Sentences Start with Alphabet - A

A person who believes in fate Fatalist
A person who is above hundred years Centenarian
A book published after the death of its author Posthumas
A book written by an unknown author Anonymous
A cinema show which is held in the afternoon Matinee
A citizen of the world Cosmopolite
A contagious disease which spreads over a huge area Epidemic
A drug or other substance that induces sleep Soporific
A flesh eating animal Carnivorous
A game in which neither party wins Draw
A game in which no one wins Draw
A game or batter in which neither party wins Drawn/ Tie
A Government by a king or queen Monarchy
A Government by one Autocracy
A Government by the few Oligarchy
A Government by the Nobles Aristocracy
A Government by the officials Bureaucracy
A Government by the people Democracy
A Government by the rich Plutocracy
A grass eating animal Herbivorous
A great lover of books Bibliophile
A handwriting that cannot be read Illegible
A land animal that breeds in water Amphibian
A letter, poem etc. whose author is unknown Anonymous
A life history written by oneself Autobiography
A life history written by somebody else Biography
A list of books Catalogue
A list of names, books etc. Catalogue
A loss of damage that cannot be compensated Irreparable
A man devoid of kind feeling and sympathy Callous
A man who has too much enthusiasm for his own religion Fanatic
A man who is easily irritated Irritable
A medicine that kills germs Germicide
A medicine that prevents decomposing Antiseptic
A medicine to counteract the effect of another medicine Antidote
A member of the middle class Bourgeois
A method that cannot be imitated Inimitable
A pardonable offense Venial
A person appointed by parties to settle the disputes between them Arbitrat
A person difficult to please Fastidious
A person liable to be called to account for his action Answerable
A person supported by another and giving him/her nothing in return Parasite
A person who always thinks of himself; somebody who is selfish or self-centered
A person who attacks first Aggressor
A person who believes easily whatever he is told Credulous
A person who believes that all events are pre-determined Fatalist
A person who cannot read or write Illiterate
A person who does not believe in the institution of marriage Misogamist
A person who has power over all Omnipotent
A person who hates women Misogynist
A person who imports or exports goods into or from a country secretly because th
ey are illegal Smuggler
A person who knows everything Omniscient
A person who loves every body Altruist
A person who readily believes whatever is told to him/her. Credulous
A person who remains unmoved and unaffected by other people's opinions, suggesti
ons Impervious
A person who rides on horse-back Equestrian
A person who speaks two languages Bilingual
A person with an evil reputation Notorious
A person's peculiar habit Idiosyncrasy
A place where orphans live Orphanage
A place where weapons and ammunitions are stored Arsenal
A position for which no salary is paid Honorary
A post held without receiving salary Honorary
A post which doesn Honorary
A remedy which never fails Infallible
A sentence whose meaning is unclear Ambiguous
A short message added on to the end of a letter after the signature Postscri
A shortened form of a word or phrase Abbreviation
A sound that cannot be heard Inaudible
A speech delivered without any previous preparation Extempore
A speech or a presentation made without previous preparation Extempore
A state of perfect balance Equilibrium
A statement which cannot be understood Incomprehensible
A study of ancient things Archaeology
A study of animals Zoology
A study of birds Ornithology
A study of derivation of words Etymology
A study of man Anthropology
A study of races Ethnology
A study of the body Physiology
A supposed cure for all diseases or problems Panacea
A thing no longer in use Obsolete
A thing that cannot be seen with human eyes Invisible
A thing that is fit to be eaten Edible
A word opposite in meaning to another Antonym
Absence of government Anarchy
All-powerful; possessing complete power and authority Omnipotent
An absolute government by one man Autocracy
An animal or a human being that eats any kind of food Omnivorous
An animal who preys on other animals Predator
An assembly of hearers at a lecture or concert Audience
An exact copy Facsimile
An office with high salary but no work Sinecure
Anything that leads to death Fatal
Assembly or parliament in which no party has got clear majority Hung
Sentences Start with Alphabet - B
Belonging or pertaining to an individual from birth Congenital
Belonging to the Middle Ages Medieval
Belonging to the same period of time Contemporary
Sentences Start with Alphabet - C
Celebration of a hundredth year, once Centenary
Cut off the head Behead
Sentences Start with Alphabet - D
