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Welcome Elvira to the Cesar E. Chavez Service Center, Moratorium on Deportations. We will be
Marching on the same date at 4;45 PM from the Cesar E. Chavez Service Center, 1504 E. Commerce
with (Elvira and her American born son and Emma Lozano, the Pastor who gave sanctuary to Elvira and
her son in Chicago) to the City Council Chambers to present a resolution I wrote to the Mayor to support
a Moratorium on Deportations like other cities have done and give relief to the brave mothers who have
been deported with their American born children to return to America! Also to send a letter from the City
of San Antonio, Texas to the Pres. Obama to issue this Moratorium until Washington D. C. get their act
together with Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Please join us also in protesting May 12, at the
Marriott Hotel on Bowie St. The Speaker of the House John Bohner will be speaking to businessmen. We
will protest and let him know that we want him to put immigration reform to a vote before they go on
vacation! Stop the Deportations Now! A Moratorim Now! SI SE PUEDE ! For more information call: Jaime
P. Martinez, Founder/Chairman of the Board Cesar E. Chavez Legacy and Educational Foundation @

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Hermana Mary Alice: Here is the flyer for our press conference. It was good seeing you this morning at Mi
Tierra. I do hope you and Mrs. Aldarete come and give "Solidarity support to Elvira and her son and the
other mothers who are fighting for justice to stop the Deportations! 1,200 are deported every day, over
30,000 per month, this year over 2 million and growing with over 5,000 plus in foster homes separated
from their mothers and fathers. This has got to stop. I am glad that Henry Cisneros has put together the
immigration forum that I will be attending. He is a great statesman respected world wide . I am so proud of
him-nobody can beat him when he speaks! I know, I have heard speakers all over the country and Latin
America when I was an International Labor leader traveling to other parts of this world for human rights!
We will win this fight because we are right! Let's make this extra push and give these brave mothers
Hope! We will be asking donations to be made out to:

Centro Sin Fronteras
2009 W. 22nd Pl.
Chicago, Illinois 60608

Please pass this on! Please help them continue to travel.

In Unity;

Jaime P. Martinez, Founder/ Pres,/CEO/Chairman of the Board
Cesar E. Chavez Legacy and Educational Foundation

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