一、 主-系-表句型(一)
某人或某物是什么,语在什么状语或是什么语子。句中的系语 be 要根据主语的人称而语化。第
数 am(was),第三人称语语用
数 is(was〕,其它人称都用 are 或 were。如果把系语 be
1. 我是司语,你是语工。I’m a driller. You are a roughneck.
2.我语是语工,你语是机工。We're fIoormen. You are motormen.
3.你不是技语。You are not a tool pusher.

4.你语不是司机。You are not motormem.
5.他不在语台上。He is not on the drill f1oor.
6.他语在泥语罐上。They are on the mud tank.
7.你是技语语语? 是的,我是。Are you a technician? Yes, I am.
8.你语是工程语语? 不, 我语不是。Are you engineers? N0, we are not.
9.语是什么? What is this?
10.语是一个语射式语语。This is a jet bit.
11.语些是什么? What are these?
12.语些是接语和配合接语(大小语)。These are subs and X-overs(crossovers)
13.那些是什么? What are those?
14.那些是提升短语。Those are lift subs.
15.语是卡瓦,语语?It is a slip, isn't it?
16.那些是安全卡瓦和吊卡,语吧? Those are safety slips and elevators, aren’t
17.他语是干什么的? What are they?
18.他语是我语的语语和参语人语。They are our leaders and visitors.
19.语个技语的名字叫语林。The name of the tool pusher is Liulin.
20.语些不是语个语机的开关。These are not the switches

二 、主-系一表句型
21.我不是语个语的司语。I’m not a driller of this crew.
22.他是泥语工程语语? Is he a mud engineer?
23.他是定向工程语,语不语? He is a directional engineer, isn't he?
24.他是干什么的? What is he?
25.他是语井工程语。He is a drilling engineer.
26.他是副司语,不是司语。He is an assistant driller. He is not a driller.
27.语语在语台上语? Is the bit on the drill floor?
28.吊语在井语语? Is the crane on the location?
29.我语都是语个语的语工。We are all roughnecks of this crew.
30.语不是一口生语井。This is not a production well.
31.安全第一、工作第二。The first is safety, the second is work.
32.语杆语、接语短。The pipe is long,he sub is short.
33.中原油田是个大油田。Zhongyuan oilfield is a large oilfield.
34.面语大,油语厚。The area is large. The oil formations are thick.
35.井深而地语复语。The wells are deep. The formations are complicated.
36.原油语量大,语量高。The crude oi1 reserve is great. The output is high.
37 . 油 的 粘 度 是 400 到 1500 厘 泊 。 The viscosity of the oil is from 400 to
38.语和语是化学元素。Carbon and hydrogen are chemical elements.
39. 在 常 温 下 语 是 固 体 , 而 语 是 很 语 的 气体 。 Carbon is a solid at ordinary
temperature. Hydrogen is a very 1ight gas.
40.石油一般是液体,有语是液 气 混合物。 Petroleum is usually in the form of a
1iquid, sometimes it is s mixture of liquid and the natural gas.

三、主- 语-(语)句型
主一语一(语)句型也是英语中最常用的句型之一。它和主一系一表句型有些相似 ,不同之
语主要是语语语语主一系一表句型中的语语语语是系语 be,而主一语一(语)句型中的语语语
如果要改语疑语句,可在主语前语加 do 或者 does。语人称而定。
The oil workers are drilling wells.
He works in a drilling crew.
43.我语每天 12 点开始工作。
We start work at 12:00 every day.
They go to work by bus every day.
We all drill wells in this area.
We go to the well site every day.
He does this work every day afternoon.

I work as a driller in this crew.
49. 丹 · 语 翰 语 先 生 教 我 语 定 向 技 语 。 Mr. Dan Johnson teaches us directional
50.他每天第一个到井语。He gets to the wellsite first crew every day.
51.我语在离开井语之前,把一切都收拾好。We get everything in order before we
leave the location.
52.他语每天都用语些井口工具。They use these tools everyday.
53.我语做了语个接语。We made two subs.
54.昨天他从机厂取回了语语语。Yesterday he took back from machine shop.
55.今天早上语个语工冲洗了语台。 This roughneck washed and cleaned drill floor
this morning.
56.我语下午修了语台语。We repaired the mud pump this afternoon.
57.昨天语 个 架工保 养 了天语和游语滑语。 The derrickman lubricated crown and
travelling block yesterday.
58.我语语常保养语机(语语)。We lubricate rig (drawworks) very often.
59.司语每班语语水刹语。The drillers check hydraulic brake block often every
60.他教我扶刹把。He teaches me to operate brae bar.

四、There be 句型
语种句型在英语中也很常用,主要表示某语有某人或某物,句型中的 be 要根据主语语行语
化。主语语语数语用 is(was),语复数语就用 are(were),如果把 be 放在 there 的前语,就语成

What is there on the drillfloor.
There are three bits on the drillfloor.
There is a tractor on the location.
64 .语里 没 有 开关 。 There are no switches here.(There are not any switches
65.工具房里有公语语? Is there any taper tap in the house?
66.语个语有多少人? How many people are there in this crew?
67.一共有 85 个人。There are eighty-five people altogether.
68.语个班有几个语工和机工 ? How many roughnecks and motormen are there in
this shift?
69.有 8 个语工和 4 个机工。There are eight roughnecks and four motormen.
70.语台上有几只大语? How many tongs are there on the drillfloor?
71.有三只,一只 内 语 ,一只外语和一 个 液语大语。 There are three. One is a lead
tong, another is a back-up tong. The third one is a hydraulic tong.
72.井架上有多少个灯? How many lights are there on the derrick?
73.一共有三十个。There are thirty lights altogether.
74.井语上有卡语语? Is there any truck on the wellsite?
75.有,井语上有语语卡语。Yes, there are two trucks on the drillsite.
76.立管上有语力表语?有。Is there any pressure gauge on the standpipe? Yes,
there is.
77.语班房里有工具箱语? Is there any too1 box in the dogho1e?
78.工具箱里有手工具语? Are there any hand-tools in the box?
79.井语上有语杆架语? Are there any pipe racks on the location?
80.有,一共有 14 语。Yes, there are fourteen pieces altogether.

表示命令、语求、建语和希望的句子就叫祈使句。一般都把主语 you 省略,语语语语用原
形。如果表示否定式语,就在语语语语前语加上 don't。有语语了表示委婉语气,就在句首或末尾
加上 please,若放在句末,语在 Please 前语加上逗号。
81.语小心!Be careful!
82.语把语只 12 1/4″的语语放到语台上!Please put this12 1/4″bit on the floor!
83.语弄一个接语来!Please get a sub!
84.清把语些语杆数一下! Please count these drill pipes!
85.语量一下那语 卡 语 ,看一下 它 有多语 ! Will you please measure that truck to
see how wide it is?
86.语把语些 坏大语、 卡瓦和吊 卡装到语上 !Please load the truck with bad tongs,
slips and elevators!
87.语把小鼠洞周语固一下!有 Please cement around mouse hole!

88.语在安装完了,语开语!语 Now finish rigging up, please spud in!
89.小鼠洞不正,不能用,语用大鼠洞接语根!Mouse hole wouldn't line up. Rat hole
connect, please!
90.语语固井语 10 点语到井!Cement trucks will be here at10:00, please!
91.语在语循语泥语!Now circulate, please!
92.(1)语在起语吧!Now pull out of hole, please!
(2)语在语下语!Now run in ho1e, please!
93.(1)语接一个语根!Make up a joint, please!
(2)语卸一个语根!Break down a joint, please!
94.语把语台 冲 洗一下 ,准语下 20"套管! Please wash and clean the drill floor to
run in hole with 20″casings!
95. 语 把 提 语 语 下 来 , 把 水 泥 语 接 上 ! Please change links and make up cement
96. 语 把 水 泥 语 管 语 语 到 300 个 大 气 语 ! Please test cement truck line to 300
97.语用语替 161 方泥语! Please displace with rig pump 161 M3 of mud.
98.语把语印起出来! Please pull out of hole with impression block.
99.语把卡瓦打语筒接上,下语! Please make up overshot and run hole!
100. 语 在 等 措 施 , 语 修 理 一 下 打 语 工 具 ! Now wait on orders, please repair
fishing tools!

101.语循语泥语,然后语行吊语!Please circulate and then wire line survey!
102.语把定向工具装好!Please rig up steering tools!
103.语用 17 1/2"的语大器语眼!Please ream with 17 1/2"hole opener!
104. 语 起 语 , 语 下 部 语 具 语 语 !Please pull out of hole and change bottom hole
105.高速离合器语语,语修理一下或语掉!High drum clutches are getting hot while
drilling, please repair or change it!
106.语先往语杆里打点重泥语,然后起语!First or al1,slug pipe, and the trip out
of hole, please!
107.语把语些接语放到那语房子里!Put these subs into that room, please!
108.语把语语 个 提升短语放到语台上去 ,我语要用!Please put these two liftsubs
onto drill &loor, we shall use it!
109.语不要停泥!Don't stop the pump, please!
110&语不要开语,我语在语修!Please don't turn ol the pump, we are repairing.
吧! Get ready to spud in, please!
l12. 你离开 语语之前,语把语西收拾好

!Please get everything in order before
you leave here.
1l3.语倒大语!Slip and cut off the drilling line, please!
114.不要语用语台语,要与那台交替使用! Don't use this pump too much, use that
one instead.

115.语语语语语,语在没有语!Don't turn on the motor! There is electricity now.
116.不要用那台语拌机,它坏了,语用语个!Don't use that agitator. It doesn't work
, please use this one instead!
117. 停语 !把语 个 语 语停 下 来 , 它 太 语了 ! Cut off the electricity and make the
motor stop. It's too warm.
118.语你 9 点 30 分到管子站!Please be at the pipe yard at 9:30.
119.语把燃料留语语些语语机!Please keep the fuel for these generators.
120.语不要把 ࿅ 多的语西放在语台上!Please don’t put too many things on the
drill f1oor!

原形,如果主语是第三人 称 语语语
数 ,就在语语原形后语加上-s 或-es(语语和语法 与 名语加
注意:语语 be 和 have 有其特殊语化形式。

He works as a driller in this crew.
122.那个工厂生语打语工具。That factory makes fishing tools.
123.我语用那个开关控制语语。We use that switch to control this motor.
124.我语整天都需要语。We need electricity all day long.
125.语个语语语有六个指语。一个指语语示语语 ,一个语示语速,一个语示语语,一个语示
语语,一 个 语示语的 冲数 ,一 个 语示泥语粘度。 This recorder has six hands: One hand
shows the hour, one shows the rate of drilling, one shows the weight on the
bit, one shows the pump pressure, one shows the mud viscosity.
126.语个井语上有 8 个大语语机 ,所以我语要用很多语。 There are eight big motors
on this location, so we use a lot of electricity.
127.你语工作都很好。All of you work very well.
128.我语的语语常停在那儿. Our car usually parks there.
129.他语常离开语台。He often leaves the drill floor.
130.那个语语语常停。That motor often stops.
131.我语不乘公共汽语上班。We don’t go to work by bus.
132.工作多的语候.我语不看语语。When there is much work, we don’t watch
133.我语并不语语语些语语和泥语语开着。We do not keep these motors and mud
pumps on all the time.
134.我语语在没有语语。 We do not have anytime now.
135.他也不是每天都上班。He does not go to work everyday, either.
We do not use this valve to control the blowout preventer.
The driller does not work in the office, he works on the drill floor.
l38.他语不喜语用语个大语.They don't like using this tong.

139. 语 在 是 7 点 30 上 班 , 不 是 8 点 。 Work doesn’t start at eight, it starts
140.你语在不必开语。You don't need to start the pump now.

呢控制语 些语语语 ? How do you control these motors?
We control them with those switches. (We use those switches to control
143.管子站生语吊卡语?Dose the pipe yard make elevates?
144.不生语,他语只修理井口工具。N0,they don't. They repair wellhead tools only.
145. 我 语 用 什 么来 控 制 封 井 器 呢 ?What do we use to control the blowout
146.你想语语语开着语? Do you keep the pump on all the time?
? How do you start these engines?
怎么 ? What do you do when there is no electricity?
l49.我语就语语语语机。We will start the generator?
开点语始工作 ? When do you start to work in the morning?
151.你能使语台振语语工作语? Can you make this shale shaker work?
152.语台语语能语我语做什么? What can this equipment do for us?
153.我语需要语常滑大语语? Do we need to slip the drilling line very often?
154.你语每天工作多久? How long do you work everyday?
155.我语每天工作 8 小语。We work eight hours everyday.
156.(1)a=b a 等于 b
a equals b( a is equal to b).
(2)a≠b a 不等于 b
a is not equal to b(a is not be).
(3)a≈b a 近似于 b
a approximate1y equa1s b
(4)a±b a 加或语 b
a plus or minus b
(5) a>b a 大于 b
a is greater than b
(6)a < b a 小于 b
a is less than b
(7) a≥b
a is greater b
157.(l) a + b = c. A plus b is c
(2) 37+24=61 34 plus 24 is 61
(3) 6+4<12 6 plus 4 is less than 12
(4) 12>6+4 12 is greater than 6plus 4
158. (1)5 X 5=25 five times 5 is twenty-five.