Destroy or get rid of something completely Eradicate
Do away with wholly Abolish
Sentences Start with Alphabet - F
Free somebody from blame or guilt Exonerate
Sentences Start with Alphabet - G
General pardon Amnesty
General pardon for political offenders Amnesty
Government by officials Bureaucracy
Government by the nobles Aristocracy
Government by the officials Bureaucracy
Government by the people Democracy
Sentences Start with Alphabet - H
Handwritten book Manuscript
Hard but liable to be easily broken Brittle
Hater of mankind Misanthropist
Having opposing feelings Ambivalent
Sentences Start with Alphabet - I
Impossible to change Incorrigible
Incapable of being dissolved in a liquid Insoluble
Incapable of being seized by attack Impregnable
Inscription on a tombstone Epitaph
Sentences Start with Alphabet - K
Killer of one Matricide
Sentences Start with Alphabet - L
Liable to be called to account Accountable
Life story of a man written by himself Autobiography
Life story of a man written by other Biography
Looking into one Introspection
Lover of mankind Philanthropist
Sentences Start with Alphabet - M
Medical examination of a dead body Postmortem
Men living in the same age Contemporary
Misappropriation of money Embezzlement
Murder of a father Patricide
Murder of a human being Homicide
Murder of a mother Matricide
Murder of an brother Fratricide
Murder of an infant Infanticide
Murder of self Suicide
Murder of the king Regicide
Sentences Start with Alphabet - N
Not applicable Irrelevant
Sentences Start with Alphabet - O
Of a man showing feminine attributes Effeminate
Of a man or animal that feeds on its own species Cannibal
Of a person extremely desirous of money Avaricious
of a person who can use both hands equally well Ambidextrous
Of a person who cannot be pleased easily Fastidious
Of a person who easily believes whatever is told to him Credulous
Of animals feeding on flesh Carnivorous
Of animals feeding on grass and plants Herbivorous
Of animals living in flocks Gregarious
Of manners more like those of a woman than a man Effeminate
One incapable of being tired Indefatigable
One who always thinks himself to be ill Valetudinarian
One who believes in fate Fatalist
One who believes in God Theist
One who calculates premium Actuary
One who can do anything for money Mercenary
One who can make himself at home in all countries Cosmopolitan
One who can speak two languages Bilingual
One who can throw his voice Ventriloquist
One who cannot be corrected Incorrigible
One who cannot read or write Illiterate
One who changes sides Turncoat
One who copies from other writers Plagiarist
One who damages public property Vandal
One who dies without a Will Intestate
One who does not believe in the existence of God Atheist
One who does not care for art, literature etc Philistine
One who does not make mistakes Infallible
One who does something not professionally but for pleasure Amateur
One who doesn't know how to read and write Illiterate
One who doubts the existence of god Agnostic
One who eats too much Glutton
One who feels sympathetic towards human beings Humanitarian
One who goes on foot Pedestrian
One who has narrow and prejudiced religious views Bigot
One who has no money Pauper
One who has strange habits Eccentric
One who hates mankind Misanthrope
One who hates women Misogynist
One who helps others Good Samaritan
One who is a newcomer Neophyte
One who is all powerful Omnipotent
One who is difficult to please Fastidious
One who is easily deceived Gullible
One who is fond of sensuous pleasures Epicure
One who is greedy for money Avaricious
One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain Stoic
One who is new to a trade or profession Novice
One who is not easily pleased Fastidious
One who is out to subvert a government Anarchist
One who is present everywhere Omnipresent
One who is qualifies for election Eligible
One who is quite like a woman Effeminate
One who is retbnbing from illness Convalescent
One who is unable to pay his debts Insolvent
One who is unmarried Celibate
One who knows everything Omniscient
One who knows many languages Polyglot
One who lives in a foreign country Immigrant
One who looks on the bright side of things Optimist
One who looks on the dark side of things Pessimist
One who loves books Bibliophile
One who loves mankind Philanthropist
One who makes an official examination of accounts Auditor
One who pretends to be what he is not Hypocrite
One who pursues some art or sport as hobby Amateur
One who questions everything Cynic
One who speaks less Reticent
One who thinks only for oneself, a person who is selfish, self absorbed and self
centered Egoist
One who thinks only of himself Egoist
One who thinks only of welfare of women Feminist
One who works for free Volunteer
Sentences Start with Alphabet - P
People living at the same time Contemporaries
