00 - Kindergarten Teachers, Except Special Education
Teach eleental natural and social science, personal h!giene, usic, art, and literature to
children "ro # to $ !ears old. %roote ph!sical, ental, and social de&elopent. 'a! (e
re)uired to hold State certi"ication.
Sample of reported job titles: Kindergarten Teacher, Teacher, *ilingual Kindergarten
Teacher, Eleentar! Teacher, +lassroo Teacher, Kinder Teacher, Kindergarten / ,irst
-rade Teacher, Title .ne Kindergarten Teacher
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Tasks / Kno0ledge / Skills / 1(ilities / 2ork 1cti&ities / 2ork +ontext / 3o( 4one / 5nterests / 2ork
St!les / 2ork 6alues / 7elated .ccupations / 2ages 8 Eplo!ent
• Teach (asic skills such as color, shape, nu(er and letter recognition, personal
h!giene, and social skills.
• Esta(lish and en"orce rules "or (eha&ior, and policies and procedures to aintain
order aong students.
• .(ser&e and e&aluate children9s per"orance, (eha&ior, social de&elopent, and
ph!sical health.
• 5nstruct students indi&iduall! and in groups, adapting teaching ethods to eet
students9 &ar!ing needs and interests.
• 7ead (ooks to entire classes or to sall groups.
• :eonstrate acti&ities to children.
• %ro&ide a &ariet! o" aterials and resources "or children to explore, anipulate, and
use, (oth in learning acti&ities and in iaginati&e pla!.
• %lan and conduct acti&ities "or a (alanced progra o" instruction, deonstration, and
0ork tie that pro&ides students 0ith opportunities to o(ser&e, )uestion, and
• +on"er 0ith parents or guardians, other teachers, counselors, and adinistrators to
resol&e students9 (eha&ioral and acadeic pro(les.
• %repare children "or later grades (! encouraging the to explore learning
opportunities and to perse&ere 0ith challenging tasks.
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English Language ; Kno0ledge o" the structure and content o" the English language
including the eaning and spelling o" 0ords, rules o" coposition, and graar.
Eduation and Training ; Kno0ledge o" principles and ethods "or curriculu and training
design, teaching and instruction "or indi&iduals and groups, and the easureent o" training
!syhology ; Kno0ledge o" huan (eha&ior and per"orance< indi&idual di""erences in
a(ilit!, personalit!, and interests< learning and oti&ation< ps!chological research ethods<
and the assessent and treatent o" (eha&ioral and a""ecti&e disorders.
"athematis ; Kno0ledge o" arithetic, alge(ra, geoetr!, calculus, statistics, and their
Soiology and #nthropology ; Kno0ledge o" group (eha&ior and d!naics, societal
trends and in"luences, huan igrations, ethnicit!, cultures and their histor! and origins.
$eography ; Kno0ledge o" principles and ethods "or descri(ing the "eatures o" land, sea,
and air asses, including their ph!sical characteristics, locations, interrelationships, and
distri(ution o" plant, anial, and huan li"e.
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%nstruting ; Teaching others ho0 to do soething.
&eading Comprehension ; =nderstanding 0ritten sentences and paragraphs in 0ork
related docuents.
"onitoring ; 'onitoring/1ssessing per"orance o" !oursel", other indi&iduals, or
organi>ations to ake ipro&eents or take correcti&e action.
Speaking ; Talking to others to con&e! in"oration e""ecti&el!.
Learning Strategies ; Selecting and using training/instructional ethods and procedures
appropriate "or the situation 0hen learning or teaching ne0 things.
#ti'e Listening ; -i&ing "ull attention to 0hat other people are sa!ing, taking tie to
understand the points (eing ade, asking )uestions as appropriate, and not interrupting at
inappropriate ties.
Time "anagement ; 'anaging one9s o0n tie and the tie o" others.
(riting ; +ounicating e""ecti&el! in 0riting as appropriate "or the needs o" the audience.
#ti'e Learning ; =nderstanding the iplications o" ne0 in"oration "or (oth current and
"uture pro(le-sol&ing and decision-aking.
Soial !erepti'eness ; *eing a0are o" others9 reactions and understanding 0h! the!
react as the! do.
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)ral E*pression ; The a(ilit! to counicate in"oration and ideas in speaking so others
0ill understand.