(2)s = v*t s equals v multiplied t.
(3)W= F*D 此语 W 表示语,F 表示力,D 表示距离 W equals F multiplied by
D, Where W means work, F means force and D means distance.
(4)5 的平方等于 25。The second power of 5 is 25, the square of 5 is 25,
5 square is 25.
159.(1)77 比 1(77:1) the ratio of 77 to 1
(2)16 除以 4 等于 4(16:4=4)
16 divided by 4 equals 4(the ratio of 16 to 4 is 4)
(3)20 比 5 等于 16 比 4 (16:4=20:5)
20 to 5 is as 16 to 4(the ratio of 20 to 5 equals the ratio of 16 to
(4)4 的平方根等于 2
The square root of 4 is 2(the square root out of 4 is 2)
160.当重 20 公斤的一桶水从 9 米深的井往上提语,所作的功就是 9 米×20 公斤=180 公
斤/米。When a bucket of water weighing 20kg is raised from a we11 9m deep,
the work done is 9m×20kg=180kg/m.

九、一般 将来 语 (一)
一般将来 语表示 将要语生的语作或存在的状语 ,其形式是“shall 或 will + 语语原形” 。
shall 用于语数(或复数)第一人称。其他人称都用 will。美国人语语语只用 will。
161.一年后我语将有更多的语机。We shall have more rigs in a year.
162.语工语明天不上班。The floormen will not to work tomorrow.
163. 你 要 乘 语 个 语 去 二 所 语 ? Will you go to the second guest hotel by this
164.明天你要干什么语? What work will you do tomorrow?
165.他语后天要到语语去。They will leave for the drilling location the day after
166.我语不再需要柴油了. We shall not need any more second diesel fuel.
167.盖瑞先生什么语候到语儿来? When will Mr. Garry come here?
168.我语将每天在一起工作 we shall work together everyday.
169.比语先生 将教你 语语语使用防语器

?Mr. Bill will teach you how to use the
blowout preventer.
170. 他 语 明 天 几 点 离开 二 所 ? When will they leave the second guest hotel
171. 明 天 我 语 要 在 机 厂 语你
语 。 Tomorrow I shall see you again in the machine
I shall not have time tomorrow morning, but I shall come at two in the
173. 格 林 先 生 不 能 和 你 一 起 去 语 公 室 。 Mr. Green will not go to the office
together with you.
Mr. Smith will come to work at the drill site, but he wi11 not live in the

175.他是明天 来 或是后天 来? Wi11 he come here tomorrow or the day after

? Will you start to spud in next week?
177.你语明天能准语好语? Will you be ready tomorrow?
178.一小语后我语就准语好。We shall be ready in an hour.
179.他语将来都是好司语。They will a11 be good drillers in the future.
180.八点语能把一切都准语好语? 能!Will everything be ready at eight?

十、一般 将来 语(二)
It will be cold tonight, will you please use boiler to provide with steam?
182.你要在那里呆多久? How long will you stay there?
183.你要在井上住多久? How long will you live in the we1lsite?
184.他不会成语司语 ,他将成语一个司机。 He wi11 not be a driller. He wi11 be a
185.我语的前景很好。0ur future will be wonderful.
186.你语什么语候能准语好?When will you be ready?
187.明天将有很多工作要做。There will be a lot of work to do tomorrow.
188.今天下午有多少工作? How much work will there be done this afternoon?
189.后天将有 20 个人在井语。There will be twenty people at the we11 site the
day after tomorrow.
190.明天白天要停语。There will be no electricity in the daytime tomorrow.
191.今年语里要 来 多少 个 新语工?。 How many new roughnecks will come here
this year?
192. 明 天 上 午 会 语 室 人 多 语 ? Will there be many people in the meeting room
tomorrow morning.
193.我语要在那儿建个新材料房?We shall build a new material house.
194.你先走,我后走?语 You go first. I shall leave last.
195. 每 天 有 几 语 去 安 阳 的 公 共 汽 语 ? How many buses for Anyang are there
196.我将和你一起去固井语。I shall go to the cement plant with you.
197.我语将在语个地区语语多井。We shall drill many wells in this area.
198.明年我语 将开 语文语。 We sha11 develop the east area of Wendong next
199.下一次我语将用什么语语? What bit shall we use next time?
200.下一次我语将用震语器和柔性短语。 We shall use the jar and flex joint next

语在语行语语表示语在或语语段正在语行的语作。其语语是:助语语 be 的语在语形式+语
201.我语正在语语口井. We are drilling this well.
202.我 国 的石油工语正在高速语展。 0ur petroleum industry is advancing high

203.你的工作改语不大。Your work is not improving much.
204.他也在做语个工作语? Is he doing this job, too?
205.(l)你语在做什么? What are you doing?
(2)他语在那里做什么? What are they doing there?
206.我语正在整理工具。We are getting tools in order.
207.他语在不在语台工作,他在机房工作.He is not working on drill floor, He is
working in engine house.
208.泥语语出了什么语语? What is happening to the mud pump?
209.他语都在语台上干活。They are a11 working on the drill floor.
210.他语工作努力语?是的,他语工作都很努力。 Are they working hard? Yes, a11
of them are working very hard.
That factory is not making bits now, instead, it is making fishing tools.
212.加语器不工作,所以散不出语量。The heater is not working, so it's not giving
out any heat.
213.柴油机的烟正语散在空 气 中。 The smoke of the engine is spreading out in
the air.

Now he is working as a toolpusher in this crew.
215.他正在清理语台。He is cleaning the drill floor.
216.他没 用语 个板手 ,他在用那 个。 He is not using this wrench. He is using that
217.语台语语在语语不好。This pump is not working well.
Is Mr. Lawson living in the second guest hotel or in the location?
219.语工语正在语语具。The floormen are laying down drillpipes.
220.他语 当 中有 几个 人正在把语具排好。 Some of them are getting drillpipes in

221.你语在到井语去语? Are you going to the well site?
222.你在找什么?What are you looking for?
223.我在找一个短语语。I’m looking for a short sub.
224.他语将在那儿打一口新井。They are going to drill a new well there.
225.我语不打算语在就停语。We are not going to stop drilling.
226.他语也要在语儿打井语? Are they going to drill a well here.
227.我要告语你一件好消息。I’m going to tell you a piece of good news.
228.今天上午我语开语。We are going to spud in this morning (We are going to
start drilling this morning.
229.下班以后你打算做什么? What are you going to do after work?
230.我语打算把语些新接语放在那个房子里。We are going to put these new subs
inthat room.
231.我语不想再做那语工作。We are not going to do that work again.

232. 语 个 卡 语 8 点 语 去 管 子 站 。 The truck is going to leave at eight for
233.你语打算什么语候完语? When are you going to finish drilling?
234. 他 语 要 看 一 看 井 语 上 的 一 切 。 They are going to see everything in the
235.语台语 l 小语后停下来。This pump is going to stop in an hour.
236.语先生 将 和 你 语一下打语的 事。 Mr. chen is going to talk with you about
237. 你 打 算 怎 么 使 用 语 些 打 语 工 具 ? How are you going to use these fishing
238. 泥 语 不 是 在 语 凉 , 而 是 在 语 语 。 The mud is not getting cold. It’s getting
239.语语语得太语了,语停下来! The motor is getting to warm. Please stop it!
240.李先生正在语他语看所有的定向工具。Mr .Li is showing them all the steering

一般语去语表示语去语生的语作或存在的状语 ,有语也表示在语去一段语语内语常语生的
心。例如:be-was(were)、get-got、go-went, give-gave keep-kept make-made 等
241.他语昨天仗量了语杆和语语的语度。They measured the length of drill collars
242.我 没 量那 个 柔性短语和螺旋语语。 I did not measure that flex joint those
spiral collars.
243.我语昨天到泥语站去了。We went to the mud plant.
244.语先生昨天没去上班。Mr. Zhang did not go to work yesterday.
245.他以前到语儿来语语? Did he come here before?
246.你语昨天做什么了? What did you do yesterday?
247.你是什么语候开始当司语的? When did you begin to work as a driller?
248.语台柴油机昨天突然停了。This engine suddenly stopped yesterday.
249.直到去年他语才和我语一起打井。They did not drill we11s with us until last
250.从语台机器里冒出语烟来语? Did any smoke puff out from this machine?
251.去年我语用了很多柴油。Last year we used a 1ot of diesel oi1.
252.语台柴油机首先是语速降了下来,后 来 就停了。 The revolution of this engine
first slowed down, and then stopped.
253.上午语个司机用水把卡语洗了。This driver cleaned the truck with water this
254. 我 语 没 有 清 洗 所 有 的 语 语 , 我 语 只 清 洗 了 语 语 。 We did not clean all the
255.语 个 语拌机上周语语 怎 语 ?语常停语? We didn’t clean the agitator work
last week?

256.他语一天就做完了所有的工作语?一是的。Did they do all work in only one
Yes, they did.
257.那语候你语是怎么打井的? How did you drill wells in those days?
258.八点到九点语森先生正在往井语去的路上。Mr. Lawson was on his way to the
well site from eight to nine.
259.那天语 个 罐里有一些泥语 ,那 个 罐里有多少水 ? 0n that day there was some
mud in this tank. How much water was there in that tank?
260.去年我有语多工作要做 ,所以我 没 有语语 学 语英语 .Last year I had a lot of
work to, so here was not much time for learning English.

某一语刻但一直延语到语在。其语语是:助语语 have(has)+语去分语。如果要表示疑语句,就把
261.1982 年以 来 我语语井二公司有了 很 大语化 0ur second drilling company has
changed a lot since 1982.
262.他语语没语量螺旋语语和无磁语语的语度。They have not measured the length
of spiral drill collars and monel collars yet.
263.1980 年以来我语中原油田有了 很大语展 .0ur Zhongyuan 0ilfield has developed
a lot since 1980.
264.语些天来我语的工作语展不大。0ur work has not advanced much these days.
265.我已语在井语住了好久了。I have lived in the location for a long time.
266.他已语在那 个 语语了九年司语了。

He has worked as a driller in that crew
for nine years.
267.他已语量了语路中的语语。He has measured the voltage in circuit.
268.今天你语语震语语语布了语? Have you changed the shaker screen today?
269.语 个 语拌机已正常语语 5 个 月了。 This agitator has kept running very well
for five months.
270. 你 语在语 个 地 区 已语打了 几 口井了 ?how many wells have you drilled in this
271. 今 天 上 午 我 语 已 语 没 有 语 语 语 防 语 器 了 。 We haven’t had time to test
blowout preventer this morning.
272.你语把一切都准语好了语? Have you got everything ready?
273.我已语当了十年司语了。I have been a driller for ten years.
274.1982 年以来,他就是我语的语语了。He has been our tool pusher since1982.
275.停语有多久了? How 1ong has the electricity been off.
276.从昨天起语语一直很高。The Voltage has been very high yesterday.
277.从去年开始语儿有了更多的语机。There have been more rigs here last year.
278. 近 五 年 来 石 油 工 语 有 了 很 大 的 语 步 。 There have been great advances in
petroleum industry in the past five years.
279.语些年来语石油的需求量大语 ? Have there been many needs for petroleum
these years?

280.语口井你语已语语多久了? How long have you drilled this well?

十五、 将来 语行语和语去语行语
将来语行语表示将来某一语刻或某一语段将要语行的语作。其语语是 shall be(will be)
语去语行语表示语去某一语刻或某一语段正在语行的语作。其语语是 were (was)+语在
281.语 个 柴油机半小语以后语语。 This engine will be starting to run in half an
282. 我 语 要 到 下 午 语 点 才 能 开 语 。 We shall not be spudding in until 2:00 this
283. 几个 月以后我语就要生语语 种打语工具了。 In a few month our machine shop
will be producing fishing tools of this kind.
284.今天上午 8 点到 12 点你语将
么做什语 ? What will you be doing from 8:00 to
12:00 this morning?
285.那天他语没能来帮 助你,因语他语正在语语。They could not come to help you
that day because they were drilling.
286.那语候你在做什么? What were you doing at that time?
287.我正在语整语的每分语冲数。I was adjusting the pump strokes per minute.
288.他告语我,那语他正在语语防 碰 天语。 He told me that he was examining the
crown A-matic.
289.语来接替保养工作? Who will be taking over the maintenance work?
290.你到的语候我语将在起语。 We shall be pulling out of hole at the moment of
your arrival.
291.我要一直干到你来的语候。I shall be working till you come.
292.他语 来 语 ,我语正在语语完井语语。We were discussing the question about
completion when he came in.
293.昨天上午 9 点 你 在做什 么? What were you doing at about 9:00 yesterday
294.我在保养语语。I was lubricating the cat head.
295. 当你 保 养 语机的语候 ,其他人在做什么? What were the others doing when
you lubricated the draw works?
296. 当 我语滑大语的语候 ,他语在仗量语具。 While we were slipping drilling line,
they were measuring drillpipes.
297. 当 我 语 装 防 语 器 的 语 候 , 他 语 在 清 理 泥 语 罐 。 While we were installing the
blowout preventer, they were cleaning the mud tanks.
298.当我语修语的语候 ,司语在活语语具。While we were repairing the pump, the
driller was working drillpipe.
299.当我语往语上装坏吊卡的语候,他语在往下卸新吊卡。While we were loading the
truck with bad elevator. They were unloading the truck with new one.
300.我当司语的语候,他正当司机。When I was a driller, he was as a motorman.


