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Introduction to Data Structures

CS 270 Syllabus
Fall Quarter 2007
Donald D. Derkacht
CS 270A, Introduction to Data Structures, 5 Credits
Tuesday and Thursday !"00 # $$"00 A%
AA&$2' ()ecture*
AA&$05 ()ab 7* ()ab*
Offers a detailed study of structured programming, algorithms, searching and sorting, and data
structures using the programming language C#.(Formerly known as CIS 2!"
#rere$uisite% &'() !** and CS +,! (was CIS +!".
General Comments " There are +any ,ro-ra++in- lan-ua-es that ha.e been
desi-ned based on the synta/ o0 the C ,ro-ra++in- lan-ua-e, such as C11, C2, and
3a.a. CS270 ,ro.ides an introduction to al-orith+s, s,ace and ti+e co+,le/ity,
searchin- and sortin-, and data structures usin- the C2 ,ro-ra++in- lan-ua-e. This
syllabus is a -eneral -uide and I reser.e the ri-ht to +ake chan-es, ad4ust+ents and
correct +istakes.
This syllabus is a -eneral -uide to CS 270 and I reser.e the ri-ht to +ake chan-es,
ad4ust+ents and correct +istakes. This shall be a -reat class. Concernin- the a-enda
be0ore us, 5e +i-ht consider care0ully the 5ords o0 the ,oet"
6The hei-hts o0 -reat +en 7and 5o+en8 reached and ke,t,
5ere not obtained by sudden 0li-ht,
9ut they 5hile their co+,anions sle,t,
5ere toilin- u,5ard in the ni-ht.:
;enry <ads5orth )on-0ello5 ($=07 # $==2*
Also, the 0ollo5in- ,ortion o0 a ,oe+ 0ro+ )>T& is i+,ortant"
When Spring unfolds the beechen leaf, and sap is in the bough;
When light is on the wild-wood stream, and wind is on the brow;
When stride is long, and breath is deep, and keen the mountain-air,
Come back to me! Come back to me, and say my land is fair!
When Spring is come to garth and field, and corn is in the blade;
When blossom like a shining snow is on the orchard laid;
When shower and Sun upon the Earth with fragrance fill the air,
Ill linger here, and will not come, because my land is fair!
Instructor Information: The 0ollo5in- table sho5s so+e basic instructor in0or+ation.
Instructor Donald D. Derkacht
De,art+ent 9usiness (CS*
>00ice ?ocational 9uildin-, &oo+ $02
Tele,hone (@A0* ''2B272@
The 0ollo5in- table sho5s +y schedule 0or this Euarter.
Monday Wednesday Friday
+!%!! - ++%!! Office )ours Office )ours Office )ours
++%+! - +2%.! CS 170 / (''0 +!. 1 2a3 ," CS 170 / CS 170 /
Tuesday Thursday
*%!! - ++%!! CS 270 ' (''0 +24, 2a3 ," CS 270 '
++%+! - +2%+! Office )ours Office )ours
+%2! - 5%.! CS 170 ' (''0 +!. 1 2a3 ," CS 170 '
Flease note" i0 you need hel, durin- o00ice hours, but 0or reason cannot +eet
durin- those ti+es, then ,lease schedule an a,,oint+ent. Gou +ay also co+e 0or hel,
at any ti+e. I0 the door is shut and it is outside o0 o00ice hours, then I a+ either not there
or in a ti+e bind. 9ut o00ice hours are the best ti+e.
Mistakes in this Syllabus" I a+ not bound by +istakes in this syllabus and reser.e the
ri-ht to +ake necessary corrections.
The Class Text: The class te/t is Computing with C# and the .NET Framework by Art
Hittle+an. IS9I" 0B7A@7B2@@!B=. This is a 3ones and 9artlett Co+,uter Science
Course Description: CS 270 ,ro.ides an introduction to ele+entary data structures
usin- the C2 ,ro-ra++in- lan-ua-e.
