13-2011.02 - Auditors
Examine and analyze accounting records to determine inancial status o esta!lishment and
prepare inancial reports concerning operating procedures.
Sample of reported job titles: Auditor" #nternal Auditor" Auditor-in-$harge" Assurance
%anager" Assurance &enior" 'inancial Auditor" (e)enue *ax &pecialist
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*asks + *ools , *echnology + -no.ledge + &kills + A!ilities + /ork Acti)ities + /ork $ontext + 0o! 1one
+ #nterests + /ork &tyles + /ork 2alues + (elated 3ccupations + /ages , Employment
• $ollect and analyze data to detect deicient controls" duplicated eort" extra)agance"
raud" or non-compliance .ith la.s" regulations" and management policies.
• (eport to management a!out asset utilization and audit results" and recommend
changes in operations and inancial acti)ities.
• 4repare detailed reports on audit indings.
• (e)ie. data a!out material assets" net .orth" lia!ilities" capital stock" surplus"
income" and expenditures.
• #nspect account !ooks and accounting systems or eiciency" eecti)eness" and use
o accepted accounting procedures to record transactions.
• Examine and e)aluate inancial and inormation systems" recommending controls to
ensure system relia!ility and data integrity.
• &uper)ise auditing o esta!lishments" and determine scope o in)estigation re5uired.
• 4repare" analyze" and )eriy annual reports" inancial statements" and other records"
using accepted accounting and statistical procedures to assess inancial condition
and acilitate inancial planning.
• $oner .ith company oicials a!out inancial and regulatory matters.
• #nspect cash on hand" notes recei)a!le and paya!le" negotia!le securities" and
canceled checks to conirm records are accurate.
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Tools & Technology
Tools used in this occupation:
Desktop computers
Notebook computers
ersonal computers
ersonal digital assistant D!s or organi"ers 6 4ersonal digital assistants 47A
Tablet computers
Technology used in this occupation:
Compliance software 6 #ntrax 4rocedure8et9 :umigent Entegra9 4aisley $ardmap9
*rend*racker $ompliance &olution
Data base user interface and #uery software 6 %icrosot Access
$inancial analysis software 6 Audit/are sot.are9 %ethod/are 4roAudit Ad)isor9
*homson 44$ e-*ools &uite9 *ropics sot.are
Spreadsheet software 6 %icrosot Excel
Time accounting software 6 /ork'orce &ot.are Emp$enter *ime and Attendance
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&conomics and !ccounting 6 -no.ledge o economic and accounting principles and
practices" the inancial markets" !anking and the analysis and reporting o inancial data.
&nglish 'anguage 6 -no.ledge o the structure and content o the English language
including the meaning and spelling o .ords" rules o composition" and grammar.
Customer and ersonal Ser(ice 6 -no.ledge o principles and processes or pro)iding
customer and personal ser)ices. *his includes customer needs assessment" meeting 5uality
standards or ser)ices" and e)aluation o customer satisaction.
Computers and &lectronics 6 -no.ledge o circuit !oards" processors" chips" electronic
e5uipment" and computer hard.are and sot.are" including applications and programming.
)athematics 6 -no.ledge o arithmetic" alge!ra" geometry" calculus" statistics" and their
!dministration and )anagement 6 -no.ledge o !usiness and management principles
in)ol)ed in strategic planning" resource allocation" human resources modeling" leadership
techni5ue" production methods" and coordination o people and resources.
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Time )anagement 6 %anaging one;s o.n time and the time o others.
)athematics 6 <sing mathematics to sol)e pro!lems.
!cti(e 'earning 6 <nderstanding the implications o ne. inormation or !oth current and
uture pro!lem-sol)ing and decision-making.
Critical Thinking 6 <sing logic and reasoning to identiy the strengths and .eaknesses o
alternati)e solutions" conclusions or approaches to pro!lems.
*eading Comprehension 6 <nderstanding .ritten sentences and paragraphs in .ork
related documents.
!cti(e 'istening 6 =i)ing ull attention to .hat other people are saying" taking time to
understand the points !eing made" asking 5uestions as appropriate" and not interrupting at
inappropriate times.
+riting 6 $ommunicating eecti)ely in .riting as appropriate or the needs o the audience.