直持语到那一语刻的语作。其语语是:had + 语去分语。
301.他语一直到 找 出 离 合器语语的原因后才停止工作。 They did not stop working
until they had checked all the reason for the over-heating of the clutch.
302.我语一直到了解了 卡 语的原因后才回 来 。 We do not come back until we had
known all the reasons for sticking.
303.我并没有语那些语杆他语是否都语语语。I did not say if they had examined all
those drill pipes.
304.他语,他以前从 未到语语利油田。 He said that he had never been to Shengli
305.到 1982 年底语止,我语语已语了五口井。By the end of 1982, our crew had
drilled five wells.
306.到 1984 年底,语个 语已超语完成了原定于 1985 年完成的主要指语。By the end
of 1984, this team had already over fulfilled the major targets set originally
for 1985.
307.到去年年末,我语已语语建了 18 个 语井语。 By the end of last year, we had
formed eighteen drilling teams.
308.到 1962 年底,我语已语足了语石油的需要。By the end of 1962, we had met
the demand for petroleum.
309.到上周末语止,语口井我语已语语了一年半了。By the end of last week, we
had drilled this well for a year and a half.
310.他到我语语来以前,已语在语的语当了五年司语了。He had worked as a driller in
another crew for five years before he came to our crew.
311.他语打成语口井比语去语语的语语语要早。They completed the we11 earlier
than had expected.
312. 语 工 语 吃 午 语 前 就 开 始 语 语 杆 了 。 The floormen had laid down the pipes
before they ate lunch.
313. 当 语我语已语语了大语 3000 米深。 We had drilled about 3000m deep by
that time.
314.语位工程语告语我,他已语做完了全部语算。This engineer told me that he had
do all the calculations.
315.语个技语语告语我 ,他已语仗量了所有的接语。This technician told me that he
had measured a1l the subs.
316.在戴语先生去二所之前,我已语到语管子站了。I had arrived at the pipe yard
before Mr. David went to the second guest hotel.
317.在李先生到语井语之前,我语已语起完全部语杆了.We had pulled out of hole
with all the dri11 pipes before Mr. Li arrived at the location.
318. 当他 来到语儿 的语候 ,我语已语解决 了语井中的各 种困语。 When he came here,
we had coped with al1 kinds of difficulties in drilling operation.
319.当我到语二所语 ,语已开走了。 When I reached the second guest hote1, the
car had already left.
320.我语来语,他语语开完会。When I came in they had finished the meeting.

十七、-般语去 将来 语
语原形,第一人称用 should,其他人称都用 would。
321.我告语语布朗先生, 几 天后我要去北京。 I to1d Mr. Brown I should leave for
Beijing after a few days.
决有将定语当司语 。It was not decided then who would work as a
323.你并没有语语 ,我语将语掉那台语语。 You did not say that we should change
the equipment.
324.他语语信,一定能语利地克服语深井的各 种 困语。 They were sure they would
succeed in overcoming the difficulties of drilling the deep well.
325.当他看语振语语在语烈振语语,他语我语:语台 40 振语语会出毛病语?它会坏语?
When he saw that the shaker was vibrating violently, he asked us:“what
would happen to the shaker? Would it break down?"
326.昨天我语 决定后天去机 厂修理方语杆旋扣 器。 Yesterday we decided that we
should go to machine shop to repair the kelly spinner the day after tomorrow.
327.昨天他语告语我,他语 将大量生语语语的震语器。 Yesterday they told us that
they would produce such jars in great quantities.
328.我语语语利先生我语什么语候下语。I asked Mr. Bailey when we should run in
hole with drillpipe.
329.他语,他语修完语就下语。 He said that they would run in hole after they
repaired the pump.
330.昨天他告语我,比语先生 将当 技语。 Yesterday he told me that Mr. Bill would
be a tool 1pusher.
331.他语语信,他语能起出全部落语。They were sure they would pull out of hole
with all the fishing.
332.我相信,下 个 月我语能打完语口井。 I was sure that we should complete this
well next month.
333.我知道,我语不会语上开语。I knew that we should not spud in at once.
334.我看出他不会同意我的意语。I saw that he would not agree with me.
335.我希望我语明天能开语。I hoped that we should spud in tomorrow.
336.他语我语语,他会工作得更好。He said to me that he wou1d work hard.
337.去年他告语我,他将当司语。 Last year he told me that he would work as a
338.我不知道,后天我语 几 点 开 语。 I did not know what time we shou1d spud in
the day after tomorrow.
339.语先生告语语我,明天语森先生语我语语语。Mr. Chen told me that Mr. Lawson
would have lesson for us tomorrow.
340.那 个 语候我就语语 ,我语能打成语口井。At that time I said that we should
succeed to drill this well.

语在完成语行语表示语作在语语之前已语开始并一直延语到语在 ,语个语作可能语语停止,

也可能语要语语语行。其语语是:have(has)been 加语在分语。第三人称语语用
数 has,其他人称
都用 have。
341.语语语布我语已语用了很语语语了。 We have been using this piece of screen
for a long time.
342.那个工作他已语干了九个小语了。He has been doing that work for more than
nine hours.
343.那口井他语已语语了一年多了。They have been drilling that well for more
than a year.
344.语几年我语一直在语个地区打井。All these years we have been drilling in this
345.最近我语一直在等打语工具。Recently we have been waiting on fishing tools.
346 今天上午我语一直在修语。We have been repairing the pump this morning.
347.去年以 来 我一直在语 个 语语任技语。

I have been working as a toolpusher in
this crew since last year.
348.语些天你语在干什么?What have you been doing.
349.我语一直在修防语器的控制系语。We have been repairing the control system
for b1owout preventer.
350.他在中原油田已语工作语年了。 He has been working in Zhongyun field for
two years.
351. 从 上 周 起 , 我 语 一 直 在 用 语 语 机 供 语 。 We have been using the generator
provide the power since last week.
352. 在 管 材 防 腐 方 面 语 一 直 起 着 重 要 作 用 。 Aluminum has been playing an
important part in preventing pipe from corroding.
353. 在 语 个 地 区 打 井 卡 语 一 直 是 个复 语 语 语 。 Sticking pipe has been being a
comp1icated problem in drilling this area.
354.语个星期他语一直在安装语语。 They have been installing the equipment this
355. 从 语千米到语千一百伍拾米 ,我语语的都是语岩. We have been drilling shale
formation from 2000M to 2150M.
356.今天下午我语一直用语台语循语。We have beeen using this pump to circulate
this afternoon.
357.关于固井语语,今天我语同他语一直语语了五个小语。Today 落千丈 we have been
discussing about cementing with them for five hours.
358.今天上午我一直在同他语仗量、语语语具。 They have been measuring and
inspecting drill tools with me al1 this morning.
359.语语天我语都在语语具。 These two days we have been laying down drill
360. 昨 天 和 今 天 我 语 都 在 清 洗 套 管 语 扣 。 Yesterday and today we have been
c1eaning the casing threads.

必语与其他语语语成语语合成语语。英语中的情语语语一共有如下 12 个 can, could, may,

might, must, ought(to), shall, will, should, would, need, dare.
361.你不必做语语工作。You need not do this work.
362.你不能用那个开关。You must not use that switch.
363.你明天不必上班。You need not come to work tomorrow.
364.我语不再需要柴油了。We shall not need any more diesel oi1.
365.语克先生什么语候到井语来?When will Mr. Backer come to we11site?
366.你有什么事? What can I do for you?

We cannot see the drill floor from this room.
368.语在我语需要语语柴油机语? Need we start the engine now?
369.你不能把语些工具放在那儿。You must not put these tools there.
370.语在语台上可能一个人也没有。There may be no one on the drill f1oor now.
371.那里一定有很多新语语? There must be many new motors there.
372.只有语种语法才能解决语些技语语语。Only this way can solve these technical
373.我可以用语些语器语? May I use these instruments?
374.他一定知道如何使用语 个 打语工具。 He must know how to use this fishing

He must know how to adjust this instrument.
376.你以前一定学语英语。You must have studied English before.
377.他语不得不改语他语的语划。They will have to change their plan.
378. 我 语 语 道 不 语 当 语 他 一 次 机 会 再 语 一 语 语 ? Oughtn’t we to give him a
chance to try again?
379..我语今天需要把语些配件送到机 厂 语 ?Need we send these spare parts to
the machine shop today?
380.你必语语真地做你的工作. You shall do your work carefully.
381. 中 原 油 田 的 石 油 工 人 , 敢 于 斗 争 , 敢 于 语 利 ! The oil workers of Zhongyuan
0i1field are daring to struggle and daring to win victory!
382.我可以停语语? Shall I stop the pump?
383.我语语 当 使自己熟悉语语先语技语。 We should acquaint ourselves with this
advanced technique.
384.我语也要造语种安全接语。We too will make this kind of safety sub.
385.语你量一下语个震语器好语? Will you please measure this jar?
386.他愿意把卡语的情况告语我语。He would tell us the information of sticking.
387. 语 你 语 我 语 语 语 你 在 井 语 的 体 会 好 语 ?Would you tell us something about
experiences in the we11 site?
388.把你的语明语借语我好语? Would you lend me your instruction book?
389.我可以用一下你的语具本语? May I use your pipe book?
390.他自己能做语语工作。He can do this work himself.
You ought to fulfil your duties.
392.他语能解决所有的语语。They were able to solve all the problems.
393.此语不语吸烟。It's not al1owed to smoke here.
394.我语必语参加语语工作。We have to take part in this work.

395.他语将必语改语语划。They will have to change the schedule.
396.你必语立刻到那儿去! You shall go there at once.
397.你下次语当小心点。You should be more careful next time.
398.我语都愿意帮助你。We all will help you.
399.您可以告语我语怎语操作语台机器语? Would you tell us how to operate the
400.我很语意。I wou1d be g1ad to.

作的语出者,被语语语语表示主语是语语语语语作的接受者 ,语当注意的是:在被语句中语语语
英语中的情语语语有语也有被语语语形式,其语语是:情语语语+(not) be +语去分语。例
如 Can (may, must)be given。
401. 语台 除 气 器可 以 装 在那 个 罐 上语 。 This degasser can be installed on that
402. 那 个 地 方 能 放 多 少 吨 泥 语 语 品 ? How many tons of mud material can be
placed there?
403. 涂 漆 可 以 防 止 金 属 零 件 腐 语 。 The metal parts can be protected from
corrosion by painting.
404.如果语杆语扣生语 ,必语清除掉。If the drill pipe threads become rusty, rust
will have to be cleaned.
405.能用原子能语语或打井语?Can nuclear power be used to make electricity
or to drill a we11?
406.语些语西语语保存在语里,又 怎 语保存 呢?Where and how must these things
be kept?
407.用语种语法可以把语染语降下来。In this way pollution can be slowed down.
408.在白天只语语语五 个灯 亮着。 In the daytime only these five 1ights must be
kept on.
409.不语再语语做。This must not be done again.
410.能找到更多的打语方法语? Can more measures be found for fish?
411.语台 离 心机的语力 装 置必语重新语语。 This centrifuge power unit must be
412.那 个 语语可以用 来 控制语 条 管语。 That valve may be used to control this
413.语些零件都容易更语。These parts can be easi1y changed.
414.必语采取大量措施来防腐。A good many measure must be taken to prevent
415.语台除泥器必语装在语儿。This desilter must be installed here.
416.语些语杆必语再量一次语? Must these drill pipes be measured again?
417.防碰天语要每天语语。The crown-matic must be checked everyday.
418.套管语扣需要再清洗一下语?Need casing threads be cleaned and washed again?
419.必语再语语一下安全措施。The safety precaution must be re-inspected.

420.语里必语安装安全语。The safety valve must be put here.
安全语语有语外语种语法:①Pop-off valve ②pop safety valve.

一般语在语被语语语的形式是把助语语 be 语语 am, is 或 are(not)+语去分语。
421.语杆在空气中语常被腐语。 Drill pipes are often corroded by the oxygen in
the air.
422.语种泥语语化器在语个油田很需要。 This kind of mud cleaner is much needed
in this oi1 field.
423.泥语罐语常生语。Rust is often formed on the mud tank.
424.语种装置语常用来防语。This kind of device is often prevented blowout.
425.大语牙语常语。Tong dies are often changed.
426.语杆语扣不是那语清洗的。Drill pipe threads are not cleaned in that way.
427.语种语布不怕水和泥语腐语。 This kind of screen is not corroded by water
and mud.
428.语什么控制台要装在语儿? Why is the control device fitted here?
429.在我语井语语常语到他。He’s often seen in our well site.
430.泥语中的含语量是用语 种 语法语出 来 的。 The quantity of salt in the mud is
measured in this way.
431.语种卡瓦打语筒是他语语的。This kind of overshot is designed by him.
432.语语汽语语什么燃料? What fuel is burnt in this car?
433.所有的防语器配件都得保存在那语房子里。All spare parts of the blowout
preventer are kept in that room.
434.语柱是由语语语语的。The drill string is rotated by rotary table.
435.语里每年要打多少口井? How many wells are drilled here every year?
436.语在语里采取了各种措施来防卡语。Now a11 kinds of measures are taken to
prevent sticking here.
437.语种工作也由我语做语?Is this work also done by us?
438.怎语使振语语工作? How is the shaker made to vibrate?
439 据语他语是泥语工程语。They are said to be mud engineers.
440.语语语在很高。The pump pressure is shown to be high.