Communication: Co++unication, 5ritten as 5ell as s,oken, is one o0 the ,re+ier
skills. Fart o0 a robust ,roble+ +ethodolo-y and 5ell concei.ed desi-n s,rin-
0ro+ neatness and or-aniJation. Disor-aniJed 5ork is too o0ten a sy+,to+ o0 eEually
disor-aniJed thou-hts. Fro-ra++in- and te/t assi-n+ents, etc., that sho5 inadeEuate
le.els o0 or-aniJation 5ill not 0are as 5ell as 5ork that is 5ell done. Flease do not -i.e
to +e to -rade an assi-n+ent 5hose ,a-es ha.e been ri,,ed 0ro+ a s,iral binder. Do
not do- ear your 5ork instead use a sta,ler. Co++it to a uni0or+ ,a,er siJe. Identi0y
each assi-n+ent 5ith your na+e, 5hat the class is, 5hat the assi-n+ent is and the
date. I 5ill ,ro.ide sa+,le docu+entation 0or a ,ro-ra+ so that each student 5ill kno5
5hat I e/,ect concernin- this.
Academic Integrity: <ork sub+itted by a student should re0lect his or her o5n thou-ht
and intellectual ,ro,erty. All other 5ork should be cited. The 0ollo5in- should be
a.oided" cheating 5hich is 5ill0ully usin- or atte+,tin- to use in the ,ursuit o0 any
acade+ic e/ercise +aterials, study aids, in0or+ation, co+,utational de.ices, etc., that
ha.e not been authoriJed by an instructor fabrication, 5hich is the 5ill0ul or
unauthoriJed 0alsi0ication or in.ention o0 any data and in0or+ation, citation or docu+ent
or lyin- durin- an in.esti-ation concernin- cheatin-, 0abrication or ,la-iaris+
plagiarism, 5hich is 5ill0ully re,resentin- the 5ords, thou-hts and intellectual ,ro,erty
o0 another as oneKs o5n. Lnder Lnited States co,yri-ht la5, any docu+ent that is
created, such as a +athe+atics assi-n+ent or co+,uter ,ro-ra+ is auto+atically
,rotected by co,yri-ht. Any student co,yin- the assi-n+ents o0 other 5ill be in .iolation
o0 the co,yri-ht. Further,
6Fla-iaris+ is co++ittin- literary the0t by ,resentin- as ne5 and ori-inal an idea or
5ords 0ro+ an e/istin- source. Fla-iaris+ occurs you atte+,t to ,ass o00
those 5ords or ideas as your o5n. A student shall be sub4ect to disci,linary action 0or
acts o0 acade+ic dishonesty in .iolation o0 the Acade+ic Code or 0or 0ailure to +eet the
acce,ted acade+ic standards o0 the Colle-e (200'B05 Student ;andbook 2$, @7*.:
Anyone cau-ht cheatin- on any assi-n+ent, ,ro-ra++in- ,ro4ect, EuiJ, test, etc., 5ill
recei.e a Jero on that ,articular 6assi-n+ent:. I0 cheatin- occurs a second ti+e, an F in
the class +ay 5ell be the end result.
Minimi!ing Classroom Disruptions: Durin- the lecture and lab ti+e slots, ,lease
deacti.ate cellular tele,hones and ,a-ers. Durin- the lecture, ,lease listen Euietly, both
to +ysel0 and others 5hen -i.en an o,,ortunity to +o.e 0or5ard the class a-enda.
Flease do not en-a-e in ,ri.ate, autono+ous con.ersations durin- the lecture. This is
.ery disru,ti.e, es,ecially 5hen the sub4ect o0 the day is ,ro-ra++in-.
Incompletes: A 0ailin- -rade is not a le-iti+ate e/cuse 0or obtainin- an inco+,lete.
The inco+,lete e/ists 0or those 5ho are doin- 5ell but run into trouble at the end o0 a
Euarter and are unable to 0inish. ;, the inco+,lete is -i.en in the conte/t o0 the
bulk o0 the 5ork been satis0actorily co+,leted, so that 0inishin- the re+ainder o0
the 5ork at a +ore o,,ortune ti+e is not a si-ni0icant hurdle and could be concluded in
a +atter o0 a 5eek or t5o o0 e00ort.
