The S&P BSE SENSEX (S&P Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive Index), also-called
the BSE 30 or simly the SENSEX, is a !ree-!loat market caitali"ation-#eighted stock
market index o! $% #ell-established and !inancially so&nd comanies listed on BSE 'td(
The $% comonent comanies #hich are some o! the largest and most actively traded
stocks, are reresentative o! vario&s ind&strial sectors o! the Indian economy( P&blished
since ) *an&ary )+,-, the S&P BSE SE.SE/ is regarded as the &lse o! the domestic stock
markets in India( The base val&e o! the S&P BSE SE.SE/ is taken as 100 on ) 0ril )+1+,
and its base year as 1978–79( 2n 34 *&ly 3%%) BSE la&nched DOLLEX-30, a dollar-linked
version o! S&P BSE SE.SE/( 0s o! 3) 0ril 3%)), the market caitalisation o! S&P BSE
SE.SE/ #as abo&t 3+,1$$ billion (5S64)) billion) (71(-,8 o! market caitalisation o!
BSE), #hile its !ree-!loat market caitalisation #as )4,-+% billion (5S631% billion)(
The BSE Sensex c&rrently consists o! the !ollo#ing $% ma9or Indian comanies as o! )1
:ebr&ary 3%)3(
# Company Industry Scrip
;o&sing <eveloment :inance
=ons&mer !inance 4%%%)%
3 =ila Pharmace&ticals 4%%%,1
$ Bharat ;eavy Electricals Electrical e>&iment 4%%)%$
7 State Bank 2! India Banking 4%%))3
4 ;<:= Bank Banking 4%%),%
- ;ero ?otocor 0&tomotive 4%%),3
# Company Industry Scrip
1 In!osys In!ormation Technology 4%%3%+
, 2il and .at&ral @as =ororation 2il and gas 4%%$)3
+ Aeliance Ind&stries 2il and gas 4%%$34
)% Tata Po#er Po#er 4%%7%%
)) ;indalco Ind&stries ?etals and ?ining 4%%77%
)3 Tata Steel Steel 4%%71%
)$ 'arsen & To&bro =onglomerate 4%%4)%
)7 ?ahindra & ?ahindra 0&tomotive 4%%43%
)4 Tata ?otors 0&tomotive 4%%41%
)- ;ind&stan 5nilever =ons&mer goods 4%%-+-
)1 IT= =onglomerate 4%%,14
), Sterlite Ind&stries ?etals and ?ining 4%%+%%
)+ Biro In!ormation Technology 4%1-,4
3% S&n Pharmace&tical Pharmace&ticals 4371)4
3) @0I' 2il and gas 4$3)44
33 I=I=I Bank Banking 4$3)17
# Company Industry Scrip
3$ *indal Steel & Po#er Steel and o#er 4$33,-
37 Bharti 0irtel Telecomm&nication 4$3747
34 ?ar&ti S&"&ki 0&tomotive 4$34%%
3- Tata =ons&ltancy Services In!ormation Technology 4$347%
31 .TP= Po#er 4$3444
3, <': Aeal estate 4$3,-,
3+ Ba9a9 0&to 0&tomotive 4$3+11
$% =oal India ?etals and ?ining 4$$31,
The BSE constantly revie#s and modi!ies its comosition to be s&re it re!lects c&rrent
market conditions( The index is calc&lated based on a !ree !loat caitalisation method, a
variation o! the market caitalisation method( Instead o! &sing a comanyCs o&tstanding
shares it &ses its !loat, or shares that are readily available !or trading( 0s er !ree !loat
caitalisation methodology, the level o! index at any oint o! time re!lects the !ree !loat
market val&e o! $% comonent stocks relative to a base eriod( The market caitalisation o!
a comany is determined by m&ltilying the rice o! its stock by the n&mber o! shares
iss&ed by o! cororate actions, relacement o! scris, etc(
The index has increased by over ten times !rom *&ne )++% to the resent( 5sing in!ormation
!rom 0ril )+1+ on#ards, the long-r&n rate o! ret&rn on the S&P BSE SE.SE/ #orks o&t
to be ),(-8 er ann&m, #hich translates to ro&ghly +8 er ann&m(
@rah o! S&P BSE SE.SE/ monthly data
Here is a timeline on the rise of the SENSEX through Indian stock market history
• "000# $% &uy "''0 D 2n 34 *&ly )++%, the SE.SE/ to&ched the !o&r-digit !ig&re
!or the !irst time and closed at ),%%) in the #ake o! a good monsoon and excellent
cororate res&lts(
• $000# "% &anuary "''$ D 2n )4 *an&ary )++3, the SE.SE/ crossed the 3,%%% mark
and closed at 3,%3% !ollo#ed by the liberal economic olicy initiatives &ndertaken by
the then !inance minister and c&rrent Prime ?inister <r ?anmohan Singh(
• 3000# $' (e)ruary "''$ D 2n 3+ :ebr&ary )++3, the SE.SE/ s&rged ast the
$,%%% mark in the #ake o! the market-!riendly B&dget anno&nced by ?anmohan Singh(
• *000# 30 !arc+ "''$ D 2n $% ?arch )++3, the SE.SE/ crossed the 7,%%% mark
and closed at 7,%+) on the exectations o! a liberal exort-imort olicy( It #as then
that the ;arshad ?ehta scam hit the markets and SE.SE/ #itnessed &nabated selling(
• %000# "" Octo)er "''' D 2n )) 2ctober )+++, the SE.SE/ crossed the 4,%%%
mark, as the Bharatiya *anata Party-led coalition #on the ma9ority in the )$th 'ok
Sabha election(
• ,000# "" (e)ruary $000 D 2n )) :ebr&ary 3%%%, the in!ormation technology boom
heled the SE.SE/ to cross the -,%%% mark and hit an all-time high o! -,%%- oints(
This record #o&ld stand !or nearly !o&r years, &ntil 3 *an&ary 3%%7, #hen the SE.SE/
closed at -,%3-(4+ oints(
• -000# $" &une $00% D 2n 3% *&ne 3%%4, the ne#s o! the settlement bet#een
the .m)ani )rot+ers boosted investor sentiments and the scris o! AI', Aeliance
Energy,Aeliance =aital and IP=' made h&ge gains( This heled the SE.SE/ crossed
1,%%% oints !or the !irst time(
• /000# / Septem)er $00% D 2n , Setember 3%%4, the Bombay Stock ExchangeCs
benchmark $%-share index D the SE.SE/ D crossed the ,,%%% level !ollo#ing brisk
b&ying by !oreign and domestic !&nds in early trading(
• '000# ' Decem)er $00% D The SE.SE/ on 3, .ovember 3%%4 crossed +,%%% and
to&ched a eak o! +,%%%($3 oints d&ring mid-session at the Bombay Stock Exchange
on the back o! !rantic b&ying sree by !oreign instit&tional investors and #ell s&orted
by local oerators as #ell as retail investors( ;o#ever, it #as on + <ecember 3%%4 that
the SE.SE/ !irst closed at over +,%%% oints(
• "0#000# - (e)ruary $00, D The SE.SE/ on - :ebr&ary 3%%- to&ched )%,%%$
oints d&ring mid-session( The SE.SE/ !inally closed above the )%,%%% mark on 1
:ebr&ary 3%%-(
• ""#000# $- !arc+ $00, D The SE.SE/ on 3) ?arch 3%%- crossed )),%%% and
to&ched a eak o! )),%%) oints d&ring mid-session at the Bombay Stock Exchange !or
the !irst time( ;o#ever, it #as on 31 ?arch 3%%- that the SE.SE/ !irst closed at over
)),%%% oints(
• "$#000# $0 .pri $00, D The SE.SE/ on 3% 0ril 3%%- crossed )3,%%% and to&ched
a eak o! )3,%%7 oints d&ring mid-session at the Bombay Stock Exchange !or the !irst
• "3#000# 30 Octo)er $00, D The SE.SE/ on $% 2ctober 3%%- crossed )$,%%% !or
the !irst time( It to&ched a eak o! )$,%$+($-, be!ore !inally closing at )$,%37(3- oints(
• "*#000# % Decem)er $00, D The SE.SE/ on 4 <ecember 3%%- crossed the )7,%%%
mark !or the !irst time(
• "%#000# , &uy $00- D The SE.SE/ on - *&ly 3%%1 crossed the )4,%%% mark !or the
!irst time(
• ",#000# "' Septem)er $00- D The SE.SE/ on )+ Setember 3%%1 crossed the
)-,%%% mark !or the !irst time(
• "-#000# $, Septem)er $00- D The SE.SE/ on 3- Setember 3%%1 crossed the
)1,%%% mark !or the !irst time(
• "/#000# ' Octo)er $00- D The SE.SE/ on + 2ctober 3%%1 crossed the ),,%%%
mark !or the !irst time(
• "'#000# "% Octo)er $00- D The SE.SE/ on )4 2ctober 3%%1 crossed the )+,%%%
mark !or the !irst time(
• $0#000# "" Decem)er $00- D The SE.SE/ on 3+ 2ctober 3%%1 crossed the 3%,%%%
mark !or the !irst time d&ring intra-day trading, b&t closed at )+,+11(-1 oints(
;o#ever, it #as on )) <ecember 3%%1 that it !inally closed at a !ig&re above 3%,%%%
oints on the back o! aggressive b&ying by !&nds(
• $"#000# % No0em)er $0"0 D The SE.SE/ on , *an&ary 3%%, crossed the 3),%%%
mark !or the !irst time, reaching an intra-day eak o! 3),%1, oints, be!ore closing at