People of noble families or the highest social class Aristocracy
People who work together Colleagues
Person who rides on horse-back Equestrian
Persons living in the same age Contemporaries
Practice of having one wife or husband Monogamy
Practice of having several husbands Polyandry
Practice of having several wives Polygamy
Practice of having two wives or husbands Bigamy
Sentences Start with Alphabet - R
Retbnbing from illness Convalescent
Remarks which do not ally apply to the subject under discussion Irrelevant
Rule by the mob Mobocracy
Sentences Start with Alphabet - S
Science of coins or medals Numismatics
Science of origin of universe Cosmology
Somebody or something with the same name as somebody or something else Namesake
Somebody who doesn Vegetarian
somebody who eats human flesh Cannibal
Somebody who is considerably experienced in something Veteran
Somebody who works or serves only for personal profit Mercenary
Something said or done without preparation Extempore
Something that cannot be corrected Incorrigible
Something that cannot be imitated Inimitable
Something that has been determined beforehand Foregone
Something that is essential and cannot be dispensed with Indispensable
Something that is quickly and easily set on fire and burned Inflammable
Something that quickly catches fire Inflammable
Spoken or done without preparation Extempore
state of antagonism Hostility
Statements open to more than interpretation Ambiguous
Study of environment Ecology
Systematic study of election trends Psephology
Sentences Start with Alphabet - T
That can be eaten Edible
That cannot be altered or withdrawn Irrevocable
That is prohibited by law Illicit
That through which light can partly pass Translucent
That through which light can pass Transparent
That through which light cannot pass Opaque
That which cannot be avoided Inevitable
That which cannot be believed Incredible
That which cannot be changed Irrevocable
That which cannot be conquered Invincible
That which cannot be cured Incurable
That which cannot be defended Indefensible
That which cannot be described Indescribable
That which cannot be explained Inexplicable
That which cannot be hurt Invulnerable
That which cannot be imitated Inimitable
That which cannot be noticed Imperceptible
That which cannot be practiced Impracticable
That which cannot be put into practice Impracticable
That which cannot be read Illegible
That which cannot be satisfied Insatiable
That which cannot be seen Invisible
That which does not bear the name of the writer Anonymous
That which is against law Illegal
That which is considered wrong or unacceptable by prevailing social standards
That which is lawful Legal
That which is not likely to happen Improbable
That which is unlikely to happen Improbable
The act of killing an infant Infanticide
The action of looking back on past time Introspection
The area over which an official has control Jurisdiction
The branch of biology dealing with plant life Botany
The custom of having more than one husband at a time Polyandry
The custom of having more than one wife at a time Polygamy
The first speech made by a person Maiden
The killing of an infant Infanticide
The life story of a man written by himself Autobiography
The murder or murderer of one Fratricide
The period between childhood and adulthood Adolescence
The science which treats with life Biology
To date before the true time Antedate
To explain something mysterious or difficult Elucidate
To free somebody from all blame Exonerate
To give one Delegate
To go down in value Depreciate
To go from bad to worse Deteriorate
To increase the gravity of an offence or the intensity of a disease Aggravat
To increase the speed; to hasten the progress of Accelerate
To lay special stress on Emphasize
To rise in value Appreciate
To root out an evil, disease Eradicate
To take away some one Disenfranchisement
To take somebody away by force and hold him or her prisoner, usually for ransom
To transfer one's authority to another Delegate
To turn friends in enemies Alienate
To write under a different name Pseudonym
Sentences Start with Alphabet - V
Very negative person Pessimist
Violating the sanctity of a church Sacrilege
Sentences Start with Alphabet - W
Water fit for drinking Potable
Without life Inanimate
Without payment Gratis
Words which have the same meaning Synonyms
Words written on the tomb of a person Epitaph
Work for which no salary is paid Honorary
Worship of idols Idolatry
List of Conjugation of Verbs (Three forms of Verbs)
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Verb Conjugation refers to how a verb changes to show a different person, tense,
number or mood. A
Conjugated verb is verb which has been changed to communicate one or more of the
following: person, number, gender, tense, aspect, mood, or voice (active or pas
sive voice).
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Present Tense Past Tense Past Participle Present Participle
Call Called Called Calling
Carry Carried Carried Carrying
Cast Cast Cast Casting
Catch Caught Caught Catching
Change Changed Changed Changing
Check Checked Checked Checking
Choose Chose Chosen Choosing
Clap Clapped Clapped Clapping
Clean Cleaned Cleaned Cleaning
Climb Climbed Climbed Climbing
Cling Clung Clung Clinging
Close Closed Closed Closing
Clothe Clad/Clothed Clad/Clothed Clothing
Collect Collected Collected Collecting
Come Came Come Coming
Complain Complained Complained Complaining
Consult Consulted Consulted Consulting
Cook Cooked Cooked Cooking
Copy Copied Copied Copying
Cost Cost Cost Costing
Count Counted Counted Counting
Cover Covered Covered Covering
Creep Crept Crept Creeping
Cross Crossed Crossed Crossing
Crow Crowed Crowed Crowing
Cry Cried Cried Crying
Cut Cut Cut Cutting
Dance Danced Danced Dancing
Dare Dared/Durst Dared Daring
Deal Dealt Dealt Dealing
Deceive Deceived Deceived Deceiving
Decide Decided Decided Deciding
Decorate Decorated Decorated Decorating
Defeat Defeated Defeated Defeating
Desire Desired Desired Desiring
Die Died Died Dying
Dig Dug Dug Digging
Dip Dipped Dipped Dipping
Discover Discovered Discovered Discovering
Dive Dived/Dove Dived Diving
Divide Divided Divided Dividing
Do Did Done Doing
Draw Drew Drwan Drawing
Dream Dreamed Dreamed Dreaming
Drink Drank Drunk Drinking
Drive Drove Driven Driving
Dry Drowned Drowned Drowning
Dwell Dwelt Dwelt Dwelling
Dye Dyed Dyed Dyeing
Earn Earned Earned Earning
Eat Ate Eaten Eating
Employ Employed Employed Employing
Enter Entered Entered Entering
Explain Explained Explained Explaining
Face Faced Faced Facing
Fail Failed Failed Failiing
Fall Fell Fallen Falling
Fear Feared Feared Fearing
Feed Fed Fed Feeding
Feel Felt Felt Feeling
Fight Fought Fought Fighting
Find Found Found Finding
Fine Fined Fined Fining
Finish Finished Finished Finishing
Fit Fit/Fitted Fit/Fitted Fitting
Flee Fled Fled Fleeing
Fling Flung Flung Flinging
Float Floated Floated Floating
Fly Flew Flown Flying
Forbid Forbade Forbidden Forbidding
Forecast Forecast/Forecasted Forecast/Forecasted Forecasting
Foresee Foresaw Foreseen Foreseeing
Foretell Foretold Foretold Foretelling
Forget Forgot Forgotten Forgetting
Forgive Forgave Forgiven Forgiving
Forsake Forsook Forsaken Forsaking
Freeze Froze Frozen Freezing
Frostbite Frostbit Frostbitten Frostbiting
Gather Gathered Gathered Gathering
Get Got Got Getting
Give Gave Given Giving
Go Went Gone/Been Going
Graze Grazed Grazed Grazing
Grind Ground Ground Grinding
Grow Grew Grown Growing
Handwrite Handwrote Handwritten Handwriting
Hang Hung Hung Hanging
Hate Hated Hated Hating
Have Had Had Having
Hear Heard Heard Hearing
Help Helped Helped Helping
Hide Hid Hidden Hiding
Hit Hit Hit Hitting
Hold Held Held Holding
Hurt Hurt Hurt Hurting
Improve Improved Improved Improving
Inlay Inlaid Inlaid Inlaying
Input Input/Inputted Input/Inputted Inputting
Interlay Interlaid Interlaid Interlaying
Invite Invited Invited Inviting
Join Joined Joined Joining
Jump Jumped Jumped Jumping
Keep Kept Kept Keeping
Kill Killed Killed Killing
Kneel Knelt Knelt Kneeling
Knit Knitted Knitted Knitting
Know Knew Known Knowing
Understand Verbs, Helping Verbs, Linking verbs, Irregular Verbs &
List of Conjugation of Verbs (Three forms of Verbs)
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Verbs are used with special rules for telling for something happens / happened /
will happen - in present, in the past, or the future. Here is a list of examples
for each verb tense using the verb take. You may try putting other verbs in the
place of take.