Indi"idual logins: Flease note 5ell the 0ollo5in- in0or+ation concernin- access to the
co+,uters in the Instructional Co+,utin- Center.
9e-innin- 0all Euarter all students 5ill be reEuired to enter indi.idual lo-ins to use co+,uters in the
Instructional Co+,utin- Center. To obtain their lo-in in0or+ation, students 5ill need to brin- their )CC
student ,hoto ID cards to the ;el, Desk in )ab 2 (AA& $$0*. Io lo-in in0or+ation 5ill be -i.en 5ithout
,hoto ID. They 5ill be -i.en their lo-ins and ,ass5ords by the lab assistants, Cindy, or +e. This chan-e
coincides 5ith an u,-rade to <indo5s MF and >00ice MF.

>nce lo--ed in, students 5ill be able to sa.e their 5ork in their o5n %y Docu+ents 0olders.

Flease re+ind your students that i0 they 5ish to use the )CC lab co+,uters, they +ust obtain their lo-in
in0or+ation ,rior to doin- so. The -eneric lo-ins ha.e been disabled.
#arning: do not rely on the syste+ to archi.e your 5ork. Gou are res,onsible 0or
,ro.ide the docu+entation 0or each assi-n+ent in a ti+ely 0ashion .iJ., on the due
date. I0 the syste+ loses your 5ork, that is your ,roble+ and not +ine. Archi.e it on a
0lash disk. Also, create a hard co,y o0 each ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ent. Also, kee, each
assi-n+ent 0or study, use durin- e/a+inations (i0 o,en book* and as a resource 0or later
,ro-ra++in- classes.
$isual Studio %&'T ())*: Throu-h the %icroso0t Acade+ic Alliance, in 5hich )CC
,artici,ates, those students takin- this class can obtain a 0ree co,y o0 ?isual Studio
.ICT 2005 0or use on their ho+e co+,uter.
Class #ork: ?arious kinds o0 assi-n+ents and tests co+,rise the -raded +aterial o0
this course. These are detailed in the 0ollo5in- table.
Tests: There are t5o tests, a +idBter+ and a 0inal e/a+ination. Cach e/a+ination 5ill
be co+,rehensi.e and +ay +aterial 0ro+ the te/t, ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ents,
lectures and any collateral +aterial. Tests 5ill e+,hasiJe ,ro-ra++in- and there +ay
be Euestions o0 other ty,es as 5ell, such as trueN0alse, +ulti,le choice, essay, etc. The
+idBter+ 5ill be -i.en shortly be0ore +idBter+ -rades are due. The 0inal e/a+ination
5ill be -i.en accordin- to the )CC ,ublished 0inal e/a+ination schedule.
Text Assignments: Froble+s +ay be 0ound at the end o0 each cha,ter in the class
te/t. Cach student is e/,ected to 5ork those that are assi-ned as ,art o0 the course
5ork. These ,roble+s +ay in.ol.e ,ro-ra++in-, but are usually -eneral kno5led-e
ty,e Euestions. I 5ill not collect te/t assi-n+ents 0or a -rade. ;, each student
should +ake e.ery e00ort to 5ork the ,roble+s to -ain a dee,er kno5led-e o0 the
sub4ect. The tests +ay 5ell, to a certain de-ree, re0lect the Euestion assi-ned.
General &ote: The article re.ie5, the EuiJJes and the ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ents each
carry the sa+e .alue. C.-., i0 $0 ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ents, 5 EuiJJes and the sin-le
re.ie5 article are collected by the end o0 the Euarter, then to-ether these 0or+ hal0 o0
each studentKs -rade and each assi-n+ent carries the sa+e .alue. So, 0or this
e/a+,le, each 5ould be 5orth a total o0 50 (out o0 $00*N$A O @.$25 ,oints. The
,ro-ra++in- ,ro4ect 5ill count as at least three ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ents.
