Santoro 1

Stefan Santoro
Mrs. Tieman
English 12
3 February 2014
Beowulf was suh a short e!i an" was o#er before you $new it. %t&s sho$ing
beause many of the i"eas for mo"ern su!er heroes to"ay ha#e ome from Beowulf.
'ou oul" say he is somewhat of a tren" setter. Beowulf shares many of the same
traits as the mo"ern heroes( The )ul$ an" *ol#erine ha#e.
Beowulf is your or"inary loo$ing man. )e !ossesses nothing but a swor" an"
shiel" an" some hain mail. Behin" all of that he has a serete wea!on. %t is nothing
you an see +ust by loo$ing at him. That serete wea!on is his su!er strength an" $een
sense to stay ali#e in tough situations. %t is almost as if he has suh "etermination to
!ro#e that he is the greatest fighter of all time that all of these !owers +ust ame to
Many of you alrea"y $now The )ul$ is a mo"ern "ay su!erhero of ours. The
)ul$ is +ust a regular guy( but when he gets o#er stresse" or o#er wor$e" u! about
something he transforms into the )ul$. This sometimes ha!!ens by hoie or +ust
beause he is ha#ing a ba" "ay. E#en though this su!erhero is base" of anger an"
emotion he only "oes goo" for the !eo!le aroun" him an" tries to sto! any e#il. The
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)ul$&s su!er!owers are growing in si,e( su!er strength( an" some what of
in#inibility "e!en"ing on how emotional he is.
Some traits that the )ul$ has remin" me of Beowulf. For e-am!le(. )e
twiste" in !ain( an" the blee"ing sinews "ee! in his shoul"er sna!!e"( musle an"
bone s!lit an" bro$e.. /4041234005. That was right after Beowulf !ulle" on 6ren"el&s
arm. Beowulf ha" suh strength that he !ulle" so har" that he almost ri!!e" 6ren"el&s
arm right off. Beowulf an" the )ul$ both share su!er strength as one of their traits.
Also Beowulf "i" this to !rotet the !eo!le an" !ro#e himself. The )ul$ also hel!s
the !eo!le from e#il +ust as Beowulf "i" with 6ren"el.
The "ifferenes between Beowulf an" the )ul$ are #ery notieable. Beowulf
seems li$e +ust your or"inary !erson( he e#en loo$s the !art. The )ul$ is green an" is
enormous om!are" to the things aroun" him. Beowulf stays the same si,e( but still
!ossesses strength almost e7ui#alent to the )ul$&s. Beowulf also has his strength all
times of the "ay. The )ul$ only has his strength when he gets angry or u!set other
than that he is a normal guy with normal strength.
'ou oul" say *ol#erine is one of the better $nown mo"ern "ay heroes. )e
was born with $een animal li$e senses. )e has three laws ma"e out of #ery strong
metal that omes out of his $nu$les on both han"s. )e also has the ability to heal
himself right on the s!ot. *ith being able to heal himself he also an li#e muh
longer than normal human beings. )e "oes wear a su!er hero suit from time to time
Santoro 3
with the olors of yellow an" blue on them. )e also is #ery strong( stronger than your
a#erage human.
Beowulf an" *ol#erine loo$ #ery muh a li$e an" both fight for the better
goo". *hat they ha#e in ommon is not what you woul" thin$. They both are #ery
strategi an" sometimes that omes to goo" use when their wea!ons "on&t wor$. For
e-am!le(. Then he saw the mighty water with( an" swung with his swor"( his ring3
mar$e" bla"e( straight at her hea"8 the iron sang its fiere song( sang Beowulf&s
strength. But her guest "iso#ere" that no swor" oul" slie her e#il s$in9. /404143
2005. %n this sene it shows Beowulf fighting 6ren"el&s mother "own at the bottom of
the la$e. )e tries using his swor" to woun" or $ill the water with( but soon fin"s out
that the swor" an not ut her s$in. So this fores Beowulf into a troublesome
situation. *hih ma$es him ha#e to thin$ an" be strategi for the rest of the battle
until he fin"s the swor" the giants ha" hammere". %n many of *ol#erines battles his
metal laws are useless. So in return to the tough situation he has been !ut in he must
use his ability to heal 7ui$ an" su!er strength to o#erome his o!!onent. Eah hero
has to analy,e the situation to fin" their o!!onents wea$ness to o#er ome them.
)owe#er( *ol#erine is a lot "ifferent than Beowulf in many ways as well. For
instane Beowulf "oes not !ossess the ability to heal 7ui$ly or to stay ali#e longer
than any other human. Beowulf has a swor" an" shiel" for !rotetion. )e also wears a
suit ma"e out of hain mail whih is +ust a bunh of metal hoo$e" together that a
swor" or shar! ob+et an not !iere. *ol#erine was born with the metal laws an"
instints of an animal. Also % ount *ol#erines ability to heal fast as a form of
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!rotetion. Beowulf was not born with his swor" or his shiel" he earne" them li$e any
regular !erson woul".
Many of the su!erheroes we $now an" lo#e to"ay ha" to of gotten their
!owers an" i"ea for !owers from somewhere. %n many su!erhero stories you almost
always hear something about su!er strength an" e#ery story is about one !erson or a
grou! fighting for the ommon goo". *ell this is beause many !eo!le ha#e rea" an"
$now Beowulf&s story. Many of the i"eas li$e su!er strength ha#e been !ulle" from
the story an" mo"erni,e" to fit the ne-t generation. E#erything on this earth seems to
relate either through loo$s or i"eas ma"e by one another an" Beowulf was the i"ea
that almost e#ery su!er hero was built off of.