Present tense ? I/you/we/they - take, he/she/it takes
Past Tense ? I/you/he/she/it/we/they - took
Future Tense - I/you/he/she/it/we/they will - take
Present Perfect Tense ? I/you/he/she/it/we/they have - broken
Past Perfect Tense ? I/you/he/she/it/we/they had - broken
Future Perfect Tense ? I/you/he/she/it/we/they will have - broken
Helping verbs do not stand alone or express action. They are part of verb phrase
s that "help" the main verb. Helping verbs define the tense (past, present, futu
re) or change the meaning of the main verb. A few examples are:
He is playing
He was playing
He may be playing
He can come
They may come
They will be smiling
The commonly-used helping verbs are :
may might must be being been
am are is was were do
does did should could would have
had has will can shall
Linking verbs do not show action. Instead, they connect nouns and pronouns to ot
her information in the sentence. Here are some examples:
My sister is smart.
The picture appeared blurry.
Your supper smells delicious.
The most common linking verbs are listed here:
am are are being appear
be become feel get grow
have/has been is lie look might be
might have been prove remain seem sit
smell stay taste turn were
Irregular Verbs are verbs that don't follow the rules for changing tense. The be
st way to understand irregular verbs is to practice and memorize them.
Here are some common examples shown in the present/past/past participle:
The dog wants to bite me.
The dog bit me.
The dog has bitten me.
My arm hurts.
I hurt my arm yesterday.
I have hurt my arm before.
Conjugation of Verbs (Three forms of Verbs)
Verb conjugation refers to how a verb changes to show a different person, tense,
number or mood. A
Conjugated verb is verb which has been changed to communicate one or more of the
following: person, number, gender, tense, aspect, mood, or voice (active or pas
sive voice).
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Present Tense Past Tense Past Participle Present Participle
Abide Abode/Abided Abode/Abided/Abidden Abiding
Abuse Abused Abused Abusing
Act Acted Acted Acting
Add Added Added Adding
Admire Admired Admired Admiring
Advise Advised Advised Advising
Alight Alit/Alighted Alit/Alighted Alighting
Allow Allowed Allowed allowing
Answer Answered Answered Answering
Apear Appeared Appeared Appearing
Appoint Appointed Appointed Appointing
Arise Arose Arisen Arising
Arrest Arrested Arrested Arresting
Arrive Arrived Arrived Arriving
Ask Asked Asked Asking
Attack Attacked Attacked Attacking
Awake Awoke Awoke Awaking
Bake Baked Baked Baking
Bark Barked Barked Barking
Bathe Bathed Bathed Bathing
Be Was, Were Been Being
Bear Bore Born Bearing
Beat Beat Beaten Beating
Become Became Become Becoming
Beg Begged Begged Begging
Begin Began Begun Beginning
Behave Behaved Behaved Behaving
Behold Beheld Beheld Beholding
Believe Believed Believed Believing
Bend Bent Bent Bending
Bet Bet Bet Betting
Bid Bade Bidden Bidding
Bind Bound Bound Binding
Bite Bit Bitten Biting
Bleed Bled Bled Bleeding
Bless Blessed Blessed Blessing
Blow Blew Blown Blowing
Boast Boasted Boasted Boasting
Boil Boiled Boiled Boiling
Borow Brorowed Borrowed Borrowing
Break Broke Broken Breaking
Breed Bred Bred Breeding
Bring Brought Brought Bringing
Broadcast Broadcast/Broadcasted Broadcast/Broadcasted Broadcasting
Build Built Built Building
Burn Burnt Burnt Burning
Burst Burst Burst Bursting
Bust Bust Bust Busting
Buy Bought Bought Buying
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List of Conjugation of Verbs (Three forms of Verbs)
Visit to Understand Verbs, Helping Verbs, Linking verbs, Irregular Verbs
Verb conjugation refers to how a verb changes to show a different person, tense,
number or mood. A
Conjugated verb is verb which has been changed to communicate one or more of the
following: person, number, gender, tense, aspect, mood, or voice (active or pas
sive voice).
