Philip Neri Parish

The Northwest Paulist Center
for Evangelization & Reconciliation

2408 SE 16
Avenue | Portland, OR |97214-5334
www. stphi l i pneri pdx. org
Pari sh Offi ce 503.231.4955 | Fax 503.736.1383

Guided since our founding in 1912 by the missionary vision of the Paulists’
committed to the mission of J esus, and dedicated to be welcoming to all, we,
the community of St. Philip Neri, strive to reach out, to reconcile and to
promote unity for all God’s creation through worship, education, and service
toward the common good.
Third Sunday of Easter  May 4th, 2014


The Altar Society will be stuffing Rigatoni to freeze on
Tuesday, May 20
. We would appreciate all the help
we can get. The starting time will be 9:30am, stay as
long as you can. On the job training will be instructed.
Bring your own lunch, coffee and dessert will be
provided. There are yellow sign up sheets in the back
of the Church.

May 18th---French toast Breakfast after the 9:30 Mass.
Great deal for good food and company. On this
particular Sunday we will also be celebrating First Holy
Communion and the 40th anniversary of Fr. Michael’s

“Dear brothers and sisters, being the Church, to be the
People of God, in accordance with the Father's great
design of love, means to be the leaven of God in this
humanity of ours. It means to proclaim and to bring
God's salvation to this world of ours, so often led
astray, in need of answers that give courage, hope and
new vigor for the journey. May the Church be a place
of God's mercy and hope, where all feel welcomed,
loved, forgiven and encouraged to live according to the
good life of the Gospel. And to make others feel
welcomed, loved, forgiven and encouraged, the Church
must be with doors wide open so that all may enter.
And we must go out through these doors and proclaim
the Gospel. “ (General Audience 6/12/13)
Once again we are approaching the deadline for
nominations to for election of members to the Parish
Pastoral Council. And once again the lack of the ability
to make the time commitments or lack of interest by
parishioners rings loud and clear. To date (April 30),
we have two nominees to fill four vacant positions. It
is the same song and dance every year -- having to
cajole and twist arms in trying to get people interested
enough to even run for election. It seems to me that it
is time for a change. The eight member Council made
sense when the Parish membership was perhaps
double what it is now. In 2006 or so, the Paulist
Community changed the number of people elected to
the General Council of the Community from 8 to 6,
mainly because our membership had decreased from
the 265 or so priests when the 8 member Council was
instituted in the 1960's to better reflect the reality of
130 or so members in 2006.
If no more nominees surface in the next few days, it
makes no sense to go through the time and effort of a
sham election. I am willing to declare the two current
nominees to be members of the Council by acclamation
and also suggest that the current Council at its May
and June Meetings revise the Council Constitution to
reduce it's elected membership from 8 to 6.
- Fr. Charlie CSP

First Eucharist classes begin today with Barbara
Harrison at 10:30am in the church.

The current need is canned goods: tuna, fruit,
vegetables, chili. For the homeless: cup-a-soup, cup
o’noodles, snack packs/cheese & crackers and can

Next Sunday’s Scripture Readings:
Fourth Sunday of Easter
May 11
, 2014
Reading 1, Acts, 2:14a, 36-41
Responsorial Psalm, 23:1-3a, 3b-4, 5, 6, (1)
Reading 2, Peter 2:20b-25
Gospel, John 10:1-10

Third Sunday of Easter  Sunday, May 4, 2014


Sunday, May 4: 9:30 am Mass †Cris Bell (A) Church
10:30 am Mass Deaf Community Mass Chapel
Monday, May 5
8:00 am Mass †Jean Bussey Chapel
Tuesday, May 6: 8:00 am Mass Eulalia Johnson Chapel
Wednesday, May 7: 8:00 am Mass †Jospeh and Rose Scafidi (A) Chapel
Thursday, May 8: 8:00 am Mass †Jean Bruck (B) Church
Friday, May 9: 12:10pm Mass † Doris Burdick Church
Saturday, May 10: 8:00am Mass † Lowell + Rose Morgan Chapel
4:00pm Mass †Marina + Joseph Amato Church
Sunday, May 11: 9:30 am Mass Nancy Gillum (B) Church
10:30 am Mass Deaf Community Mass Chapel

Please fill out a Mass Intention Form (located in the foyer of the Church) if you would like a Mass celebrated for
you, for an anniversary of death, birthday or marriage, or some other special event. You can also call the office.

