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Syndicate Of Strength

“Society Is Weak But You Don t Have To Be”

Confidential Re p o r t
Version 1.1

Created by Ryan Magin

© 2009 Ryan Magin All Rights Reserved. International Copyright

You are welcome to share this Special report with others. You may NOT, however, edit it, extract from it, change the contents or offer it for sale in any way shape or form. Trust me. It’s not worth the felony charges, fines, possible prison time and bad karma.

The information presented is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. This publication is presented for information purposes, to increase the public knowledge of developments in the field of strength and conditioning. The program outlined herein should not be adopted without a consultation with your health professional. Use of the information provided is at the sole choice and risk of the reader. You must get your physician’s approval before beginning this or any other exercise program.

Created by Ryan Magin

Rules Of The Syndicat e
Rule #1- only you decide who gets this report…please choose wisely as you represent a subculture that is going to take over the fitness world… Rule #2- who you are while in the syndicate is not who you are in real life… Rule #3- If this is the first time reading this YOU HAVE TO LIFT WEGHT…

Created by Ryan Magin

The Syndicate is the reason for going to lift weights and push you to new levels. The gyms these days are overpopulated with guys trying to look like men…as if being a man represents pansy ass workouts and soft bloated muscle. You aren’t alive anywhere like you are when you are lifting as a member of the Syndicate. Lifting isn’t about winning or losing it much more than that… When you become a member of the Syndicate you may be soft and out of shape…but in 6 months you will be carved out of stone… You will trust yourself to conquer anything life may throw at you; it is more than just looking good this is about achieving maximum human potential.

Created by Ryan Magin

“The Syndicate of Strength is not for everybody”


Created by Ryan Magin

Why I wrote this Special Re p o r t
Like many of you guys I started out in the world of competition. I started weightlifting about 8 years in an effort to get faster on my BMX bike, and I really wanted to impress some girls .

You see at the time I was every bit of 170lbs skinny and weak. This was not the ideal body type of a wanna be pro athlete who wanted to get some girls.

At the time I did what many of you guys probably did went to the bookstore bought a couple magazines and joined the local franchise gym.

Created by Ryan Magin

Now after about 2 years of lifting at that gym I had made some decent gains and now weighed about 185lbs(I know don’t laugh) and still wasn’t fast enough to turn pro on my bike. Confused… I searched the internet for anything that might help me and I stumbled onto a life changing article… Westside For Skinny Bastards written by coach Joe Defranco…

Created by Ryan Magin

This article made sense and I dove into head first, and the gains started coming. I began to get stronger and stronger and then after another few months I was over the 200lb barrier and significantly faster while riding my bike. So by now I was on a mission and I kept getting stronger but still in the back of my mind something was missing? Although I was still getting stronger I just didn’t feel as athletic as I should have been. Then came a disastrous day…. I was still training at the local Bally’s gym and it was Deadlift day (my favorite), I was gearing up for a monstrous 405 pull (I know cut me some slack lol).

Created by Ryan Magin

I was in the Zone fired up reached into my bag grabbed some chalk (which wasn’t allowed in the gym), grabbed the bar and ripped it off the floor and completed my first rep… Always trying to improve myself I went right into rep #2 and got it just above the knee… I was grinding but it wasn’t moving, my grip gave out and the rep ended with a big crash as the weight hit floor. Psyched… I unracked the weights (which doesn’t happen to often in the commercial gyms) and was putting them back when Mr. Head personal trainer told me to stop by the office on my way out, I obliged… Grabbed my bag and went into the office only to be told I was a disruption to the member and he was going to politely cancel my contract and I was to be on my way. I was baffled…I didn’t know what to do, the gym was my life and this guy just took that from me.
Created by Ryan Magin

Still this idiot was not gonna stop me, I still wasn’t a pro on my bike and I was finally starting to get recognized by the opposite sex. Without any money and with no intention of joining another commercial gym to be told I can’t lift the way I want, I faced quite a predicament… Thank god for Google because without It never would have known there were people just like me all over the world that came together at a website called and it was run by Zach Even Esh. He opened my Eyes to the options of bodyweight training, odd object lifting and that I could have a gym in my garage… I was fired up…I saved up money bought a barbell set and went to town, next thing you know I had an all out underground strength empire in my parents garage.
Created by Ryan Magin
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By know I was on a whole new level and finally able to turn pro on my bike and was competing regularly but my passion for strength was running deep.