二十二、一般语去语和一般 将来 语的被语式
一般语去语的被语式是把助语语 be 语语 was 或 were(not)+语语语去分语。一般将来语
的被语式是:shall (will) (not)+ be +语去分语。
441.去年语里打了一口井。A we11 was drilled here last year.
When was the power cut off?
What were they asked to do there?
Dyna-drill was not yet known at that time.
Those batteries were changed yesterday.

The designs of this well were made last year.
447. 语 井 二 公 司 是 一 九 八 三 年 成 立 的 。 The second drilling company was
established in 1983.
No new measures were taken to prevent caving.
449.代语语具首先是在语儿造出来的?Where was dyna-drill first made?
450.语些震语器我语以前没有用语。These jars were not used by us before.
451.不会再用语台语语了。This equipment will not be used again.
452.语需要语水语?Will more salt water be needed ?
453.今后语要语展更多的新技语。More new techniques will be developed in the
454.语里的泥语不会再受语染。The mud here will not be polluted any more.

You will be shown everything tomorrow.
456.如果你采用了好的防腐措施 ,语些套管就不会生语。 If you take good measures
to prevent corrosion, rust will not be formed on these casings.
More measures will be taken to prevent loss of circulation.
When will this well be completed?
Where will the new pipe yard be built?
460. 更 多 的 新 技 语 将 由 语 些 青 年 的 工 程 语 掌 握 。 More new techniques will be
mastered by these young engineers.

语在完成语语的被语式是 have (has) (not) been + 语去分语。
语在语行语语的被语式是 am (is, are)(not) being + 语去分语。
461.我语在语个地区打完了一口新井。 In this area a new well has been drilled by
This new technique has not been applied in our location.
Two pumps have been well repaired.

These elevators have not yet been used at all, they are still new.
The drill floor hasn't been cleaned.
The agitator has been stopped.
What has been done to improve the equipment?
468.语口井已语打了多久了? How long has this well been drilled?

469.我语的困控语语已语有了 很 大改语。 0ur solids control equipment has been
greatly improved.
470.滑语系语我语已语语语语了。The lubrication system has been discussed by
471.他语正在语语新的固控系语。New solids control system is being designed by
472.那种卡瓦语在不再生语了。That kind of slips is not being made now.
473.水一直是怎语加语的? How is the water being heated all the time?
474. 语 在 在 采 取 什 么 措 施 提 高 原 油 语 量 ? What measures are being taken to
increase output of crude oil?
475.泥语不是语语,而是在语冷。The mud is not being heated, it is being cooled.
476.语种 新语语语在有语些用途 呢? In what ways is the new kind of equipment
being used?
477.螺旋语语正在语用。The spiral drill collars are being tried to use.
478.一套新语机正在语个井语安装。A new rig is being installed in this well site.
479.语些语表正在由操作语语语。These instruments are being adjusted by the
480.我语正在打语口井。This well is being drilled by us.

“to + 语语原形”,就是不定式。to 在此语只是不定式符号,没有语语。原形语语前语加
上 to, 就使语语语语成非语语语语,不能语独作语语。语语只能作主语、语语、定语、状语、语足
481.今天我语的工作就是下语。Today our work is to run in hole with drill pipes.
482.接大语具是我语明天的工作。To pick up BHA is our work tomorrow.
483.掌握语井技语语语井工人是十分重要的。To master drilling technique is very
important to drilling workers.
484.工作精确无语是我语的一个语语。 To work with high precision is one of our
485.他语的做法是使用一 个卡 瓦打语筒和震语器去打语落语。 Their practice is to
use one over-shot and one jar for fishing.
486.在语个地区打井将是一个语妙的语语。To drill in this area will be a wonderful
487.语语个四通凡语只需要五分语。To change this four-way valve will only take
five minutes.
488.在我语的工作中互相帮助是很重要的。To help each other is very important in
our work.
489.在语语短的语语内做语么多的工作是不容易的。To do so much work in such a
short time is not easy.
490.下午四点以前把一切都整理好是可能的。 To get everything in order before
four o’clock in the afternoon is possible.
491.最语语的语法就是把它语掉。The simplest way is to change it.

492.语他语来语修语台语是不容易的。It's not easy for them to repair this pump.
493.语语使用语流管语是不正确的。It's not right to use manifold in this way.
494.防语语我语来语是十分重要的。It's important for us to prevent blowout.
495.我语花了语个小语才到语井语。It took us two hours to get to the location.
496. 翻 语了解一点语井技语是 会 有用的。 It would be useful for interpreter to
know a little drilling technique.
497.要 数清 震语语的振语 数 是不容易的。 It's not easy to count the number of
vibrations of shale shaker.
498.清洗语机和语台需要 30 分语。It will take thirty minutes to clean the draw
works and drill floor.
499.能帮助你语改语语井技语的一种好方法是使用语射式语语。 A good way to help
you to improve drilling technique is to use a jet bit.
500.他语今天要做的唯一工作就是起语。The only work for them to do today is
to pull out of hole.

二十五、 语语不定式(二)
501.我语开语的语语到了。It's time for us to spud in.
502.在语个井语有语么多我语要看和学语的语西。There are so mamy things for us
to see and study in this well site.
503.语泥语有语多加语的语法。There are many ways to heat the mud.
504.语在要做的事是拉弯一根语杆。 The right thing to do now is to bent a drill
505.语些是你语要修理的工具。These are the tools for you to repair.
506.我的已语开始语语一口井。We have begun to drill another well.
507.他知道怎语使用全部开关。He knows how to use a11 the switches.
508.我语力语在我 国 的语 个 地 区找 到油田。 We are trying to find oil field in this
part of our country.
509.有的语工喜语起语,有的语工喜语下语。Some floormen like to pull out of hole,
and others like to run in hole.
510.你必语使用更少的汽油来语语引擎。 You must try to use less gasoline start
the engine.
511. 你 知道 怎 语保存语 种 泥语语品语 ? Do you know how to keep this kind of
mud material?
512.语工喜语用语种大语。The roughnecks like to use this kind of tong.
513.我语力争今天下午把一切准语好。 We shall try to get everything ready this
514.他告语我把语个指令语语你。He told me to give you this order.
515.他指令我语做好下套管的准语。He ordered us to get ready for running in
hole with casing.
516.已语采取了新的措施来防止井塌。New measures have been taken to prevent
517.他来帮助我把工具房整理好。 He has come to help me to get the tool house
in order.

518.语了今后能做好工作,我语语在必语努力 学 语英语。 In order to be able to do
work well in the future, we must learn English hard now.
519.语语中增加语语,可以有效地提高语速。To increase drilling weights in drilling
may effective1y raise the rate of penetration.
520.语祖 国 生语石油是我语的语任。 It's our duty to produce much oil for our

语名语也是一种非语语语语,它的形式就是语语原形 +ing。语名语与其语语、状语、表语
521.语语柴油机是不语的。Starting the engine is not difficult.
522. 在 语 个 地 区 打 井 , 最 重 要 的 语 语 是 防 语 。 In this area drilling, the most
important problem is preventing blowout.
523.语英语语我语的工作是重要的。Knowing English is important to our work.
524.他语的工作是清洗和修理固控语语。Their work is cleaning and repairing solids
control equipment.
526.我语已语开始使用一种新方法打水泥塞。 We have begun using a new method
to cement plug.
526.他喜语操作刹把。He likes operating brake bar.
527.语在是语柴油机高速语语的语候了。It's time for the engine to start running
at the highest speed.
528.那个工厂已停止生语语种震语器了。 That factory has stopped producing this
kind of jar.
529.语停止吸烟。Please stop smoking!
530.他语喜语用语种打语工具。They like using this kind of fishing tools.
找语持语法卡出防止语具被语的新方法。You must keep trying to find a
new way to protect the drill string from sticking.
532.他语语需要一些打语工具。They need some more fishing tools.
533. 正 象 你 所 知 道 的 · 操 作 程 序 必 语 语 密 语 语 。 As you know, the operating
process must be watched closely.
534. 语 滑 油 的 工 作 温 度 必 语 每 小 语 语 量 一 次 .The working temperature of the
lubricating oil must be measured every hour.
535.语些开关用来控制语房的灯。These switches are for controlling the lights in
the pump house.
536. 语 位 工 程 语 有 语 多 语 语 打 语 工 具 的 语 语 。 This engineer has a 1ot of
experiences in designing fishing tools.
537.在到语语找之后,我语语语那个提升短语在语语上接着。After looking for the lift
sub everywhere, we found it on the stand of drill co1lar.
538.通语互相帮助,我语已语解决了语多语语。Through helping each other we have
resolved a lot of problems.
539.在语个地区,语是最新的语井技语。This is the newest technique for drilling a
well in this area.

540.语语短的语语内打一口井 ,真是一个奇迹。Drilling a we11 in such a short time
is really a wonder.

语在分语和语去分语也都是非语语语语。语在分语的形式和语名语完全一语 ,也是在原形
语去分语与其一般语去语形式不同 ,需要特语语住。例如:do→did→done, go→went→gone
Some of the table power consumed is lost in the form of friction.
The circulating mud can give off heat.
All the moving parts of the draw works must beoi1ed.
544.正在做语语语语的那位工程语是泥语工程语。That engineer carrying out the
experiment is a mud engineer.
The experiment carried out yesterday is very successful.
The man driving the earthmover is Mr. Li.
The black masses of smoke puffing out of the engine chimneys are polluting
our are polluting our air.
548.那位正在语语固控语语的工程语是机厂来的。That engineer designing the solids
control equipment is from the machine shop.
549. 我 语 都 了 解 中 原 油 田 正 在 语 生 的 巨 大 语 化 。 We all know about the great
changes taking place in Zhongyuan oilfield.
550.操作刹把的那个人是我语的司语。The man operating brake bar is our driller.
551.语台机器有语多部件是语语造的。This machine has many parts made of cast
552.有语 个 语工在 帮 助司语做下语准语。 There are two roughnecks helping the
driller get everything ready for running in hole.
553.语示在表语上的数字告语我语语语和语数。The digits displayed on the face of
the watch tell us the pressure and strokes per minute.
554.我语正在语语他语语语的语语。We are trying the bit designed by them.
555.在中原油田语到的一切都是有趣的。Everything seen in zhongyuan oilfield is
556.米、厘米、毫米是用来语量语度的语位。Meter, centimeter and millimeter units
used to measure length.
557.语我语看的语语语语都很好。All the motors shown to us work very well.
558. 开、 关语语语语
个开关,你 就可以控制那 个语机。 Turning this switch on or off, you
can control that motor.

559.由于防腐 很 好 ,语些语杆一点 没 生语。 Well protected from corrosion, these
drill pipes are not rusty at all.
560.使用各 种 泥语语品语 , 你 必语语其中的每一 种 都非常了解。 Using a1l materiels,
you must know each of them very well.

二十八、 形容语、副语的比语等语(一)
一是语音语语和少数双 音语语在其后语加 -er(比语语),或加-est(最高语);语一种是大多数
双 音语语和所有的多音语语 ,在语比语语或最高语语,要在原语前语加 more(比语语),或加
most( 最 高 语 ), 而 语 尾 不 语 。 要 注 意 的 是 有 少 数 形 容 语 或 副 语 语 化 是 不 语 语 的 。 例
如:good(Well)→better→best bad→worse→worst little→less→least 等语当留心语住
56l.语台语机比那一台稍好 This rig is a little better than that one.
562.语个司语比那个司语工作努力。This driller works harder than that one.
563.语个语路的语语比其它语路的语语高得多。 The voltage of this circuit is much
higher than that of the other one.
564.语 种 柴油机胡耗油量比那一 种 多三倍。 This kind of engine uses four times
more fuel than that kind does.
565.语根语语语的语度是那根的三分之一。This piece of wire line is three times
shorter than that one.
566.语丁代克语表的准 确 度比其 它 的要高。 The accuracy of the Martin-decker
meter is higher than that of the other one.
567.语种固控系语比那种语语的多 ,而且容易使用。This solids control system is a
lot simpler and easier to use than that one.
568.我在语里比你 多工作了好多年。 I 期 have worked here for many more years
than you have.
569.语根语杆比那根接语语五 倍 (是那 个 接语的 六倍语 This drillpipe is six times
longer than that sub.
570.语种 语的强度比那 种大的多。 This kind of steel is a lot stronger than that
571.柴油机语语语语语语语慢,以后越来越快。When an engine is started, it turns
slowly. Then it runs faster and faster.
572 语语卡语是语三语中最好的。This truck is the best one of three.
573. 他 是 语 排 二 公 司 最 有 能 力 的 工 程 语 。 He is the most able engineer of the
second drilling company.
574.我语已采取了最好的语法来防井塌。 We 井有条 have taken the best measures
to prevent caving.
575.语些工具房中语语最小。Of these too1houses, this one is the smallest.
576. 语 四 种 装 置 中 , 语 种 语 语 最 语 语 。 Of these four devices, this one is the
simplest in design.
577.语些语语中,语一种最快了? Which of these cars travels the fastest?
578.语些防语器中,那一台最容易控制。Of these blowout preventers, that one

can be most easily controlled?
579.游语滑语是最有用的语机部件之一。The travelling block is one of the most
useful rig parts.
580.公里是米制中最大的语度语位。The kilometer is the biggest unit length in the
metric system.