Church cleaning for May 5
through 11
: David and Alison Oslav
PARISH OFFICE HOURS: 9:00 am – Noon on Mondays  9:00 am – 4:00 pm Tuesday through Friday
Office: 503.231.4955

Pastor, Director of the NW Paulist Center Business Manager
Fr. Charlie Brunick, CSP, x 118, Jeanne McPherson, x 103,
Associate Pastor Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Fr. Michael Evernden, CSP, x114, Rose Wolfe, x101,
Director of Adult Faith Formation Maintenance and Grounds
Barbara Harrison, x107, Edward Danila,
Receptionist/Bulletin Editor
Angelica Liharik, x102,

BULLETIN SUBMISSIONS: Deadline (unless otherwise noted) is Tuesday at Noon
prior to the Sunday Mass.

Thank you so much for contributing to the beautiful
Easter Flowers:
Altar Society for deceased members
Mary Jane Navara for Sal
Patricia Storms for Cris Bell
Patty Yoshimura for Mary Yoshimura
Andrea Del Rosario for Ben and Fr.Sampietro
Shawna Newell
Barbara Gustafson
Mary & Frank Kavanaugh

Liturgical Ministers update workshop: For those who
were unable to attend the March workshop there will be
another opportunity, Saturday, May 17, 10:30-12:30.
This is for Readers and Eucharistic Ministers who are
currently serving our Liturgies AND for anyone
interested in training for these ministries.

Lori Rohlin
Sam Evernden
Fr. Michael’s sight
Karen Innocenti
Pablo Rodriguez

Third Sunday of Easter  Sunday, May 4, 2014


Today’s Scripture Readings invite us to share our faith with each other so that we can deepen it.

Try to recall some of the people who have shared their faith with you and give thanks for them. You
might even want to thank them---a note of thanks, an email, a text, a call, or even in person. It’s good to
know when we are doing what Christ asked of us.

The next time you are at Mass---look around and think about how these people---the same people
almost every week—affect your faith.
Do I sense the Presence of the Risen Christ when I am here?
And---at the same time----think about how you’re ‘witnessing’ is affecting their lives. What can I do to
reflect Christ’s presence in my life?

This week----really take a look at the people you are around---at home, at work, in stores, in restaurants,
or just walking along. Look at their faces. These people are all on a road to meet Jesus. What do you
see? What do you notice about them?


-Barbara M. Harrison

With almost no responses to the proposed modifications for Spaghetti Dinner 2014, it is my reluctant decision to
cancel it. One person sent in an alternative Proposal for raising the much needed funds formerly raised by the
Dinner and sales of Meatballs and Sauces. It will be a challenge now for the Administrative/Finance Council to
review parish fund raising in the context of an overall review of the stewardship needs of the parish.

Please join us and for a B-Catholics meeting on May 7, 7:15pm in the Paulist Center. The topic will be God,
Mysticism and Daily Life.

– Crypt – (Couch Companion) for two people side-by-side. Burial crypt valued at $10,400. This was donated to St.
Philip Neri by a parishioner as a gift. St. Philip is selling it for $7400 and is negotiable. If interested in purchasing
or for more information, please contact Fr. Charlie or Jeanne at the parish office.

Join Archbishop Alexander K. Sample at Mt. Cavalry Cemetery for the 126
Annual Memorial Day Mass. The St. Pius
X Youth Choir will be providing music. The Mass at Mount Cavalry will take place, weather permitting, in the
beautiful Altar Garden on Monday, May 26
, at 10:00am (should conditions be stormy, the mass will move to our
indoor Mausoleum). Come Celebrate.

Ten years ago Easter--- the Peace and Justice Committee and our parish welcomed our first African refugee family.
Eca Etabo Wasongolo, his wife Salome and their children have continued to be a part of our faith community--
attending Mass with us, serving as Altar Servers and volunteering to work many of our parish events.
Congratulations to you on this special anniversary!

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