ASSURE Model Instructional Plan

Needs and Wants + Goods and Services
Alyssa Boehmer
Social Studies
2 to 3 hours
Analyze Learners
Number of Students- 3
No! of "ales#$emales- %2 Girls %& Boys
Age 'ange- (-) years old
*isabilities- t+o mild autistic children and t+o +ith A*,*
-urrent Kno+ledge- Students should have a basic understanding of +ants and needs and good and
services though if they do not there is enough .ractice and e/.lanation for the student0s to
successfully gras. the content!
1earners attitudes- "ost of the students are eager to learn though a fe+ .ut u. a fight ever no+ and
then +hen something is either too easy or too hard! 2+o of the boys in my class often get frustrated
by activities and lessons because they are too difficult for them at times and they shut do+n at the
first challenge! We have been +or3ing together to get through this though it0s still a .roblem at times!
4ne boy and one girl in my class find the +or3 to be too easy at times and tend to become easily
distracted and disru.tive to the rest of the class because they are bored! 5 come u. +ith some other
activities for them to do at times that are more challenging!
1earning styles- 6isual- 27 Auditory- 27 Kinesthetic- )7
State Objectives
Students will demonstrate understanding of wants and needs.
Students will sort pictures of objects into wants and needs categories.
Students will identify wants.
Students will pick out and be able to gie an e!planation of w"at a want is.
Students will identify needs.
Students will pick out and be able to gie an e!planation of w"at a need is.
Students will identify wit" t"e wants and needs in t"eir life.
Students will bring in some objects from "ome t"at are wants and or needs.
Students will identify "ow to get and w"ere t"eir wants come from.
Students will talk about w"at is necessary to get t"eir wants. #"ey will also talk
about w"ere t"e goods come from and w"o makes t"em.
Students will identify "ow to get and w"ere t"eir needs come from.
Students will talk about w"at is necessary to get t"eir needs. #"ey will also talk
about w"ere t"e needs come from and w"o makes t"em.
Students will identify needs as more t"an objects suc" as laws$ safety$ s"elter$ education
Students will discuss t"e reason t"ese t"ings%serices are needed.
Select Methods, Media, , and Materials
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Met"ods. *irect instruction. I will need to introduce t"e concepts to t"e c"ildren and directly
teac" t"em. *emonstration. I will s"ow t"em w"at t"ey need to do for eac" actiity before
t"ey start. *ue to t"e age and preious knowledge I will need to introduce and demonstrate
"ow to complete eac" actiity step by step.
Media. Projector$ computer$ printer and smart board if possible
Materials. online educational game
/"ttp)"% 0$ print offs
Utilize Media, Materials, and Methods
#"e teac"er needs to preiew all of t"e lessons to make sure t"at "e or s"e is prepared to
teac" all of t"e lessons. Also t"e teac"er needs to make sure t"at t"e links to websites
work as well as print and prepare any of t"e works"eets t"at t"ey would like t"e c"ildren to
complete or will add in if time allows.
1efore t"e lesson make sure all t"e tec"nology t"at will be used is working correctly. Print
off and make copies of all works"eets t"at t"e students will be completing. Make sure t"at if
any re2uire coloring cutting or gluing t"at you "ae t"e necessary materials out. If t"ey will
be working indiidually on t"e computer make sure t"at eac" computer "as working "ead
p"ones so t"ey do not disturb t"e people around t"em and can focus on t"eir own work.
(earning is taking place in t"e kindergarten classroom. #"e setting is a fun colorful
initing classroom t"at is age appropriate for kindergarteners. #"e room is on t"e brig"t
side between t"e sun coming in t"e window and t"e lig"ts in t"e room. #"e temperature is
between 3-4 and 5,4. #"e students will sit on t"e carpet for t"e large group parts and in
t"eir seats w"en working indiidually and in partners or small groups.
*uring t"e warm up section we will "ae a class discussion w"ere I will ask key 2uestions to
grasp t"e student6s interest and to see w"at t"ey already know. /7ae you eer "eard of
wants and needs or goods and serices8 7ae your parents eer said you don6t need t"at8
9r w"at do you want8 *id you know t"at your teac"er is performing a serice rig"t now by
teac"ing you80 I will also s"ow a ideo%book t"at I made using t"e book builder website.
#"e actiities will take about ' to > "ours oer all. I will actiely engage my students by
keeping t"e lessons and discussions fun and s"ort. I will "ae e!tra actiities ready as to
not lose t"e attention of any of my students.
Require Learner Participation
#"e lessons duration. > to - "ours /about one "our per lesson and two "ours for t"e
introductions and t"e assessment portion0. I will actiely engage all my students by "aing
e!tra practice and work s"eets aailable to c"allenge students w"o finis" early so t"at no
student is eer just sitting waiting. I will engage my students by "aing fun actiities for
t"em to do and keeping t"em inoled by "aing discussions and s"ort introductions for
eac" part of t"e lesson.
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Evaluate Revise
My students oerall did a great job completing t"e objecties. I could see t"is by "ow well
t"e students did on t"e assessment part of t"e lesson and by t"eir participation and
performance for eac" lesson. I feel t"at only ' of my students are still struggling wit"
understanding t"e concepts introduced.
I feel t"at my media t"at I used was ery effectie. I could tell t"is by "ow engaged t"e
students were and t"at t"ey were all able to use t"e media wit" little or no assistance. #"ey
were ery engaged by t"e lessons especially w"en tec"nology was incorporated in a big
4or t"is lesson I ideotaped my teac"ing to reiew at a later time to see w"at I need to
improe on. I also paid attention to t"e reactions of my students and t"eir interest leel. I
found t"at after muc" reiew I found a few areas t"at I could work on but oer all I feel t"at
t"is was a strong lesson t"at re2uired a small amount of instruction compared to most
lessons t"at are taug"t in my classroom. I also s"ared t"e tape wit" my principal and
anot"er teac"er to see w"at t"ey t"oug"t I needed to work on and t"ey were pleased wit"
my performance and gae me a few tips to "elp me improe.
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