Also, I 5ill not acce,t any hand5ritten docu+entation 0or ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ents,
EuiJJes or the article re.ie5. Gou +ay use ?isio 0or 0lo5charts, as these +ay not be
hand dra5n. I e/,ect ,ro0essional docu+entation" this includes -ra++ar, s,ellin-,
or-aniJation, clarity and so 0orth. For the +idBter+ and the 0inal, hand5ritten 5ork is
acce,table, but it +ust be neat.
Article +e"ie,: A sin-le article re.ie5 is due by +idBter+. These +ay be based on
any article that you 0ind in the area o0 co+,uter science. The re.ie5 +ust be at least
t5o ,a-es in len-th and include a co,y o0 the article bein- re.ie5ed.
-ui!!es: QuiJJes +ay be unannounced or scheduled. These are usually ,ro-ra++in-
oriented but also +ay -eneral kno5led-e. I0 a EuiJ is -i.en durin- the lecture,
these cannot be +ade u,. A ,ro-ra++in- EuiJ can be. It is the studentsK res,onsibility
to track all assi-n+ents, includin- EuiJJes, and +ake sure they are co+,leted.
.rogramming Assignments: Alon- 5ith the e/a+inations, ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ents
0or+ the bulk o0 the class 5ork. There 5ill be at least 0i.e such assi-n+ents and these
should re0lect each studentKs indi.idual 5ork. Fro-ra++in- assi-n+ents 5ill be ,artly
-raded in the lab. In the lab I 5ill deter+ine i0 the ,ro-ra+ bein- sub+itted 0or a -rade
0unctions correctly, and has a 5ell desi-ned user inter0ace. At this ti+e, the
docu+entation 0or the ,articular assi-n+ent +ust be ready, as I 5ill collect the
docu+entation and +ark it 5ith the ,artial -rade concernin- correctness and inter0ace.
The o.erall -rade 5ill also de,end on the Euality o0 docu+entation, 5hich should
include a 0lo5 chart, a hard co,y o0 the source code ,ro,erly co++ented and any other
+aterial. Also, 5hen ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ents 0or certain 5eeks are .ery short, +ore
than one ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ent 5ill be -i.en. See the sa+,le ,ro-ra+ to
understand the 0or+at I e/,ect 5hen -radin- your ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ents. This
sa+,le 5ill be -i.en to each student later in the 5eek. Gour docu+entation should
0ollo5 the structure o0 the sa+,le docu+entation that I ,ro.ide, include the -radin- table
on the last ,a-e. I 5ill not acce,t ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ents on disk and I +ust see
the+ 5ork in the labB no e/ce,tions.
Also, ,lease note es,ecially 5ell" I allo5 lab ti+e durin- the class ti+e slot to 5ork on
,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ents. It is durin- this ti+e I -rade, concernin- correctness o0
e/ecution and inter0ace clarity, ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ents. This ti+e is also ,ro.ided
0or each o0 you to 5ork on your ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ents and recei.e hel, 0ro+ +e,
and others, i0 needed. ;, there is not su00icient ti+e durin- lab 0or +ost ,eo,le to
0inish their ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ents. I e/,ect each o0 you to use ti+e outside o0 class
to co+,lete these assi-n+ents. I e/,ect that at least ei-ht to ten hours ,er 5eek
outside o0 class is needed to co+,lete the assi-n+ents. Gou +ay either use your o5n
co+,uter and those a.ailable in the labs. Start early. Then i0 you run into ,roble+s
there 5ill be su00icient ti+e to seek hel, and thinkin- s,ace. Also note that no
assi-n+ents 5ill be taken a0ter the last day o0 lecture.
/ate #ork: All ,ro-ra++in- ,ro4ects and other assi-n+ents, e/,ect 0or EuiJJes, are
due se.en days 0ro+ 5hen they are assi-ned. ;, see the 0ollo5in-.
