Insanity Chapter 7 ~Natia's POV~

Well the last thing I remeber was me yawning, coughing up blood, and found myself on the ground, hearing muffeling voices before everything went black. Well that means I'm unconcious right now.*Sigh* I minds look at my past while I get my little time here. *Bright light shined* I was watching my younger (Thoughts:5 years old younger.) self, looking out the window while lying her or head on window seel. She was looking down at children, having and spending time with their family. They laughing. She just scoffed and walked away from the window, toward a large breifcase. She layed the case flat on the ground and took out a silver handgun. She loaded it with bullet and cocked it. Then, she turned quickly and shot, hitting a spider at the point with out aimming. All of the sudden, fadded in the darkness All there was, was the dark abyiss and the footsteps coming from the darkness. There, Aitan came out. "Well, your having fun," Aitan said and I scoffed at her comment. "The only fun I have is me surrounded with dead bodies that I killed."I said. "It's been a long time since we talked inside my conciousness." "I agree," she replied."Anyway, I did tell you to leave the fighting to me and you just sit quietly and watch. But, did you listen to me. Nooo, you want to do it your own way. You are so wreckless. You are going to get me and you killed and getting my body destroyed in the process,"I yelled at her. "Well, I knew I would evencially faint, so I just used you as a trump card."she said laughing. I laughed with her and walked slowly to her until I was close to her. I took off the bandage off my left arm, still laughing, showing my arm that it was metal made from pieces stick to each other to form a hand. I use that hand and pick Aitan by the neck and began to lift her up, choking her in the process. "You should know how I hate how I hate being use, after that stupid, ugly, stinking, woman abandoned me here and took everything that I owned away. She might even be the person who caused my parents death. By the way, my conciousness is more dangerous than the real world and hell. You should already know this, because you spend most of your day fainting,"I said darkly. Then. I let her go and turn, facing the other way, while she was gasping for air. I only whispered. Then I remember something." Hey, how long are you going to be gone? I can only stay sane for so long. And when I snap, a lot of innocent people are going to die."

She got up and looked at me. "Fine, I'll be back next time you go to sleep. I still need some time to rest my mind." she said. "You better hurry or my mind will just go dotty and start a killing spree. If I do go into a killing spree, I'm blaming you. The only reason I have you is so that I don't surface from my conciousness and kill people. I had enough of it."I said looking down sadly. "Kay,kay."she said and she disappeared like the mist when a sun comes up. I opened my eyes, I saw my step-brother/cousin standing over me. I sat up and looked around to find that I was in my bedroom in the Infinity Tower. I held my ribs, still in pain. I looked at my cousin. "Why are you doing here, Sebastain? You shouldn't even know of this place."I said surprisingly. He just smiled with his eyes closed and opened them. His red eyes staring at me."Well, Itachi came to get me and asked me to take care of you until you got better. Beside, I wanted to see this side of you again. I only saw you in with your demon blood unseal twice. And now the third times. I don't really like the other side of you. She is alittle too nice."he said trying to make me laugh. "Ha ha ha. Very funny. It's still me, you know?" I said, rolling eyes. Then, he leaned down and hugged me and kissed me on the tip of my head. My eyes widen and looked at him in pain. He looked at me let go of me quickly and stepped back. I just stared at my bed cover and holding my knee together. Tears began to come from my eyes and dip on my hands. Soon, my hand looked like I've killed someone. But my face showed no emotion. "Sorry."he said."I'll go make you some tea." He walked but stopped when I was about to tell him something. "It's not your fault because of my sin. Hey, can I come with you? I wanted to make something for everybody here because they been so nice to me."I said. His eyes were wide surprise and went back. He smiled and nodded. ~Office~ "I wonder how Natia is. She just started coughing up blood and fainted," Alex said. "Why should I care? I don't even like her. She is a basterd."Amaya said, pissed.