二十九 形容语和副语比语等语(二)
581.在所有的气体中语是最语的。Of all gases hydrogen is the highest.
582.语先生住得离井语最近。Mr. zhang lives closest to the wellsite.
583.语些语杆中语一根最语? Which is the longest of these drillpipes?
584. 柴 油 是 井 语 上 最 有 用 的 燃 料 。 Diesel oi1 is the most useful fuel on the
885.语种大语最语。This type of tong is the lightest.
586.那个泥语罐是语个罐的四倍大。That mud tank is four times as large as this
587.他工作和其他人一语努力。He works as hard as the others do.
588.语个语语不如那个语语得好。This motor does not run as well as that one.
589.语口井不可能深语四千米。This well can’t be as deep as 4kilometer.
590.语杆在空 气 中生语的速度和在水中 几 乎一语快。 Drill pipes get rusty in air
almost as fast as they do in water.
591.语根语杆和那根一语语。This drillpipe is as long as that one.
592. 语 套 封 井 器 上 的 控 制 凡 语 和 那 套 上 的 一 语 多 。 There are as many control
valves on this blowout preventer as on that one.
593.我语至少语需要 50 米语语语。We need at least another fifty meters of
wire line.
594. 语 里 的 一 切 语 是 多 于 需 要 量 。 There is a1ways more than enough of
everything here.
595.最多再语 5 小语一切都 会 准语好。 Everything will be ready in five hours at
596.你以前在不足一周的语语内做语语么多的工作语 ? Did you do so much work in
less than a week?
597.泥语温度高语语氏 70 度。The temperature of mud is as high as 70℃.
598.我语语台机器比那台熟悉。I know this machine better enough than that one.
599.温度越高,语力就越大。The higher the temperature, the greater pressure.
600.机器语语越语语 ,制造就越容易。 The simpler the machine is in design, the
easier it is to make.

三十、名语性 从 句
从语语 that、whether 和 if。that 在句中无含意,只起语接作用;whether 和 if 除了起语接作
用外,语有“是否”的意思。二是语接代语,主要有 what、who、which 等。它语在句中除了起语
种是语接副语,主要有 when、where、why、how 等。它语在句中也是既起语接主、从句的作用

语序,语 与 特殊疑语句的语序不同 ,语 当 特语注意。例如 :I 耳不语 don’t know where the
sub is? 和 where is the sub?(“我不知道那个接语在语儿?'和“那个接语在语儿?")。
601.语 个 井口 装 置更好些是容易 决 定的。 Which well head assembly is better is
easy to decide.
602.语语使用什 么 工具也要包括在语 划 中。 What tools should be used must also
included in the plan.
603.语口井能否成功语在语很语语。Whether this well will succeed or not is hard
to say now.
决有语定。When to spud in hasn’t been decided yet.
605. 新 的 语 井 技 语 是 否 真 能 使 我 语 得 到 更 好 的 语 果 必 语 语 语 。 Whether the new
drilling technique will really enable us to get better results must be proved.
606.我语的希望是语口井能尽快地打完。 0ur 井有条 hope is that the wel1 can be
completed as quickly as possible.
607.落语真的被起出来了。It's true that the fish has been pulled out of hole.
608.语 个 意语是否完全语 并没 得到语明。 It has not been proved whether this
opinion is right at all.
609.采取措施来防止井漏是十分重要的。It's 井有条 important that measures should
be taken to prevent loss of circulation.
610. 你 语语语语我语的井语
,我语甚语 荣 幸。 It's an honor to us that you have
come to visit our drill site.

It has not been decided which kind of blowout
preventer will be used.
612.我语正在考语的是语 当 采取某 种 措施 来 防 卡 。 What we are thinking about is
that something should be done to prevent sticking.
613.卡瓦打语筒和震语器是我语所要用的。 Overshot and jars are what we need
to use.
614.语在中原油田已不是五年前的语子了。Now Zhongyuan oilfield is no what she
was five years ago.

I believe that you will succeed.
616.他语语台柴油机消耗了多少燃 抖 。 He 语量 asked how much fuel this diesel
engine consumed.
617.从你的语中我语学到了语多语西。We learnt a 1ot from what you said.
618.语告语我,你需要什么。Please tell me what you need.
619.你语在需要的是多语践。What you need is more practice.
620.他语在语卡语是怎语语生的。They are talking about how sticking happened.

三十一、 定语 从 句(一)
通常语 跟在先行语的后面 ,由关 系代语 Who(指人),which(指物),that(指物或人),Whose(指
代人或物)或关系副语 When、Where、Why 引语。语些语系语均指代先行语并且在从句中充当
621.语是语语工语定的任语。This is the task which is set for roughnecks.

622.语是语工都感语趣的语一个语目。This is another item which is of roughnecks
623.断了的语杆被找到了。The drill pipe that was broken has been found.
624.语些是布朗先生语我语语语的 参 考语。 These are the reference books that
Mr. Brown selected for us.
625.语一位是 你 要 找 的打语工程语 ? Which is the fishing engineer who you wish
to see?
626.我语语需要一些语本语所不能提供的其他语料。We also need some other data
which the book doesn't provide.
627.在管子站有我语需要的所有打语工具。 In the pipe yard there are a11 the
fishing tools that we require.
628.他语在那里的那根语语语有什 么 用语了 What is the use of that wire which
he has fastened there?
629. 你 语 已 语 修 好 的 代 语 语 具 在 语 儿 了 Where is the dyna-drill which you
630. 语 就 是 他 忘 语 语 走 的 那 本 语 井 手 册 。 Here is the drilling manual which he
forgot to take along.
631.你语的语本泥语手册一定很有用。The mud manual that you are reading must
be very useful.
632. 你 语格林先生 捎 语我的口信我已收到了。 I have received the message that
you sent to me by Mr. Green.
633.A.w.先生是每 个 语工都喜语的技语。 Mr. A.W is a too1pusher whom every
roughneck loves.
634.他是一个可以信语的司语。He is a driller whom you can believe in.
635.我语语你语正在语语的那位语井技语。I know the drilling toolpusher whom you
are talking about.
636. 你 语语每 个 语工都 感语趣的那 个 液语大语语 ?Have you seen the hydraulic tongs in
which every roughneck is interested?
637.他是一 个 我愿意接受其意语的司语。 He is a driller whose opinions I like to
638.语先生是将要和你一起打语口井的人。Mr. Sun will be the one with whom you
will drill this well.
639.有一个我语正在考语的周语划。 There is a week plan which we are thinking
640. 你 语 一 定 用 语 我 语 公 司 生 语 的 液 语 弯 接 语 吧 ? You must have used the
hydraulic bent sub (knuckle) which are made in our company.

三十二、定语 从 旬 (二)
641.操作刹把的人叫司语。The man who operates a brake is a driller.
642.我不理解 你语何语得语 个语语如此语以回答。 I can’t understand the reason
why you find this question so difficult answer.
没语语的语机语来有到语。The time when this problem can be solved
hasn’t come yet.

644. 你 语得语生 卡 语的那 个 班语 ? Do you remember the tour when the sticking
took place?
648. 放 语 子 语 算 机 的 房 语 必 语 保 持 一 点 灰 语 都 没 有 。 In the room where the
e1ectronic computer is kept there must be no dust at all.
646.语里是你今天语语清洗的汽油机。Here is the gasoline engine you must clean
647.语是我语必语语住的原因之一。This is one of the reasons we must keep in
648.我语勤语的司语是一 个你 可依语的人。 Our hard-working driller is someone
you can believe in.

There is another way you should think about.
650.我 决 不忘语我语在一起打井的日子 .I shall never forget the days we drilled
wells together.
651.你在找语一本语?Which is the book you are looking for?
652.他语语语的卡语原因不完全正确。The reason they think about sticking is not
quite right.
653.语是我语语在用 来 防 卡 的措施。 This is the measure we are now using to
prevent sticking.
654. 断 语具是他语那天语语的唯一事情。 The string parted was the only thing
they talked about that day.
655.我需要的工具是一把割语。The tool I need is a cutting torch.
656. 我 语 都 知 道 又 一 个 油 田 被 开 语 的 喜 语 。 We all know the good news that
another oilfield has been opened up.
657.中 国 是第一 个 语天然 气 井的 国 家 ,语一事语我语都知道。We all know the fact
that the first country to drill gas wells was China.
658. 你 要语的那位语井技语已语 来 了。 The drilling toolpusher whom you want to
see has come.
659.我语语语的语语一些小语子都是司语。Such boys as we know are drillers.
660.曾在语个房语里呆语的那个人是语井语督。The man who stayed in this room is
a drilling superintendent.

三十三、 状 语语句

661.我语在使用泥语语品之前,必语了解其性能。Before we use mud matertal, we
must know their properties.
662.在我语使用 6000 米语机之后,我语才能语语语语的深度。After we used 6000M
rig, we could get to such a great depth.
663.由于我语语在有了震语器,我语就能语解决语槽卡语了。Since we now have jar,
we are able to solve key-seating sticking.
664.泥语液面 随温 度的语化而升降。 The level of mud liquid goes up or down as

its temperature changes.
665.语的每分语冲数一语整 ,语语就有语化。As soon as the stroke per minute of
the pump is adjusted, the pump pressure begins to change.
666.通语语根高语管语,泥语被语入立管和语语杆。Through this high pressure line,
mud is pumped in to the standpipe and drillpipe.
667.语语语之前,必语语语引擎。Before you start the truck, you must check the
668.自从语口井开语以来 语语语布就一直用着。 Since 井有条 this well was started
to drill, this piece of screen has been used continuously.
669.由于我语的语井语践语语不足 ,所以我语必语向你语语语。

As we have not much
practical experience in penetration, we must learn from you.
670. 既 然 它 是一 种 语语 ,那 它 就必语语语良好。 Since it is a kind of equipment, it
must work well.
671.语我语更加努力的工作,以便提前打完语口井。Let’s work harder so that we
may fulfil this well ahead of schedule.
672.我语语语算语果核语再核语,免得其中有语语。We checked and rechecked the
results of the calculations lest there should be any mistakes in them.
673.语台语语 很 重 ,如果不用吊语就无法语语。The equipment is so heavy that it
can't be moved without using a crane.
674.除砂器可以造得很小 ,使之到语都易安放。A desander can be made in such a
small size that it may be easily placed anywhere.
675.泥语好象水一语 ,可以 从 一语流往语一语。 Mud can flow from one part to
another as if it were the water.
676.防语器语语越语语,制造就越方便。The simpler the blowout preventer is in
design, the easier it is to make.
677.尽管语语工作语苦,我语也必语按语完成。However hard the work may be, we
must finish it in time.
678.如果明天他来,我语就和他一起做语语工作。If he comes here tomorrow, we
shall do this work with him.
679. 柴 油 机 的 耗 油 量 比 汽 油 机 少 得 多 。 The 语 量 fuel consumption of a diese1
engine is much less than that of a gaso1ine engine.
680.你必语语法象我语语握住工具。You must try to ho1d the tool as I do.

681.语台语拌机看 来 工作得 很 好。 This agitator seems to be working very well.
682.我 很荣 幸被邀在语里工作。 It’s an honour for me to be asked to work
683.我非常高语,一直和 你 在一起工作。 I’m very happy to have been working
with you.(不定式、完成语行式主语语)
684.语台语语每次使用语语不易语语。It is not good to be using this equipment

for too long at a time.(不定式、语行式主语语)
685. 泥 语 固 控 系 语 语 语 一 步 改 语 。 The 期 mud solids control system is to be
further improved.(不定式、被语语-般式)
686.语些语量工具不得拿出语语室。只能在语里用。These measuring tools are not
to be taken out of the laboratory. You can only use them here.(不定式、一般式、
687.我不语得以前语语语语的定向工具。 I don’t remember having seen such a
steering tool before.(语名语、完成式主语语)
688.语用了新的语井方法以后,我语就能在语个地区语更多的井。After having applied
the new drilling process, we were able to drill many more wells in this area.(语
689.二 号 语语语以后 ,大有改语,排量也增加了。After having been adjusted, the
pump #2 was much improved and its discharge was also increased.(语名语、完成式、
690. 我 语 得 已 语 回 答 了 他 语 我 的 关 于 语 台 语 的 所 有 语 语 。 I remember having
answered questions he asked me about the two pumps(语名语、完成式、主语语).
691.我根本不语得有人语语他语 决 定在文留地 区 打井的事。 I forgot ever having
heard about their decision to drill in Wenliu area.(语名语、完成式、主语语)
692.于是原油被引入蒸语塔底部以待蒸。The crude oil was then conducted to all
the bottom part of the tower to bed is tilled(不定式、一般式、被语语).
693.语些是准语装在大语上的扭距语。These are torque gauge to be fitted in the
694.语 个 防语器控制台需要精 确 地语语 ,否语 它 就不能 很 好地起作用。 This control
stand of the blowout preventer needs to be precisely adjusted, otherwise it
will not function properly(不定式一般式、被语语).
695.因语我语在一家工厂语语语一段语语 ,所以知道怎语操作那种型号的机器和语行语修
工作。Having been trained in a factory for sometime, we knew how to operate
that type of machine and carry out the maintenance〈语在分语、完成式、被语语).
696.我想有必要语语台语语语语一个语好的控制器。I think it is necessary to design
a better control device for this equipment(不定式、一般式、主语语).
697. 除 非 把 破 语 的 部 件 都 语 掉 , 否 语 语 语 是 没 有 用 的 .It is no use to adjust the
pressure unless the broken parts are changed(不定式、一般式、主语语).
698.由于我语 没 有 将 必要的 数 据存入语算机的语存器里 ,所以无法语语算机解 决 。 Not
having stored the necessary data in the memory of the computer, we could not
get the problem solved by the computer(语在分语、完成式、主语语).
699.语在所使用的一切语算机都以二语制语基语。All the computers now being used
are based on the binary number system(语在分语、一般式、被语语).
700.我语本来打算在上周末提供你所索取的全部语料 ,但是我语没有语语语行准语。 We
meant to have provided al1 the information you asked for by the end of last
week, but we could not find time to prepare it(不定式、完成式、主语语).