3%,,1$( ;o#ever, it #as not &ntil 4 .ovember 3%)% that the SE.SE/ closed at
3),%%7(+-, !or its !irst close above 3),%%% oints( To date, this is the all-time record high
close !or the SE.SE/, as #ell as the only time the index has closed above the 3),%%%
• "' (e)ruary $0"3 D SE.SE/ becomes S&P SE.SE/ as BSE ties & #ith
Standard and PoorCs to &se the S&P brand !or Sensex and other indices(
• "- !ay $0"3 D The SE.SE/ on )1 ?ay 3%)$ closes at 3%,3,-()3, !or its highest
eak in 3, months(
$00,-$0"01 2+e 3oatie &ourney to $"#000
!ay $00,
2n 33 ?ay 3%%-, the SE.SE/ l&nged by ),)%% oints d&ring intra-day trading, leading to
the s&sension o! trading !or the !irst time since )1 ?ay 3%%7( The volatility o! the
SE.SE/ had ca&sed investors to lose As - lakh crore (5S6)$) billion) #ithin seven
trading sessions( The :inance ?inister o! India, P( =hidambaram, made an &nsched&led
ress statement #hen trading #as s&sended to ass&re investors that nothing #as #rong
#ith the !&ndamentals o! the economy, and advised retail investors to stay invested( Bhen
trading res&med a!ter the reass&rances o! the Aeserve Bank o! India and the Sec&rities and
Exchange Board o! India (SEBI), the SE.SE/ managed to move & 1%% oints, b&t still
!inished the session 741 oints in the red(
The SE.SE/ event&ally recovered !rom the volatility, and on )- 2ctober 3%%-, the
SE.SE/ closed at an all-time high o! )3,+3,(), #ith an intra-day high o! )3,+4$(1-( This
#as a res&lt o! increased con!idence in the economy and reorts that IndiaCs man&!act&ring
sector gre# by ))()8 in 0&g&st 3%%-(
• "3#000# 30 Octo)er $00, D The SE.SE/ on $% 2ctober 3%%- crossed )$,%%% mark
!or the !irst time, to&ching a eak o! )$,%$+($-, be!ore closing at )$,%37(3- oints( It
took )$4 days to reach )$,%%% !rom )3,%%%, and )37 days to reach )$,%%% !rom )3,4%%(
• "*#000# % Decem)er $00, D The SE.SE/ on 4 <ecember 3%%- crossed )7,%%%
mark !or the !irst time, a!ter oening the day #ith a eak o! )7,%3, at +(4, am(IST)(
• "%#000# , &uy $00-- The SE.SE/ on - *&ly 3%%1 crossed another milestone and
reached a magic !ig&re o! )4,%%%( It took 1 months and one day a!ter !irst reaching the
)7,%%% milestone to to&ch this historic milestone(
4industan 5nie0er
;ind&stan 5nilever 'imited is an Indian cons&mer goods comany based in ?&mbai,
?aharashtra( It is o#ned by 0nglo-<&tch comany 5nilever #hich o#ns a -18 controlling
share in ;5'( Bikiedia
Stoc6 price1
;I.<5.I'GA (.SE)As( -,3(4%-4(44 (-%(,)8)
)+ *&l $H$% m IST - <isclaimer
4ead7uarters1 ?&mbai, India
(ounded1 )+$$
;5' #orks to create a better !&t&re every day and hels eole !eel good, look good and
get more o&t o! li!e #ith brands and services that are good !or them and good !or others(
Bith over $4 brands sanning 3% distinct categories s&ch as soas, detergents, shamoos,
skin care, toothastes, deodorants, cosmetics, tea, co!!ee, ackaged !oods, ice cream, and
#ater &ri!iers, the =omany is a art o! the everyday li!e o! millions o! cons&mers across
India( Its ort!olio incl&des leading ho&sehold brands s&ch as '&x, 'i!eb&oy, S&r! Excel,
Ain, Bheel, :air & 'ovely, PondIs, Gaseline, 'akmJ, <ove, =linic Pl&s, S&nsilk,
Pesodent, =lose&, 0xe, Brooke Bond, Br&, Knorr, Kissan, K#ality BallIs and P&reit(
The =omany has over )-,%%% emloyees and has an ann&al t&rnover o! aro&nd As(34,3%-
crores (!inancial year 3%)3 - 3%)$)( ;5' is a s&bsidiary o! 5nilever, one o! the #orldIs
leading s&liers o! !ast moving cons&mer goods #ith strong local roots in more than )%%
co&ntries across the globe #ith ann&al sales o! L4) billion in 3%)3( 5nilever has abo&t 438
shareholding in ;5'(
;5' is the market leader in Indian cons&mer rod&cts #ith resence in over 3% cons&mer
categories s&ch as soas, tea, detergents and shamoos amongst others #ith over 1%%
million Indian cons&mers &sing its rod&cts( Eighteen o! ;5'Cs brands !eat&red in
the 0=.ielsen Brand E>&ity list o! )%% ?ost Tr&sted Brands 0nn&al S&rvey (3%)3), carried
o&t by Brand E>&ity, a s&lement o! The Economic Times(
The ?ost Tr&sted Brands !rom ;5' in the to )%% list (their rankings in brackets) areH
=linic Pl&s (7), 'i!eb&oy ()%), :air & 'ovely ())), Ain ()3), S&r! Excel ()$), '&x ()7),
Pesodent ()1), =lose& ()+), PondIs (3%), S&nsilk (3-), <ove ($1), Gim (7$), Pears (1+),
'akme (,)), Gaseline (,-), Bheel (,1), ;amam (+4) and Aexona (+-)(
The latest la&nches !or ;ind&stan 5nilever incl&deH S&r! Excel Easy#ashM 'akmJ eyeconic
rangeM Gim 0nti @erm barMP&reit ?arvella 5G #ith 0dvance 0lert SystemM TAESemmJH
:or Salon style hair at home everydayM =linic Pl&sH ?ilk Protein :orm&la 0NNM =om!ort )
AinseM Br& Exotica @&atemalaM =lose&H <ee 0ctionM <ove ;air :all Aesc&e TreatmentM
Taa"aH Taa"gi bhari chaai, dimaag kh&l 9aaye(
The comany has a distrib&tion channel o! -($ million o&tlets and o#ns $4 ma9or Indian
Its brands incl&deH
(ood )rands1
• 0nna&rna salt and atta
• Br& co!!ee
• Brooke Bond ($ Aoses, Ta9 ?ahal, Taa"a, Aed 'abel) tea
• Kissan s>&ashes, ketch&s, 9&ices and 9ams
• 'iton tea
• Knorr so&s & meal makers and so&y noodles
• K#ality BallCs !ro"en dessert
• ?odern Bread , ready to eat chaattis and other bakery items
• ?agn&m (ice cream)
4omecare Brands
• 0ctiveBheel detergent
• =i! =ream =leaner
• =om!ort !abric so!teners
• <omestos disin!ectantOtoilet cleaner
• Ain detergents and bleach
• S&nlight detergent and colo&r care
• S&r! Excel detergent and gentle #ash
• Gim dish#ash
• ?agic D Bater Saver
Persona Care Brands1
• 0viance Bea&ty Sol&tions
• 0xe deodorant and a!tershaving lotion and soa
• 'EGEA 0y&sh Theray ay&rvedic health care and ersonal care rod&cts
• Bree"e bea&ty soa
• =lear anti-dandr&!! hair rod&cts
• =linic Pl&s shamoo and oil
• =lose 5 toothaste
• <ove skin cleansing & hair care rangeH bar, lotions, creams and anti-ersirant
• <enim shaving rod&cts
• :air & 'ovely skin-lightening rod&cts
• ;amam
• 'akmJ bea&ty rod&cts and salons
• 'i!eb&oy soas and hand#ash range
• 'iril 3%%% soa
• '&x soa, body #ash and deodorant
• Pears soa
.9ards and 8eco:nition
0s er the latest .ielsen =am&s Track-B&siness School S&rvey released in :ebr&ary 3%)$,
;ind&stan 5nilever 'imited has emerged as the .o() emloyer o! choice !or B-School
st&dents #ho #ill grad&ate in 3%)$, across !&nctions( ;5' also retained the C<ream
EmloyerC stat&s !or the 7th year r&nning and contin&es to be the to comany considered
!or alication by B-School st&dent in India(
In 3%)3, ;5' #as recognised as one o! the #orldCs most innovative comanies by :orbes(
Bith a ranking o! n&mber -, it #as the highest ranked :?=@ comany(
;ind&stan 5nilever 'imited (;5') #on the !irst ri"e at :I==I Bater 0#ards 3%)3 &nder
the category o! Ccomm&nity initiatives by ind&stryC !or @&ndar Basin Pro9ect, a #ater
conservation initiative(
;ind&stan 5nilever 'imited #on )$ a#ards at the Emvies 3%)3 ?edia 0#ards organised by
the 0dvertising =l&b Bombay in Setember 3%)3(
The comany bagged !o&r a#ards at the Sikes 0sia 0#ards 3%)3, held in Setember( The
a#ards incl&ded one @rand Prix one @old 0#ard and t#o Silver 0#ards(
;5'Is =hhind#ara 5nit #on the .ational Sa!ety 0#ard !or o&tstanding er!ormance in
Ind&strial Sa!ety( These a#ards #ere instit&ted by the 5nion ?inistry o! 'abo&r and
Emloyment in )+-4(