Created by Ryan Magin
- 11 -

Everything was coming together and I was attending seminars going to conventions meeting all the guys that I looked up to, I was on another planet. While reading Zach’s site one day I read of a guy who was starting outdoor bootcamps in my local area… His name just so happened to be Elliott Hulse, and he was beginning his strength camp empire and we became friends and I haven’t left his gym since.

Created by Ryan Magin
- 12 -

I still had not found the ultimate combination of training methods until me and Elliott went to Sarasota for a seminar with local strongman Tom Mitchell. He put me and Elliott through what at the time was the most insane workout of my life…but I was hooked. I had found the holy grail of training styles STRONGMAN. You see with a combination of strongman, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and bodyweight exercises you can turn the average person into a lean hybrid muscle monster that can achieve anything in his path. These Styles of training are what separates you as a member of the Syndicate Of Strength from the rest of the world. You see the benefits of all these types of training and will never be locked into 1 type this will accelerate your muscle gains far beyond everyone else.
Created by Ryan Magin
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there are 5 principles that make up the Syndicate Of Strength… -Attitude -Powerbuilding -Strongman -Max Effort Conditioning -Simplicity These principles will separate you above everyone else and help you achieve the results you desire.

Created by Ryan Magin
- 14 -

Attitude is first because it is by far the most important component in your role in the syndicate. Attitude is what separates the men from the boys and will help you achieve success in training and life. With attitude you can push yourself beyond your comfort zone and achieve what most will only dream to accomplish.

Do You Have It?

Created by Ryan Magin
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Powerbuilding is a term I stole from IFBB bodybuilder Johnny Jackson who just happens to be one of the strongest bodybuilders alive.

Created by Ryan Magin
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This style of training kills 2 birds with one stone by combining strength based full body exercises with accessory work for aesthetic bodybuilding purposes. This builds raw strength and power while packing on much needed mass. A sample routine in this style would go something like this… 1) Squat Or Deadlift variation X 1-3 rep max 2) Lunges x10 x 4 sets 3) Stiff Leg deadlifts x 10 x 4 sets 4) Hanging Ab Variation x 10 x 4 sets The possibilities are endless but for the sake of simplicity pick a full body movement and work up to a 1 to 3-rep max. Followed by 3 to 4 exercises for 8-12 reps that will help strengthen the main lift.
Created by Ryan Magin
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Strongman training is what I believe to be the best all around type of training one can do to gain huge levels of size and strength.

If you’ve seen any of the events that they play on ESPN then you probably have a good idea of what this type of training entails.
Created by Ryan Magin
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The main benefit you get from this type of training is what one might consider a hybrid type of muscle that not only contains size and strength but endurance as well. This type of muscle is what I learned after reading the book “The Purposeful Primitive” written by Marty Gallagher… And after studying under pro strongman Elliott Hulse and putting myself through some grueling workouts I can attest to the results that can be achieved through this type of training. These are some of the Implements you want to include into your program. 1) Tractor tires- this is an awesome full body exercise and if you are a man you should be using no less than 400lbs.

Created by Ryan Magin
- 19 -

2) Kegs or Sandbags- These can be used for numerous exercises but I have had the best luck with clean and press, Loading and long distance carries.

3) Stones- now for most these are going to be hard to come by but atlas stones are a killer full body exercise.

Created by Ryan Magin
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4) Farmers Walk-This can be used with actual farmers walk handles that can be purchased online or you can use heavy dumbbells.