Fro-ra++in- ,ro4ects, and other assi-n+ents, 5ill be acce,ted 5ithout any Euestions
asked u, to one 5eek late. This you so+e latitude 0or +inor e+er-encies and
sunny days. ;, the assi-n+ents 0ro+ the second to the last and the last 5eek o0
the Euarter 5ill not be acce,ted late, 0or ob.ious reasons. Those assi-n+ents are due
no later than the last day o0 instruction.
Fro-ra++in- ,ro4ects, and other assi-n+ents, that are +ore than a 5eek late 5ill be
acce,ted only under ,rior arran-e+ent bet5een the instructor and student. I0, 0or
e/a+,le, you are sick, let +e kno5 and I 5ill acce,t the 5ork 5hen you are 5ell and
back on ca+,us. A Jero 5ill result on any assi-n+ent +ore than a 5eek late 0or 5hich
a ,rior a-ree+ent has not be ne-otiated.
Flease do not +iss tests unless you ha.e a sickness that can be s,read to others. <ait
until you are 5ell. Also, note 5ell" I do not like to -i.e tests to indi.iduals 5ho cannot
take the +idBter+ or the 0inal durin- the assi-ned ti+e slot. ;, under e/tre+ely
e/tenuatin- circu+stances (illness and so 0orth*, I +ay consider allo5in- a student to
co+,lete the +idter+ on a di00erent day than the one selected 0or the test. ;, do
not e/,ect this test to be the sa+e as that taken by the class. It 5ill not be, and +ay
e.en be +ore di00icult, as I ha.e a li+ited a+ount o0 ti+e and do not like to s,end it
5ritin- +ulti,le tests. For +e to -i.e the sa+e test outside the allotted ti+e slot to an
indi.idual student 5ould .iolate the inte-rity o0 +y e/a+inations. &ote ,ell: if a
student misses a test ,ithout prior appro"al a score of !ero ,ill result% In this
case the test cannot be made0up%
Gou +ay +ind stor+ to-ether 5hen 5orkin- on the .arious assi-n+ents, e/ce,t 0or
tests, but +ake sure that you co+,lete 5ork that is ori-inal and is uniEuely yours. I0 you
rely on hel, to understand a di00icult conce,t, reB0or-e it on the o0 your o5n thinkin-
and +ake the +aterial your o5n. Do not co,y the 5ork o0 others.
Also, ,lease note that i0 you 0ind the standard ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ent too easy, I ha.e
s,ecial ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ents 0or those 5ho, because o0 ,re.ious kno5led-e or
e/,anded ability, could ,ro0it 0ro+ so+ethin- +ore challen-in-. So+e o0 these are
listed belo5 in this syllabus. ;, any student +ay in.ent his or her o5n ,roble+
s,eci0ication, sub4ect to +y a,,, and re,lace any assi-ned ,ro-ra++in-
Grading: The 0ollo5in- table sho5s ho5 the .arious cate-ories o0 assi-n+ents are
-raded. Iote that te/t assi-n+ents are not -raded, but it is e/,ected that each student
5ill study and sol.e the assi-ned ,roble+s to 0acilitate understandin- o0 the te/t
Type of Assignment #eight
Te/t Assi-n+ents (Iot -raded*. 0
Fro-ra++in- Assi-n+ents, QuiJJes and Article &e.ie5 50
%idBter+ C/a+ination (e+,hasis on ,ro-ra++in-* 25
Final C/a+ination (e+,hasis on ,ro-ra++in-* 25
Total: 1)) points
I reser.e the ri-ht to chan-e 5ei-hts as I see 0it. Hrades are assi-ned accordin- to the
0ollo5in- table. )et / be a -rade as a ,ercenta-e.