Coordination 6 Ad>usting actions in relation to others; actions.
,udgment and Decision )aking 6 $onsidering the relati)e costs and !eneits o potential
actions to choose the most appropriate one.
Speaking 6 *alking to others to con)ey inormation eecti)ely.
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+ritten Comprehension 6 *he a!ility to read and understand inormation and ideas
presented in .riting.
-nducti(e *easoning 6 *he a!ility to com!ine pieces o inormation to orm general rules
or conclusions ?includes inding a relationship among seemingly unrelated e)ents@.
Near Vision 6 *he a!ility to see details at close range ?.ithin a e. eet o the o!ser)er@.
.ral Comprehension 6 *he a!ility to listen to and understand inormation and ideas
presented through spoken .ords and sentences.
roblem Sensiti(ity 6 *he a!ility to tell .hen something is .rong or is likely to go .rong. #t
does not in)ol)e sol)ing the pro!lem" only recognizing there is a pro!lem.
.ral &/pression 6 *he a!ility to communicate inormation and ideas in speaking so others
.ill understand.
)athematical *easoning 6 *he a!ility to choose the right mathematical methods or
ormulas to sol)e a pro!lem.
Number $acility 6 *he a!ility to add" su!tract" multiply" or di)ide 5uickly and correctly.
Speech Clarity 6 *he a!ility to speak clearly so others can understand you.
Speech *ecognition 6 *he a!ility to identiy and understand the speech o another person.
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+ork !cti(ities
0etting -nformation 6 3!ser)ing" recei)ing" and other.ise o!taining inormation rom all
rele)ant sources.
&(aluating -nformation to Determine Compliance with Standards 6 <sing rele)ant
inormation and indi)idual >udgment to determine .hether e)ents or processes comply .ith
la.s" regulations" or standards.
!naly"ing Data or -nformation 6 #dentiying the underlying principles" reasons" or acts o
inormation !y !reaking do.n inormation or data into separate parts.
-nteracting +ith Computers 6 <sing computers and computer systems ?including
hard.are and sot.are@ to program" .rite sot.are" set up unctions" enter data" or process
&stablishing and )aintaining -nterpersonal *elationships 6 7e)eloping constructi)e
and cooperati)e .orking relationships .ith others" and maintaining them o)er time.
Communicating with Super(isors1 eers1 or Subordinates 6 4ro)iding inormation to
super)isors" co-.orkers" and su!ordinates !y telephone" in .ritten orm" e-mail" or in person.
-dentifying .bjects1 !ctions1 and &(ents 6 #dentiying inormation !y categorizing"
estimating" recognizing dierences or similarities" and detecting changes in circumstances or
rocessing -nformation 6 $ompiling" coding" categorizing" calculating" ta!ulating" auditing"
or )eriying inormation or data.
.rgani"ing1 lanning1 and rioriti"ing +ork 6 7e)eloping speciic goals and plans to
prioritize" organize" and accomplish your .ork.
)onitor rocesses1 )aterials1 or Surroundings 6 %onitoring and re) inormation
rom materials" e)ents" or the en)ironment" to detect or assess pro!lems.
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+ork Conte/t
Telephone 6 Ao. oten do you ha)e telephone con)ersations in this >o!B
$ace2to2$ace Discussions 6 Ao. oten do you ha)e to ha)e ace-to-ace discussions .ith
indi)iduals or teams in this >o!B
&lectronic )ail 6 Ao. oten do you use electronic mail in this >o!B
-mportance of 3eing &/act or !ccurate 6 Ao. important is !eing )ery exact or highly
accurate in perorming this >o!B
Contact +ith .thers 6 Ao. much does this >o! re5uire the .orker to !e in contact .ith
others ?ace-to-ace" !y telephone" or other.ise@ in order to perorm itB
+ork +ith +ork 0roup or Team 6 Ao. important is it to .ork .ith others in a group or
team in this >o!B
-ndoors1 &n(ironmentally Controlled 6 Ao. oten does this >o! re5uire .orking indoors in
en)ironmentally controlled conditionsB
Spend Time Sitting 6 Ao. much does this >o! re5uire sittingB
Structured (ersus 4nstructured +ork 6 *o .hat extent is this >o! structured or the
.orker" rather than the .orker to determine tasks" priorities" and goalsB
$re#uency of Decision )aking 6 Ao. re5uently is the .orker re5uired to make decisions
that aect other people" the inancial resources" and/or the image and reputation o the
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,ob 5one
Title 0o! 1one 'our: $onsidera!le 4reparation 8eeded
A minimum o t.o to our years o .ork-related skill" kno.ledge" or
experience is needed or these occupations. 'or example" an accountant
must complete our years o college and .ork or se)eral years in
accounting to !e considered 5ualiied.