Created by Ryan Magin
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5) Log- this is another great tool some of the exercises we do with the log are clean and press as well as all type of pressing variations.

6) Sled Training- Thos can be anything from a tire to a metal sled, just load it up heavy and pull it.

Created by Ryan Magin
- 22 -

There are many ways to implement this type of training into your program but I have had good luck with just picking 2 or 3 things and sticking with them for either time or till you puke (lol).

Created by Ryan Magin
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Created by Ryan Magin
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Max Effort Conditioning
This is a very grueling type of training and it doesn’t cater to the weak… A good max effort conditioning session will make you very uncomfortable but it will push your limits and realize the body can go a lot farther than what you currently believe. In the fewest words possible max effort conditioning will make you stronger, tougher and able to push yourself far past any treadmill will let you go. To keep this short and in a nutshell… you take a heavy weight and do it either for a lot of reps, or carry a heavy weight really far… There are many ways and exercises you can use to do this so I am gonna list some of my favorite pukers.

Created by Ryan Magin
- 25 -

1) Farmers Walk for 100yds or farther 2) Keg carries with heavy weight for 100yds 3) 20 rep squats 4) Heavy 20 rep deadlifts 5) High rep Keg or Sandbag loads The cool thing about these is they can actually become the whole workout and as you can see they don’t require any fancy equipment. So next time you think about doing your conditioning on the treadmill think twice and be a man.

Created by Ryan Magin
- 26 -

This perhaps is the most important principle but often the most overlooked. I know im guilty out of it…we can take the most basic program and turn it upside down to the point were a rocket scientist couldn’t figure out what to do next. If your reading this and your just starting out best advice I can give you is pick a program and just follow it, don’t change it or add your own just follow it. Sometimes my best workout only included 1 exercise and I just worked that one movement until I was done. Some would disagree with this but I challenge you to do clean and presses for an hour and call me in the morning. So if you’re a seasoned veteran to the lifting world even we need a reminder that the basics always work.
Created by Ryan Magin
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Syndicate Of Strength Sample 8 Week Workout
Day 1 1) Max Effort upper body exercise (work up to heavy single) 2) Backwards Sled Drag (4-5 sets 40-60yds) 3A) Pull-ups (5-8 sets of 5-10 reps) 3B) Ab Variation (5-8 sets of 5-10 reps) Day 2 1) Max effort Deadlift (work up to heavy single) 2) Keg Carry (5-8 sets of 40yds) 3) Lunges For distance (aim for 100yds) Day 3 1) High rep upper body exercise (5 sets of 10 reps) 2) Sandbag or Keg loading (5 sets of 10 reps) 3) Accessory Exercises…Arm and shoulder circuit Lat raises, side raise, tricep extensions and curls do 3-4 sets of 10 reps. 4) Abs
Created by Ryan Magin
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Members Of The Syndicate

Mike Mahler- Is a kettlebell instructor and
strength coach based in Las Vegas, NV. Mike has been a professional strength trainer for over seven years. Mike is well known as one of the leading experts on effective kettlebell training for size, strength, fat loss and conditioning.

Mike is the author of three best-selling kettlebell training DVD's: The Kettlebell Solution for Fat Loss and Mental Toughness, The Kettlebell Solution For Size And Strength and Kettlebell Solutions For Speed And Explosive Strength, as well as two best-selling kettlebell training e-books: The Aggressive Strength Kettlebell Training Manual, The Aggressive Strength Solution for Incredible Kettlebell Training and The Aggressive Strength Solution for Size and Strength.

Mike is also a respected writer, known for his honest and fluff-free style, and has written over a hundred articles for publications such as: Muscle & Fitness, Men's Fitness, Hardcore Muscle Magazine, and many others.