;ind&stan 5nileverCs cororate head>&arters are located at 0ndheri (E), ?&mbai( The
cam&s is sread over )3(4 acres o! land and ho&ses over ),-%% emloyees( Some o! the
!acilities available !or the emloyees incl&de a convenience store, a !ood co&rt, an
occ&ational health centre, a gym, a sorts & recreation centre and a day care centre(
The cam&s received a certi!ication !rom 'EE< ('eadershi in Energy and Environmental
@old in C.e# =onstr&ctionC category, by Indian @reen B&ilding =o&ncil (I@B=),
;yderabad, &nder license !rom the 5nited States @reen B&ilding =o&ncil (5S@B=)
The comanyCs revio&s head>&arters #as located at Backbay Aeclamation, ?&mbai at the
'ever ;o&se, #here it #as ho&sed !or over 7- years
!ar6etin: Initiati0es
;+us+iyon ;i Doi
The comany la&nched a m&lti-brand r&ral marketing initiative called Kh&shiyon Ki
<oli, in 3%)% in three states D 5ttar Pradesh, 0ndhra Pradesh and ?aharashtra( Thro&gh this
initiative more than )% million cons&mers #ere contacted directly in more than 3,,%%%
villages across these three states( Thro&gh this initiative, the comany also reached o&t to
)1%,%%% retailers in these villages(Thro&gh this initiative ;5' engaged #ith 34 million
r&ral cons&mers in media dark areas in 3%))(
In 3%)), ;5' extended this initiative to cover !ive states D Best Bengal, Bihar,
?aharashtra, 0ndhra Pradesh and 5ttar Pradesh, covering over !i!ty tho&sand villages
across these !ive states(
In 3%)3, K&shiyon Ki <oli has been extended to Karnataka to cover a total o! six StatesH
?aharashtra, 5P, Bihar, Best Bengal, 0ndhra Pradesh and Karnataka( The initiative aims to
cover over :i!ty !ive tho&sand villages in 3%)3(
Gario&s ersonal care and home care brands o! ;5' have articiated in this initiative
incl&dingH Bheel, S&r! Excel, :0', S&nsilk, Gim, 'i!eb&oy and =lose&(
The mod&le !ollo#s a three-ste rocess, starting #ith a#areness, moving on to cons&mer
engagement and !inally retail contact( The !irst ste o! sreading a#areness is achieved
thro&gh a team o! romoters #ho head to each village and invite the villages to #hat is
kno#n as P?ohallasI to make them a#are o! the comany and its rod&cts( In every village,
there are abo&t 7D4 teams that cond&ct these events in local lang&age !or small !oc&sed
gro&s so that it allo#s !or greater engagement and involvement !or the cons&mers( <&ring
this activity, brands are introd&ced #ith the hel o! TG=s that are layed contin&o&sly( 0nd
the romoters by #ay o! PliveI demonstrations bring alive the hygiene bene!its o! &sing s&ch
brands and imroving the >&ality o! daily li!e( To increase the P!&nI element and enhance
involvement, romoters also cond&ct simle >&i""es and games aro&nd the brands and daily
hygiene habits( 0s art o! this activation,the comany o!!ers schemes both !or the
articiating cons&mers and also local retailers !or generating trial among cons&mers as
#ell enhancing availability at retail( Post the PmohallaI activity, the romotes go home to
home and cond&ct cons&mer home visits to generate trial #here they o!!er attractive
romotions to the cons&mers( Similarly, there is another team #hich visits all the shos in
the village #hich ens&res imroved availability and visibility o! ;5' brands( Technology
has been &sed to advertise and market ;5'Cs brands( 0t the same time, the comany has
&tilised traditional symbols to bolster P&blic Aelations( :or examle, the brand !ilms and
hygiene messages are sho#n to the cons&mers thro&gh the &se o! Palki(
2ype P&blic
2raded as BSEH 4%%%,1
.SEH =IP'0
BSE SE.SE/ =onstit&ent
Industry Pharmace&ticals
(ounded )+$4
4ead7uarters ?&mbai, ?aharashtra, India
;ey peope Q( K( ;amied (=?<), =hairman
Products Pharmace&ticals anddiagnostics
-+,114(% million(5S6)(3 billion) (3%)3)
Net income
))(3$ billion(5S6)+% million) (3%)3)
Empoyees over )-,%%%
<e)site ###(cila(com
Company Pro=ie
:o&nded rior to Indian indeendence by and on the rincile that India needed to become
sel!-s&!!icient in s&lying medicine to its eole, =ila has emhasi"ed sel!-reliance and
the right o! all eole to health and access to medicine, regardless o! their economic
circ&mstances or #here in the #orld they haen to live(
=ila cooerates #ith other enterrises in areas s&ch as cons&lting, commissioning,
engineering, ro9ect araisal, >&ality control, kno#-ho# trans!er, s&ort, and lant
4I3>.IDS !edication
Cipa is the #orldCs largest man&!act&rer o! antiretroviral dr&gs (0AGs) to !ight ;IGO0I<S,
as meas&red by &nits rod&ced and distrib&ted (m&ltinational brand-name dr&gs are m&ch
more exensive, so in money terms =ila medicines are robably some#here do#n the list)(
Ao&ghly 7% ercent o! ;IGO0I<S atients &ndergoing antiretroviral theray #orld#ide take
=ila dr&gs(
Indian la# !rom )+13 &ntil 3%%4 allo#ed no (end-rod&ct) atents on dr&gs, and rovided
!or com&lsory licensing, =ila #as able to man&!act&re medicines #hich
en9oyed atentmonooly in certain other co&ntries (artic&larly those #here large,
m&ltinational harmace&tical comanies are based)( By doing so, as #ell as by making an
exec&tive decision not to make ro!its on 0I<S medication, =ila red&ced the cost o!
roviding antiretrovirals to 0I<S atients !rom 6)3,%%% and beyond (monooly rices
charged by international harma conglomerates) do#n to &nder 6)%% er year( Bhile this
s&m remains o&t o! reach !or many millions o! eole in Third Borld co&ntries, government
and charitable so&rces o!ten are in a osition to make & the di!!erence !or destit&te
.nti=u and 3iren?a
In <ecember 3%%,, =ila #on a co&rt case in India allo#ing it to man&!act&re a cheaer
generic version o! oseltamivir, marketed by ;o!!mann-'a Aoche (Aoche) &nder the trade
name 2ami=u, &nder the =ila tradename 0nti!l&( In ?ay 3%%+, =ila #on aroval !rom
the Borld ;ealth 2rgani"ation certi!ying that its dr&g 0nti!l& #as as e!!ective as Tami!l&,
and 0nti!l& is incl&ded in the Borld ;ealth 2rgani"ation list o! re>&ali!ied medicinal
=ila anno&nced that 2seltamivir 14 mg cas&les marketed as R0nti!l&R by the comany has
been incl&ded in the Borld ;ealth 2rgani"ation (B;2) list o! re>&ali!ied medicinal
rod&cts (P?P)(
2seltamivir is indicated !or &se in the treatment o! in!l&en"a 0 (;).)) in!ection commonly
kno#n as s#ine !l&(
=ila also rod&ces a generic version o! "anamivir, marketed by @laxo &nder the trade
name 8een?a, &nder the =ila tradename Giren"a(
The .e# Qork Times reorted that the government o! Sa&di 0rabia &rchased stockiles o!
0nti!l& in rearation !or ;a99 in late 3%%+, !earing an o&tbreak o! !l& among ;a99is arriving
!rom all arts o! the #orld(
The !irm anno&nced the la&nch o! the dr&g &nder the name S0nti!l&S on )) .ovember 3%%+
to be sold as a category / dr&g, strictly &nder rescrition(
Cancer !edications
In ?ay 3%)3, =ila made headlines #orld#ide by slashing rices on several cancer dr&gs
revio&sly riced !ar o&t o! reach to the vast ma9ority o! the #orldCs o&lation (cancer
dr&gs are generally the most exensive category o! harmace&tical)( The Ball Street
*o&rnal >&oted =ila chairerson Q&s&! ;amied as sayingH SBe had taken the lead to
rovide a!!ordable medicine !or 0I<S and I think the time has no# come -- )% years later --
#hen #e do a similar thing !or cancer(S The revised rices averaged ro&ghly 148 less than
the revio&s ones, and ;amied anno&nced lans to similarly red&ce rices on the !&ll range
o! cancer dr&gs made by =ila( The move #as exected to romt signi!icant rice dros
!rom other rod&cers, roviding access to medicine and saving many millions o! cancer
atients &nnecessary s&!!ering andOor death(
Ot+er dru:s
=ila also has a rod&ct range comrising antibiotics, anti-bacterials, anti-asthmatics,
anthelmintics, anti-&lcerants, oncology, corticosteroids, n&tritional s&lements and
cardiovasc&lar dr&gs( The comany has at least nine di!!erent rescrition dr&gs registered
#ith the 5S :<0(
0ctive in the anti-bacterial and anti-asthmatic segments, =ila #as the
!irst in 0sia to la&nch a non-=:= metered dose inhaler(
In a Setember 3%)) article, The .e# Qork Times disc&ssed =ilaCs e!!orts to radically
lo#er costs o! biotech dr&gs !or cancer, diabetes and other noncomm&nicable diseases, and,
re!erencing the leading role the comany had layed in getting lo#-cost 0I<S dr&gs to
develoing #orld, the Times oinedH
In retrosect, the battle )% years ago over 0I<S medicines #as a small skirmish comared
#ith the one likely to er&t over cancer, diabetes and heart medicines( The 0I<S dr&g
market #as never a ma9or moneymaker !or global dr&g giants, #hile cancer and diabetes
dr&gs are central to the comaniesI very s&rvival
Jindal Steel and Power Ltd.
2ype Private
2raded as BSEH 4$33,-,.SEH *I.<0'STE'
BSE SE.SE/ =onstit&ent
Industry Steel, energy
(ounded )+43
(ounder@sA 2 P *indal
4ead7uarters .e# <elhi, India
;ey peope .aveen *indal
(=hairman and ?<)
Products Steel, iron, electricity generation and distrib&tion
8e0enue )$,(7- billion (5S63(7 billion) (3%)))
Net income $1(47 billion (5S6-4% million) (3%)))
2ota assets 3,$(3 billion (5S67(+ billion) (3%)))
Empoyees 1,--+ (3%%+)
Parent *indal @ro&
<e)site ###(9indalsteelo#er(com
&inda Stee and Po9er Limited (&SPL) is an Indian steel and energy comany based
in .e# <elhi, India and a division o! *indal @ro& conglomerate( Bith ann&al t&rnover o!
over 5S67 billion, *indal Steel & Po#er 'imited (*SP') is a art o! abo&t 5S6)1 billion
diversi!ied 2( P( &inda Broup( *SP' is a leading layer in steel, o#er, mining, oil and gas
and in!rastr&ct&re( .aveen *indal, the yo&ngest son o! the late 2 P *indal, drives *SP' and
its gro& comanies *indal Po#er 'td, *indal Petrole&m 'td(, *indal =ement 'td( and *indal
Steel Bolivia( The comany ro!esses a belie! in the concet o! sel!-s&!!iciency( The
comany rod&ces steel and o#er thro&gh back#ard integration !rom its o#n cative coal
and iron-ore mines(
;o#ever, in terms o! tonnage, it is the third largest steel rod&cer in India( The comany
man&!act&res and sells songe iron, mild steel slabs, !erro chrome, iron ore, mild steel,
str&ct&ral, hot rolled lates and coils and coal based songe iron lant( The comany is also
involved in o#er generation(
*indal Steel and Po#er is a art o! the *indal @ro&, !o&nded by 2( P( *indal ()+$%D3%%4)(
In )+-+, he started i!e "nit #indal India $imited at ;isar, India,
one o! the earlier
incarnations o! his b&siness emire( 0!ter *indalCs death in 3%%4, m&ch o! his assets #ere
trans!erred to his #i!e, Savitri *indal( *indal @ro&Cs management #as then slit among his
!o&r sons #ith .aveen *indal as the =hairman o! *indal Steel and Po#er 'imited( ;is elder
brother, Sa99an *indal, is c&rrently the head o! 0SS2=;0?, an in!l&ential body o! the
chambers o! commerce, and the head o! *SB @ro&, art o! 2(P( *indal @ro&(
2n $ *&ne 3%%-, Bolivia granted develoment rights !or one o! the #orldCs largest iron ore
reserves in the El ?&tTn region to *indal Steel( Bith an initial investment o! 5S6)(4 billion,
the comany lans to invest an additional 5S63() billion over the next eight years in the
So&th 0merican co&ntry(
*indal Steel is most likely to terminate the contract o! investing
63() billion in setting & a steel lant in Bolivia, d&e to non-!&l!ilment o! contract&al
obligations by the Bolivian government(
Savitri *indal, the #ido# o! 2( P( *indal, is
ranked as the )+th richest Indian erson according to :orbes(
The *indal !amily established Gidya <evi *indal School, a residential school !or girls in
;isar, India, in )+,7( 0ltho&gh not marketed as s&ch, it is #idely kno#n to cater to the
#ealthy thro&gh its rivate location and array o! activities(
Ecitation neededF
The schoolCs st&dent
body comrises girls !rom a!!l&ent b&siness and olitical !amilies o! India(
In0o0ement in coa:ate scam
=ongress ?P, .aveen *indalCs *indal Steel and Po#er got a coal !ield in :ebr&ary 3%%+ #ith
reserves o! )4%% million metric tones #hile the government-r&n .avratna =oal India 'td
#as re!&sed( 2n 31 :ebr&ary 3%%+, t#o rivate comanies got h&ge coal blocks( Both the
blocks #ere in 2rissa and #hile one #as over $%% mega metric tones, the other #as over
)4%% mega metric tones( =ombined #orth o! these blocks #as #ell over As 3 trillion (short
scale) and these blocks #ere meant !or the li>&i!ication o! coal( 2ne o! these blocks #as
a#arded to *indal( .aveen *indalCs *indal Steel and Po#er #as the comany #hich #as
allotted the Talcher coal !ield in 0ng&l in 2rissa in 3%%+, #ell a!ter the sel!-imosed c&t o!!
date by the =entre on allocation o! coal blocks( The 2osition alleged that the @overnment
violated all norms to give him coal !ields( .aveen *indal, ho#ever, denied any #rongdoing(
E$,FE$+F 2n )4 Setember 3%)3, an Inter ?inisterial @ro& (I?@) headed by Uohra
=hatter9i (0dditional Secretary in =oal ?inistry) recommended cancellation o! a block
allotted to *SB (*indal Steel Borks), a *indal @ro& comany(
(uture outoo6
Exanding to ne#er hori"ons *SP' !irmly believes that change is the only constant in li!e
