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Zooming in: Tony Harper - Speed School Student Council
by Ahmed Awadallah and Adwait Kumar Council Members Q: Where did you complete your High School Education? A: I attended Our Lady of Providence in Southern Indiana Q: What is your major of study at Speed School? A: I have a Bachelor’s of Science in CECS and I am currently pursuing a master’s degree. I have considered getting a doctorate, but not until later. Q: As a Speed School graduate, what do you believe is the key to success for students at Speed School? A: I believe that hard work and passion for what you do are the most essential. If you don’t love what you are doing, it’s hard to focus on your studies and schooling. Q: How long have you been President of the Student Council at Speed School? A: I have been president of the Speed School Student Council since March of 2006. Q: What is your role as the president of the Speed School Student Council? A: I believe it is my duty “To further the general welfare of the Speed School of Engineering.” Q: What is the Student Council doing for freshman at Speed School? A: The main focus right now is to provide the administration with student input to ensure that the new initiatives directed towards the incoming freshman class help the students and do not put an extra burden on them. Q: I hear that Speed School Student Council (SSSC) is trying to get some rooms for students at Kersey Library? Is this true? A: The plan as of right now is that students will have access to the current study area on the first floor. Within that study area, there will also be several study rooms, a number of tables of different sizes, a few comfortable couch type seats, a small café area with vending machines that have sandwiches, and the usual snacks. There are also plans to renovate Kersey library to make it conducive of a better study environment. Q: Can you please explain the Tablet PC requirements that are in effect for freshman entering Speed School for the upcoming fall semester? A: Starting next fall, all freshman will be required to own a Tablet PC and will be expected to use one in class. Students are expected to be responsible for their PCs and use them to supplement teacher instruction. The administration or more specifically, the academic technology committee currently plans for revamping the power structures in Kersey library and in the J.B Speed building so that students can plug in laptops and use them. Administration is looking at several different vendors for Tablet PCs and also looking at offering software packages at discounted prices for students. Administration is also supposed to have Tablet PCs that students can take out on temporary loan if the student’s PC is out of function. Q: When is your birthday? What is your zodiac sign? A: My birthday is March 7th, and my zodiac sign is Pisces. Q: What is your favorite all time movie? A: I like several movies, but right now I would have to say Monty Python. Q: What is your favorite food? A: Italian food of course! Q: What is your favorite restaurant to dine? A: I would have to say Thai Smile. It’s on Preston highway. It’s the best Thai food in the city. Simply awesome. Q: What is your favorite sports car? A: I really like the new Ford Mustangs, but my all time favorite car manufacturer would be Volkswagen. Q: What do you enjoy doing on your free time? A: I like to socialize and hang out with my friends, and when I’m not doing that, I like to read, listen to music and play video games. Q: Do you have any hobbies? A: Computers; I have a computer graveyard in the basement of my house.

Assassins to start on February 5
To sign up.... 1) Go to http://www.speedcouncil.org/assassins/ (Note: You must be registered at speedcouncil.org and logged in) 2) On the second navigation bar, click "Game Stats" 3) Click on the February 5th "Assassins!" 4) Click "Join Game" Assassins is a simple strategic game that consists of a group of people and contracts. Yes, it's safe - physical harm is not part of the play. Instead, the nature of the game is to: 1. Track down your mark and complete a contract 2. More importantly, stay in the game.

