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7+ Years of experience in Full life cycle development involving analysis design,
development, Documentation, implementation & maintenances of application software
Web-Base Environment and Client/Server Architecture.
Experience in analysis, design, development, testing and deployment of software
Technical expertise in developing Client-Server, Web-Based applications.
Wored extensively on technologies such as JSP, Servlets and RBMS
Expertise in We! development using J!S", J!"", J#$%&, J# ' (M), Java
Server Pa*es +JSP,, Servlets, JBC%
Wored on A-a./e, Resin and JB1ss Application "ervers%
Experience in M3C Ar./ite.ture, Struts, 4ibernate and s-rin*%
#nowledge on Relati1nal atabase Design$Development with Data!ase %apping,
P)/S5) &ueries, "tored 'rocedures and 'acages using 6ra.le 7i/8i, S5)-
Server!999, S5)-Server!99& and M:S;l Data!ases.
Experience in We! Technologies JavaS.ri-t, CSS and 40M)/40M).
Experience in designing and developing enterprise applications for ()EE
Experience in unit testing the application using JUnit and writing !uild scripts for
Experience with *ersion +ontrollers used !y C1n.urrent 3ersi1ns S:ste2 ,+*"-,
3SS and SUB3"RS=6<.
"trong experience on various development environments lie =BM WSA, =RA,
".li-se 3isual Studi1, Jevel1-er, JBuilder and .et /eans.
Expert in *arious A*ile methodologies lie Test Driven Development,
0ncremental and 0teration methodology and 'air 'rogramming.
1sed Bu*>illa t11l for effective !ug tracing.
Actively participated in we! designing and development.
0nvolved in Application documentation and end user training.
2ighly motivated, individual contri!utor and effective team player with str1n* and e?.ellent .122uni.ati1n skills.
0"C4<=CA) S#=))S:
6-eratin* S:ste2s: Windows )333 server, 4ad2at Enterprise 5inux, 1.06.
)an*ua*es: Java, ()EE and "&5.
RBMS: MS-S5) Server !999, S5) Server !99&, 6ra.le 7i,
6ra.le $9*%
Web 0e./n1l1*ies: ("', "ervlets, Struts, spring.
011ls: Eclipse7.8, %y Eclipse 9.3, (/uilder and W"AD :.3$;.8,
.et /eans <.3, +rimson Editor, 1ltra Edit, Edit
Web/A--li.ati1n Server: Webs-/ere&%$, &, 4esin, (/="", Web )1*i.
3ersi1n C1ntr1l t11ls: 3SS, C3S Server !%9, Subversi1n%
Per@1r2an.e 0estin*: Web Per@1r2an.e 0rainer 7%'%
S.ri-tin* )an*ua*e: (ava "cript, A>ax.
6t/ers: 2T%5, +"", (1nit, 5og:>, /ug?illa.
PR6A"SS=6<A) "(P"R="<C":
Client: Ca-ital 6ne Bank, Plan1 0( Mar
!9$B C 0ill ate
R1le: Java evel1-er
es.ri-ti1n: +apital one head@uartered in 4ichmond, *A is one of the ma>or !ans of the
1nited "tates. 0t is the fourth largest !an in the 1" !y assets and the third largest !an
!y maret cap. +apital =ne. 0s a diversified financial services company operating in 4etail
!aning, Wholesale /aning and +onsumer Finance segments
R1les and Res-1nsibilities
0nvolved in writing functional specification and Technical specification
1se +"" and 2T%5 to get client specific 5oo and feel of We! Application in
0nvolved in client side and server side development using Java, JSP, Servlets,
and Usin* Struts Ara2eW1rk to incorporate the !usiness logic for %em!er and
.onA%em!er services.
+reated Struts action classes for handling incoming re@uests wrote service layer
for handling !usiness logic.
1sed 4ibernate to develop DA= layer for performing +41D operations on the
data!ase and configured it with s-rin*Ds 2i!ernate DA= "upport.
+reated 4ibernate mapping files for mapping '=(= to the data!ase ta!les.
Wrote named @ueries for @uerying underlying data!ase.
1sed S-rin* M3C for loading data!ase configuration and hi!ernate mapping
files, created data source instance for instantiating 4ibernate A6 Su--1rtBs
session factory o!>ect.
1sed JBC for @uerying @ueries, St1red Pr1.edures and 0ri**ers for data
validation for Application.
Ena!led logging as a value added feature due to restriction in server access to
view logs. Ena!led this with )1*EF.