and it shall have to contin&o&sly &grade its existing technologies, embrace ne#
technologies, motivate its ersonnel and &li!t the living standards o! those aro&nd &s(
0dhering to these val&es, ma9or exansion lans are being exec&tedH
• 3 ?TP0 cement lant(
• 0dditional o#er generation o! 47% ?B(
• ?edi&m str&ct&ral mill(
• Pie conveyor !rom mines to lant(
• ?ini blast !&rnace &-gradation
• :abrication &nit in the ind&strial estate(
0n ?25 has been signed bet#een *SP' and the @overnment o! =hhattisgarh !or setting &
an additional 1(% ?TP0 steel lant in hases and a )-%% ?B o#er lant #ith an
investment o! over 5S 6 4(3% billion (As( 3-% billion)(
0n )) million ton integrated steel lant and 3-%% ?B cative o#er lant in hases, #ith a
total investment o! 5S 6 -(%% billion, (As( $%% billion)(
0 )3(4 million ton integrated steel lant and 3-%% ?B cative o#er lant in hases, #ith
a total investment o! 5S 6 ,(%% billion (As( 7%% billion)( The !irst hase o! $ million ton is
exected to be commissioned by 3%))(
Coa to Li7uid Petroeum ProCect
*indal Steel & Po#er has been allotted the Aamchandi Promotional =oal Block in 2rissa !or
the roosed =oal to 'i>&id (=T') ro9ect by the 5nion =oal ?inistry, @overnment o!
India( The ro9ect cost estimated to be aro&nd 5S 6 ,(7 billion (As( 73% billion) incl&des
=T' lant, coal mining and o#er lant( The ro9ect to be located in Tehsil Kishore .agar,
<ist( 0ng&l, 2rissa #ill rod&ce ,%,%%% barrels er day (7(% ??TP0) cr&de &sing
environment !riendly Indirect =oal 'i>&i!ication Technology develoed by ?OS '&rgi o!
@ermany !or the !irst time in India( The restigio&s =T' ro9ect is yet another !eather in
*SP'Is ca(
&inda Petroeum Limited
0s art o! its diversi!ication rocess, *SP' has recently !orayed into the oil and gas sector,
oerating &nder the banner o! *indal Petrole&m 'imited( The comany has ac>&ired 1 2il &
@as blocks in di!!erent arts o! the #orld, incl&ding 4 in @eorgia, ) in Bolivia and ) in
India( ?r( .aveen *indal recently led a delegation to @eorgia to sign contracts #ith the
@overnment o! @eorgia !or the exloration and rod&ction o! the blocks, signi!ying the
imortance the comany is giving to its etrole&m b&siness( The comany has so !ar
committed an investment o! 5S 6 3%% million (As( )% billion) and is #orking on several
other ro9ects in the sector(
*SP' lans to invest 5S 6 3() billion (As( )%4 billion) in Bolivia, So&th 0merica, in the
coming years !or mining and setting & o! an integrated )(1 ?T steel lant, 74% ?B o#er
lant, - ?T songe iron and )% ?T iron ore ellet lant(
&inda Institute o= Po9er 2ec+noo:y @&IP2A CE. .ppro0ed 0B25T T;E
I.STIT5TEH *indal Instit&te o! Po#er Technology is recogni"ed by =entral Electricity
0&thority (=E0), ?inistry o! Po#er as category-l Instit&te, as er rovisions o! S&b A&le
30 o! A&le $ o! Indian Electricity A&les )+4- is romoted by *indal Ed&cation & Bel!are
Society, located at *indal Po#er 'imited #hich is a art o! 5S6 )3 billion 2(P( *indal
@ro&( The Instit&te ossesses a #orld class Sim&lator o! 34% ?BO-%% ?B generating
&nits & state o! art in!rastr&ct&re( *IPT is 'ocated inside the 7/34%,7/-%% ?B *indal
Thermal o#er lant in Tamnar,Aaigarh,=@ 7+-)%1
To develo a ool o! technically trained o#er lant ro!essionals !or o#er &tilities o!
India & 0broad( The co&rse a&thori"es the ass o&ts to oerate 2A &ndertake ?aintenance
o! any art or #hole o! a generating stations o! caacity )%% ?B & above together #ith the
associated s&b stations(
a) =lass room lect&res !or imarting theoretical & technical kno#ledge b) Practical training
in di!!erent technologiesH 7/34%, ?B, 7/-%% ?B & 7/)$4 ?B caacity *indal thermal
Po#er Plants( c) Sim&lator training (*IPT has 7/34% & 7/-%% ?B ;oney#ell make
sim&lator #hich is relica o! act&al thermal lant) d) =ase st&dies Ogro& disc&ssionsO
exerience sharingOanel disc&ssion e) Sel! learning thro&gh =BT training ackages !)
Exos&re Gisits to other o#er lants
Courses ) year Post @rad&ate Program in Thermal Po#er Plant Technology (P@PTPT) D
0!ter BEOBtech ) year Post <iloma Program in Thermal Po#er Technology (P<PTPT) D
0!ter <iloma
Maruti Suzuki India Limited
2ype P&blic
2raded as BSEH 4$34%%
BSE SE.SE/ =onstit&ent
Industry 0&tomotive
Predecessor@sA ?ar&ti 5dyog 'imited
(ounded )+,)
4ead7uarters .e# <elhi, India
;ey peope
A= Bhargava
Kenichi 0y&ka#a
(=E2 & ?<)
Products 0&tomobiles
8e0enue $-+($7 billion(5S6-(7 billion) (3%)3)
Net income )-(,) billion(5S63+% million) (3%)3)
Empoyees -,+%$ (3%)))
Parent S&"&ki
<e)site ###(mar&tis&"&ki(com
!aruti Su?u6i India Limited (Omar&ti s&"&kiO ̪ ), commonly re!erred to as !aruti and
!ormerly kno#n as !aruti 5dyo: Limited, is an a&tomobile man&!act&rer in India( It is a
s&bsidiary o! *aanese a&tomobile and motorcycle man&!act&rer S&"&ki( 0s o! .ovember
3%)3, it had a market share o! $18 o! the Indian assenger car market( ?ar&ti S&"&ki
man&!act&res and sells a comlete range o! cars !rom the entry level 0lto, to
hatchback Ait", 0-Star, S#i!t, Bagon A, Uen and sedans <Uire, Ki"ashi and S/7, in the C=C
segmentEeco, 2mni, ?&lti P&rose vehicle S&"&ki Ertiga and Sorts 5tility vehicle @rand
Gitara( The comanyCs head>&arters are on .elson ?andela Aoad, .e# <elhi( In :ebr&ary
3%)3, the comany sold its ten millionth vehicle in India(
The old logo o! ?ar&ti S&"&ki India 'imited( 'ater the logo o! S&"&ki ?otor =or( #as also added to it
0n old ?ar&ti ,%% model !rom the )+,%s, still in &se as o! 3%)$ in @oa( The ?ar&ti ,%% #as o&larly re!erred to as simly
?ar&ti S&"&ki ,%% at .ainital 5ttarakhand
2riginally, ),(3,8 o! the comany #as o#ned by the Indian government, and 47(38 by S&"&ki o!
*aan( The B*P-led government held an initial &blic o!!eringo! 348 o! the comany in
*&ne 3%%$( 0s o! ?ay 3%%1, the government o! India sold its comlete share to Indian
!inancial instit&tions and no longer has any stake in ?ar&ti 5dyog(
!aruti 5dyo: Limited @!5LA #as established in :ebr&ary )+,), tho&gh the act&al
rod&ction commenced in )+,$ #ith the ?ar&ti ,%%, based on the S&"&ki 0lto kei
car #hich at the time #as the only modern car available in India, its only cometitors-
the ;ind&stan 0mbassador and Premier Padmini #ere both aro&nd 34 years o&t o! date at
that oint( Thro&gh 3%%7, ?ar&ti S&"&ki has rod&ced over 4 ?illion vehicles( ?ar&ti
S&"&kis are sold in India and vario&s several other co&ntries, deending &on exort orders(
?odels similar to those made by ?ar&ti in India, albeit not assembled or !&lly
man&!act&red in India or *aan are sold by Pak S&"&ki ?otors in Pakistan(
The comany exorts more than 4%,%%% cars ann&ally and has domestic sales o! 1$%,%%%
cars ann&ally(
Ecitation neededF
Its man&!act&ring !acilities are located at t#o
!acilities @&rgaon and ?anesar in ;aryana, so&th o! <elhi( ?ar&ti S&"&kiIs @&rgaon
!acility has an installed caacity o! +%%,%%% &nits er ann&m( The ?anesar !acilities,
la&nched in :ebr&ary 3%%1 comrise a vehicle assembly lant #ith a caacity o! 44%,%%%
&nits er year and a <iesel Engine lant #ith an ann&al caacity o! )%%,%%% engines and
transmissions( ?anesar and @&rgaon !acilities have a combined caability to rod&ce over
)7,4%,%%% &nits ann&ally(
0bo&t $48 o!
all cars sold in India are made by ?ar&ti( The comany is 47(38 o#ned by
the *aanese m&ltinational S&"&ki ?otor =ororation er cent o! ?ar&ti S&"&ki( The rest is
o#ned by &blic and !inancial instit&tions( It is listed on the Bombay Stock
Exchangeand .ational Stock Exchange o! India(
<&ring 3%%1 and 3%%,, ?ar&ti S&"&ki sold 1-7,,73 cars, o! #hich 4$,%37 #ere exorted( In
all, over six million ?ar&ti S&"&ki cars are on Indian roads since the !irst car #as rolled o&t
on )7 <ecember )+,$( ?ar&ti S&"&ki o!!ers )4 models, ?ar&ti ,%%, 0lto, ?ar&ti 0lto
,%%,BagonA, Estilo, 0-star, Ait", S#i!t, S#i!t <Uire, S/7, 2mni, Eeco, @ysy, @rand
Gitara, Ki"ashi and the ne#ly la&nched Ertiga( S#i!t, S#i!t <Uire, 0-star and S/7 are
man&!act&red in ?anesar, @rand Gitara and Ki"ashi are imorted !rom *aan as comletely
b&ilt &nits(=B5), remaining all models are man&!act&red in ?ar&ti S&"&kiCs @&rgaon Plant(
Ecitation neededF
The comany is believed to be moving to#ards introd&ction o! a ne# version o!
?ar&ti ,%% by .ovember 3%)3, #hich #ill be more !&el e!!icient, tho&gh slightly costlier
than 0lto and existing ?ar&ti ,%%( The S&"&ki ?otor =ororation, ?ar&tiCs main
stakeholder, is a global leader in mini and comact cars !or three decades( S&"&kiIs strategy
is to &tillise light-#eight, comact engines #ith stronger o#er, !&el-e!!iciency and
er!ormance caabilities( .early 14,%%% eole are emloyed directly by ?ar&ti S&"&ki and
its artners( It has been rated !irst in c&stomer satis!action among all car makers in India
!rom )+++ to 3%%+ by * < Po#er 0sia Paci!ic(
?ar&ti S&"&ki #ill be introd&cing ne#
,%% cc model by <i#ali in 3%)3(The model is s&osed to be !&el e!!icient, hence more
&oint 0enture reated issues
Aelationshi bet#een the @overnment o! India, &nder the 5nited :ront (India) coalition
and S&"&ki ?otor =ororation over the 9oint vent&re#as a oint o! heated debate in the
Indian media &ntil S&"&ki ?otor =ororation gained the controlling stake( This highly
ro!itable 9oint vent&re that had a near monoolistic trade in the Indian a&tomobile
market and the nat&re o! the artnershi b&ilt & till then #as the &nderlying reason !or
most iss&es( The s&ccess o! the 9oint vent&re led S&"&ki to increase its e>&ity !rom 3-8 to
7%8 in )+,1, and !&rther to 4%8 in )++3( In )+,3 both the vent&re artners had entered into
an agreement to nominate their candidate !or the ost o! ?anaging <irector and every
?anaging <irector #ill have a ten&re o! !ive years
A(=( Bhargava #as the initial managing director o! the comany since the incetion o! the
9oint vent&re( Till today he is regarded as instr&mental !or the s&ccess o! ?ar&ti S&"&ki(
*oining in )+,3 he held several key ositions in the comany be!ore heading the comany
as ?anaging <irector( =&rrently he is on the Board o! <irectors( 0!ter comleting his !ive-
year ten&re, ?r( Bhargava later ass&med the o!!ice o! Part-Time =hairman( The
@overnment nominated ?r( S(S('(.( Bhaskar&d& as the ?anaging <irector on 31 0&g&st
)++1( ?r( Bhaskar&d& had 9oined ?ar&ti S&"&ki in )+,$ a!ter sending 3) years in the
P&blic sector &ndertaking Bharat ;eavy Electricals 'imited as @eneral ?anager( In )+,1 he
#as romoted as =hie! @eneral ?anager( In )+,, he #as named <irector, Prod&ctions and
Pro9ects( The next year ()+,+) he #as named <irector o! ?aterials
Eclarification neededF
and in )++$
he became *oint ?anaging <irector(
S&"&ki did not attend the 0nn&al @eneral ?eeting o! the Board #ith the reason o! it being
called on a short notice(
'ater S&"&ki ?otor =ororation #ent on record to state that
Bhaskar&d& #as SincometentS and #anted someone else( ;o#ever, the ?inistry o!
Ind&stries, @overnment o! India re!&ted the charges( ?edia stated !rom the ?ar&ti S&"&ki
so&rces that Bhaskar&d& #as interested to indigenise most o! comonents !or the models
incl&ding gear boxes esecially !or ?ar&ti ,%%( S&"&ki also !elt that Bhaskar&d& #as a
roxy !or the @overnment and #o&ld not let it increase its stake in the vent&re(
I! ?ar&ti
S&"&ki #o&ld have been able to indigenise gear boxes then ?ar&ti S&"&ki #o&ld have been
able to man&!act&re all the models #itho&t the technical assistance !rom S&"&ki( Till today
the iss&e o! locali"ation o! gear boxes is highlighted in the ress(
Industria 8eations
Since its !o&nding in )+,$, ?ar&ti 5dyog 'imited exerienced !e# roblems #ith its
labo&r !orce( The Indian labo&r it hired readily acceted *aanese #ork c&lt&re and the
modern man&!act&ring rocess( In )++1, there #as a change in o#nershi, and ?ar&ti
became redominantly government controlled( Shortly therea!ter, con!lict bet#een
the 5nited :ront @overnment and S&"&ki started( 'abo&r &nrest started &nder management
o! Indian central government( In 3%%%, a ma9or ind&strial relations iss&e began and
emloyees o! ?ar&ti #ent on an inde!inite strike, demanding among other things, ma9or
revisions to their #ages, incentives and ensions(
Emloyees &sed slo#do#n in 2ctober 3%%%, to ress a revision to their incentive-linked
ay( In arallel, a!ter elections and a ne# central government led by .<0 alliance, India
&rs&ed a disinvestments olicy( 0long #ith many other government o#ned comanies, the
ne# administration roosed to sell art o! its stake in ?ar&ti S&"&ki in a &blic o!!ering(
The #orkerCs &nion oosed this sell-o!! lan on the gro&nds that the comany #ill lose a
ma9or b&siness advantage o! being s&bsidised by the @overnment, and the &nion has better
rotection #hile the comany remains in control o! the government(
The stando!! bet#een the &nion and the management contin&ed thro&gh 3%%)( The
management re!&sed &nion demands citing increased cometition and lo#er margins( The
central government revailed and rivati"ed ?ar&ti in 3%%3( S&"&ki became the ma9ority
o#ner o! ?ar&ti 5dyog 'imited(

