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Mt Szamosi

46 Kismartoni St Budars, Hungary 2040


11/04/2014, Budapest

Dear Madam or Sir,
I am Mt Szamosi a fifth year student expected to graduate in June at the Budapest University
of Technology and Economics, studying Architecture integrated Msc.
Architecture, being a form of art is deeply connected to the cultural background of those who
practice it. Meeting new people, getting to know how they think can greatly broaden my vision, thus
making me a better professional.
Winning the Pritzker prize your office and its works have become something unavoidable in
contemporary architecture. In my first years of studying I have learnt about many of your iconic
buildings such as the Main Signal Tower, the Dominus Winery or the de Young Museum. The dream
of creating something great like for example those projects inspired me throughout my university
What I find the most fascinating about your works is how you use the different materials to create
intricate and beautiful surfaces. In your projects the choice of material seems to be an integral part
of the concept instead of a separate thing that you just put on the building. I would really like to
learn more about this approach, and would love to be part of a team designing such great projects.
One of my biggest strengths is the balance between the artistic and technical sides of the
profession. Being talented in both I can fit into different roles in an office based on what is
needed. During my shcool projects and in the 8 weeks I have worked at Wber ptsziroda Kft.
architecture office I have accumulated a lot of experience in the use of ArchiCAD, Artlantis and
Photoshop, and at the University I took courses in Revit Architecture, Sketchup, 3dsMax and
I have received my upper intermediate level English exam certificate during high school. In the recent
years I have read quite a few books and articles keeping my knowledge fresh. I have also learned
German at school, but I havent practised it since, however I do plan on refreshing and deepening my
german skills after graduation.
I have participated in the organization of a fantasy themed summer camp for children between
ages 8 and 16 for four years with a team of university students. This has greatly improved my
ability to work in teams, my leadership skills and independence.
Thanks you for reading this letter. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
Mt Szamosi