"Don't forget, Aitan is Natia, so you are talking about her too if you are mentioning bad things about Natia."he replied. "Shut up! You are just saying that because you like that girl. She is dead to me."Amaya yelled. Alex just blushed at the comment. ~Kitchen~ It was a few hours later and I was making the final touches to the foods. There were Caramelized Pears, Braised Pork Loin, Roast of Lamb, with a Balsamic Reduction, Steamed Lobster, Filet Mignon,Roasted Duck with raspberry glaze, Cheese Souffle, Foies Gras, Veal Parmesan, Lobster, Wild Prawn Medley,Beef Wellington, Lobster Thermidor, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Filet Mignon, Chicken Tetrazzini, and etc. For dessert, there were Boston Cream Pie, Molten Lemon Cake with simmered summer blueberries, Lemon Mascarpone Layer Cake, Cinnimon and Cardamoms Buns, Guinness Black and White Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Stout Cake, Mini Chocolate Velvet Bundt Cake, Cinnimon Apple Sponge Cake, Chocolate Dipped Bisscotti, Crembula, and etc. I had made alot of each kind so everybody could enjoy it. I place each dish in a row. " Sebastian, can you get everybody? The food is ready."I said, tired. He nodded and walked out of the door. I sighed. I sat in one of the little chair in the kitchen and layed my head on a stainless steal counter. I feel asleep and was awoken by Sebastian. When I lift my head up, I saw many people eating and having a great time. I smiled and slipped out the door. I ran the rest of the way to the enterance of Babylon City. Then, there was some yelling and footsteps. I hurried out the door and out of one of the passage way to the outside. My wings came out and I flew all the way down to the sidewalk at the bottom of the tower. When I landed, I heard someone cough. I quickly drew out my handgun, turn around, and pointed it out the source of the sound. It was Sebastain and Itachi. Uh oh. I'm so in trouble. Damn Sebastian for snitching. "And where are you going young lady? I hope you are not going to somewhere," Itachi asked sternly. "Um, uh, I'm going out to get...milk?,"I said laughing sheepishly. Artemis ran out of the tower and jumped in my arm. I quickly took off in the sky and all I heard was Sebastain yelling at me to come back. I headed toward the other place I use to call home. I arrived at a the mansion I used to live in. Surprisingly, it looked the same as before. More surprisingly that I even remember. I let Artimus down on the ground and put on a brown conact so it won't freak people out. I walked up to the

door and rang the doorbell once. There was a lady around the 30's who answered the door. "Hello. Who are you?"she asked. "Hello Aunt Rosa. Remember me, your niece,Hecate."I said. ~Author POV~ Rosa let Natia in and sat her down on her living room. "Oh, it has been so long, Lilith. I thought I would never see you again. Wait here and I'll go get some tea and cake."Rosa said and toward the door behind Natia. Natia sat quietly. She heard the door behind her open and close. She turned around and found nothing behind her, so she turn back around. Then, she her a very quiet footsteps behind her and she revealed her wings and there was a clank. She turned around and found out that the noise was from a knife hitting the bone of her wings. She looked at the user of the knife to see that her aunt was holding it, which was not a very surprising to Natia. "Why are you trying to stab me in the back with a knife, Aunty Rosa?"she saked nicely, already kowing the answer. "Get out of this house, you demon! You are not welcome here! Leave immediatly!"she yelled. Natia just smerk and closed her eyes. Her contacted melted and she opened her eyes to reveal the crimson colored eyes. She showed her fangs by smiling and part of her fangs sticked out of her mouth. The bandage on her left arm came lose revealing her metal hand. She swung her arm in the air and the knife was cut in half and dropped to the floor. "A demon you say? Don't you know the meaning of my name, Hecate. It represents the greek goddess, who associate with demon and other evil deeds. I am a demon. So that wasn't a much of a insult, Aunty. You should breif up on you history. Let me help you by sending you to the pit of hell and let you find out on your own."Natia said with a evil tone walking toward her. Rosa started to back away to the wall. "Stay...stay away you demon!!!"she screamed. "There you go again. I am a demon, so that doesn't really count as a insult at all."Natia said. She held her hand out in the air and a black scythe appeared in her hand. The handle part was black and the blade was part black and silver. At the end of the pole of the scythe, was a long chain wrapped around Natia's arm. She swung the scythe on the ground and hit it. The floor cracked and began to split open. Flame began to emerge from the crack and emgulf Rosa. She was screaming like a pig going to a slaughter house. Shadow hands began coming

out and grab her and pull her down. After a few minute she was gone and the crack on the floor was gone too, like nothing ever happen. ~A Day Later In Insanity Tower~ Natia was reading a book in her throne, when Itachi came in. "Naita, your aunt is missing. Do you know where she is?"he asked. "Nope. And I don't even care." she said, still looking in her book. He nodded and left. Natia looked at the door and started laughing. "The world would never know, and it won't hurt them."she said and continued laughing.