!anesar 0ioence &uy $0"$
2n ), *&ly 3%)3, ?ar&tiCs ?anesar lant #as hit by violence as #orkers at one o! its a&to
!actories attacked s&ervisors and started a !ire that killed a comany o!!icial and in9&red
)%% managers, incl&ding t#o *aanese exatriates( The violent mob also in9&red nine
The comanyCs @eneral ?anager o! ;&man Aeso&rces had both arms and
legs broken by his attackers, &nable to leave the b&ilding that #as set abla"e, and #as
charred to death( The incident is the #orst-ever !or S&"&ki since the comany began
oerations in India in )+,$(
Since 0ril 3%)3, the ?anesar &nion had demanded a three-!old increase in basic salary, a
monthly conveyance allo#ance o! )%,%%%, a la&ndry allo#ance o! $,%%%, a gi!t #ith
every ne# car la&nch, and a ho&se !or every #orker #ho #ants one or cheaer home loans
!or those #ho #ant to b&ild their o#n ho&ses(Initial reorts claimed #age dis&te and a
&nion sokesman alleged the incident may be caste-related( 0ccording to the ?ar&ti S&"&ki
Borkers 5nion a s&ervisor had ab&sed and made discriminatory comments to a lo#-caste
#orker( These claims #ere denied by the comany and the olice( The s&ervisor alleged
#as !o&nd to belong to a tribal heritage and o&tside o! ;ind& caste systemM !&rther, the
n&mero&s #orkers involved in violence #ere not a!!iliated #ith caste either( ?ar&ti said the
&nrest began, not over #age disc&ssions, b&t a!ter the #orkersC &nion demanded the
reinstatement o! a #orker #ho had been s&sended !or beating a s&ervisor( The #orkers
claim harsh #orking conditions and extensive hiring o! lo#-aid contract #orkers #hich
are aid abo&t 6)3- a month, abo&t hal! the minim&m #age o! ermanent
emloyees( ?ar&ti emloyees c&rrently earn allo#ances in addition to their base
#age( =omany exec&tives denied harsh conditions and claim they hired entry-level
#orkers on contracts and made them ermanent as they gained exerience( It #as also
claimed that bo&ncers #ere deloyed by the comany(
India %oday claimed that its intervie#s o! #itnesses resent at the lant con!irms the dis&te
#as over the s&sended #orker( The management insisted that they m&st #ait !or
comletion o! in>&iry &nder#ay be!ore they can take any action on the emloyee s&sended
!or beating & his s&ervisor( The management #as then told, Syo& #ill be beaten & a!ter
#e get a signal(S Therea!ter, the #orkers broke & into gro&s, #ent on to set the sho !loor
as #ell as all o!!ices a!ire( They searched !or management o!!icials and roceeded #ith a
barbaric beating o! the o!!icials at the site #ith iron rods(
The olice, in its :irst In!ormation Aeort (:IA), claimed on 3) *&ly that ?anesar violence
may be the res&lt o! a lanned violence by a section o! #orkers and &nion leaders( The
reort claimed the #orkerCs action #as recorded on close circ&it cameras installed #ithin
the comany remises( The #orkers took several managers and high ranked management
o!!icials hostage( The resonsible Secial Investigative Team o!!icial claimed, Ssome &nion
leaders may be a#are o! the !acts, so they b&rnt do#n the main servers and more than 1%%
com&ters(S The recorded ==TG !ootage has been &sed to determine the se>&ence o! events
and eole involved( Per the :IA, olice have arrested +) eole and are searching !or 44
additional acc&sed(
?ar&ti S&"&ki in its statement on the &nrest, anno&nced that all #ork at the ?anesar lant
has been s&sended inde!initely( 0 S&"&ki sokesman said ?anesar violence #onCt a!!ect
the a&to makerCs b&siness lans !or India( The sh&t do#n o! ?anesar lant is leading to a
loss o! abo&t As 14 crore er day( 2n 3) *&ly 3%)3, citing sa!ety concerns, the comany
anno&nced a locko&t &nder The Ind&strial <is&tes 0ct, )+71 ending res&lts o! an in>&iry
the comany has re>&ested o! the ;aryana government into the ca&ses o! the disorder(
5nder the rovisions o! The Ind&strial <is&tes 0ct !or #ages, the reort claimed,
emloyees are exected to be aid !or the d&ration o! the locko&t( 2n 3- *&ly 3%)3, ?ar&ti
anno&nced emloyees #o&ld not be aid !or the eriod o! lock-o&t in accordance
#ith Indian labo&r la#s( The comany !&rther anno&nced that it #ill sto &sing contract
#orkers by ?arch 3%)$( The reort claimed the salary di!!erence bet#een contract #orkers
and ermanent #orkers has been m&ch smaller than initial media reorts - the contract
#orker at ?ar&ti received abo&t )),4%% er month, #hile a ermanent #orker received
abo&t )3,4%% a month at start, #hich increased in three years to 3),%%%-33,%%% er
month( In a searate reort, a contractor #ho #as roviding contract emloyees to ?ar&ti
claimed the comany gave its contract emloyees the best #age, allo#ances and bene!its
ackage in the region(
Shin"o .akanishi, managing director and chie! exec&tive o! ?ar&ti S&"&ki India, said this
kind o! violence has never haened in S&"&ki ?otor =orCs entire global oerations sread
across ;&ngary, Indonesia, Sain, Pakistan, Thailand, ?alaysia, =hina and the Philiines(
?r( .akanishi #ent to each victim aologising !or the miseries in!licted on them by !ello#
#orkers, and in ress intervie# re>&ested the central and ;aryana state governments to hel
sto s&ch ghastly violence by legislating decisive r&les to restore cororate con!idence amid
emergence o! this ne# Cmilitant #ork!orceC in Indian !actories( ;e anno&nced, S#e are going
to de-recognise ?ar&ti S&"&ki BorkersI 5nion and dismiss all #orkers named in
connection #ith the incident( Be #ill not comromise at all in s&ch instances o! barbaric,
&nrovoked violence(S ;e also anno&nced ?ar&ti lans to contin&e man&!act&ring in
?anesar, that @&9arat #as an exansion oort&nity and not an alternative to ?anesar(
'abo&r dis&tes are endemic in the a&to ind&stry o! India and have a!!ected other
man&!act&rers( India has strict labo&r la#s, b&t their alication is #idely sidesteed by
hiring lo#-#age contract #orkers( ?anesar violence adds to IndiaCs recent incidents o!
labo&r dis&tes t&rning to violence( 0nalysts claim recent incidents like ?anesar violence
s&ggest a need !or &rgent re!orm o! archaic Indian labo&r la#s, the rigid r&les on hiring and
layo!!s, #hich harm the !ormal sector and disco&rage investment in India( @overnment
mandated roced&res !or labo&r dis&te resol&tion are c&rrently very slo#, #ith tens o!
tho&sands o! cases ending !or years( The government o! India is being asked to recognise
that incidents s&ch as ?anesar violence indicate a str&ct&ral sickness #hich m&st be solved
The comany dismissed 4%% #orkers acc&sed o! ca&sing the violence and re-oened the
lant on 3) 0&g&st, saying it #o&ld rod&ce )4% vehicles on the !irst day, less than )%8 o!
its caacity( 0nalysts said that the sh&tdo#n #as costing the comany ) billion r&ees (6),
million) a day and costing the comany market share(
The revio&s #eek comany o!!icials had anno&nced that ?ar&ti #o&ld scra the ractice
o! hiring contract #orkers and that the #orkers c&rrently on temorary contracts #o&ld be
made ermanent( It #o&ld begin the rocess o! hiring ne# #orkers on a ermanent basis
!rom 3 Setember 3%)3(
In *&ly 3%)$, the #orkers #ent on h&nger strike to rotest the contin&ing 9ailing o! their
colleag&es and la&nched an online camaign to s&ort their demands(
Products and ser0ices
Current automo)ies
Aed B&ll ?ar&ti S&"&ki S#i!t
?ar&ti 2mni
IndiaCs =ors o! ?ilitary Police ersonnel atrolling the Bagah border crossing in
theP&n9ab in a ?ar&ti @ysy(
?ar&ti 0lto
?ar&ti S&"&ki Uen Estilo
S&"&ki S/7
1th @eneration S&"&ki 0lto is sold as ?ar&ti S&"&ki 0-Star in India
?ar&ti S&"&ki S#i!t <Uire
S&"&ki Slash is sold as ?ar&ti S&"&ki Ait" in India(
1. 2mni ('a&nched )+,7)
2. @ysy (la&nched )+,4)
3. BagonA ('a&nched )+++)
4. 0lto ('a&nched 3%%%)
5. S#i!t ('a&nched 3%%4)
6. Estilo ('a&nched 3%%-)
7. S/7 ('a&nched 3%%1)
8. S#i!t <Uire ('a&nched 3%%,)
9. 0-star ('a&nched 3%%,)
10. Ait" ('a&nched 3%%+)
11. Eeco ('a&nched 3%)%)
12. 0lto K)% ('a&nched 3%)%)
13. ?ar&ti Ertiga('a&nched 3%)3), seven seater ?PG A$ designed and
develoed in India, #ill comete #ith Toyota Innova, ?ahindra /ylo, and Tata
S&mo @rande(
In early 3%)3, S&"&ki Ertiga #ill be exorted !irst to Indonesia in
=omletely Knock <o#n car(
14. ?ar&ti /0 0lha based comact S5G to comete #ith the :ord EcoSort &
Aena&lt <&ster #ill be la&nched in the year 3%)7
15. ?ar&ti 0lto ,%%('a&nched 3%)3), ?ar&ti 0lto ,%% is !inally o&t #ith a rice
tag o! As(3(77 lakh (ex-sho#room .e# <elhi)( ?ar&ti has rolled o&t three standard
variants-0lto ,%% Base, 0lto ,%% '/ and 0lto ,%% '/i and three =.@ variants
-0lto ,%% =.@ Base,0lto ,%% =.@ '/ and 0lto ,%% =.@ '/i(
The %(, litre o!
etrol engine is very !&el e!!icient and &shes the car to rod&ce high class mileage
o! )1 to 33 km er litre( The 74(1B;P o! eak o#er rod&ced by the engine is also
s&ccess!&l on road by delivering to-notch er!ormance(
Imported automo)ies
S&"&ki @rand Gitara
1. @rand Gitara ('a&nched 3%%1)
2. Ki"ashi ('a&nched 3%)))
Discontinued automo)iesEeditF
1. )%%% ()++%D3%%%)
2. Uen ()++$D3%%-)
3. Esteem ()++7D3%%,)
4. Baleno ()+++D3%%1)
5. Gersa (3%%)D3%)%)
6. @rand Gitara /'1 (3%%$D3%%1)
7. ,%% ()+,$-3%)3)
8. 0lto (3%%%-3%)3)
!anu=acturin: =aciities
?ar&ti S&"&ki has t#o man&!act&ring !acilities in India( Both man&!act&ring !acilities have
a combined rod&ction caacity o! )7,4%,%%% vehicles ann&ally( <&ring a recent meeting o!
the @&9arat chie! minister #ith S&"&ki ?otor =or chairman & =E2 2sam& S&"&ki,the
=hairman had said that the #ork on car man&!act&ring lant at ?andal near 0hmedabad
#o&ld be started soon( ?ar&ti S&"&ki to set & second lant in @&9aratM ac>&ires -%% acres
Bur:aon manu=acturin: =aciity
The @&rgaon man&!act&ring !acility has three !&lly integrated man&!act&ring lants and is
sread over $%% acres ()(3 km
)( 0ll three lants have an installed caacity o! $4%,%%%
vehicles ann&ally b&t rod&ctivity imrovements have enabled it to man&!act&re +%%,%%%
vehicles ann&ally( The @&rgaon !acilities also man&!act&re 37%,%%% &'Series engines
