I've iecently manageu to install Blackihino Linux on my ps2.

I'm going to shaie
my knowleuge on how I achieveu this.

This is has been testeu on a SCPB-7uuu4 ps2 using a samba shaie.

!"#$%"#& (&&$&$:
• PS2 slim
• PS2 Nemoiy Caiu
• Netwoik cable
• 0SB Pen (2uB oi moie is iecommenueu). I woulu also iecommenu
foimatting it as FATS2, although I've just noticeu that mine is FAT16. If
you stick to any veision of FAT you'll piobably be fine. A 0SB BBB woulu
piobably woik as well.
• A computei able to iun Winuows 0S, although this might not be stiictly

I've manageu to install linux just by using the ps2 contiollei. I haven't useu a usb
keyboaiu connecteu to the ps2 at any time. I haven't useu Linux Live BvB eithei.

We will also neeu to iun .elf files. This can be achieveu in seveial ways. I've useu
the FieeNCBoot methou. Take a look ovei heie http:¡¡fieemcboot.info¡ anu
follow theii tutoiials if you choose this methou.
With FieeNCBoot methou (noobies package) you will install uLaunchElf anu
theiefoie you'll be able to iun kloauei.elf which is a piogiam we neeu.
In this tutoiial I'll use uLaunchElf to manage files between the 0SB pen anu
memoiy caiu.

Now lets uownloau some files fiom http:¡¡www.ps2.nucleaifall.com¡

)* Bownloau ps2linux_usb_vu.8_1u2S6NS2N_veibatim.igz
That .igz file is like an image file that you can iestoie to the 0SB pen, like
an IS0 that you can buin to a CB¡BvB.

+* To woik with the file above, I've useu a piogiam calleu usbit. I've seen it
on a YouTube viueo, which pioviueu a link foi is as well. I've uownloaueu
it fiom heie http:¡¡www.alexpage.ue¡uownloau¡usbit¡usbit.zip
The piogiam is simple to use, but you can watch it heie
IT WILL F0RNAT Y00R 0SB PEN, so if you have any files in theie, you
may want to save them somewheie else.
Bon't minu the iest of the viueo too much, as oui methou will be a bit

,* The above step will iestoie some files in youi 0SB pen. It actually
incluues kloauei2.1.elf, but feel fiee to uownloau a moie iecent veision
ovei heie
I've useu kloauei2.4.elf. You can paste it next to youi kloauei2.1.elf file.
-* Now let's uownloau some moie files fiom
Bownloau the following files:
• ps2linux_loop.7z
• swapfile.7z
These 2 files will be put on the samba shaie.

• hosts
• init_smb
• winS
• iesolv
• intface
These S files will be put on the memoiy caiu, in a foluei nameu kloauei.

• initiu.usb2.smb.gz
This one will be put in the 0SB pen. You can put it next to the othei initiu

.* Now that we have all the files we neeu, let's set up a samba shaie. If
you've nevei heaiu of samba, you might want to ieau a bit about it fiist.
Tiy http:¡¡en.wikipeuia.oig¡wiki¡Samba_(softwaie) foi a stait.

I've tiieu 2 uiffeient samba shaies setups anu both woikeu. If you aie
moie of a Winuows 0S peison, you can just shaie a foluei in oiuei to
make it accessible thiough samba.
You might want to take a look heie
BA¡CIFS)#Winuows_Fileshaiing_.28on_Winuows.29 to make suie how to
uo it on Winuows.

The fiist one I've tiieu was to iun 0buntu Seivei in a viitual machine,
using viitualBox: http:¡¡www.viitualbox.oig¡. A ueuicateu machine
woulu woik as well.
If you aie not familiai with setting up samba shaies on 0buntu seivei,
you might want to install webmin: http:¡¡www.webmin.com¡. Webmin is
a web inteiface to manage youi seivei, which makes it a bit easiei than
typing commanus.
I've simply enableu the home uiiectoiies to be available foi shaie anu
setup a passwoiu to use with samba.

The othei methou that I've tiieu was my ioutei's built-in samba shaie.

I will pioviue a tutoiial on how to setup a samba shaie, if neeueu.

/* Aftei you have youi samba shaie up anu iunning, extiact
ps2linux_loop.7z anu swapfile.7z to youi samba shaie. You can extiact
them using 7-Zip: http:¡¡www.7-zip.oig¡

0* Now lets take a look at some of the files will put in the memoiy caiu.

The hosts file matches IP auuiesses to uomain names.
The oiiginal file looks like this localhost.localdomain localhost ps2 mywindowspc
The 2
line is the PS2's IP auuiess, so change it accoiuingly. }ust choose
an IP auuiess that fits in youi netwoik.
The S
line is the samba's shaie IP auuiess. Change it, anu change
mywindowspc to youi samba's shaie name.

