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October 2, 2007

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Engineers Without Borders plan trip to Belize
by Jared Hatfield, Editor The University of Louisville Engineers Without Borders is starting to plan their upcoming trip to Belize. Those students who are interested in helping out others and enjoy traveling are encouraged to become part of this positive program. Meetings are held in Vogt 311 every Wednesday’s at 6:00PM. For additional information or to ask questions, contact Ben Myser: bsmyse01@.louisville.edu “Engineers Without Borders - USA (EWB-USA) is a non-profit humanitarian organization established to partner with developing communities worldwide in order to improve their quality of life. This partnership involves the implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while involving and training internationally responsible engineers

and engineering students.” - http://ewb-usa.org/about.php

Speed advising registration now available
by Jared Hatfield, Editor It is that time of year again, advising appointments are now available for the spring 2008 registration. The advising sign up sheets have been available since September 24 in JB Room 213 in the Department of Engineering Fundamentals Academic Advising Office. No appointments can be made over the phone. The registration dates for the spring 2008 semester are between October 29 and November 8. A detailed list of when registration for each group is available is listed in the table to the right. Those students who have been admitted to their respective departments must make an advising appointment with their departmental advisor.


Oct 29 Graduate Students, Honors & Student Athletes Oct 30-31 Post-Bach & Seniors—Alpha Rotation Nov 1-2 Juniors—Alpha Rotation Nov 5-6 Sophomores—Alpha Rotation Nov 7-8 Freshmen—Alpha Rotation

Council Update
Speed School Student Council is constantly busy throughout the semester with many different activities. Following is a short list of ongoing and upcoming activities along with other important information.

News Briefs
Exam Fees for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam
The Kentucky legislature just approved an amended fee statute which will allow the Kentucky State Licensing Board to reimburse the Fundamentals of Engineering and Fundamentals of Surveying exam fees for those students who pass the exam while still enrolled in school. For more information, visit the Speed School web page at: http://speed.louisville.edu/

Upcoming Events
October 8-9
Mid-Term Break

October 11
Last Day to Withdraw

October 29—November 8
Spring 2008 Registration Dates

October 31
Fall Festival

Study Jams are study sessions provided by council for EAC 101 students who want help with calculus homework from upperclassmen. The help sessions are Mondays at 5:30— 8:00 PM in Vogt 314 to help prepare for the Tuesday tests. The Wednesday Study Jam sessions have been canceled.

Fundamentals of Exam Test Date


November 21-25
Thanksgiving Break

The October 27th FE exam will be offered in Louisville on the Shelby Campus.

December 3
Last Day of Classes

Higher Studies Application
The higher studies application is now available on-line. Go to the Speed School web page at http://speed.louisville.edu, select "Academics" from top navigation, then "Forms" for the Higher Studies Application instructions and the application itself. The direct web address: http://speed.louisville.edu/forms/ studentservices/higherstudiesapp.pdf

December 4
Reading Day

December 5-11
Final Exams

Assassins is a game run by
council where no one is actually injured. The game's concept is to receive a contract, hunt down a contract. To “kill” a target, simply be within arms reach of a co ntract and scr eam “Assassinated!” At this point the target has been assassinated and the assassin receive on kill and their contract which the target was seeking. The person with the most kills or the last person standing wins. A game is currently underway. Good luck to everyone who participate. For those who did not register, stay tuned for information regarding the next match.
http://www.speedcouncil.org/ assassins/.

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