January 29, 2007

by Ahmed Awadallah and Adwait Kumar Council Members Q: Where did you complete your High School, and University education? A: I attended New Hope High School in New Hope Alabama. I attended the University of Alabama for my Bachelors of Science, Masters, and PhD degrees. Q: How long have you been the Dean of Speed School? A: I was appointed as the acting Dean of Speed School in October of 2003, and I was appointed as the permanent Dean of Speed School in May of 2004. Q: What do you believe is the key to success at Speed School? A: I have a very simple answer, hard work. Through experience I can say that engineering students need to work hard in order to stay focused and complete their education at Speed School. Q: What are you thoughts about the GES 101 class that all incoming freshman have to take? A: I like the concept of an introduction to engineering class. Many engineering programs across the country have adopted the growing trend of introducing freshman engineering students to engineering concepts early on in their education, rather than during their fourth or sometimes fifth semesters at engineering schools. This introductory class was designed to allow students to learn about and experience the different fields of engineering and gain a better perspective for the engineering profession. I understand that some of the freshman students in this class might feel like the class requires a lot of out of class work for too little of credit, but that’s just the way it is. Engineering classes require a lot of work and the GES class will also provide freshman with an example of the degree of rigor required for engineering classes at Speed School. This is the first year that GES 101 has been offered to students and I really appreciate the students going through with the class. The class will provide the administration with lots of valuable information, which will be used to refine the class for upcoming semesters. Q: Do changes at A: We changes at you foresee any major Speed School? have made several big Speed School in the past few years. We recently added the Bioengineering department and we are going through strategic planning as of the moment to look at how we can change curriculum, programs, and facilities to improve the quality of education at Speed School. Q: What is the most rewarding part about serving as Dean of Speed School and what are some of the challenges you face? A: Some of the most rewarding aspects of serving as Dean are talking to students and alumni and witnessing their successes and working with the faculty, staff, and students involved in the engineering program. Some of the more challenging aspects of being the Dean are dealing with the issues that students, faculty, departments, and disciplinary issues. Q: Can you please explain the Tablet Pc requirements that are in effect for freshman entering Speed School for the upcoming fall semester? A: As of fall of 2007, incoming freshman Speed School students will be required to purchase their own Tablet PCs. Speed School is not the first program to make it mandatory for students to have Laptop PCs. Faculty and administration feel that Tablet PCs are absolutely necessary for students to keep up with the technology that is available on the market and to succeed in any engineering field. The administration has decided to make the purchase of the Tablet PCs mandatory so that students can qualify to receive financial aid for buying the laptops. As of the moment, the University is looking at offering students the choice between two or three different models of Tablet PCs, several software packages at discounted prices. Q: What are the current plans for Kersey library? A: We are planning on building a Speed Commons area on the first floor where students can sit at tables and study, purchase snacks from vending machines and work on team projects or activities in a few conference rooms. There will be a career services center on the first floor as well where students can receive information about available co-ops, jobs, and interview for co-ops or jobs. The career services department will also house a computer station where students can work on their resumes. At the back of the first floor, there will be four classrooms for GES 101 classes. The second floor of Kersey will be assigned to

Freshman Speed Feed

January 30
GES Fourm

Zooming in: Dean Wilhelm and Speed School
the CECS department. It will house several offices, classrooms and laboratories for research programs. Q: What do you believe are some of the qualities of Speed School that set the engineering department apart from the engineering programs at other schools? A: Speed School is unique in that we are the only engineering program in the country that accredits its degrees at the advanced level, and that it is one of the only four schools in the country that has a mandatory co-op program. Q: What is the importance of the mandatory co-op program that Speed School students have to go through? A: The charter of Speed School called for a mandatory co-op program. I have spoken to alumni about the program at Speed School and they have told me that they wouldn’t mind changes in the curriculum, but the one thing at Speed School that they benefited the most from was the co-op program. The co-op program has been in place for 81 years and there is no intention of changing it. Q: As a result of the recent ABET visit, what is the current plan of action? A: We had a very good ABET visit. There was actually no criticism of the program. ABET believes that we have the program that engineering schools should seek to achieve. Q: When is your birthday? A: My birthday is on July 7 1958. Q: What is your favorite restaurant to dine? A: Equas. I love it. Q: What is your favorite sports car? A: I would have to say my car, which is a BMW 525. Q: What do you enjoy doing on your free time? A: I enjoy spending time with my wife and playing golf, in the free time that I have. Q: Do you have any hobbies? A: I like taking pictures; photography and woodworking are my hobbies. Q: Do you have a few words that can describe a student’s experience at Speed School? A: Rigorous, but worth it!

February 5
Assassins Starts

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Speed School Freshman Council
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