Smartphones and the Youth’s Education

The development of culture has significantly been influenced by technology. The
breakthroughs made have shaped society as a whole and the individual members of the community.
Technology does not only augment human capacity but also instigate change. Shifting between
paradigms may either be intelligible choices or forced upon man by necessity. In the modern times
change occurs at a very rapid pace. This is due to the constant introduction of developments in
devices that are widely used. In the 21
century, the emerging culture revolves around gadgets and
products of human ingenuity. One of these items is the smartphone.

The smartphone is an evolution of the telephone. It serves the fundamental purpose of
enabling communication. However, it also has many other devices built into it. It can tell time, take
pictures, planner, media player, serve as means of portable data storage and even allow the
enjoyment of games. It is open to customization and adjustments so that it meets the needs as well as
personality of its owner. It is the definitive item that best represents and manifests the current
generation. The youth of today treats the smartphome as an essential part of their lives. This is
proven true by the fact that the use and spend time operating it more than they do other things.

Devices like the smartphone lie in the center of the many dimensions of the lives of modern
man. This means that human activity both those that are essential, and for leisure are becoming part
of the trend of technological milestones. This means that how society works require restructuring to
adapt to the times. Since the youth use smartphones extensively this lies at the heart of changes in
society. New means requires development wherein smartphones has uses not only to improve
communications and entertainment but also to enrich the lives of people.

Since the youth is concerned and expend considerable amounts of time on smartphones why
not employ them for the purpose of education or the proliferation of information. No doubt the youth
will be more inclined to study and be informed if such will be done through their smartphones. They
will read and know more of the news if these devices can have electronic copies of the most – recent

Criminalizing Knives

Recently, a teen in the U. K. was slain by a man wielding knives. To most this is just another
crime. In the status quo, there is a rise in killing involving the use of knives in London. Furthermore,
there is the common practice of citizens to bring with them these sharp and deadly objects. The
question is should the authorities act and impose greater prohibitions on the possession of knives in
public? Certain sectors in society think so. They are, in fact, lobbying government for a more potent
policy which would negate the recurrence of what recently happened.

Some argue that the possession of knives in public is a right both in itself as well as part of
the right as a citizen to protect one’s self. However, such a right has to yield when it comes in
conflict with the public good. A knife is often property of a person, and he or she has full disposition
as to the use of the same. However, this requires restriction and even taken away since it is the source
of significant social harms. Having a knife is like having any portable property. However, the
possession of the same often ends with it being used to harm another. This is where the state has to
take a stand and prevent this detriment. It is true that not all persons that bring knives with them
when they leave their homes are going to stab someone. However, the authorities must take away the
basis for such a potential harm. A person with no knife in their pockets is less likely to stab another
with one as compared to someone who has a knife.

There is the argument that the carrying of knives is part of one’s right to means to protect
one’s self is untenable. Any means of protection is also a potential means to harm another. This line
of thinking also covers knives. This is because intrinsically knives are tools that can injure another.
Furthermore, the mainstream culture that it is alright and natural to bring knives in public originates
from the notion that it is necessary to deal with potential threats to a person’s safety.

It is the role and power of the state to protect citizens even from each other. The whole logic
behind having a knife is a form of taking justice into one’s own hands. It can even be called a form of
vigilantism. This is never acceptable. As such there is the need for government policy and even
legislation prohibiting the carrying of knives in public. The community’s welfare should take
precedence over individual rights.

Lesson of Gun Violence

Recently there has been a resurgence of the specter of gun violence in the United States. In
the State of Arizona, a gun wielding member of society opted to shoot his fellow citizens. He took
the lives of his fellow Americans and gravely injured others. It seems that American society has not
yet learned the lesson of Columbine, Virginia Tech and other incidences of gun violence.

The nightmare of gun violence still pervades and American social consciousness and
continues to taint society. Former Sen. Robert Kennedy said:"Whenever any American's life is taken
by another American unnecessarily - whether it is done in the name of the law or in the defiance of
law, by one man or a gang, in cold blood or in passion, in an attack of violence or in response to
violence - whenever we tear at the fabric of life which another man has painfully and clumsily woven
for himself and his children, the whole nation is degraded."

These words hold a deep and ominous meaning in these troubled times.

Recently, Jared Loughner, a youth at 22 becomes a vessel of malevolence that assails the
very fabric of society. After him came others who were direct actors in the tide of gun violence that
plagues the United States. However, the more pressing question is what transforms an ordinary youth
into a gunman with no other purpose than to slay and harm his fellow Americans?

Some say hate is the root of this recent horrendous act, some say angst; others say disdain for
society and government. Regardless of cause the message is clear. The society and government must
act to address this problem before its malignancy spreads and consumes the whole of the social

This act and other like it are symptoms of an emerging cancer which is eating away at the
society's core. The glorification of violence and neglect as to the erosion of values as well as the
detachment from ideals like compassion, justice and communal welfare create conditions, which
promote conditions that give rise to gun violence.

True that gun violence has no singular and determinate roots. However, the conditions by
which it takes hold on individuals in society are apparent. Unless these conditions are at least
mitigated if not completely eradicated this problem will remain.