Speeh &eognition ; The a(ilit! to identi"! and understand the speech o" another person.
)ral Comprehension ; The a(ilit! to listen to and understand in"oration and ideas
presented through spoken 0ords and sentences.
Speeh Clarity ; The a(ilit! to speak clearl! so others can understand !ou.
Deduti'e &easoning ; The a(ilit! to appl! general rules to speci"ic pro(les to produce
ans0ers that ake sense.
!roblem Sensiti'ity ; The a(ilit! to tell 0hen soething is 0rong or is likel! to go 0rong. 5t
does not in&ol&e sol&ing the pro(le, onl! recogni>ing there is a pro(le.
(ritten E*pression ; The a(ilit! to counicate in"oration and ideas in 0riting so others
0ill understand.
+lueny of %deas ; The a(ilit! to coe up 0ith a nu(er o" ideas a(out a topic ?the
nu(er o" ideas is iportant, not their )ualit!, correctness, or creati&it!@.
%nduti'e &easoning ; The a(ilit! to co(ine pieces o" in"oration to "or general rules
or conclusions ?includes "inding a relationship aong seeingl! unrelated e&ents@.
%nformation )rdering ; The a(ilit! to arrange things or actions in a certain order or pattern
according to a speci"ic rule or set o" rules ?e.g., patterns o" nu(ers, letters, 0ords, pictures,
atheatical operations@.
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(ork #ti'ities
Training and Teahing )thers ; 5denti"!ing the educational needs o" others, de&eloping
"oral educational or training progras or classes, and teaching or instructing others.
De'eloping )bjeti'es and Strategies ; Esta(lishing long-range o(Aecti&es and
speci"!ing the strategies and actions to achie&e the.
"aking Deisions and Sol'ing !roblems ; 1nal!>ing in"oration and e&aluating results
to choose the (est solution and sol&e pro(les.
)rgani,ing- !lanning- and !rioriti,ing (ork ; :e&eloping speci"ic goals and plans to
prioriti>e, organi>e, and accoplish !our 0ork.
E'aluating %nformation to Determine Compliane with Standards ; =sing rele&ant
in"oration and indi&idual Audgent to deterine 0hether e&ents or processes copl! 0ith
la0s, regulations, or standards.
.pdating and .sing &ele'ant Knowledge ; Keeping up-to-date technicall! and appl!ing
ne0 kno0ledge to !our Ao(.
Coahing and De'eloping )thers ; 5denti"!ing the de&elopental needs o" others and
coaching, entoring, or other0ise helping others to ipro&e their kno0ledge or skills.
Establishing and "aintaining %nterpersonal &elationships ; :e&eloping constructi&e
and cooperati&e 0orking relationships 0ith others, and aintaining the o&er tie.
$etting %nformation ; .(ser&ing, recei&ing, and other0ise o(taining in"oration "ro all
rele&ant sources.
"onitor !roesses- "aterials- or Surroundings ; 'onitoring and re&ie0ing in"oration
"ro aterials, e&ents, or the en&ironent, to detect or assess pro(les.
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(ork Conte*t
Contat (ith )thers ; Bo0 uch does this Ao( re)uire the 0orker to (e in contact 0ith
others ?"ace-to-"ace, (! telephone, or other0ise@ in order to per"or itC
+ae/to/+ae Disussions ; Bo0 o"ten do !ou ha&e to ha&e "ace-to-"ace discussions 0ith
indi&iduals or teas in this Ao(C
(ork (ith (ork $roup or Team ; Bo0 iportant is it to 0ork 0ith others in a group or
tea in this Ao(C
%ndoors- En'ironmentally Controlled ; Bo0 o"ten does this Ao( re)uire 0orking indoors in
en&ironentall! controlled conditionsC
!hysial !ro*imity ; To 0hat extent does this Ao( re)uire the 0orker to per"or Ao( tasks
in close ph!sical proxiit! to other peopleC
+reedom to "ake Deisions ; Bo0 uch decision aking "reedo, 0ithout super&ision,
does the Ao( o""erC
Coordinate or Lead )thers ; Bo0 iportant is it to coordinate or lead others in
accoplishing 0ork acti&ities in this Ao(C
Duration of Typial (ork (eek ; Du(er o" hours t!picall! 0orked in one 0eek.
