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The The The The principle principle principle principle of of of of operation operation operation operation
The main water flow sensor by copper body and plastic forming, water flow
rotor components, steady flow components and hall components. It into water
dispenser, coffee machine and household appliances the water used for
measuring the water flow.
When water flows through the rotor components, magnetic rotor rotating, and
speed along with the flow of a linear change. Hall element output
corresponding pulse signal feedback to the controller, the size of the flow of
water by controller judgment, adjust proportional valve control of electric
Water flow sensor fundamentally solve the differential water-gas valve flap
type high pressure and start water valve easy misoperation appear dry and
It has reflected sensitive, long service life, action quick, safe and reliable,
joins convenient traffic advantages such as the start low, deeply the general
user affection.
The main components of turbine rotor flow switch shell, magnetic rotor, brake
ring composition. Use water flow switch mode, its performance than the
mechanical differential pressure plate structure, and decrease the size. As
the water through the turbine switch shell, promote magnetic rotor, different
pole near the hall element hall element when conduction, and leave the hall
componets disconnect. Thus, can measure the rotor speed. According to the
measured data of the rotor speed and water flow, the output signal (voltage)
curve, can be sure water dispenser, coffee machine and household
appliances start water pressure, hydraulic pressure and startup
corresponding start the flow of water and rotor The start of the speed.
Water Flow Sensor
EEEElectrical lectrical lectrical lectrical characteristic characteristic characteristic characteristic
NO NO NO NO Item Item Item Item EEEExamination xamination xamination xamination requirement requirement requirement requirement
1 Appearance Clean and beautiful, smooth without burr, without off color
Water pressure
1.75 MPa pressure has no slack phenomenon, and parts no crack,
relaxation, inflation, and deformation anomaly
Operating voltage
operating current
The output pulse
high level
In 5 V rated voltage, the output of the high level requirements in 4.5
V above
The output pulse
low level
In 5 V rated voltage, the output of the low level requirements in 0.5 V
the following
The output pulse
duty ratio
In the rated voltage, the output pulse occupies emptiescompared to
Flow pulse
Dielectric resistance>100MΩ
10 Electrical strength AC500V 50Hz(Don't breakdown or flash winding)
In 100 ℃temperature placed in 72 hours, in the environmental
temperature back after 1 hour the accuracy of measurement
requirements within the plus or minus 5%
In 20 ℃temperature placed in-72 hours, in the environmental
temperature back after 1 hour the accuracy of measurement
requirements within the plus or minus 5%
Mode of
Red: the positive, black: negative, yellow: pulse signal
Installation Installation Installation Installation instructions instructions instructions instructions
1、When magnetic materials or to flow switch a magnetic force materials near
water flow switch, its characteristics may change.
2、In order to avoid particles, sundry into the flow switch, in the inlet must
install screen pack.
3、In the use of the water flow switch before please read the parameters that
if there are still questions please to our factory technical personnel
4、In the process of installation and use must cooperate relays (power in 3 W
below), lest because of switch power small and dry reed pipe burn out.
5、The water flow switch installation use environment to avoid strong vibration
and shaking place, in order to avoid water flow switch produce false action.