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Present Tense Past Tense Past Participle Present Participle
Laugh Laughed Laughed Laughing
Lay Laid Laid Laying
Lead Led Led Leading
Lean Leant/Leaned Leant/Leaned Leaning
Leap Leapt/Leaped Leapt/Leaped Leaping
Learn Learned Learned Learning
Leave Left Left Leaving
Lend Lent Lent Lending
Let Let Let Letting
Lie Lay Lain Lynig
Light Lighted Lit Lighting
Like Liked Liked Liking
Listen Listened Listened Listening
Live Lived Lived Living
Look Looked Looked Looking
Lose Lost Lost Listening
Love Loved Loved Loving
Make Made Made Making
Marry Married Married Marrying
Mean Meant Meant Meaning
Meet Met Met Meeting
Melt Melted Melted Melting
Mend Mended Mended Mending
Mislead Misled Misled Misleading
Mistake Mistook Mistaken Mistaking
Misunderstand Misunderstood Misunderstood Misunderstanding
Miswed Miswed/Miswedded Miswed/Miswedded Miswedding
Mix Mixed Mixed Mixing
Move Moved Moved Moving
Mow Mowed Mown Mowing
Name Named Named Naming
Need Needed Needed Needing
Nip Nipped Nipped Nipping
Obey Obeyed Obeyed Obeying
Open Opened Opened Opening
Oppose Opposed Opposed Opposing
Order Ordered Ordered Ordering
Overdraw Overdrew Overdrawn Overdrawing
Overhear Overheard Overheard Overhearing
Overtake Overtook Overtaken Overtaking
Pay Paid Paid Paying
Peep Peeped Peeped Peeping
Plant Planted Planted Planting
Play Played Played Playing
Plough Ploughed Ploughed Ploughing
Pluck Plucked Plucked Plucking
Praise Praised Praised Praising
Pray Prayed Prayed Praying
Preach Preached Preached Preaching
Prepare Prepared Prepared Preparing
Preset Preset Preset Presetting
Prevent Prevented Prevented Preventing
Promise Promised Promised Promising
Prove Proved Proved Proving
Pull Pulled Pulled Pulling
Punish Punished Punished Punishing
Push Pushed Pushed Pushing
Put Put Put Putting
Quit Quit Quit Quitting
Qurrel Quarrelled Quarrelled Quarrelling
Rain Rained Rained Raining
Reach Reached Reached Reaching
Read Read Read Reading
Refuse Refused Refused Refused
Remember Remembered Remembered Remembering
Repair Repaired Repaired Repairing
Reply Replied Replied Replying
Re-prove Re-proved Re-proven/Re-proved Re-proving
Resign Resigned Resigned Resigning
Rest Rested Rested Resting
Return Returned Returned Returning
Rid Rid/Ridded Rid/Ridded Ridding
Ride Rode Ridden Riding
Ring Rang Rung Ringing
Rise Rose Risen Rising
Rive Rived Riven/Rived Riving
Roar Roared Roared Roaring
Run Ran Run Running
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List of Conjugation of Verbs (Three forms of Verbs)
Visit to Understand Verbs, Helping Verbs, Linking verbs, Irregular Verbs
Verb conjugation refers to how a verb changes to show a different person, tense,
number or mood. A
Conjugated verb is verb which has been changed to communicate one or more of the
following: person, number, gender, tense, aspect, mood, or voice (active or pas
sive voice).