.ercentage Grade /etter Grade
!5 PO / PO $00 A
!0 PO / P !5 AB
=A PO / P !0 91
=@ PO / P =A 9
=0 PO / P =@ 9B
7A PO / P =0 C1
7@ PO / P 7A C
70 PO / P 7@ CB
AA PO / P 70 D1
A@ PO / P AA D
A0 PO / P A@ DB
0 PO / P A0 F
#arning Concerning .rogramming .ro2ects: In CS 270, the later ,ro-ra++in-
,ro4ects 5ill +ake use o0 ,re.ious ,ro-ra++in- ,ro4ects. In this class it is critical to
kee, u, 5ith the 5ork. For e/a+,le, 5e 5ill i+,le+ent a stack ADT (usin- a class*
usin- a sel0Bre0erential class. )ater 5e 5ill i+,le+ent a sin-le linked list usin- a sel0B
re0erential class. )ater 5e +ay reBi+,le+ent the stack class +akin- use o0 the sin-le
linked list class as the underlyin- data ty,e 0or stack i+,le+entation. This ty,e o0
,ro-ra+ construction 5ill e/e+,li0y beauti0ully the conce,t o0 an inter0ace. Thus, in CS
270 ,ro-ra++in- ,ro4ects and EuiJJes +ust be turned in no later than t5o 5eeks a0ter
they are assi-ned. And no assi-n+ents 5ill be acce,ted beyond the end o0 the last
5eek o0 lectures.
Assignments: The 0ollo5in- assi-n+ents re0lect the antici,ated -oals 0or this course.
Lnless other5ise noted, the .arious assi-n+ents are due se.en days 0ro+ 5hen they
are assi-ned. <e 5ill 0ollo5 this schedule re-ardless o0 holidays. I0 a holiday +arks
the day an assi-n+ent is assi-ned, then it is each studentKs res,onsibility to be-in 5ork.
I0 an assi-n+ent is due on a holiday, then I 5ill acce,t it the ne/t class +eetin- a0ter the
holiday. A-ain, 0or ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ents, I -rade the correctness o0 out,ut and the
Euality o0 the user inter0ace in the lab and take the docu+entation 5ith +e to co+,lete
the -radin- in +y o00ice. I do not 5ant disks and I do not 5ant to take the ti+e to run
so0t5are in +y o00ice. I also do not 5ant +y o00ice co+,uter e/,osed to .iruses. That is
one o0 the reasons 5hy I do this. I0 I do not see each studentKs code run in the lab, the
hi-hest -rade than can be obtained is 50Q 0or that ,ro-ra++in- assi-n+ent.
Assignments: The 0ollo5in- assi-n+ents re0lect the antici,ated -oals 0or this course.
Lnless other5ise noted, the .arious assi-n+ents are due se.en days 0ro+ 5hen they
are assi-ned. <e 5ill 0ollo5 this schedule re-ardless o0 holidays.
Assignment 3 #eek 4ne .roblems5/ocation .ages
Discuss syllabus In Class
Student Acade+ic 9io-ra,hy In Class
&ead cha,ter 0i.e" class te/t. $75 B 2$'
Cha,ter 0i.e" C/ercises $ B 7 2$$ B 2$2
Fro-ra++in- Assi-n+ent >ne See InstructorKs Fa-e
Assignment 3 #eek T,o .roblems5/ocation .ages
&ead cha,ter si/" class te/t. 2$5 B 2'=
Cha,ter si/" C/ercises $ # 7 2'5 B 2'A
Fro-ra++in- Assi-n+ent T5o See InstructorKs Fa-e
Assignment 3 #eek Three .roblems5/ocation .ages
&ead cha,ter se.en" class te/t. 2'7 B 2!'
Cha,ter se.en" C/ercises $ # 7 2== B 2!0
Fro-ra++in- Assi-n+ent Three See InstructorKs Fa-e
Assignment 3 #eek 6our .roblems5/ocation .ages
&ead cha,ter ten" class te/t. @7! B '@A
Cha,ter ten" C/ercises $ # 7 '@$ B '@2
Fro-ra++in- Assi-n+ent Four See InstructorKs Fa-e
Assignment 3 #eek 6i"e .roblems5/ocation .ages
&ead cha,ter ele.en" class te/t. '@7 B '72
Cha,ter ele.en" C/ercises $ # 7 'A7 B 'A!
