King Leopold II | Planets In Astrology | Slavery

He was the sovereign of the Congo Free State from july 1, 1885 to 15th Nov 1908

which mostly spans his Rahu dasha, with Rahu in sixth with Jupiter. His regime
was responsible for the death of 2 to 15 million Congolese; he owned the Congo,
enslaved its people, turning the entire country into his own personal slave plan
tation in the disguise of philanthropic and scientific efforts under the banner
of the International African Society (Jupiter with Rahu in the sixth house of sl
avery). His reign was enforced through work camps, body mutilations, torture, an
d executions.
The king has dhanu lagna, with lagna lord in 6th house of force and slavery, wit
h Rahu rather CLOSELY. Note that Sun and Mars; Moon and Mercury share degree. He
has three malefics in kendras, yielding the fierce image he was known for. Ther
e is a Khala Yoga : the exchange of the 10th and 3rd lords; with this yoga, one
tends to manipulate the situation to one's own benefits, as the King did. The 6t
h lord coming to the third, joining the 10th lord, reminds us of Hitler's horosc
ope, and perhaps hints at the importance of 3-10-6 connection in the shaping of
a tyrannic dictator. Also like Hitler, the King has Mars in 7th and Saturn in 10
th, aspecting each other.
Note that not a single planet in the King's horoscope is exalted, except Rahu in
sixth. But, three of them (Sat, Sun, Ven) are vargottama. And there is this exc
hange of 3L and 10L.
There is also the MK(Sun)-PK(Mars) connection, a must for a dogged dictator. In
the Samudaya Astaka, the weakest house is the 9th, having 17 points only; in the
Bhinna astaka of Mars, Vrishcika has no points. At the time of his death, Ketu
was in Vrishcika, and Saturn (R), Mars were in Pisces. In October, shortly befor
e his end came, Mars retrograded in Pisces.
In 1932, his father married the second time, after the death of his first wife.
This second wife, Loiuse, was the mother of Leopold II. Note that his mother's m
arriage took place in Mercury/Jupiter; in the dwadashamsha, Jupiter is in the 7t
h. Note: there is no sign of his father's first wife dying in the previous (Satu
rn's) mahadasha; so it could be surmised that the dashas before the birth dasha
would be of no use.
Also noteworthy is the fact that in Ashtottari, he died in Rahu/Moon; the period
of Congo could be loosely identified in this case with Jupiter mahadasha. This
could shed some light on the nature of Ashtottari mahadashas in contrast to Vims
ottari. The dpc of Rahu astottari is no less convincing that that of Jupiter vim

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