For A FREE Interview With Mike visit Created by Ryan Magin
- 29 -

Aj Roberts- Is the Director of Personal Training and Youth Fitness at a health club in Owensboro, KY. He previously was a NCAA Division I Strength & Conditioning Coach and also served as editor for Sports Specific, one of the largest sports training website in the world. He is also a highly successful powerlifter and currently holds a 700 plus Lb benchpress. Aj just released his newest product a 6-week bench press program called Up Your Bench. For A FREE Interview With Aj Visit

Created by Ryan Magin
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Elliott Hulse- Is a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist, Nationally Ranked Strongman, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and owner of Strength Camp, a Sports Training and Fitness Boot Camp service in St. Petersburg Florida. he trains athletes to get stronger and faster and dedicated men and women to achieve fat loss and REAL health results in his no B.S warehouse gymnasium with only $1000 worth of equipment.

He believes in a no B.S policy with regards to:

REAL Strength & Fitness Training REAL Nutrition & Lifestyle Choices REAL Responsibility & Character Building Today, his purpose is to save you the wasted years and headaches that he’s endured and to provide you with ONLY the most accurate Created by Ryan Magin
- 31 -

and unbiased health, fitness and sports performance information available. If you appreciate his no B.S style of communication and brutal honesty, you will benefit greatly from reading his blog and exploring his information products.

His main job is to support you in achieving your highest human potential & in all regards.

For a FREE Interview With Elliott Visit

Created by Ryan Magin
- 32 -

Jim “Smitty” Smith- Is a strength coach with the Diesel Crew, Who dedicates himself to studying, developing and enhancing athletic performance through the utilization of conventional, non-conventional and grip strength training protocols. He Helps athletes of all skills levels attain their goals and “Achieve Beyond Potential”, Smitty is also an amateur strongman competitor, lecturer and world renowned author whose writings regularly appear on all the major health and fitness websites as well as print magazines. For A FREE Interview with Smitty Visit

Created by Ryan Magin
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Jason Ferruggia- Jason Ferruggia is a highly sought after, world-renowned strength and conditioning specialist based out of the New York/New Jersey area. Over the last 15 years he has trained more than 700 athletes from over 90 different NCAA, NFL, NHL and MLB organizations. He has also worked extensively with firefighters, police officers and military personnel as well as countless weekend warriors, Hollywood stars and entertainers. Jason is known as “the secret weapon” by many of his clients for his unmatched ability to deliver awe inspiring results in record time. He has also been called “the most controversial man in the fitness industry today” for his outspoken views and politically incorrect, underground training methods.

Created by Ryan Magin
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Jason is currently the chief training adviser for Men’s Fitness magazine where he also has his own monthly column called The Hard-Gainer. He has authored over 500 articles for various other fitness related websites and magazines such as Men’s Health, Maximum Fitness, MMA SportsMag, Today’s Man, Muscle and Fitness Hers and Shape. Jason has also written four highly regarded and controversial training books that have sold in more than 126 different countries worldwide. A regular lecturer and media consultant, Jason has given seminars all over the country on the subject of fitness and performance enhancement, and his cutting edge training techniques have been featured on over 30 radio and TV stations such as CBS, ESPN, FOX, ABC, 1010 Wins: New York, America Tonight and many others.

Created by Ryan Magin
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Fifteen years of extensive research, in-the-trenches experience and the ability to consistently deliver unsurpassed results have earned Jason Ferruggia a reputation as one of the top fitness experts in the world today. When he’s in your corner, success is guaranteed For A FREE Interview with Jason Visit

Created by Ryan Magin
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Zach Even Esh- Became infatuated with strength training and the physical body since age 13. He loved the gym and could spend all day in the gym if allowed. It wasn’t rare to find him doing his homework in the gym while sitting at the juice bar enjoying his favorite protein shake. His dream was to open a hard core gym. A gym for bodybuilders, very much like Gold’s Gym Venice from the Golden Era back when guys like Arnold, Franco, Ken Waller, Robby Robinson and Frank Zane trained together. H was obsessed with intense training and camaraderie.