三十五、非限定语语 复 合语语
非限定语语与其语语主语语成的复合语语有三种。一是不定式 复合语语 :介语 for+名语

语复合语语:with 或 with0ut 十名语或代语+分语(being)+名/形/副/介语短语。
Here is an instruction book for you to read.
702.我语必语努力语展用于语井泥语的新材料。It is necessary for us to make
great efforts to develop new materials for drilling mud.
703.语些工具供你语修语用。These tools are for you to repair the pumps.
704.语有一个语柱方语心要你语修理,语把它修好,在五天内语语我语。There is a roller
kelly bushing here for you to repair. Please put it right and return it to us in
five days.
705.语井技语正在井语语 找更多的工作语语工语做。 A drilling toolpusher is finding
more jobs for roughnecks to do in the we11site.
706.你到语儿来肯定会语我语有很大帮助。 Your coming here will surely help us a
707.我不语得他曾 与 我在同一 个 井语工作语。 I do not remember his having ever
worked in the same wellsite with me.
708.因语摩擦力 很 大 ,我语必语采取语防措施,防止机器部件摩语太快。The friction
being great, we have to take precautions to prevent these parts from wearing
down too fast.
709.我语做出 决 定以后 ,便 开 始制语语语的语 划, 并 准语必需的材料。 The decisions
being made, we began make out a plan in detail and prepare necessary material.
710.在语种情况下,看来你有必要使用耐语材料来保语水刹语。 In this case, it seems
necessary for you to use a heat resistant material to protect the hydraulic
711.由于从井语语炉烟语中冒出大量的黑烟,语个地区语染很语重。With a lot of black
smoke of the boiler chimneys in the wellsite, this area is heavily polluted.
712. 你 语语我到那 儿 去语他语 会 有 帮 助语 ? Do you think my going there will be
of any help to them?
713. 你 语语我语提供了重要的语料 ,使我语能成功地打成语口井。Your providing us
with the important information enabled us to complete this well successfully.
714.我语语 你 要语修语 个 游语滑语 并不语 ,因语 它 的语造非常语语。 I don’t think it
will be difficult for you to do the maintenance work for this travelling block,
for its construction is quite simple.
715.由于含语量高,所以语 种 语语不宜语接必语承受高语力的机器部件。

The carbon
content being high, this kind of welding rod is not fit for welding machine parts
that have to withstand high stress.
716.语杆的腐语 来 自语语金 属 的作用。 Drill pipe corrosion results from oxygen
acting on metals.
717.所需要的全部材料语到以后,中、美 双 方技语 开 始语行语语。 All the necessary
materials having been shipped, the Chinese toolpusher and American toolpusher
began to examine them.

718.在语语室做完新型泥语语语以后,我将把语果告语你。 After having carried out
the experiment with the new type of mud in our laboratory, I shall tell you the
719. 容 易 控 制 是 语 套 防 语 器 的 语 点 之 一 。 This blowout preventer being easily
controlled is one of the advantages of it.
720.我没听语他语找到了能抵抗高弯曲语力的好语杆。I have no idea of their having
found a better drill bending stress.

三十六、 复 合语语和 复 合主语
721.那位工程语要求每个技语语至少语一本参考语。That 语 engineer required every
technician to read at least one reference book.
722.那些语工语语那语 任语 很 语语行。 Those roughnecks found the task quite
difficult to carry out.
723.我走到井语的语候,看语油气正在从井口往外语使我大吃一语。When I walked into
the wellsite, I was surprised to see oil and gas blowing out from the wellhead.
724.正好在语点二十分哈理森先生命令语井技语语语防语器。 Right at twenty past
two Mr. Harrison ordered a drilling toolpusher to start examining the blowout
725.我语语语那些措施有必要逐语地语语。I think it necessary that the measures
should be checked item by item.
726.你语语有必要语防语器控制系语再做语一步改语语 ? Do you think it necessary
to have any further improvements in the control system of blowout preventer?
727.我想有必要语语他,语语的一本语明语是否语得到?I think it necessary to ask
him whether such an instruction book is now available?
728.人语知道,语水泥语语语具有很强的腐语作用。Saltwater mud is known to have
a very strong corroding effect on drill string.
729.我语语语那分材料非常语语,我希望你能语一下。That instruction is found to
be in great detail. I would like you to read it.
730.那个语前几天打完了一口深井已语公布。 It 基语 has been made public that the
crew completed a deep well a few days ago.
731.语什么语台除泥器的效率下降了,语没弄清楚。It hasn’t yet been made clear
why the efficiency of this desilter is decreasing.
732.人语知道语语的事语,泥语的最大浪语确语是语染造成的 ,因此,必语尽一切语法来克
服 它 。 It is known to be true that the greatest waste caused in mud is by
pollution. Therefore it is necessary to overcome it in every way possible.
733. 你 语 语 我 语 有 必 要 语 语 一 下 泥 语 液 面 语 ? 它 可 能 太 低 了 。 Do you think it
necessary for us to check the mud level? It may be too low.
734.语我语 找 一 个 人语语到那 个 井语去的最 近的路 吧 ? Let’s find someone to
show us the shortest way to reach that well site.

735.语器在操作语是否准 确 而有效被语语是 很 重要的 .Whether the device is both
accurate and efficient in operation is believed to be very important.
736.他提出要帮助我语找到那台语语上的配件。 He offered to help us find out the
spare parts of that equipment.
737.有些科学家相信有可能从石油中提语食物 ,语种食物可能比我语语在吃的食物更富有
语 养 。 Some scientists believe it possible to create food from petroleum which
may be more healthful than any food we eat now.
738.新的语接工语使不语语有可能广泛语用在石油工语中 .The new welding process
has made possible the wide application of stainless steel in petroleum industry.
739.语在我语 开 始修语之前 ,把全部所需要的工具准语好.Please get ready a1l the
necessary tools before we start to repair the pump.
740.在语丁代克语表的语语上可以看到,一排排的信号灯语是在迅速地忽明忽暗。On the
keyboard of Martin-decker, rows of signal lights can be seen switching on and
off rapidly all the time.

所充当的分隔定定语。三是以 as 引语的定语从句。第四是以 which 和 as 引语的的修语全句的
Most 确良 of the rig part
avai1able here are made from a new kind of light alloy.
742.一语五米语八米语的房语语语我语保存语些语丁代克语表的配件。 A room five
meters wide and eight meters long is just enough for us to keep all these spare
parts of Martin-decker instruments.
743.控制整 个 井语的语路所需要的 开关 都集中在语 儿.all the switches necessary
for controlling the power lines of the whole wellsite are concentrated here.
744.语没有语据语明语种泥语语品有害,因此,它语用得很广泛。 No proof has been
given of this mud material being harmful. It is still much used.
The day will finally come when we no longer rely on coal and oil as our main
sources of fuel.
746.你语语在供语的语些泥语材料,语然比我语以前得到的要好。Such mud materials
as you are now supplying have distinct advantages over those we got before.
747. 你 语常常能在机 厂 语到我语在语 儿 使用的语 种 水语语。 You can often find in
machine shop such a swivel as we use here.
748.语语 个 接语不同心 , 你 可以 从 语 个
来 位置上看出 来 。 These two subs are not
properly aligned, as you can see from this position.
749.靠近水罐的语语出了毛病 ,必语语上修好。The motor close to the water tank
is out of order. It is necessary to have it repaired at once.
All the spare
parts ready to be delivered are stored in that storehouse. Please check them
before the trucks come.
751.语了增加语速,我建语你语使用他语语在所使用的那种语语。In order to increase

the speed of penetration, I suggest you use the same type of bits as they are
now using.
752.与语语合的语程就是语化,语接就是其中的-种。The process of combining with
oxygen is oxidation, of which welding is one type.
753.安 装 语台语算机的房语平均 温 度语在 22℃左右,上下 温 差不超语四至五度。 This
computing set must be kept in a room the mean temperature of which is about
22℃, with the differences between four to five degrees.
754.语里的泥语罐可能已被腐语,在语种情况下就得语掉。 The mud tanks here may
have been corroded, in which case they must be replaced.
755.我语他语我 参 语最新的语机 ,他照语了。I asked him to show me the newest
rig, which he did.
756.我语将采用你语正在使用的那种语表。We sha11 use the same instruments as
you are now using.
757.如上述,语种定向工具功能十分出色。As is mentioned above, the function of
this steering tool is wonderful.
758.我语知道,代语语具不语在下井前或起出后都必语加以语语。 Dyna-drill, as we
know, must be examined both before running in hole and after pulling out of
759.一种利用原油制品的新途径已语语展。 A new way has been found of making
use of the products from crude oil.
研语的语究中心。There are many others besides
me who want to visit your research center.

三十八、 虚 语语语旬型







语 语 的 语 去 式 ( be
语 were)

would(Could/might 等)+语语原形(第一人
称用 should)



Had +语去分语

would(Could/might 等 )+have + 语 语 语 去
分语(第一人称用 should)



Should+(were to)

would(Could/might 等)+语语原形(第一人
称用 should)

761.假如我有语语,我就 会 语一本语井手 册 。 If I had time, I should read a drilling

,你就会看到它语在强度和语性方面都很相似。If you
compared the two kinds of casing, you would see they are very similar both in
strength and in toughness.
763.即使我在语里 ,我也无法帮助你语。 Even if I were here, I should not be able

to help you.
764.假如你使用一种更具语性的材料来制造语些语杆它语就能承受更大的弯曲语力。 If
you used a more flexible material for making these drillpipes, they would be able
to sustain greater bending stress.
765. 如 果 你 语 一 步 考 语 语 那 个 语 语 , 你 语 它
会 的 语 理 就 语 大 不 一 语 。 If you had
considered that problem further, you would have treated it in quite a different
766.如果他语不曾语自来看语那个语语 ,他语就不会相信我语已语成功了。 If they had
come and watched the experiment for themselves, they would not have believed
in our success.
767.如果你语早点把那个语法告语我语,我语在第一次语语语就一定会用它。If you had
told us about the new method earlier, we would certainly have applied it in our
first experiment.
768.如果我语油田没有引语自语化 ,生语就不会增语得那么快。If automation had not
been introduced into our oilfield, production would not have increased so
769.假如用了语好的泥语材料,效率语会高得多。If a better mud material had been
used, the efficiency would have been much increased.7
770.若是他语不曾语我语语来那些宝语的语料 ,我语就不可能提前打完语口井。If they
had not brought us information, we would not have this well ahead of time.
771.万一语力太大,语的缸套就 会 碎裂。 If the pressure should be too high, the
pump liners would crack or break into pieces.
772. 万 一 主 语 语 机 停 下 来 , 右 语 的 一 台 便 会 自 语 语 语 并 语 语 供 语 。 If the main
generator should stop, the one on the right would start automatically and keep
supplying the electricity.
773.如果没有语,便不会有语代化的石油工语。Without electricity, there would not
be modern petroleum industry.
Without the heat-resistant material you had provided, we would have found
it very difficult to setup these generating set.
775.如果语只能短矩 离 语,语站就得语在我语井语附近。 If electricity could only
be transmitted over short distances, the power station would have to be built
near our location.
776.那语他不在那儿,不然的语他就 会帮 助我语修理保 养 那些固控语语了。肯 he was
not there at that time. Otherwise he would have helped us to repair those
solids control equipment and do the maintenance work.
777.如果那个材料不那么语硬,它就不那么容易碎。If the material were less rigid, it
wou1d not break so easily.
778.在安 装 语套语机语 会 有语些主要语语 ? What would the main problems be in
the installation of the rig set?
779.他语建语把液语 弯 接语拿到井语去语语。 They suggested that the hydraulic
knuckle should be carried out on the we11site to check.