1sed Bu*>illa froAeffective !ug tracing.
'reparation and execution of test cases for the new modules using JUnit.
"nvir1n2ent: (ava, ("', "ervlets, (D/+, Tomcat, 6ra.le $9*, %y Eclipse, 2tml, (ava
"cript, +"", and Windows.
C/arter C122uni.ati1ns, St% )1uis M6 Jan !9$!
t1 Aeb !9$B
Java evel1-er
3P0S +3end1r Per@1r2an.e 0a.kin* S:ste2,
R1les and Res-1nsibilities
'reliminary Discussion with core user of this "ystem.
Analyses of the userBs re@uirement.
Develop a !usiness plan and %odule design.
Writing critical !usiness logic for the system.
Developed the We! application with Struts%
Actively participated in Analysis & Design sessions of the 'ro>ect, which is !ased
on M3C +M1del-3ieG-C1ntr1ller, Ar./ite.ture%
Developed using ("', "ervlet, and Data!ase 'rogramming through (D/+ &
"tored 'rocedures in "&5 "erver )33;.
1sed Tile for 2eader & Footer !ye tiles-de@s%?2l.
0nvolved in writing A6 layer using 4ibernate%
+lient and "erver validation is done using Struts 3alidat1r framewor and
1sed A<0 to create !uilds scripts and )1*EJ for logging purpose.
Str1n* "?-erien.e in S5) Server !99& Git/ BMS H Write St1re Pr1.edure%
1sed Bu*>illa froAeffective !ug tracing.
"nvir1n2ent: (ava ,(D#8.;-, ("', "ervlets, (D/+ Apache Tomcat Application "erver,
"&5 "erver )33;, S0RU0S, 4ibernate, %y Eclipse, 2tml, (ava "cript, +"", Windows,
C6)SA C1r-1rati1n, 4untsville, A) <1v !997 t1 e. !9$$
Java evel1-er
BidR? S:ste2 +BidR?,
This is online drug auction system in 1"A & +anada developed as per the guidelines of
Which is useful to get the medicines onlineC 2ere the consumers can set the drug
auction and get the re@uired drugs to their home or near to their place. This application
mainly consists of eight modules lie consumer, administrator, 'harmacies, Third 'arty,
%T%" 'rovider, etc. This is highly secured application, which includes credit
transactions. 0t generates reports to all the
Entities. =utput of the software is ta!ular and graphical data.
R1les and Res-1nsibilities
'reliminary discussion of the pro>ect with core team.
1nderstanding a!out drug maret polices.
Developed +lient "erver Application using ("', "ervlet.
=!>ect =riented 'rogramming used for developed /usiness logic in "ervlet.
Actively participate in Analysis & Design sessions of the 'ro>ect.
D/%" is developed in "&5 "erver.
1ser interface screens developed in JSP, 40M) t/r1u*/ rea2 Geaver
Developed dynamic response through JSP and Servlet%
Designed and implemented !acAend !usiness logic using "ervlets and used
"ervlets for Applicant registration, login, updating Applicant profile.
"nvir1n2ent: (ava, ("', "ervlets, (D/+, Apache Tomcat, =racle Di, Eclipse, %y
Eclipse, 2tml, (ava "cript, +"", Windows.
<et(s S1lti1ns A/e2dabad,=ndia e. !99& t1 Jun
This is an online !idding applicationE it contains four modules lie site admin, main user,
admin and !idder. 2edgehog acts as a mediator !etween !uyer and seller. 1ser can !e
a!le to !id on the goods, which he wants to !uy. And he has to pay some amount for
!idding. /uyers are informed through automatic email a!out the !idding rules and
information. This is very userAfriendly application. 0t generates reports to all the entities.
1ser can now his position at any time and user can also get information of past
R1les and Res-1nsibilities
Development using ("', "ervlet, Data!ase 'rogramming through (D/+ &
"tored 'rocedures in "&5 "erver.
Analy?ed 1seA+ases and generated 1%5 diagrams
'resentation 5ayer is developed in JSP, 40M)%
Developed 2T%5 re@uest & response !ase application through Servlet%
Designed and implemented !acAend !usiness logic using "ervlets and used
"ervlets for Applicant registration, login, updating Applicant profile.
Developed Servlet and Fenerate dynamic view !y using JSP.
Developed 'rototype %odel !y using 2T%5 & (A*A "cript.
"nvir1n2ent: (ava, ("', "ervlets, (D/+, Resin B%9, %y "&5 "erver, Edit 'lus, 2tml,
+"", Windows.