ann&ally( The entire !acility is e>&ied #ith more than )4% robots, o&t o! #hich 1) have
been develoed in-ho&se( The @&rgaon :acilities man&!act&res
the ,%%, 0lto, BagonA, Estilo,2mni, @ysy, and Eeco(
!anesar manu=acturin: =aciity
The ?anesar man&!act&ring lant #as ina&g&rated in :ebr&ary 3%%1 and is sread over -%%
acres (3(7 km
)( Initially it had a rod&ction caacity o! )%%,%%% vehicles ann&ally b&t this
#as increased to $%%,%%% vehicles ann&ally in 2ctober 3%%,( The rod&ction caacity #as
!&rther increased by 34%,%%% vehicles taking total rod&ction caacity to 44%,%%% vehicles
ann&ally( The ?anesar Plant rod&ces the 0-star, S#i!t, S#i!t <Uire, S/7, Ertiga
2n 34 *&ne *&ne 3%)3, ;aryana State Ind&stries and In!rastr&ct&re <eveloment
=ororation demanded ?ar&ti S&"&ki to ay an additional As 3$4 crore !or enhanced land
ac>&isition !or its ;aryana lant exansion( The agency reminded ?ar&ti that !ail&re to ay
the amo&nt #o&ld lead to !&rther roceedings and vacating the enhanced land ac>&isition(
Saes and ser0ice net9or6
0s o! $) ?arch 3%)) ?ar&ti S&"&ki has +$$ dealershis across --- to#ns and cities in
all states and &nion territories o! India( It has 3,+7- service stations (incl&sive o! dealer
#orkshos and (aruti )uthorised Ser*ice Stations) in ),$+4 to#ns and cities thro&gho&t
India( It has $% Exress Service Stations on $% .ational ;igh#ays across ),$)7 cities in
Service is a ma9or reven&e generator o! the comany( ?ost o! the service stations are
managed on !ranchise basis, #here ?ar&ti S&"&ki trains the local sta!!( 2ther a&tomobile
comanies have not been able to match this benchmark set by ?ar&ti S&"&ki( The Exress
Service stations hel many stranded vehicles on the high#ays by sending across their reair
man to the vehicle(
!aruti Insurance
'a&nched in 3%%3 ?ar&ti S&"&ki rovides vehicle ins&rance to its c&stomers #ith the hel
o! the .ational Ins&rance =omany, Ba9a9 0llian", .e# India 0ss&rance and Aoyal
S&ndaram( The service #as set & the comany #ith the incetion o! t#o s&bsidiaries
?ar&ti Ins&rance <istrib&tors Services Pvt( 'td and ?ar&ti Ins&rance Brokers Pvt( 'imited
This service started as a bene!it or val&e addition to c&stomers and #as able to ram &
easily( By <ecember 3%%4 they #ere able to sell more than t#o million ins&rance olicies
since its incetion(
!aruti (inance
To romote its bottom line gro#th, ?ar&ti S&"&ki la&nched ?ar&ti :inance in *an&ary
3%%3( Prior to the start o! this service ?ar&ti S&"&ki had started t#o 9oint vent&res =iticor
?ar&ti and ?ar&ti =o&ntry#ide #ith =iti @ro& and @E =o&ntry#ide resectively to assist
its client in sec&ring loan(
?ar&ti S&"&ki tied & #ith 0B. 0mro Bank, ;<:= Bank,
I=I=I 'imited, Kotak ?ahindra, Standard =hartered Bank, and S&ndaram to start this
vent&re incl&ding its strategic artners in car !inance( 0gain the comany entered into a
strategic artnershi #ith SBI in ?arch 3%%$ Since ?arch 3%%$, ?ar&ti has sold over
)3,%%% vehicles thro&gh SBI-?ar&ti :inance( SBI-?ar&ti :inance is c&rrently available in
)-- cities across India(
=iticor ?ar&ti :inance 'imited is a 9oint vent&re bet#een =iticor :inance India and
?ar&ti 5dyog 'imited its rimary b&siness stated by the comany is Shire-&rchase
!inancing o! ?ar&ti S&"&ki vehiclesS( =iti :inance India 'imited is a #holly o#ned
s&bsidiary o! =itibank 2verseas Investment =ororation, <ela#are, #hich in t&rn is a )%%8
#holly o#ned s&bsidiary o! =itibank .(0( =iti :inance India 'imited holds 178 o! the
stake and ?ar&ti S&"&ki holds the remaining 3-8( @E =aital, ;<:= and ?ar&ti S&"&ki
came together in )++4 to !orm ?ar&ti =o&ntry#ide( ?ar&ti claims that its !inance rogram
o!!ers most cometitive interest rates to its c&stomers, #hich are lo#er by %(348 to %(48
!rom the market rates(
!aruti 2rue3aue
?ar&ti Tr&e service o!!ered by ?ar&ti S&"&ki to its c&stomers( It is a market lace !or &sed
?ar&ti S&"&ki Gehicles( 2ne can b&y, sell or exchange &sed ?ar&ti S&"&ki vehicles #ith the
hel o! this service in India( 0s o! $) ?arch 3%)% there are $7) o&tlets(
N$N (eet !ana:ement
.3. is the short !orm o! End to End (eet !ana:ement and rovides lease and !leet
management sol&tion to cororates( =lients #ho have signed & o! this service incl&de @as
0&thority o! India 'td, <&Pont, Aeckitt Benckiser, Sona Steering, <oordarshan, Singer
India, .ational Stock Exchange and Trans#orld( This !leet management service incl&de
end-to-end sol&tions across the vehicleCs li!e, #hich incl&des 'easing, ?aintenance,
=onvenience services and Aemarketing(
?any o! the a&to comonent comanies other than ?ar&ti S&"&ki started to o!!er
comonents and accessories that #ere comatible( This ca&sed a serio&s threat and loss o!
reven&e to ?ar&ti S&"&ki( ?ar&ti S&"&ki started a ne# initiative &nder the brand
name !aruti Benuine .ccessories to o!!er accessories like alloy #heels, body cover,
carets, door visors, !og lams, stereo systems, seat covers and other car care rod&cts(
These rod&cts are sold thro&gh dealer o&tlets and a&thori"ed service stations thro&gho&t
!aruti Dri0in: Sc+oo
0 ?ar&ti <riving School in Bangalore
0s art o! its cororate social resonsibility ?ar&ti S&"&ki la&nched the ?ar&ti <riving
School in <elhi( 'ater the services #ere extended to other cities o! India as #ell( These
schools are modelled on international standards, #here learners go thro&gh classroom and
ractical sessions( ?any international ractices like road behavio&r and attit&des are also
ta&ght in these schools( Be!ore driving act&al vehicles articiants are trained on sim&lators(
0 the la&nch ceremony !or the school *agdish Khattar stated SBe are very concerned abo&t
mo&nting deaths on Indian roads( These can be bro&ght do#n i! government, ind&stry and
the vol&ntary sector #ork together in an integrated manner( B&t #e !elt that ?ar&ti sho&ld
!irst do something in this regard and hence this initiative o! ?ar&ti <riving Schools(S
Issues and pro)ems
2n 37 :ebr&ary 3%)%, ?ar&ti S&"&ki India anno&nced recalling o! )%%,%%% 0-Star
hatchbacks to !ix a !&el leakage roblem, !or #hich the comany #ill relace the gaskets(
?ar&ti Exorts 'imited is the s&bsidiary o! ?ar&ti S&"&ki #ith its ma9or !oc&s on exorts
and it does not oerate in the domestic Indian market( The !irst commercial consignment o!
7,% cars #ere sent to ;&ngary( By sending a consignment o! 41) cars to the same co&ntry
?ar&ti S&"&ki crossed the benchmark o! $%%,%%% cars( Since its incetion exort #as one o!
the asects government #as keen to enco&rage(
Ecitation neededF
Every olitical arty exected
?ar&ti S&"&ki to earn !oreign c&rrency( 0ngola, Benin, <9ibo&ti, Ethioia, E&roe, Kenya,
?orocco, .eal, Sri 'anka, 5ganda, =hile, @&atemala, =osta Aica and El Salvador are
some o! the markets served by ?ar&ti Exorts(
.9ards and 8eco:nition
The Brand Tr&st Aeort &blished by Tr&st Aesearch 0dvisory has ranked ?ar&ti S&"&ki in
the seventh osition in 3%)) and the sixth osition in 3%)3 among the brands researched in
Bl&ebytes .e#s, a ne#s research agency, rated ?ar&ti S&"&ki as IndiaCs ?ost Ae&ted =ar
=omany in their Ae&tation Benchmark St&dy cond&cted !or the 0&to (=ars) Sector #hich
la&nched in 0ril 3%)3(
Mahindra & Mahindra Limited / Mahindra Rise
2ype P&blic
2raded as BSEH 4%%43%
BSE SE.SE/ =onstit&ent
Industry 0&tomotive
(ounded )+74 ('&dhiana)
4ead7uarters ?&mbai, ?aharashtra, India
.rea ser0ed Borld#ide
;ey peope 0nand ?ahindra (?<)
Products 0&tomobiles, commercial vehicles, t#o-#heelers
8e0enue 4+,(4$ billion(5S6)% billion) (3%)3)
Net income $)(3- billion(5S647% million) (3%)3)
2ota assets 7,$(4% billion(5S6,($ billion) (3%)3)
Empoyees )4,)71 (3%)3)
Parent ?ahindra @ro&
Su)sidiaries ?ahindra T#o Bheelers limited
<e)site ?ahindra(com
!a+indra & !a+indra Limited (!&!)
is an Indian m&ltinational a&tomobile man&!act&ring cororation head>&artered in ?&mbai,
?aharashtra, India( It is one o! the largest vehicle man&!act&rers by rod&ction in
the Ae&blic o! India( It is a art o! ?ahindra @ro&, an Indian conglomerate( The comany
#as !o&nded in )+74 in '&dhiana as ?ahindra & ?ohammed by brothers K(=( ?ahindra
and*(=( ?ahindra and ?alik @h&lam ?ohammed(
0!ter India
gained indeendence and Pakistan #as !ormed, ?ohammed emigrated to Pakistan( The
comany changed its name to ?ahindra & ?ahindra in )+7,(
It is ranked V3) in the list o!
to comanies o! India in:ort&ne India 4%% in 3%))(
?a9or cometitors in the Indian market incl&de ?ar&ti ?otors (a -%8 o#ned s&bsidiary
o! S&"&ki ?otors !rom *aan), Tata ?otors(!&lly o#ned by Tata SonsM 2#ner o!
British *ag&ar 'and Aover), Toyota, ;y&ndai, ?ercedes-Ben" (?erc) (Based in Poona,
?aharastra in IndiaM 0 s&bsidiary o! <aimler 0@ !rom @ermany) and others
?ahindra & ?ahindra #as set & as a steel trading comany in )+74( It event&ally sa#
b&siness oort&nity in exanding into man&!act&ring and selling larger ?5Gs, starting
#ith assembly &nder licence o! the Billys *ee in India( Soon established as the *ee
man&!act&rers o! India, the comany later commenced &on the task o! exanding itsel!,
choosing to &tilli"e the man&!act&ring ind&stry o! light commercial vehicles ('=Gs) and
agric&lt&ral tractors( Today, ?ahindra & ?ahindra is a key game layer in the &tility
vehicle man&!act&ring and branding sectors in the Indian a&tomobile ind&stry #ith its
!lagshi 5G Scorio and s#i!tly exloits IndiaCs gro#ing global market resence in both the
a&tomotive and !arming ind&stries to &sh its rod&cts in other co&ntries(
2ver the ast !e# years, the comany has taken interest in ne# ind&stries and in !oreign
markets( They entered the t#o-#heeler ind&stry by taking over Kinetic ?otors in India(
?&? also has controlling stake in AEG0 Electric =ar =omany
and ac>&ired So&th
KoreaCs SsangQong ?otor =omany in 3%))(
The 5S based Ae&tation Instit&te once ranked ?ahindra amongst the to Ten Indian
comanies in its C@lobal 3%%H The BorldCs Best =ororate Ae&tationsC list(
?ahindra & ?ahindra 'imited