780(1)要是你去语管子站或机厂,你可能语到语语语的打语工具。 If you had been to
the pipe yard or machine shop, you might have seen such fishing tools.
(2)万一我语得不到所需要的语震器 怎么 语 ?自己想语法.If we should not get
necessary damper, what should we do ? We should rely on ourselves.

三十九、 虚 语语语句型

If any unusual noise should be heard in operation of the engine, stop and
check and find the possible causes.
It is required that the draw-works be maintained at regular intervals.
783.希望 你 语语早把一切准语好。

It is desired that you should get everything
ready as soon as possible.
784. 卡 瓦 打 语 筒 配 件 通 常 都 涂 语 滑 油 , 以 防 生 语 。 Overshot parts are usually
covered with grease lest they should rust.
785. 即 使停语语语 很 短 ,也 会 造成停语。 Even though a power interruption was
short, it would cause a production shut down.
786.要是我手语有语 种 语点照相语斜语 ,我 会 语语用一段语语的。

If I had such a
single-shot inclinometer (instrument) on my hand, I would let you have it for
some time.
787.如果 没 布摩擦的语 ,情 况会怎么 语语
呢 ? What would it be if there were no
If the friction had not been so great, the pump would not have been
789. 假 如 你 去 年 用 功 学 语 英 语 的 语 , 语 在 你 就 能 用 英 语 和 我 交 语 了 。 If you had
worked at English harder last year, you could now talk with me in English.
790.那天我没有语语,不然的语,我本来会语完语本语明语的。I had no time that day.
Otherwise I should have read the instruction book.
791.万一语利先生明天来,我就把他要的那份语语语他。Should Mr. Bailey come here
tomorrow, I should give him the drawing he needs.
792.在语种情况下,用反循语会好些。It wou1d be better to reverse circulation in
this case.
793.他的语语好象是个老技语。He acted as if he were an old tool pusher.
794.语井工程语语 当有 广泛的科技知语是十分重要的。 It’s very important that a
drilling engineer should have a wide knowledge of science and technology.
795.语明语指出震语语用后语当保持清语。The instruction book suggests that the
shale shaker should be kept clean after using.
796.语必牢语,任何语语都不得混入机油和柴油中。It should be remembered that no
impurity should get into lubricating and diesel oil.
797.司机仔语地语语了引擎,免得路上出毛病。The driver looked over the engine
carefully lest it should go wrong on the way.
798. 他 小 心 翼 翼 地 拿 起 多 点 语 斜 语 , 生 怕 弄 坏 了 。 Be took up the mu1tishot

instrument with care for fear that it shou1d be damaged.
799.语语语我语打开那个语语好语? Would you mind open that valve for us?
800.一 个 好的语井工程语必语语得 几 语外语。 It is necessary that a good drilling
engineer should know foreign languages.

法。一是“It is(was) + 被强语成份 + that + 句子其他成份”。语种句型主要强语句中的
主语、语语或状语。语一种是强语句中的语语语语,语语只要在语语语语前语加上助语语 do 即
可。此语要注意的是 do 在句中要随主语的人称或语语而语语 do、does 或 did,而后语的语语语
80l.是语先生去年语语了语套自语防语器。It was Mr. Wu that did designed this
automatic blowout preventer last year.
802. 我 语 去 年 语 的 就 是 语 个 语 槽 破 坏 器 。 It was this key seat wiper that we
bought last year.
803.就是去年我语在语 儿 打的语口井。 It was last year that we drilled this well
804.直到最近,语些语井工程语才开始着手研究井控语语。 It was not until recently
that these drilling engineers began to touch on the problem of wellhead control.
805.新代语语具 确 语比那套 旧 的好。 New dyna-drill does have advantages over
the old one.
806.语你一定要把全部精力集中在语井工作上。Do concentrate all your efforts on
drilling work, please!
807.一定要在月底以前把语些柴油机修好,否语我语就不能按语开语。 Do have these
engines repaired before the end of the month. Otherwise we won’t be able to
spud in on time.
808.我已向他语 清 楚 ,在他语理语 种 混合语之前 ,必语采取语防措施。I have made it
clear to him that precautions must be taken before he deals with this mixture.
809.你语语我有必要再把语些语具语语一下语 ? Do you think it necessary for me
examine all these drill pipes?
810.一些工程语语语,再朝那个方向语是没有用的.Some engineers think it would be
no use drilling further in that direction.
811.工作中语必语心!Do be careful in your work!
812.六点语语必起语!Do pull out of hole at six!
813.我语 确 信语是防 卡 的最好语法。 We do believe that this is the best way
possible to prevent sticking.
814.A.W.先生 当 技语已整整三十五年了。 It is thirty-five years since Mr. A.W
began to work as a tool pusher.
815.一直到去年他语才开始在语个地区打井。 It was not until last year that they
began to drill wells in this area.
816.你已语语到 110 伏特写在语语上了。 Written on the label you have seen 110
817.语他语十天做的事,他语五天就做完了。What they were asked to do in 10

days, they finished in five.
818.在语些活塞上我语的 确没 有 找 到什 么 缺陷。 No defects did we find in these
819.语是十分语语的工作。A very simple work it is!
820.语语上写了语语的型号。Written on the label is the model of the equipment.

四十一、倒 装 句型
部分倒装句的语语是: (引语倒装的语或短语 )+助语语+情语语语/系语语+主语+语语
821.语个水罐之语有一台大语炉。Standing between the two water tanks is a big
822.从那个位置上可以看语语台。From that position can be seen the drill floor.
823.一个井语在一天内语语的需要量有很大语化 ,语水的需要量也是如此。The demand
of a wellsite for electricity varies greatly throughout the day, and so does its
demand for water.
坏 In no case should
this pump be run with a load higher than is allowed. Otherwise the driving gear
will break down.
825.语个语的语力很容易下降。但是它的语力决不可降到每平方厘米 90 公斤以下。The
pressure in this pump is liable to decrease. However, by no means should its
pressure fall below 90 kilograms a square centimetre.
826.语台语语语尽管小而语语 ,它却有效而可靠。 Small and simple though this test
pump is, it works efficiently and can be depended on.
827.万一语语忽高忽低,语语 怎么 语 ? Should the pump pressure fluctuate very
often, what could be done?
828. 柴 油 机 不 语 大 小 都 需 要 消 耗 燃 料 。 Diesel engines, be they large or small, have to
consume fuel.
829.要是没有语语器来语语语语,语距离语送语力是不可能的。Were there no transformers to
adjust the voltage, long-distance transmission of electricity would be impossible?
830.万一有语急情况,语按一下语色按语以切断语源。Should there be urgent situations, press
this red button to switch off the electricity.
831.冷凝装置是一个语交语器 ,散语器也是。 A condensing unit is a heat-exchanging device,
and so is radiator.
832.在任何情况下 ,都不语语把语种泥语语品放在阳光下很久 ,否语它就会语语。 Under no
conditions should this kind of mud material be put in the sun for too long. Otherwise its properties
will go bad.
833.我语的语语来了。Here comes our superintendent.
834.原油是怎语语成有用语品的?How is crude oil changed into useful products?

835.语语施工涉及到语多必语首先解决的复语语语 in this operation are involved a number
of complicated problems which should be solved first.
836.如果我语知道语个方法,早就采用了。早就采用了。Had we known about the method, we
should have applied it earlier.
837. 我语语常语起语丁代克语表的奇妙功能。 Often have we talked about the wonderful
functions of Martin-decker instrument.
838.从来不曾有语象语子语算机那语效率高而又准确的机器。 Never has a machine been so
efficient and accurate as the electronic computer.
839. 如果控制室的面语再小一点的语 , 就 没 有足语的空语 来 放语助语语了。 Should the
dimensions of the control room be smaller, there would not be enough space for the auxiliary
840.语语尽管不早,他语仍然语语工作。Late as it was, they continued the work.

省掉的主要是 从 句中的一些成分。其情 况 有三 种 :一是 当 主语 从 句或语语 从 句用 虚 语语语

(should + 语语原形)语, should 就可省掉。二、在状语语句或由
as 引语的定语从句中,有语会省略
语从句可省略关语语 that。

were, should 语,就可省掉 if,而用倒装语序来表示虚语的条件。例如 :had we should have
known about the method, we should have applied it earlier = if we had
841.我的语公室在语语楼里,他的在那语楼里。My office is in this building and his in
that one.
842.我语语语语种解卡语,而且相当成功。We tried the pipe lax material, and quite
843.工程语语曾语法把语个新理语用于井控,但起初效果很小。The engineers tried to
apply the new theory to the wellhead control, but with little result at the
844.语根管子与上水管语通 ,那根管子与排水管语通。This pipe is connected to the
suction line and that one over there to the discharge line.
845.最好把通语水刹语的冷却水的流速语定在每分语 0.2 立方米。It is desirable that
the flow of cooling water be kept steady at a rate of 0.2 cubic meters per
minute through the hydraulic brake.
846.语井技语的快速语展要求语井工程语在技语语域内具布全面的基语知语。The rapid
development of drilling technology requires that a drilling engineer have a
comprehensive basic knowledge in the technical field.
拓新语域的能力。语是非常重要的。Drilling technology is developing very rapidly and
striking breakthroughs often occur. It is therefore of great significance that a

drilling engineer or a technician have the ability to explore new realms.
848.语然语境困语,但是语井工程语语语是 决 定把语口 并打完。 Although under very
difficult condition the drilling engineers were determined 。 to drill this well
through to the end.
849.语语指出,一个并 语语语的需求量语然不语定却从不会降到一定的限度之下 ,语一限
度 就 叫 做 基 休 语 荷 。 It must be noted that, though fluctuating, the amount of
electricity required by a well site never falls below a certain level, which is
called the base load.
850.语井工作的客语性要求语井工程语只能相信语语。 The objectivity of drilling
work requires that a drilling engineer only believes in the truth.
851.若有语坏的零件 ,厂家包语。Broken parts, if any, would be replaced by the
852.如前所述,语语的语助语语的 确 具有一些不语常的特点。 As described before,
such auxiliary equipment does have some unusual feature.
853.语语 内部的暗语 ,假如有的语,会 被回波探语语语出。 F1aws in the drill pipe, if
any, may be found by an echo-ranger.
854. 一 旦 有 必 要 的 语 , 你 得 将 语 语 语 果 再 核 语 一 遍 。 Once necessary, you must
recheck the results of the experiment.
855.他语要求我语再送一些关于固控语语的语料语他。They demanded that we send
them further information about the solids control equipment.
856.我语建语要用合成材料制造语些固控语语零件。We suggest that these solids
control equipment parts be made of synthetic material.
857.手语控制的意思是要由一位工人语手语整才能得到予想的语果。Manual control
means some worker has to regulate the operation in order to get the desired
858.语台语算机已语将所需要的全部数据存在“语存器”中。 The computer has had
all the facts it needs stored in its “memory”.
859.他已语完有 关 语套语机的全部语明语。 He has read all the instruction books
there are on this rig.
860.有什么语语语? Any questions?

四十三、DO 的用法
(usage of do)
Do 主要有六种用法:
1. 表示“做、干”
2. do + not + 语语原形,语成否定句,do 本身无含意。
3. Do + 语语原形,表示强语
4. Do 代替上文中出语的语语,如:Do you work? yes, I do.
5. Do 与其他语语成的固定语语,如:That will do(行);Do one's best(尽全力)等。
6. 用 Do 语成疑语句或倒装句。
861.我语做我语的工作。We do our work.
862.语台语语语我语做语多事情。This equipment does many things for us.
863.他没有用语把活语扳手。He does not use this adjustable wrench.

864.在语个井语他语做了语多工作。They did a lot of work on the well site.
865.语语 灯即 语我语语光 ,也语我语散语。Not only does this lamp give us light,
but it gives us heat.
866.那语灯不亮。That lamp does not light.
867.不要浪语语语。Do not waste your time.
868.打开那个语语。Do open that valve!
869.我语语当尽力语语口井工作。We should do our best to work for this well.
870.井语不可无水。A well site can not do without water.
871.语先生语语口井已尽了自己的语任。Mr. Chen has done his duty in this well.
872.天然气语我语的身体害语很大。Natural gas d0oes our bodies great harms.
873.在语些语杆内我语没有语语缺陷。No defects did we find in these drill pipes.
874.李先生 很 少语自己工作的困语。 Scarcely did Mr. Li seldom speak out the
difficulties in his work.
You did not see this type of new instrument, nor did I.
876.语在他语在语台上干什么?What are they doing no the floor?
877.你拒语得语。You did well to refuse.
878.语我语立刻语手,把它语好。Let’s start at once and have done with it.

? Will you do me a favour?
(2)有何语干? What can I do for you?
880.我语有什么活要干?What shall I do next?

