1. What is the difference between sqldirect and other jdbc activities?

2. What is the difference between shared variable, jobshared variable, process variables
and global variables?
3. What are the archive files in .ear?
4. Where we will go for AD adapter and !D" Activities?
#. What is the difference between $ilepoller and file adapter?
%. What is persistant, nonpersistant q&e&e in '()?
*. What is static q&e&e, d+na,ic q&e&e and te,porar+ q&e&e?
-. What are the transactions in tibco?
*. What is the difference between parsed .,l and render .,l?
/. '.plain so,e errors in while deplo+,ent the .ear?
10. '.plain error handling ,echanis,?
12. What is the difference between 12 3rende4vo&s5 and j,s?
13. 6ow to install tibco software co,ponents 3seq&ence to install the co,ponents5?
14. What is the role of tra?
1#. What is the difference between parse data and render data?
1%. What is the &se of spawn option in called process?
1-. What is the &se of transaction?
1*. '.plain critical section gro&p?
20. What is the difference between q&e&es and topics?
21. What is the &se of bridges in e,s?
22. What is the difference between reliable, certified, distrib&ted q&e&es in 12?
23. What Abstract wsdl and concrete wsdl?
24. What is the &se of ') 7)?
2#. What is difference between p&blish b+ val&e, p&blishb+ reference ,odes in AD
2%. What is the &se of confir, activit+, chec8point and how to &se?
2-. What is the difference between )9A: 'vent )o&rce and )ervice Activit+?
2*. What is the p&rpose of ;1etrieve 1eso&rce< activit+?
2/. What is &se of 6AW= and what are the co,ponents present in 6AW=?
30. What is the &se of >&er+ &ilder in !D" q&er+ Activit+?
31. What is the &se of ;9verride ?ransaction behavior< option in !D" Activities?
32. What are the properties that we can set to a q&e&e or topic?
33. What are the protocols that 12 and '() &se?
34. What is fa&lt tolerance and @oad alancing in tibco '() and where to config&re?
3#. What are the config&ration files present in ?A"9B'()Bbin?
3%. What is force deplo+,ent?
3-. Where we define error sche,a for generate error activit+?
3*. What is Cenerate 'rror, "atch, and 1ethrow activities?
3/. What are the other tibco co,ponents that a&to,aticall+ co,es along with tibco tra
40. What are the ac8nowledge,ent ,odes available in tibco '()?
41. What are file based and process based ledgers in ?A"9 12"(?
42. What is the role of do,ain &tilit+?
43. What is webservice and what protocol it &ses?
44. What is the difference between )9A: 9ver !()B6??:?
4#. What is the &se of d&rable s&bscribers?
4%. What is file based storage and database storage in ?A"9 '() and where we will
config&re it?
4-. What is difference between C7A (ode, "onsole (ode and )ilent ,ode of
4*. 6ow to define sec&rit+ to '() sever 9r &se of ))@ in tibco '()?
4/. @ist the DEpath f&nctions that +o& recentl+ &sed?
#0. What is difference between 1ender D(@ activit+ and tibF render.,l DEpath
#1. What is the &se of ))@ and 6??:)?
#2. What is flow li,it and ,a. jobs?
#3. What is loc8 object and where it is &sed?
#4. What is the &se of pic8 first and critical section?
##. What protocol that 12 &ses and e.plain abo&t 7D: and ?1D protocol?