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By Kailash Chandra Sabat-7207884783

We claim we have in independence.In Ramayana Ram kills Ravana because the later
steals God Rams wife.Can anybody now whose name is Rama claim another whose
name is Ravana to kill the later.So our destiny should be as per our work and not
simply on our corresponding names.Killing Of Rajiv Gandhi as Ravan Kills Rama such
a misuse of epic.Aravind Kejrriwal being slapped may be a replica of such misuse.
A man sitting in paris should not decide the fate of Indian people by making a movie
by cheap artists by spending a meagre 500000.00( 500000*80=Rs 4 crs).The
Resembling characters should be utmost be considered as entertaing means and the
cine censor board of India shall ensure this.Else anarchy and lawlessness will be
around by handful of goons.and violence starts with movie makings.

Diler of Chiranjeev Vs Bhatia is such a movie.In real life our work should correspond
the work of Bhatia else another resembling character cannot be punished on that film
Sheshnaag of
Jitendra(Receiving Dadasaheb Phalke award ,the highest film award in India) against
villain Aghori is such a movie .The censorboard should ensure that real life
characters are not misused on the basis of movie characters.
1. The cradle to Grave
2. The carabean
3. SSShhMalika Sherawat
4. An English movie-battle between fire enegy and water enegy
5. The second lady book
6. The sicillian Book
7. Darr
8. Shivas 3
eye concept
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9. Some odiya movies using Balavadra thakurs characters as villianiality
So the censor board must be enough careful that some peoples wrong creation dont
harm the Indian union and democratic values in India.
Ajay Devgans Pyar to hona hi tha is a good movie.
But Khakhee,Shikar .Apaharan,Shigham like movies have questionable characters
and critical analysis may be needed.
Akshyas De dana dan,HeerapheriRowdy rathore are good movies but Garam masala
like mass allegation movies should be critically analysed.
Particulrly English movies seems to be harmful,objectionable,damaging and critical
interpretation are essential.
Nana patekars movies are mostly good movies .
1. Prahar
2. Tiranga
3. Koharam
Amitabhs Naseeb,Coolie,even shlay are good but Bhrastchar is confusing.
Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani

Armaan Kohlis above movie is such a movie and should be restricted to
entertainment only.
Else we cannot claim democracy of simple minded people who go to movies only
for entertainment will be considered a great betrayl.
Cancer,Heart attack,accidents and murder like incidents may be checked once we
all consider this seriously for a good and fear free India.

An article by Kailash

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