Created by Ryan Magin
- 37 -

He had been to countless gyms where the atmosphere was dead and the members didn’t seem much more alive than walking zombies. He HATED this with a passion and he hated the shitty music that came along with it. He vowed to find a way to open something that brought in those who wanted a great atmosphere blended with great training. After 12 years of bodybuilding training He hit a wall. He was frustrated with my lack of high level performance in athletics compared to the effort he put forward with his workouts. He had experienced too many injuries by age 25 to keep me following the programs that he was finding through the newsstands. At age 26, he tore his ACL while training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and that set him over the top.

Created by Ryan Magin
- 38 -

It was time to make a change and find a new way to train himself. He had plans on sharing all my information with other serious fitness enthusiasts and athletes. So his journey began training athletes when He still lived at home under his parents roof. He used the garage, the back yard and a few busted up local playgrounds. He was too poor to use fancy equipment or even a barbell, He began using stones, axes, sledge hammers and bodyweight movements derived from Gymnastics. The results blew him away and shocked him beyond words. he thought it was luck. He studied his ass off and contacted any strength coach who was willing to share there methods.

Created by Ryan Magin
- 39 -

Guys like Louie Simmons, Dave Tate, Jim Wendler, Alwyn Cosgrove, Joe DeFranco and Pavel Tsatsouline helped shape his methods as he blended them with his own experinces and in the trenches methods. His goal? Simple yet aggressive: To help fitness enthusiasts do what they love and make a great living doing so. For the athletes, it is to transform them physically and mentally from ordinary into extraordinary in ways that they will always remember and will always give them the extra edge in all areas of their life. For A FREE Interview With Zach Visit

Created by Ryan Magin
- 40 -

Alwyn Cosgrove- Is one of the most in-demand and exciting coaches, writers and speakers in the fitness industry today. He currently spends his time lecturing, teaching, training and writing and as the owner of Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, CA. For the past seventeen years Alwyn has been committed to achieving excellence in the field of fitness training and athletic preparation. Specializing in performance enhancement, Alwyn has helped countless individuals and athletes reach their goals through sound scientific training. Alwyn has been a featured presenter at several national conferences in the fitness industry and has produced several training manuals and educational DVD's. In addition to being a featured in several national magazines, Alwyn is a columnist for Men’s Health magazine and has authored two books - The New Rules of
Created by Ryan Magin
- 41 -

Lifting and The New Rules of Lifting for Women ( a sequel to the best-selling original - New Rules of Lifting) with Avery Publishing. For A FREE Interview With Alwyn Visit

Created by Ryan Magin
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Craig Ballantyne- is a workout routine and fat loss expert, and writes workout routines for Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. For his Turbulence Training workouts, visit Craigs turbulence training program has revolutionized the training industry, by using non-competing resistance training supersets with interval training To achieve maximum muscle growth and fatloss in minimal time. For A FREE Interview With Craig Visit

Created by Ryan Magin
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Vince Delmonte- Used to be nicknamed “Skinny Vinny” all through his high school career. He was 140150 pounds at 6 feet tall. He was weak, scrawny, a pushover around guys, and awkward with girls. Vince has since gone on to gain over 50lbs of rock solid muscle and establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Muscle building industry. Vince is one of the most sought out fitness professionals in the country, a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness Magazine, and an Advisory Member for Maximum Fitness Magazine. I’m also a regular contributor to dozens of online and offline magazines. Vince finally launched No-Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain in May 2006.
Created by Ryan Magin
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and has sold more than 30,000 copies of his book to customers in more than 120 different countries! As of today, as per, a site that ranks all the top programs in the world, No-Nonsense Muscle Building is the number one book on the Internet. Who would have ever thought, Skinny Vinny could accomplish so much. For A FREE Interview with Vince Visit

Created by Ryan Magin
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For more Interviews with all the top Muscle Building Experts Click the link below to continue your journey…. Enjoy the Journey, Ryan Magin P.S. Please feel free to pass this report along to anyone you think might benefit from it…

Created by Ryan Magin
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