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Present Tense Past Tense Past Participle Present Participle
Save Saved Saved Saving
Saw Sawed Sawed Sawing
Say Said Said Saying
See Saw Seen Seeing
Seek Sought Sought Seeking
Select Selected Selected Selecting
Sell Sold Sold Selling
Send Sent Sent Sending
Set Set Set Setting
Sew Sewed Sewn/Sewed Sewing
Shake Shook Shaken Shaking
Shave Shaved Shaven/Shaved Shaving
Shear Shore/Sheared Shorn/Sheared Shearing
Shed Shed Shed Shedding
Shine Shone Shone Shining
Shoe Shod Shod Shoeing
Shoot Shot Shot Shooting
Show Showed Shown Showing
Shrink Shrank Shrunk Shrinking
Shut Shut Shut Shutting
Sing Sang Sung Singing
Sink Sank Sunk Sinking
Sit Sat Sat Sitting
Slay Slew Slain Slaying
Sleep Slept Slept Sleeping
Slide Slid Slid/Slidden Sliding
Sling Slung Slung Slinging
Slink Slunk Slunk Slinking
Slip Slipped Slipped Slipping
Slit Slit Slit Slitting
Smell Smelt/Smelled Smelt/Smelled Smelling
Sneak Sneaked/Snuck Sneaked/Snuck Sneaking
Soothsay Soothsaid Soothsaid Soothsaying
Sow Sowed Sown Sowing
Speak Spoke Spoken Speaking
Speed Sped/Speeded Sped/Speeded Speeding
Spell Spelt/Spelled Spelt/Spelled Spelling
Spend Spent Spent Spending
Spill Spilt/Spilled Spilt/Spilled Spilling
Spin Span/Spun Spun Spinning
Spit Spat Spat Spitting
Split Split Split Splitting
Spoil Spoilt/Spoiled Spoilt/Spoiled Spoiling
Spread Spread Spread Spreading
Spring Sprang Sprung Springing
Stand Stood Stood Standing
Stay Stayed Stayed Staying
Steal Stole Stolen Stealing
Stick Stuck Stuck Sticking
Sting Stung Stung Stinging
Stink Stank Stunk Stinking
Stop Stopped Stopped Stopping
Stride Strode/Strided Stridden Striding
Strike Struck Struck Striking
String Strung Strung Stringing
Strip Stript/Stripped Stript/Stripped Stripping
Strive Strove Striven Striving
Study Studied Studied Stydying
Sublet Sublet Sublet Subletting
Sunburn Sunburned/Sunburnt Sunburned/Sunburnt Sunburning
Swear Swore Sworn Swearing
Sweat Sweat/Sweated Sweat/Sweated Sweating
Sweep Swept Swept Sweeping
Swell Swelled Swollen Swelling
Swim Swam Swum Swimming
Swing Swung Swung Swinging
Take Took Taken Taking
Talk Talked Talked Talking
Teach Tought Tought Teaching
Tear Tore Torn Tearing
Tell Told Told Telling
Think Thought Thought Thinking
Thrive Throve/Thrived Thriven/Thrived Thriving
Throw Threw Thrown Throwing
Thrust Thrust Thrust Thrusting
Tie Tied Tied Tying
Touch Touched Touched Touching
Tread Trod Trodden Treading
Trust Trusted Trusted Trusting
Try Tried Tried Trying
Undergo Underwent Undergone Undergoing
Understand Understood Understood Understanding
Undertake Undertook Undertaken Undertaking
Upset Upset Upset Upsetting
Use Used Used Using
Vex Vext/Vexed Vext/Vexed Vexing
Wait Waited Waited Waiting
Wake Woke Woken Waking
Walk Walked Walked Walking
Wander Wandered Wandered Wandering
Wash Washed Washed Washing
Waste Wasted Wasted Wasting
Watch Watched Watched Watching
Wear Wore Worn Wearing
Weave wove Woven Weaving
Wed Wedded Wedded Wedding
Weep Wept Wept Weeping
Wend Wended/Went Wended/Went Wending
Wet Wet/Wetted Wet/Wetted Wetting
Win Won Won Winning
Wind Wound Wound Winding
Wish Wished Wished Wishing
Withdraw Withdrew Withdrawn Withdrawing
Withhold Withheld Withheld Withholding
Withstand Withstood Withstood Withstanding
Wonder Wondered Wondered Wondering
Work Worked Worked Working
Worship Worshipped Worshipped Worshipping
Wound Wounded Wounded Wounding
Wrap Wrapped Wrapped Wrapping
Wring Wrung Wrung Wringing
Write Wrote Written Writing
Yield Yielded Yielded Yielding
Zinc Zinced/Zincked Zinced/Zincked Zincking