,ob Training Employees in these occupations usually need se)eral years o .ork-
related experience" on-the->o! training" and/or )ocational training.
,ob 5one
%any o these occupations in)ol)e coordinating" super)ising" managing"
or training others. Examples include accountants" human resource
managers" computer programmers" teachers" chemists" and police
SV *ange ?C.0 to D E.0@
&ducation %ost o these occupations re5uire a our - year !achelor;s degree" !ut
some do not.
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#nterest code: C&
Con(entional 6 $on)entional occupations re5uently in)ol)e set procedures and
routines. *hese occupations can include .orking .ith data and details more than .ith ideas.
<sually there is a clear line o authority to ollo..
&nterprising 6 Enterprising occupations re5uently in)ol)e starting up and carrying out
pro>ects. *hese occupations can in)ol)e leading people and making many decisions.
&ometimes they re5uire risk taking and oten deal .ith !usiness.
-n(estigati(e 6 #n)estigati)e occupations re5uently in)ol)e .orking .ith ideas" and re5uire
an extensi)e amount o thinking. *hese occupations can in)ol)e searching or acts and
iguring out pro!lems mentally.
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+ork Styles
!nalytical Thinking 6 0o! re5uires analyzing inormation and using logic to address .ork-
related issues and pro!lems.
-ntegrity 6 0o! re5uires !eing honest and ethical.
!ttention to Detail 6 0o! re5uires !eing careul a!out detail and thorough in completing
.ork tasks.
-nitiati(e 6 0o! re5uires a .illingness to take on responsi!ilities and challenges.
!chie(ement6&ffort 6 0o! re5uires esta!lishing and maintaining personally challenging
achie)ement goals and exerting eort to.ard mastering tasks.
Dependability 6 0o! re5uires !eing relia!le" responsi!le" and dependa!le" and ulilling
'eadership 6 0o! re5uires a .illingness to lead" take charge" and oer opinions and
-ndependence 6 0o! re5uires de)eloping one;s o.n .ays o doing things" guiding onesel
.ith little or no super)ision" and depending on onesel to get things done.
Stress Tolerance 6 0o! re5uires accepting criticism and dealing calmly and eecti)ely .ith
high stress situations.
Cooperation 6 0o! re5uires !eing pleasant .ith others on the >o! and displaying a good-
natured" cooperati)e attitude.
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+ork Values
+orking Conditions 6 3ccupations that satisy this .ork )alue oer >o! security and good
.orking conditions. $orresponding needs are Acti)ity" $ompensation" #ndependence"
&ecurity" 2ariety and /orking $onditions.
!chie(ement 6 3ccupations that satisy this .ork )alue are results oriented and allo.
employees to use their strongest a!ilities" gi)ing them a eeling o accomplishment.
$orresponding needs are A!ility <tilization and Achie)ement.
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*elated .ccupations
11-3031.01 *reasurers and $ontrollers
11-3031.02 'inancial %anagers" Franch or 7epartment
11-30G1.00 4urchasing %anagers
13-2011.01 Accountants
13-2031.00 Fudget Analysts
13-20H1.00 'inancial Analysts
13-20H2.00 4ersonal 'inancial Ad)isors
1I-3011.00 Economists
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+ages & &mployment Trends
%edian .ages data collected rom !ccountants and !uditors.
Employment data collected rom !ccountants and !uditors.
)edian wages 7899:; J2G.2G hourly" JHK"G30 annual
&mployment 7899:; 1"2CK"000 employees
rojected growth 7899:2
'aster than a)erage ?1KL to 20L@
rojected need 7899:289<:; KH0"000 additional employees