?ahindra Scorio

?ahindra Pick-5 in Italy

?ahindra *ee =* $7%(

?ahindra Bolero

?ahindra /5G 4%%

?ahindra W&anto

?ahindra 0xe

?ahindra Thar

SsanQong Aexton by ?ahindra

?ahindra 'egend &sed by?2.5= in <A o! =ongo

?ahindra /ylo

?ahindra Gerito
?ahindra & ?ahindra, branded on its rod&cts &s&ally as C?ahindraC, rod&ces S5Gs,
saloon cars, ick&s, commercial vehicles, and t#o #heeled motorcycles and tractors( It
o#ns assembly lants in ?ainland =hina (PA=)
and the 5nited Kingdom,
and has
three assembly lants in the 5nited States( ?ahindra maintains b&siness relations #ith
!oreign comanies like Aena&lt S0, :rance
and .avistar International, 5S0(
?&? has a global resence
and its rod&cts are exorted to several co&ntries(
global s&bsidiaries incl&de ?ahindra E&roe Srl( based in Italy,
?ahindra 5S0 Inc(,
?ahindra So&th 0!rica
and ?ahindra (=hina) Tractor =o( 'td(
?ahindra started making assenger vehicles !irstly #ith the 'ogan in 0ril 3%%1 &nder the
?ahindra Aena&lt 9oint vent&re( ?&? #ill make its maiden entry into the heavy tr&cks
segment #ith ?ahindra .avistar, the 9oint vent&re #ith International Tr&ck, 5S0(
?ahindra rod&ces a #ide range o! vehicles incl&ding ?5Gs, '=Gs and three #heelers( It
man&!act&res over 3% models o! cars incl&ding larger, m&lti-&tility vehicles like
the Scorio and the Bolero( It !ormerly had a 9oint vent&re #ith :ord called :ord India
Private 'imited to b&ild assenger cars(
0t the 3%%, <elhi 0&to Sho#, ?ahindra exec&tives said the comany is &rs&ing an
aggressive rod&ct exansion rogram that #o&ld see the la&nch o! several ne# lat!orms
and vehicles over the next three years, incl&ding an entry-level S5G designed to seat !ive
assengers and o#ered by a small t&rbodiesel engine(
Tr&e to their #ord, ?ahindra &
?ahindra la&nched the ?ahindra /ylo in *an&ary 3%%+, and as o! *&ne 3%%+, the /ylo has
sold over )4%%% &nits(
0lso in early 3%%,, ?ahindra commenced its !irst overseas =K< oerations #ith the la&nch
o! the ?ahindra Scorio in Egyt,
in artnershi #ith the Bavarian 0&to @ro&( This #as
soon !ollo#ed by assembly !acilities in Bra"il( Gehicles assembled at the lant in Bramont,
?ana&s, incl&de Scorio Pik 5s in single and do&ble cab ick-& body styles as #ell
as S5Gs(
?ahindra lanned to sell the diesel S5Gs and ick& tr&cks starting in late 3%)% in .orth
thro&gh an indeendent distrib&tor, @lobal Gehicles 5S0, based in 0lharetta,
?ahindra anno&nced it #ill imort ick& tr&cks !rom India in knockdo#n kit
(=K<) !orm to circ&mvent the =hicken tax(
=K<s are comlete vehicles that #ill be
assembled in the 5(S( !rom kits o! arts shied in crates(
2n ), 2ctober 3%)%, ho#ever,
it #as reorted that ?ahindra had inde!initely delayed the la&nch o! vehicles into the .orth
0merican market, citing legal iss&es bet#een it and @lobal Gehicles a!ter ?ahindra
retracted its contract #ith @lobal Gehicles earlier in 3%)%, d&e to a decision to sell the
vehicles directly to cons&mers instead o! thro&gh @lobal Gehicles(
;o#ever, a .ovember
3%)% reort >&oted *ohn Pere", the =E2 o! @lobal Gehicles 5S0, as estimating that he
exects ?ahindraIs small diesel ick&s to go on sale in the 5(S( by sring 3%)), altho&gh
legal comlications remain, and Pere", #hile hoe!&l, admits that arbitration co&ld take
more than a year(
'ater reorts s&ggest that the delays may be d&e to an ?ahindra
scraing the original model o! the tr&ck and relacing it #ith an &graded one be!ore
selling them to 0mericans
In *&ne 3%)3, a mass tort la#s&it #as !iled against ?ahindra
by its 0merican dealers, alleging the comany o! consiracy and !ra&d(
?ahindra & ?ahindra has a controlling stake in ?ahindra Aeva Electric Gehicles( In 3%)),
it also gained a controlling stake in So&th KoreaCs SsangQong ?otor =omany(
?ahindra has la&nched its relatively heavily &blicised S5G, /5G 4%%, code named as
B3%) in Setember 3%))( The ne# S5G by ?ahindra has been designed in-ho&se and it is
develoed on the !irst global S5G lat!orm that co&ld be &sed !or develoing more S5Gs(
In India, the ne# ?ahindra /5G 4%% comes in a rice range bet#een As ))(7% lakh to As
)4 lakh( Besides India, the comany also targets E&roe, 0!rica, 0&stralia and 'atin
0merica !or this model(
?ahindra President ?r Pa#an @oenka stated that the comany
lans to la&nch six ne# models this !iscal(
The comany la&nched =.@ version o! its
mini tr&ck ?axximo on 3+ *&ne 3%)3(
0 ne# version o! Gerito in diesel and etrol
otions #as la&nched by the comany on 3- *&ly 3%)3 to comete #ith ?ar&tiCs <"ire and
Toyota Kirloskar ?otorCs Etios(
!iitary De=ense
The comany has b&ilt and assembled military vehicles, commencing in )+71 #ith the
imortation o! the Billys *ee !or &se in Borld Bar II(
Its line o! military vehicles
incl&de the 0xe( It also maintains a 9oint vent&re #ith B0E Systems, <e!ence 'and
Systems India(
?ahindra & ?ahindra entered the energy sector in 3%%3, in resonse to gro#ing demands
!or increased electric o#er in India(
Since then, more than )4%,%%% ?ahindra Po#erol engines and diesel generator sets
(gensets) have been installed in India, o!!ering standard roer >&ality o#er, as do most
larger comanies, in areas #ith arg&ably less relliable grid electricity( The inverters,
batteries, and gensets are man&!act&red at three !acilities
in P&ne (?aharastra), =hennai (Tamil .ad&), and <elhiM and )-% service oints across India
o!!er 37-1 s&ort to most key markets( Po#erol is resent in co&ntries across 'atin
0merica, 0!rica, the ?iddle East, and So&theast 0siaXand exanding into the 5nited 0rab
Emirates, Bangladesh, and .eal(
?ahindra Po#erolCs energy services consist mostly o!
o#er leasing and telecom in!rastr&ct&re management(
In 3%%-, it became a ma9or market
leader in the telecom segment (and in 3%)), its market share assed 74 ercent)( In 3%%1, it
#on the :rost and S&llivan SGoice o! the =&stomerS a#ard !or best ractices in telecom(
?ahindra =leantech 'td secialises in eco-!riendly, or CgreenC o#er( In resonse to gro#ing
accetance o! Solar Po#er, it !ormed a s&bsidiary, ?ahindra Solar, in 3%)% to o!!er a range
o! solar sol&tions, both o!! grid and on grid, alongside Engineering, Proc&rement, and
=onstr&ction (EP=)(
?ahindra EP= is the Engineering Proc&rement & =onstr&ction arm o! the ?ahindra gro&(
0 ort!olio comany &nder the =leantech arm o! ?ahindra Partners, they o!!er solar
sol&tions sanning 2n-@rid sol&tions, EP= (Engineering, Proc&rement and =onstr&ction)
and 2!!-@rid Prod&ct sol&tions( The comany commenced its oerations in the year 3%))
and has s&ccess!&lly commissioned over -% ?B #orth o! Solar PG ro9ects(
?ean#hile, its o!!-grid rod&cts incl&de o#er acks and roo!to set&s !or b&siness
organisations and &blic instit&tions alongside r&ral electri!ication thro&gh lanterns and
home and street lighting systems( The comany #orks closely #ith ?ahindraIs !arm
e>&iment division to o!!er lighting rod&cts to some o! the more r&ral areas in India( It also
#orks #ith ?ahindra Po#erol to o!!er solar o#er back& to telecom sites in India( In
3%)), ?ahindra Solar received a =AISI' rating o! SP)0 in 3%)), the highest rating !or any
solar hotovaltaic o!!-grid comany(
(arm e7uipment
?ahindra began man&!act&ring tractors !or the Indian market sometime d&ring the early
C-%s( Today, it is one o! the to three tractor comanies in the #orld #ith ann&al sales
totaling more than )4%,%%% tractors(
It has exanded its rod&ct-line to incl&de !arm-
s&ort services via ?ahindra 0liTrac (!arm mechanisation rod&cts), ?ahindra
Sh&bh'abh (seeds, cro rotection, and market linkages and distrib&tion), and the
Samriddhi Initiative (!arm co&nselling and in!ormation services)(
?ahindra & ?ahindraIs !arm e>&iment division (?ahindra Tractors) is one o! the largest
tractor comanies in the #orld, #ith more than ),%%% dealers servicing more than )(74
million c&stomers(
?ahindra tractors are available in 7% co&ntries, incl&ding India, the
5nited States, =hina, 0&stralia, .e# Uealand, 0!rica (.igeria, ?ali, =had, @ambia,
0ngola, S&dan, @hana, and ?orocco), 'atin 0merica (=hile, 0rgentina, Bra"il, Gene"&ela,
=entral 0merica, and the =aribbean), So&th 0sia (Sri 'anka, Bangladesh, and .eal), the
?iddle East (Iran and Syria) and Eastern E&roe (Serbia, T&rkey, and ?acedonia(
In the
3%)%-)) ?ahindra entered in ?icro dri irrigation #ith the takeover o! Ec Ind&strie 'td,
.ashik( ?ahindra Tractors man&!act&res its rod&cts at !o&r lants in India, t#o
in ?ainland =hina, three in the 5nited States, and one in 0&stralia( It has three ma9or
s&bsidiariesH ?ahindra 5S0, ?ahindra (=hina) Tractor =omany, and ?ahindra Q&eda
(Qancheng) Tractor =omany (a 9oint vent&re #ith the *iangs& Q&eda @ro&)(
The comany has garnered the highest c&stomer satis!action index (=SI) in the ind&stry at
,, ercent(
In its 3%%+ s&rvey o! 0siaIs 3%% most admired and innovative comanies
, the Ball Street *o&rnal named ?ahindra & ?ahindra one o! the )% most innovative
Indian comanies( It earned a 3%%, @olden Peacock 0#ard in the Innovative
Prod&ctOServices category !or its in-ho&se develoment o! a load-car( In 3%%1, ?ahindra &
?ahindra #on the <eming 0lication Pri"e and the *aan W&ality ?edal !or Total W&ality
?anagement excellence in entire b&siness oerations(
In addition to tractors, ?ahindra sells other !arm e>&iment(
.utomoti0e modes
• ?ahindra ??47%<P
• ?ahindra ??44%<P
• ?ahindra 0rmada
• ?ahindra =ommander
• ?ahindra ?arshal
• ?ahindra ?a9or
• ?ahindra 'egend
• ?ahindra Thar
• ?ahindra Invader
• ?ahindra Bolero
• ?ahindra /ylo
• ?ahindra Scorio (?ahindra @oa in E&roe)
• ?ahindra Gerito
• ?ahindra /5G4%%
• ?ahindra Aexton
• ?ahindra Aodeo AU
• ?ahindra <&ro <U
1. Bombay =hamber @ood =ororate =iti"en 0#ard !or 3%%--%1
2. B&siness#orld :I==I-SE<: =ororate Social Aesonsibility 0#ard D 3%%1
3. The Brand Tr&st Aeort ranked ?&? as IndiaCs -,th ?ost Tr&sted Brand in
3%)) (!rom )-%%% brands analy"ed) and --th ?ost Tr&sted Brand in 3%)3 (!rom
)1%%% brands analy"ed)
4. <eming Pri"e
5. *aan W&ality ?edal in 3%%1
6. Bl&ebytes .e#s,H Aated ?&? as IndiaCs second ?ost Ae&ted =ar
=omany (reorted in their st&dy titled Ae&tation Benchmark St&dy ) cond&cted
!or the 0&to (=ars) Sector la&nched in 0ril 3%)3(
The revised interest rates !or Domestic 2erm Deposits
EBeo9 8upees One CroreF e==ecti0e =rom t+e "
.pri $0"3
#o&ld be as &nderH
(0ll !ig&res in 8 er ann&m)
8ates 9GeG=G0"G0*G$0"3
@No c+an:eA
1 days to +% days -(4%
+) days to )1+ days -(4%
),% days -(4%
),) days to 37% days -(4%
37) days to less than ) year -(4%
) year to less than 3 years ,(14
3 years to less than $ years ,(14
$ years to less than 4 years ,(14
4 years and & to )% years ,(14
The remi&m !or Senior =iti"ens #ill be %(348 er ann&m on retail deosits o! one year
and above( 0ccordingly, the interest rates ayable on deosits to resident Indian Senior
=iti"ens (-% years and above) !or Domestic 2erm Deposits EBeo9 8upees One
CroreF e!!ective !rom the "
.pri $0"3 is as &nderH