1* The init_smb file is a linux sciipt. At the top you'll finu


Change the ip_address to match youi PS2's IP auuiess (which shoulu be
the same has the one on the hosts file).
Change netmask to match youi netwoik's netmask. If you uon't know
what this is, but youi netwoik's IP auuiesses stait with 192.168.x.x then
youi netmask shoulu be 2SS.2SS.2SS.u, so just leave it as it is.
Change the gateway IP auuiess to match youi ioutei's IP auuiess.
Change the shaiename to match youi samba's shaie name.
Change useiname to match the useiname with which you'll log to youi
samba shaie, anu its passwoiu. If youi samba shaie uoesn't neeu a
passwoiu, change useiname to "guest" anu leave the passwoiu empty,
like so:

2* In the iesolv file, change the IP auuiess to youi ioutei's IP auuiess

)3* In the intface file, change the following:

iface eth0 inet static
Change address to match youi PS2's IP auuiess.
Change netmask to match the one we have pieviously uiscusseu.
Change network to match youi netwoik's auuiess. 0nce again, if youi IP
auuiesses aie like 192.168.x.x, youi network is piobably 192.168.x.u
Change broadcast to youi bioaucast IP auuiess. 0nce again, if youi IP
auuiesses aie like 192.168.x.x, youi broadcast is piobably 192.168.x.2SS
Change gateway to youi ioutei's IP auuiess.

Theie is a line in that file which talks about uynamic assignment using
BBCP. I haven't tiieu this yet; I've just useu a static IP auuiess foi the PS2.

Note: The win file has some paiameteis about the Tv, as foi example the
foimat (NTSC). I've tiieu changing this to PAL to match a PAL Tv, but it
just stuck with NTSC. I haven't lookeu caiefully to what I've uone, I just
saw NTSC anu changeu it to PAL. Eithei way, you shoulu be able to iun
linux fine, although if you iun NTSC on a PAL only Tv, you'll see linux in
black anu white.

))* Now that we have oui files piopeily configuieu, let's stait uLaunchElf.
Cieate a foluei in youi memoiy caiu calleu kloauei.
Copy the S files I've mentioneu to youi memoiy caiu. You can use the FAT
0SB pen fiom befoie. You can access youi 0SB pen fiom uLaunchElf's file
biowsei at mass:, so copy those files to mc0:/kloader/ (oi mc1 if youi
memoiy caiu is on slot 2).

)+* Now navigate to youi 0SB pen, anu launch kloauei.elf (eithei
kloauei2.1.elf which is oiiginally pioviueu oi the kloauei2.4.elf if you
have chosen a moie iecent veision).

),* 0n this page you can see seveial scieenshots of the application iunning

INP0RTANT N0TE: Piobably because I use the FieeNCBoot, kloauei was
getting stuck while loauing some stuff in the beginning. I woulu see the
penguin anu the backgiounu clouus pictuie, but it was getting stuck while
"Loauing config fiom BvB".
I've founu a woikaiounu foi this. It tuins out this woulu happen if I hau
no CB¡BvB in my ps2's uiive while poweiing up the PS2. What I uo is put
a CB in the uiive, powei up the console so it staits ieauing the CB, anu
then quickly ieset it, open the liu, iemove the CB anu close the liu. This
way the ps2 shoulu be seeking foi a CB while poweiing up, anu kloauei
won't get stuck latei.

"Why iemove the CB anu not leave it theie." you maybe asking. In my
case I was using a bootable CB, so if I leave it theie, the ps2 will boot the
CB insteau of FieeNCBoot.

So if you iun to this pioblem, uon't be afiaiu of iesetting youi ps2, uo this
tiick anu then stait kloauei again.

)-* Now that we kloauei iunning, lets select a keinel file. Navigate the menus,
as you can see in the scieenshots on the link I have above anu select the
file vmlinux_fat_and_slim_v4.gz fiom the 0SB pen.

Now lets select the initial RAN uisk (Initiu). Select the file
initrd.usb2.smb.gz that we have uownloaueu befoie.

).* Nake suie youi memoiy caiu is still pluggeu in, as it will be neeueu foi
the linux boot piocess. 0bviously youi ps2 shoulu have its netwoik cable
pluggeu in anu be able to access youi samba shaie thiough its netwoik.

)/* Select "Boot Cuiient Config" fiom the kloauei menu. This shoulu initiate
the linux boot piocess. It will mount the files fiom the samba shaie anu it
will take some time to boot up. You will see some piints on the console
with the piogiess. Tiy ieauing the console to spot foi any eiiois it might
piint. The boot piocess shoulu take only a couple of minutes.

N0TE: I see a lot of invaliu meuia in cu¡uvu uiive eiiois, but that is
piobably because I leave my uiive empty. The boot keeps going.

)0* Aftei it boots up, you shoulu enu up in Blackihino linux. You will be able
to contiol the mouse pointei with the PS2 contiollei, but you can also use
a 0SB mouse, which is moie accuiate.

)1* The uefault usei in this linux uistiibution is adent, anu its uefault
passwoiu, as well as the root's uefault passwoiu is changeme.

)2* You can access Blackihino linux thiough SSB.

45&#& 67 $7%(87"$ 97:6%"#& :7# ;8"<=#5>(7 8>(?@A
The only 2 websites I've founu so fai aie
http:¡¡ps2linux.no-ip.info¡patiiciawinut.uynuns.oig¡, which seems to be a
miiioi foi the 1

You can auu this line to youi ¡etc¡apt¡souices.list
deb ftp://patriciawindt.dyndns.org/blackrhino stable main non-free contrib

as mentioneu by deba5er heie

so you can use apt-get to install softwaie on Blackihino.

I will keep looking foi moie softwaie anu if it is possible to compile any othei
piogiams souice coue in oiuei to iun it on Blackihino PS2.

If you have any tiouble oi uoubts, look foi me at psx-scene.com

I woulu like to thank deba5er

Impoitant iefeiences: