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IE6 does not respect this declaration. */
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0px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0,0.6);-webkit-box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.6)
border: thin solid transparent; <-chenar borde->
opacity:1; filter:alpha(opacity=100); /* For IE8 and earlier */
background-image: url( ); background-position: center center; background
-repeat: no-repeat;
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ut. It contains an image placeholder that should be replaced with your own linke
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acity */
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1) Padding is only placed on the top and/or bottom of the div. The elements with
in this div have padding on their sides. This saves you from any "box model math
". Keep in mind, if you add any side padding or border to the div itself, it wil
l be added to the width you define to create the *total* width. You may also cho
ose to remove the padding on the element in the div and place a second div withi
n it with no width and the padding necessary for your design.
.content {
padding: 10px 0;
.container .content #contenttext {
opacity:1; filter:alpha(opacity=100); /* For IE8 and earlier | Content T
ext Opacity */
/* ~~ This grouped selector gives the lists in the .content area space ~~ */
.content ul, .content ol {
padding: 0 15px 15px 40px; /* this padding mirrors the right padding in
the headings and paragraph rule above. Padding was placed on the bottom for spac
e between other elements on the lists and on the left to create the indention. T
hese may be adjusted as you wish. */
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floated element must precede the element it should be next to on the page. */
float: right;
margin-left: 8px;
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loated element must precede the element it should be next to on the page. */
float: left;
margin-right: 8px;
.clearfloat { /* this class can be placed on a <br /> or empty div as the final
element following the last floated div (within the #container) if the #footer is
removed or taken out of the #container */
font-size: 1px;
line-height: 0px;
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float: left;
width: 740px;
text-align: center;
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text-align: center;
font-size: 20px;
padding-bottom: 10px;
font-weight: bold;}
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<div class="header"><a href="#"><center><img src="http://zaslike.com/files/ycgde
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<div class="container">
<h1 class="top-h1">Get Your Free Minecraft Premium Account</h1>
<div class="video-holder">
<center><iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.
controls=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
</div></center><!--End of video-holder-->
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zaslike.com/files/7cdlfd6un4lwvddgysdu.png',1)" ><img src="http://zaslike.com/fi
les/yfihvpmisin60xeris.png" width="300" height="62" name="Image2" border="0" id=
"Image2" /></a><!-- end .content --></center></p>
<img src="http://zaslike.com/files/ybxpqqgee24b8kj4vz2g.png" width="750" heig
ht="25" />
<div class="content">
<div id="contenttext">
<div class="text-holder">
<center><h1>Instructions</h1></center><!-- Header One -->
<h4>Who We Are?</h4><!-- PRIMUL TITLU -->
<p>BLA BLA is a group of professional programmers that making a free software
, android game, ios games and etc. One of our member is a player of Minecraft ju
st like you guys, he want to get some free minecraft premium account inable to m
aximize the game. And of course we hacked the Minecraft datebase and we got our
free minecraft premium accounts, and then one of our guy decided to give it to a
ll the people that looking for free minecraft premium account.</p><!-- Text 1 --
<h2>What is Minecraft Premium Account?</h2><!-- AL 2-lea TITLU -->
<p>A Premium account on minecraft it to the alpha version of the game, with
zombie survival, and more. It cost about $13 USD. And it is a very addicting gam
e.</p><!-- Text 2 -->
<h3>Is this Free Minecraft Premium Account Safe to Use?</h3><!-- AL 3-lea TI
TLu -->
<p>Our free minecraft premium accounts are 100% safe to use because our
site is protected. We blocked all the IP addressess from Minecraft sites, so the
y will having a hard time detecting this. So we guarantee you that you can use o
ur free minecraft premium account safely.</p><!-- Text 3 -->

<div id="footer-wrapper">
<a href="index-2.html"><p>Copyright 2014.Account - MADAPUTEEE.net All rights res
<!-- end .contenttext --></div>
<!-- end .container --></div>