Letters and "emos ; Bo0 o"ten does the Ao( re)uire 0ritten letters and eosC
+re0ueny of Deision "aking ; Bo0 "re)uentl! is the 0orker re)uired to ake decisions
that a""ect other people, the "inancial resources, and/or the iage and reputation o" the
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1ob 2one
Title 3o( 4one ,our: +onsidera(le %reparation Deeded
1 iniu o" t0o to "our !ears o" 0ork-related skill, kno0ledge, or
experience is needed "or these occupations. ,or exaple, an accountant
ust coplete "our !ears o" college and 0ork "or se&eral !ears in
accounting to (e considered )uali"ied.
1ob Training Eplo!ees in these occupations usuall! need se&eral !ears o" 0ork-
related experience, on-the-Ao( training, and/or &ocational training.
1ob 2one
'an! o" these occupations in&ol&e coordinating, super&ising, anaging,
or training others. Exaples include accountants, huan resource
anagers, coputer prograers, teachers, cheists, and police
SV! &ange ?E.0 to F G.0@
Eduation 'ost o" these occupations re)uire a "our - !ear (achelor9s degree, (ut
soe do not.
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5nterest code: S#
Soial ; Social occupations "re)uentl! in&ol&e 0orking 0ith, counicating 0ith, and
teaching people. These occupations o"ten in&ol&e helping or pro&iding ser&ice to others.
#rtisti ; 1rtistic occupations "re)uentl! in&ol&e 0orking 0ith "ors, designs and patterns.
The! o"ten re)uire sel"-expression and the 0ork can (e done 0ithout "ollo0ing a clear set o"
%n'estigati'e ; 5n&estigati&e occupations "re)uentl! in&ol&e 0orking 0ith ideas, and re)uire
an extensi&e aount o" thinking. These occupations can in&ol&e searching "or "acts and
"iguring out pro(les entall!.
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(ork Styles
Dependability ; 3o( re)uires (eing relia(le, responsi(le, and dependa(le, and "ul"illing
Conern for )thers ; 3o( re)uires (eing sensiti&e to others9 needs and "eelings and (eing
understanding and help"ul on the Ao(.
Cooperation ; 3o( re)uires (eing pleasant 0ith others on the Ao( and displa!ing a good-
natured, cooperati&e attitude.
%ntegrity ; 3o( re)uires (eing honest and ethical.
Self Control ; 3o( re)uires aintaining coposure, keeping eotions in check, controlling
anger, and a&oiding aggressi&e (eha&ior, e&en in &er! di""icult situations.
Soial )rientation ; 3o( re)uires pre"erring to 0ork 0ith others rather than alone, and
(eing personall! connected 0ith others on the Ao(.
#daptability3+le*ibility ; 3o( re)uires (eing open to change ?positi&e or negati&e@ and to
considera(le &ariet! in the 0orkplace.
%nitiati'e ; 3o( re)uires a 0illingness to take on responsi(ilities and challenges.
Stress Tolerane ; 3o( re)uires accepting criticis and dealing call! and e""ecti&el! 0ith
high stress situations.
!ersistene ; 3o( re)uires persistence in the "ace o" o(stacles.
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(ork Values
#hie'ement ; .ccupations that satis"! this 0ork &alue are results oriented and allo0
eplo!ees to use their strongest a(ilities, gi&ing the a "eeling o" accoplishent.
+orresponding needs are 1(ilit! =tili>ation and 1chie&eent.
%ndependene ; .ccupations that satis"! this 0ork &alue allo0 eplo!s to 0ork on their
o0n and ake decisions. +orresponding needs are +reati&it!, 7esponsi(ilit! and 1utono!.
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&elated )upations
1H-I0I1.01 School %s!chologists
21-10H1.00 Bealth Educators
21-10HI.00 Social and Buan Ser&ice 1ssistants
25-2011.00 %reschool Teachers, Except Special Education
25-2021.00 Eleentar! School Teachers, Except Special Education
25-H0#1.00 Teacher 1ssistants
IH-H0I2.00 7ecreation 2orkers
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(ages 4 Employment Trends
"edian wages 67889: J#I,5G0 annual
Employment 67889: 1E0,000 eplo!ees
!rojeted growth 67889/
,aster than a&erage ?1#K to 20K@
!rojeted need 67889/78;9: 5$,000 additional eplo!ees