring in the background. When the
event closes out, it is usually moved to the Outstanding Workflow Tasks
5. A production performance chart which shows the production and injected rates as well as the
Target oil rate.
6. Production totals given for today, week-to-date, month-to-date and year-to-date.
7. Production metrics showing the allocated values with the recorded change expressed in
8. Last well test status showing the test date and the rates
9. A menu bar for navigating through the workflows. Please note that the option(s) available is
determined by the group the user belongs to.
Navigating the IConnect portal
The IConnect portal offers a series of user friendly web pages. These pages could be data display pages
or data entry/analysis pages. On the main menu bar, the workflows are sorted based on specific user
groups, e.g. Production Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, and Facilities Engineers etc.
Production & Flow Network Optimization
Reservoir Surveillance
Facility Management
Data Portal
Business Metrics
All the workflows and web pages are sorted under these headers as shown below

To navigate to a particular workflow, a user would need to hover on the required header to get a listing
of the dependent workflows allotted to that header. For instance to open TreeMaps, the user has to
navigate to Reservoir Surveillance \ Reservoir Performance Analysis \ Production TreeMap as shown

Clicking on the Production TreeMap launches the TreeMap webpage

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Fig 2. Production TreeMap
Incuity Trend Tool
Incuity Trend is an easy-to-use plotting tool powered by vantage point. With this tool, a user can access
information from multiple data sources via tags. The tags are trended to give a history of the
performance of the said tags over a duration set by the user. The incuity trend tool is accessed with the
following for the Lekki environment and for the FPSO environment

Fig 3. Creating plots with the Incuity trend tool
Incuity Trend affords users an opportunity to display a historical plot of any desired parameter up until
the current time.

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A brief description of the Incuity trend display page (based on the numbering shown above) is as
1. The Agbami asset with its attendant parameters, tags, workflows etc is arranged in
hierarchical order. A filter can be used to narrow down the option available to the user. A
user can thus locate a tag, parameter etc and generate a trend for it.
2. The individual plots already created and saved in various folders under the public folder
3. The parameters to be displayed on the plot. The user can thus check/uncheck the various
4. The display area. For ease of usage, the user can drag a desired plot to the display area to
view the plot.
5. A date/time picker allows the user to narrow or expand his option to a desired date/time
Navigating the Incuity Trend Tool
On the navigation pane, the user can drill down to a specific item as required. For instance, to plot the
daily oil production, the user should follow the steps
MyEnterprise.Chevron.Agbami.Equipments.Production Wells.AGB-02.Production.Allocation.Total
1. Double click on the item (Qoil) or drag and drop it into the display areaZone.Qoil

2. Select the desired start and end date to set the time span the plot should represent.
3. Alternatively, set a time boundary (eg last 6 months or last week). The default is last 5 minutes
4. The information about the plotted tag is as displayed and highlighted above. The minimum and
maximum values can be set to improve the plot display.

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Contact Information:
For further questions/enquiries about IField please send a mail to the IField team on NMA iField
Documentation for individual workflows can be found on the portal at Data Portal > Workflow