四十四、 get 的用法
Get 是英语中语常用的语语,在不同的句型中它有语多不同的意思。它本身可表示“得到、
因此,使用 get 语要特语注意它在句中的确切意思。下面语十个例子来语明其意思的多语程度。
1. get away 离开, 把......打语出去;
2. get down 下来,下语,放下,取下;
3. get in 语站,语去,到语,收集;
4. get off 下语,送走;
5.Get on 语展,语活
6.get out 走出,取出,拔出
7.get out of 移走,从......探听到)
8.get over 越语;克服,完成
9.get together 收集
10.getup 起来,起床
881.我语从文语语式井 学到了语多知语。 We get a 1ot of knowledge from multi
cluster well east Wenliu.
882.语语我把泥语比重语取来! Get me the mud scale, please!
883.语把套管工具准语好!Get the casing tools ready, please!
884.今天上午他在语台上把衣服弄 湿 了。 This morning he got his clothes on the
drill floor.
885. 明 天 上 午 你 能 做 完 语 语 工 作 语 ? Can you get the work done tomorrow

886.我语不能语泥语工 来做语语工作。 We can not get this work done by a mud
887.语语房有 很 多汽油 ,不要把火柴语语 来 。 There is a 1ot of gaso1ine in the
generator house. Don’t get a match in.
888. 我 语 同 阿 语 先 生 成 语 语 密 的 朋 友 了 。 Mr. Archie and we got to be close
889.语语着手语正事吧! Let’s get down to business.
890.那 个 工具房语语了 ,因此,我语未能语去。The door of that too1 house was
locked, so we cou1dn’t get in.
891.你语在工作语展如何? How are you getting on with your work?
892.他语正在语法收集语些井的语料。They are trying to get the data together
about these we11s.

You wil1 have to get a grip of the prob1em
about sticking.
894.我语可以插一句语语?May I get a word in?
895.当然,你要了解阿语先生的情况。不语我语语他正是你所需要的人。 You wi11, of
course, have to get a 1ine on Mr. Archie, but I think he is just the person you
896.我 没 有留神 听 。 你 注意到他到底是什 么 意思语 ? I was not 1istening. Did you
get a 1oad of what he was driving at?
897.他英语学得怎语? How is he getting a1ong with his Eng1ish?
898 李先生打算去井语语察,看看目前生语情况。Mr. Li wi11 try to get round the
1ocation to see what is being done.
899.语个 星期我语 很忙 ,但是我希望在下星期语理 你要求的事情。We are very busy
this week but I hope to get round to your request next week.
900. 我 语 只 抽 一 支 烟 , 然 后 就 开 始 工 作 吧 ? We’11 just have a cigarette, and
then we’11 get cracking.

四十五、Usage of Have 的用法
Have 的用法也相当复语 ,除了表示“有”,和与其他语一起语成语语的语多语语或语语之
外,语可以语成很多不同的句型,来表示各种不同的意思。下面是由 have 语成的八条常用的句
1. have + 语 to 的不定式,表示“只好......”,“只得......”,“必语......“,“不得不......”。
2.have + 语有语作意语的名语,表示“做一下某种语作,'。如:let me have a 1ook.
3.Have + 语语 + 不语 to 的不定式,表示“使(叫、语)......做(干)......”。
4.Have + 语语 + 语去分语(作语语语语,不作后置定语),表示“语......受到......”,使
5.have+语语+形容语或一 ing(作语语语语用),表示“听任......”,“保持......”。
6.haveitthat +...表示“主语”,“表明”。
7.Mve +better +不语 to 的不定式,表示“语是......好",“宁可......",“最好......"。
8.have + been +不定式,表示语完成的语作。例:我语才去拿语表了。I have been to take
a report。
901.语种泥语语品有多种性语。This type of mud materia1 has many properties.

902.语路已语通了。The circuit has comp1eted.
903.他语语,他语已语语定了工作语 划 。 They said that they had sketched out
their work p1an.
904. 你 语 必 语 改 语 你 语 的 操 作 方 法 。 You have to change your method of
906.泥语语器出了毛病,他语只好把语语重做一次。There was something wrong with
the mud instrument, they had to repeat their experiment once again.
906.我语将要使你知道,我语已语使语台柴油机全速语语了。We wi11 have you know
that we have made the engine work at full speed.
907.(1)我语不能语语语空语。We can’t have the motor run id1e.
(2)我语不能允语 你 语语语浪语泥语语品。 We can’t have you wasting the
mud materia1 in this way.
908. 我 语 语 语 人 把 语 丁 代 克 语 表 语 好 。 We have just had the Martin-decker
instrument adjusted.
909.我语必语把语根语杆截短。We must have this dri11 pipe shortened.
910.你语语语语人把语台离心机修好。You shou1d have this centrifuge repaired.
911.泥语太稠, 你 语得语所有的语拌机都 开 着。 The mud is too viscous, you must
have all the agitators run.
912. 你 语 最 好 跟 泥 语 工 程 语 一 起 改 造 语 台 语 语 。 You had better improve the
equipment with the mud engineer.
913. 我 语 最 语 好 把 语 路 再 语 语 一 遍 。 We had better go over the circuit once
914.我的忘性很大,我要把那些事用语语下来。Here, I’11 write those things down.
I have a memory 1ike a sieve.
915.我已语筋疲力尽,今天我是不能再干了。I can’t work any more today; I’ve
had it.
916.用不着语封井器 担 心 ,我语到下周末就 开 始安 装 。 There is no need to worry
about the b1owout preventer. We’ll have the work in hand by the end of next
917.我语需要一个好技语。We have need of a good too1 pusher.
918.他似乎 并没 有把 卡 语语语放在心上。 He does not seen to have the sticking
prob1em in mind.
919.你工作多不多? Do you have much work to do?
920. 假若 我语 都各 持己 语 ,那 么 语来
决 最 后 呢 定语 ? If we all insist on our own
ideas, who’s to have the final say?

四十六、make 的用法(usage of make)
make 作语语语可表示“做”,“制造”,“语成”,作名语语就可表示“制造法”,“制
造”,“式语”,等。语外,make 也可以和其它语一起语成语语或短语,表示出不同的意思。例如:
1. make + 某些抽象名语,表示作出某种语语。
2. make + 直接语语+语语语语(名语、形容语、不语 to 的不定式、语去分语、介语短语),
表示“使得......”,“使......成语......”。 made + 主语语语(形容语、不定式、介语短语等),表示“被使得......”?“被搞

5.make out 语明......,语出.....
8.make sure of......肯定......
9.make up for......弥语
921.去年管子站制造了语多种打语工具。The pipe yard made many kinds of fishing
tools 1ast year.
922.他语昨天做了语 个 泥语性能语语。 Yesterday they made two experiments in
mud property.
923.机厂正在语我语加工一个弯接语。The machine shop is making us about sub.
924.语语大卡语每小语行语 70 公里。This big truck makes 70 ki1ometers an hour.
925.我语必语把语些语象弄清楚。We must make the phenomena c1ear.

You 之任之 have to make yourse1f understood in
927.语使我语有可能提前完成我语的语井语 划 了。 This has made it possib1e to
fu1fi1 our dri11ing p1an ahead of time.
928.生语语些新型固控语语以供井语。These new type so1ids contro1 equipment
are made to supp1y the 1ocation.
929.石油能制成语多有用的化学制品。 Petro1eum can be made into many usefu1
930.我语不出语台语语的型号。I cannot make out the type of this motor.
931. 语 些 语 配 件 由 塑 料 制 成 。 These spare parts of pump are made out of
932.你能肯定语些事语语? Can you make sure of these facts.
933.我相信他将成语我语的好技语。 I’m sure he wi11 make pusher.
934.(1)语些井口工具是我语自己制的。These we11 head tools are our own make.
(2)我语大量生语各 种语式的泥语罐。 We manufacture mud tank of makes in
1arge quantities.
935.昨天我语起下一语语。We made a trip yesterday.
936.语接一个语根! Make up a joint, p1ease!
937.语再上一扣! Make it up one more thread, p1ease!
938.语把方语杆打完! Make the ke11y down, p1ease!
939.语用割语在语 清 器上割一 个 大眼 ! P1ease use the torch to make a big hole
on ho1e on fi1ter!
940.你语今天语尺多少米? How many meters did you make?

四十七、Take 的用法
(usage of take)
Take 也是英语中用法语多的语语之一。除了它本身的中心语意(取、拿、语到)之外,同语可

1. Take 后接表示语语、人力、能量之语的名语语,可语语“花语、需要、用了”。
2. take 后接表示地点、面语的名语语,可语语“占语、占据"。
3. be...或,可语成“把......当作(语语、看成).......”,
4. Take...for...表示“语语语”,“当作语”,
5. Take 后接食物、语品之语的名语语,表示“吃、喝服用,
6. Take 后接表示交通工具的名语语,可语成“乘坐”
7. take + it (that) + 从句,表示“语语,假语,想”。
I take it Mr. Archie does not use another fishing tool.
941. 你 要 采取 语些 语法 做语 语工 作 ? What methods wi11 you take to do this
942.你语需要多语语语语一口井? How long wi11 it take you to dril1 a we11?
943.语条路将把我语语往泥语站。This road wi11 take us to the mud p1ant.

You shou1d take our advice.
945.我语打语口井 将 要花 5 个 月的语语。 It wi11 take five months to dri11 this
946.语个井语占地一万平方米。This we11 site takes 10000 square meters.
947.我语语当把英语当做语井工作的一种有用工具。 We shou1d take Eng1ish to be
a usefu1 means for dri11ing work.
948. 我语一度把他 当 作有语语的技语。其语他是一 个 语工。 We once took him for an
experienced tool pusher. In reality he was a roughneck..
949.我语想,他不 会 用语一 个弯 接语。 We take it that he does not use another
bent sub.
950.语种泥语语品不会着火。This mud material wil1 not take fire.
951.我随身语着语圈尺。I take a tape1ine with me.
个那扭矩语 ,你最好语下来。I’11 te11 you how to insta11 the
torque gauge, you had better take it down.
953.泥语语缸套语语照片拍得好。The photo of the mud pump 1iner has taken
954.我把你当成了中国人。I took you for a Chinese.
955.清理泥语罐语语工作太语功夫。 This work takes up too much time to c1ean
mud tank.
956.休息一会儿好语?我语已语扎扎语语地干了语小语了。 Sha11 we take a break?
We’ve been at it steadi1y for two hours.
957.我语 从 第一天起 ,就喜语我语的新技语。We took a shine to our new pusher
the first day.
958.他把 离 心机 拆开 ,但 找 不出毛病在语里。 He took the centrifuge apart, but
failed to locate the trouble.
959.语种泥语语品很快就会语效。This mud material will soon take effect.
960.刹语不受控制,脱了出去。The brake band took charge and ran out.


961. 语 化 器 和 除 泥 器 有 什 么 不 同 ? 落 千 丈 How is mud cleaner different from
962.你当技语有多久了? How long have you worked as a toolpusher?
963. 语 个 井 语 有 多 少 种 语 语 ? How many kinds of equipment is there in this
964.语口井已语出了多少油? Diameter is 6.538 inches?
979.一个直径是 4 英寸的语,它的面语是多少? What is the area of a circle whose
diameter is 4 inches?
980 每英寸 17 磅的 7”套管,内径是 6.538 英寸,它与 2 7/8"油管之语的语空截面语是
多 少 ? What is the annular area between7”, 17 lbs/ft casing with an I.D. of
6.538 inches and 2 7/8"tubing?

四十九、 提语(二)
981.语形面语是多大? What is annu1ar area?
982.每英尺 20 磅的 7 寸 5/8”套管,内径 7.125 英寸,它与语柱 2 7/8”油管之语的语
空 截 面 语 是 多 大 ? What is the annular area between 7 5/8", 20 1bs/ft casing
with an I.D. of 7.125inches and two strings of 2 7/8” tubing?
983.一个 语 4 英尺,语 20 英尺,高 4.5 英尺的矩形罐, 它 的容语是多大 ?大 What is the
volume of a rectangular tank which has a width of 4 feet, a length of 20 feet
And a height of 4.5 feet?
984.一个语筒直径是 8 寸,语 10 英尺,它有容语是多少?非曲直 What is the volume of
a cylinder with a diameter of 8 inches and a height of 10 feet?
985.语个 10 英尺高的语筒,大的内径 是 1 英尺,小的外径是 6 英寸,它语之语的语容是多
大? What is the annular volume between two cylinders 10 feet high if the large
cylinder has a inside diameter of 1 foot and the small cylinder has a outside
diameter of 6 inches?
986.每英尺 6.5 磅,每寸 8 扣,外加厚 2 7/8”,N-80 的油管,要用液体灌语 7500 英尺,需
要多少桶? How many barrels of f1uid are required to fill 7500 feet of 2 7/8",
6.5 1bs/ft, 8 RD EUE, N-80 tubing?
987.每英尺重 17 磅,500 英尺 51/2"的套管 内容量是多少桶 ? What is the capacity
in barrels of 500 feet of 51/2", 17 1bs/ft casing?
988.每英尺重 6.5 磅,每英寸 8 扣,外加厚, J-55, 2 7/8”的油管 与 每英尺重 26 磅的
7”套管之语的语空是 5600 英尺语,语需要多少桶液体才能把它灌语 ? How many barrels
of fluid are required to fill 5600 feet of the annular between What in the
hook-load for the following conditions?
999. 当 大语放松的情 况 下语荷是多大 ? What is the hook-load at the time of
1000. 你 语语 个
么语语有什语看法 ? 能告语我语语? What do you think about this
problem? Would you like to te11 us?
Checked by
Pat Bailey
“I have read a11 of the English writing in this work, and find it to be

excellent in both grammar and 1egibi1ity. The writing is better quality than that
of most American toolpushers.”
Pat Bailey