Fro-ra++in- Assi-n+ent Fi.e See InstructorKs Fa-e
Assignment 3 #eek Six .roblems5/ocation .ages
&ead cha,ter t5el.e" class te/t. '7@ B 52=
Cha,ter t5el.e" C/ercises $ # 7 525 B 52A
Fro-ra++in- Assi-n+ent Si/ See InstructorKs Fa-e
Assignment 3 #eek Se"en .roblems5/ocation .ages
&ead cha,ter t5el.e" class te/t. '7@ B 52=
Cha,ter t5el.e" C/ercises $ # 7 525 B 52A
Fro-ra++in- Assi-n+ent Se.en See InstructorKs Fa-e
Assignment 3 #eek 'ight .roblems5/ocation .ages
&ead cha,ter t5el.e" class te/t. '7@ B 52=
Cha,ter t5el.e" C/ercises $ # 7 525 B 52A
Fro-ra++in- Assi-n+ent Ci-ht See InstructorKs Fa-e
Assignment 3 #eek &ine .roblems5/ocation .ages
&ead cha,ter t5el.e" class te/t. '7@ B 52=
Cha,ter t5el.e" C/ercises $ # 7 525 B 52A
Fro-ra++in- Assi-n+ent Iine See InstructorKs Fa-e

Assignment 3 #eek Ten .roblems5/ocation .ages

&ead cha,ter t5el.e" class te/t. '7@ B 52=
Cha,ter t5el.e" C/ercises $ # 7 525 B 52A
Fro-ra++in- Assi-n+ent Ten See InstructorKs Fa-e
Assignment 3 #eek 'le"en .roblems5/ocation .ages
&ead cha,ter t5el.e" class te/t. '7@ B 52=
Cha,ter t5el.e" C/ercises $ # 7 525 B 52A
Fro-ra++in- Assi-n+ent Cle.en See InstructorKs Fa-e
Due Dates: I 5ill not acce,t any assi-n+ents a0ter the last 5eek and day o0 instruction.
'nabling 4b2ecti"es: the 0ollo5in- table lists the enablin- ob4ecti.e 0or CS 270. The
-oals, in ,art, 0or this course are to utiliJe the C2 lan-ua-e in the conte/t o0 a -eneral
introduction to structured ,ro-ra++in-, al-orith+s, searchin- and sortin-, and data
structures. The student 5ill be able to do the 0ollo5in-"
<rite ,ro-ra+s usin- .alue returnin- and .oid 0unctions.
Calculate e/,ressions 0or the ti+e and s,ace co+,le/ity o0 al-orith+s.
<rite ,ro-ra+s that i+,le+ent sortin- and searchin- al-orith+s.
<rite ,ro-ra+s that i+,le+ent dyna+ic data structures (abstract data ty,es* usin-
sel0Bre0erential classes.
&e.ie5 the current literature and 5rite at least one re.ie5 article dealin- 5ith so+e
as,ect o0 co+,uter science.
Also, note "ery ,ell" a0ter I ha.e co.ered the enablin-, I a+ 0ree to ,resent
other to,ics to the class. CS 270 is -eared to those 5ishin- to obtain a 9S in CS, but
5ill also 5ork 5ell 0or those seekin- a t5oByear ter+inal de-ree in ,ro-ra++in-.
Also, you +ust be co+0ortable 5ith +athe+atics. <hile %AT; !! is one o0 the ,reB
reEuisites 0or CS 270, I introduce +athe+atical conce,ts that 5e 5ill need 0or
understandin- ti+e co+,le/ity. %AT; !!, 5ell understood, is an adeEuate 0oundation
0or 5hat 5e are -oin- to in CS 270. For those seekin- a trans0er de-ree in CS,
an understandin- o0 +athe+atics is critical in order to achie.e success in 5orkin-
to5ard and obtainin- a 9S de-ree in CS.