Government can no longer ignore the danger as well as the urgency of this social concern. It
affords to wait for more victims to fall prey to this affliction. Government cannot allow this to
constantly unravel the fabric of the family and the bonds of society. It should not allow the horrific
nightmare to afflict others.

Society, must work with government to undo the damage done to the psyche as well as
communal consciousness of America so as not to repeat the tragedy that has visited it many times

Marine Illumination

Florida, especially in major population centers like Tampa is known to destination of anyone
interested in marine wildlife. In this state are many notable venues for observing and interacting with
marine wildlife. There are vast complexes that provide animal shows. These presentations present
marine water creatures performing all sorts of wonderful displays. Aside from these there are also
vast recreations of animal habitats in a watery environment.

Fish and marine enthusiasts, experts, school children and other individuals come here to
catch a glimpse of exotic fish as well as other marine creatures. They participate in tours or in some
cases allowed to wonder on their own in magnificent and huge aquarium complexes. In these
artificial copies of real habitat humans can partly experience the water environment of the planet.

This habit and common activity of going to marine animal shows and visits to the public
aquariums is widespread in the modern world. The so-called “fish tank” inclination of the public.
This is partly due to the popularity of increased environmental consciousness. Aside from that many
homes do have aquariums of their own. They range from the usual fish bowl to the medium and even
large – room length aquatic habitat. Aside from homes commercial establishments and even offices
have in some cases the same.

This has given rise to many businesses that cater to this emerging culture. Those who supply
the public aquariums often have to purchase the same from manufacturers. There are even cases that
custom tanks become a necessity. In some instances, a complete and working fish enclosure is a
product of several firms. Each firm contributes a particular part of the same.

One of the most difficult parts of a fish tank is the internal lighting it has to employ. It is
difficult to illuminate aquarium, especially very large ones, which have a significant amount of water
and marine wildlife. Another concern is getting just enough light in them so as not to upset light-
sensitive fish and other creatures.

This has given rise to the use of LED lights in Tampa Florida. Aquariums often need very
specialized, high-end, good performance type of illumination devices. This is true for public fish
enclosures, private family owned tanks and corporate and business fish displays.

In this modern age, cutting-edge technology has produced a new brand of light sources.
LED lights in Tampa, Florida, are these new sources. These illumination devices become known for
their efficient performance in any environment even watery ones. They are not bulky compared to
their predecessors and are susceptible to customization. These features make them widely used in

LED lights in Tampa, Florida are now common components in aquariums and any electric
fish enclosure. Their positive and renowned features make them the most viable source of
illumination in this context. These modern lighting systems are exactly what these sorts of purposes

In fact, all over the state, there are many businesses that provide LED lighting services for
aquariums. This is a testament to the proficiency of LED in marine illumination.

Log Cabin Holidays UK

At one time or another, one would feel the urge to get away from the busy city life that we
are currently accustomed to, because all the running around for meetings and other kind of
appointments can get tiring. One of the best ways to plan such a getaway is by going on a log cabin
holiday in the UK. The Idea of having a Log Cabin Holidays UK is a special getaway for you to relax
and enjoy. A log cabin holiday will soon have you feeling as though you never want to go to another
meeting or appointment. In the UK, you will find quite a number of suitable log cabin locations that
will leave you feeling like you do not want to get back home.

First of all, as you plan to make such a trip or holiday, it would be nice to first consider what
type of group you would be traveling in, whether as a family, or as friends, or even just as a couple or
even alone. The number of people in such a group would also matter, as it would determine the sort
of accommodation package that you could get from the various businesses that have ventured into the
offering of this service. This will help in ensuring that you get a place that is as appropriate to the
traveling group as possible, and traveling agents could help with organizing such accommodations,
so you do not need to worry.

The log cabins are usually situated in the mountainous regions, in the midst of the great
forests, and thus you are sure that you would get wonderful scenery there. Just ensure that you
choose the ones that seem best for you. You could use pictures when it comes to ensuring that you
make the best decision, and once you get there; you could also take pictures so as to make full use of
the scenery. Going on a vacation Log Cabin Holidays UK style offers much in terms of what sites to
see and capture on one’s camera.

For those who are thinking of a good romantic holiday, it would be nice if you considered the
great locations that the log cabin holidays could accord you. You are sure to love spending quality
time with the ones that you love, surrounded by nothing but trees. Most destinations would also make
arrangements for a romantic theme to rule your stay there, and thus would be quite appropriate for a

While it would be true to say that all the log cabins on offer at the various holiday
destinations are great, you will have to know that the specifics of your cabin and what type of service
you get there will depend on your budget. The ones that are known as luxurious could come with hot
tubs. You must thus be really wise when it comes to choosing a suitable package as not everything in
the luxury one might suit you.

Thus, as you plan to make your way to the log cabin holiday destinations in the UK, stock up
in things that will make your holiday one to remember. Do not forget your camera. And just unwind
as much as you possibly can. Experiencing the Log Cabin Holidays UK is to have a once in a
lifetime getaway filled with great memories and rich experiences.