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National Education Day

Date: 11.11.2013
Name of Coordinating Person: Ms. Ruby Dahiya
of November, the birthday of Dr. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was observed as National
Education Day in the institution. The college had celebrated this day in a big way by organizing
the following activities:
1. Creative Writing competition
2. Essay Writing Competition
3. Speech Elocution
A creative writing competition was organized at IITM campus on November 11, 2013.The Topic
for the writing was “Silent Sobs: Under the Veil” for English and “Kash Mein Bahar Aa
Pati” for Hindi. The participants explored their creative skills, expressive potential and
imaginative powers to present the given topic. The competition was judged by Dr. Sheela
Bhargava and Ms Tripti Gautam.
An essay writing competition on the topic “Education: The Base of Life” was organized. The
word limit is of 350 words. The participants presented the common theme that Progress of India
is Possible through Educated India only. The essays were judged on the criteria of Creativity,
Structure, Adherence to Topic and Grammar by Ms. Rama Srivastava and Ms. Salonee Priya.
A speech elocution completion was held on the same day in the auditorium. The topic for the
speech was “Dr. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad: His contribution as an Educationist.” The topic
was very much relevant to the event. The speakers vociferously presented the immense
contribution of the great leader to the cause of education in India. The event was judged by Ms.
Salonee Priya and Ms. Ruby Dahiya.
The participants from all undergraduate and postgraduate courses enthusiastically participated in
the competition. The National Education Day was celebrated in the institution with a great zeal
and fanaticism. The event was successfully coordinated by the debate and literary events
committee comprising of Ms. Ruby Dahiya (Coordinator), Dr. Sunitha Ravi (Member), Ms.
Salonee Priya (Member) &Ms. Neha Saini (Member) as well as by the student members.
The winners of the competitions held on the day are listed below:

Event Position Student Name Class
Creative Writing First Osheen BCA-1
Creative Writing Second Himanshu Gupta BCA-3
Essay Writing First Kanika Sharma BCA-1
Essay Writing Second Himanshu Gupta BCA-3
Speech Elocution First Kanika Sharma BCA-1
Speech Elocution Second Aditya BCA-1

Ruby Dahiya Prof.(Dr.) Rachita Rana
Coordinator Director