(0ll !ig&res in 8 er ann&m)
8ates 9GeG=G0"G03G$0"3
@No c+an:eA
1 days to +% days -(4%
+) days to )1+ days -(4%
),% days -(4%
),) days to 37% days -(4%
37) days to less than ) year -(4%
) year to less than 3 years +(%%
3 years to less than $ years +(%%
$ years to less than 4 years +(%%
4 years and & to )% years +(%%
The interest rate ayable to SBI Sta!! and SBI ensioners #ill be )(%%8 above the
alicable rates( The rate alicable to SBI Pensioners o! age -% years and above #ill be
)(%%8 above the rate ayable to resident Indian senior citi"ens i(e( SBI resident Indian
Senior =iti"en Pensioners #ill get both the bene!its o! Sta!! ()8) and resident Indian Senior
=iti"ens (%(348)(
The roosed rates o! interest shall be made alicable to !resh deosits and rene#als o!
mat&ring deosits( The interest rates on YSBI Tax Savings Scheme 3%%-(SBITSS)Z schemes
and .A2 deosits shall be aligned as er the roosed rates !or domestic term
deosits( 4o9e0er# N8O deposits o= Sta== are not ei:i)e =or additiona "I interest
ot+er9ise appica)e to sta== domestic retai deposits, these rates o! interest shall also be
made alicable to domestic term deosits !rom =ooerative Banks(
Premature <it+dra9a1
(a) :or Single term deosit o! less than As )4 lacs, in case o! remat&re #ithdra#als, the
interest rate shall be %(4%8 belo# the rate alicable !or the eriod the deosit remained
#ith the bank or %(4%8 belo# the contracted rate #hichever is lo#er =or a tenorsrovided
these have remained #ith the bank !or at least 1 days(
(b) ;o#ever, !or Single term deosit o! As )4 lacs and above b&t belo# As ) =rore,
!or tenors )eo9 " year, there shall be no enalty !or remat&re #ithdra#al o! deosits
rovided these have remained #ith the Bank !or atleast 1 days(
(c) :or Single term deosit o! As )4 lacs and above b&t belo# As ) crore, !or tenors o= "
year and a)o0e in the case o! remat&re #ithdra#als, the interest rate shall be %(4%8
belo# the rate alicable !or the eriod the deosit remained #ith the bank or %(4%8 belo#
the contact rate #hichever is lo#er rovided these have remained #ith the bank !or at least
1 days(
(d) These instr&ctions !or remat&re #ithdra#als #ill aly only to !resh deosits and
rene#ed mat&ring deosits(
(e) There is no discretion !or red&ctionO#aiver o! enalty !or remat&re #ithdra#al o! term
(!) .o remat&re enalty #ill be levied !rom sta!! and SBI ensioners( Interest rate to be
aid on remat&re #ithdra#al o! term deosits by sta!! and SBI ensioners #ill be same as
alicable !or the eriod the deosit has remained #ith the Bank(

The revised interest rates on EDomestic 2erm DepositsF o= E8s One Crore & a)o0eF 9it+
e==ect =rom -
&une $0"3#o&ld be as &nderH

#(e(!(0"G03G$0"3 =or
Senior Citi?ens
- days to "/0
-G%0I -G$%I -G%0I -G%0I
"/" days to $-0
-G%0I -G$%I -G%0I -G%0I
$-" days to ess
t+an " year
-G%0I -G$%I -G%0I -G%0I
) year to less than
3 years
,(148 ,(148 +(%%8 +(%%8
3 years to less
than 4 years
,(148 ,(148 +(%%8 +(%%8
4 years to )%
,(148 ,(148 +(%%8 +(%%8

Premature payment o= term depositsH

The instr&ctions regarding interest rate to be charged on remat&re ayment o! domestic
term deosits are as &nderH-

a( There shall be no enalty !or remat&re #ithdra#al o! b&lk deosits o! tenors belo# one
year rovided these have remained #ith the bank !or at least 1 days(
b( In other cases o! remat&re #ithdra#al, the Interest shall be %(4%8 belo# the rate
alicable !or the eriod the deosit has remained #ith the Bank or %(4%8 belo# the
contracted rate, #hichever is lo#er( ;o#ever, no interest #ill be aid i! the deosit
remains !or less than 1 days eriod(
c( There is no discretion !or red&ctionO#aiver o! enalty !or remat&re #ithdra#al o!
term deosits

The revised rates o! interest shall be made alicable to !resh deosits and rene#als o!
mat&ring deosits( The interest rates on .A2 term deosits shall be aligned as er the rates
!or domestic term deosits( These rates o! interest shall also be made alicable to domestic
term deosits !rom =ooerative Banks(
Deposit Accounts

C.N.8. B.N;
8.2ES .2 . J5IC; BL.NCE

.G Domestic 8ate o= Interest @IA pGaG

(or Deposits ess t+an 8sG" crore
2erm Deposits
@. !aturitiesA
Benera Pu)ic Senior Citi?en
8ate o=
Interest @I pGaA
Interest yied KK
8ate o=
Interest @I pGaA
Interest yied KK
1 days to )7 days
7(%% 7(%% 7(4% 7(4%
)4 days to $% days
7(4% 7(4% 4(%% 4(%%
$) days to 74 days
-(4% -(4% 1(%% 1(%%
7- days to +% days
1(%% 1(%% 1(4% 1(4%
+) days to )1+
1($% 1($% 1(,% 1(,%
),% days to 3-+
1(%% 1(%- 1(4% 1(41
31% days to less
than ) year
,(%% ,()- ,(4% ,(-,
) year & above to
less than 3 years
,(14 +(%7 +(34 +(4,
3 years & above
to less than $
,(,% +(4) +($% )%(%+
$ years & above
to less than 4
,(,% +(+4 +($% )%(4+
4 years & above
to less than ,
,(14 )%(,$ +(34 ))(4+
Term Deposits (i!ed Deposit and Re"urrin# Deposit$%
or Domesti" deposits &elow Rs. 'ne (rore
Click here to open a FD
Maturit) Period
Rates of Interest (% p.a.) w.e.f January
26 2!"#
For $eposit less than Rs. " crore
*eneral Senior (itizen %%
% $ays to "& $ays &.'! '.!!
"' $ays to 2( $ays &.%' '.2'
#! $ays to &' $ays '.'! 6.!!
&6 $ays to 6! $ays 6.2' 6.%'
6" $ays to 2)( $ays %.!! %.'!
2(! $ays to less than " year %.2' %.%'
" year to #)( $ays %.'! ).!!
#(! $ays to less than 2 years (.!! (.'!
2 years to less than ' years ).%' (.'!
' years upto "! years ).'! (.2'
*a+ ,a-er FD )!C (' year) . /pto Rs. " lac ).'! (.2'
0,u12ect to re-ision without further notice.
Premature withdrawal o+ Deposit,
3n pre45ature with$rawal of the $eposit6
4 interest will 1e calculate$ at the rate applica1le for the perio$ the $eposit has actually re5aine$ with ICICI 7ank.
4 penalty will 1e le-ie$ on the rate applica1le as per the ta1le 1elow
3ri8inal *enure of Deposit
9enal Rates0
:ess than Rs. '.! Crore Rs. '.! Crore ; a1o-e
:ess than " year !.'!% !.'!%
" year ; a1o-e 1ut less than ' years ".!!% ".!!%
' years an$ a1o-e ".!!% ".'!%
0,u12ect to re-ision without further notice.
<ote6 4 *hat Interest earne$ on the Fi+e$ Deposit will 1e su12ect to *a+ De$ucte$ at ,ource as per Inco5e *a+ laws.
4 *hat the 5ini5u5 tenure for ter5 $eposits is % $ays an$ no interest is paya1le for $eposits pre5aturely
with$rawn within the perio$ of % $ays fro5 the $ate of $eposit.
4 For interest rates on Fi+e$ Deposits for Rs. " Cr an$ a1o-e please contact your relationship 5ana8er or
nearest ICICI 7ank 1ranch
<ote 6 Recurrin8 Deposits will 1e a-aila1le for a 5ini5u5 tenure of 6 5onths (an$ in 5ultiples of # 5onths thereafter)
up to a 5a+i5u5 tenure of "! years.

(ir"ular -o. T&I, M.M ,TDR,//0,1/23425
a$ T6RM D6P'SITS Rs. 2.// (R'R6S 7-D 7&'86 T' Rs. 9.// (R'R6S 4
Sr. -o. Time Period Term Deposit Rs. 2.// "rores
and a:o;e to Rs. 9.// "rores
!". % 4 "& Days 6.!!
!2. "' 4 2( Days 6.!!
!#. #! 4 &' Days 6.%'
!&. &6 4 6! Days 6.%'
/9. <2 4 =/ Da)s >.3/
/<. =2 4 21/ Da)s >.9/
/>. 212 4 29/ Da)s >.9/
!). "'" 4 ")# Days )."!
!(. ")& to :ess than " year ).&!
2/. 2 )ear 0.>/
"". =ore than " year upto 2 >ears ).%'
"2. A1o-e 2 >ears upto # >ears ).%'
"#. A1o-e # >ears less than ' >ears ).%'
"& ' years an$ a1o-e ).%'
:$ T6RM D6P'SITS 7&'86 Rs. 9.// (R'R6S 4
Sr. -o. Time Period Term Deposit a:o;e Rs. 9.// (r
!". % 4 "& Days 6.!!
!2. "' 4 #! Days 6.'!
!#. #" 4 6! Days 6.%'
/5. <2 4 =2 Da)s >.9/
/9. =1 4 21/ Da)s >.9/
/<. 212 4 203 Da)s >.</
/>. 205 4 1<= Da)s 0.//
/0. 1>/ 4 39= Da)s 0.1/
!(. #6! 4#%' Days ).2'
"!. #%6 Days 4 ? 2 >ears ).'!
"". 2 >ears 1ut ? # >ears ).'!
"2. # >ears 1ut ? ' >ears ).2'
"#. ' >ears ; a1o-e ).2'
1. All @onal 3ffices are reAueste$ to note the a1o-e 5entione$ interest rates for *er5 Deposits of a1o-e Rs.
".!! Crore e++e"ti;e +rom 29./>.1/23.
2. *he a1o-e car$ rates are -ali$ for sin8le $eposits (resh & Renewal$.
3. <o cash $eposits to 1e accepte$.
4. *er5 Deposit 5o1iliBe$ with the a1o-e rates shoul$ 1e a$-ise$ to Inte8rate$ *reasury 7ranch =u51ai on
the sa5e $ay 1y @onal 3fficesC7ranches.
5. Rate of *er5 Deposit shoul$ 1e Auote$ -ali$ for one $ay only. Dhene-er Auote is to 1e 8i-en for 5ore than
one $ay prior per5ission shoul$ 1e o1taine$ fro5 DE= *reasury 7ranch =u51ai or Eeneral =ana8er *
; ID F3 Golkata.
6. For pre5ature closure penal char8es shall 1e "% less than applica1le rate for which the ter5 $eposit of
5ore than ".!! Crore was hel$ 1y the 1ranch as on the $ate of $eposit or the present rate as on the $ate of
pre5ature closure whiche-er is lower.
7. .nder no "ir"umstan"es :ran"hes are allowed to ?uote :e)ond the rates mentioned supra. @onal
o++i"es and *M o++i"es are re?uested to ensure stri"t "omplian"e.
8. As per the latest A:= 9olicy the ter5 $eposit Ha:o;e 9.// (r to 19.// (rH an$ Ha:o;e 19.// (rH are ter5e$
as AMid (orporateA an$ ALar#e (orporateA *er5 Deposits respecti-ely an$ in future reportin8 has to 1e
5a$e un$er the sai$ cate8ory accor$in8ly.

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