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Jayantkumar G Jaisawal
Govt. of India
Vadodara City
No. 1600-2010
Dated 17/06/2010

Hon’ble Chief Justice
Mumbai High Court.

I Sheikh Yasmeen Banu Ismail Bhai, age 26 years, resident of Ganjifariya Mohalla,
Chottaudepur, Jilla Vadodara, post Chottaudepur in the name of God, I hereby state an
oath that my marriage was solemnized on 19.11.2000 with Nafitulla, son of Habibulla,
owner of Best Bakery residing at Hanuman Tekri, Ajwa Road, Vadodara and my
daughter Tanveer was born on 24.09.2001 at Chottaudepur and on 2.03.2002 in the
Godhra Carnage Best Bakery of my in laws was set ablaze by some anti social
elements. At that time, I was inside the Best Bakery in which about 14 persons were
killed and rest were injured. My husband Nafitulla was one of the injured persons. I took
the injured persons to the hospital, where I stayed for 13 days. Since, the health of my
daughter was not good, my mother in law told me to go to my parents home and
accordingly I went to Chotteudepur along with my mama. Thereafter, I was trying to
contact my in laws but could not succeed. After sometime I started feeling little
uncomfortable at my mama’s place & went to Baroda along with my widow mother &
daughter and started living in the Best Bakery house after getting it repaired. I joined
small work and started living a decent life. I developed good relations with my Mohalla
people. Suddenly, one day, Raiskhan, who is associated with Teesta Setalvad, visited
along with local Muslim leaders and said that there is a danger to me life here and you
come to Mumbai with us, the case of Best Bakery is contested by Teesta Setalvad, you
are called by Teesta, and you have to depose there in the court. Raiskhan connected
me to Teesta Setalvad from the cell phone. Teesta Setalvad also pursued me and told
me to come to Mumbai along with him; here we will help you from every point of view.
These conversations continued for sometime, myself and my mother were forced and
were even threatened. Finally, after having no option I conveyed my willingness to
come, & inquired where will I stay after my deposition? On this, Raiskhan told me that
you need not to worry about that, we will arrange a house for you & Teesta Setalvad &
myself will fulfill all your needs throughout your life. After getting assurances from
Muslim leaders, Raiskhan & Teesta Setalvad, I along with mother & my daughter left for
Mumbai with Shri. Raiskhan by locking my house and leaving all the household articles
their, which I brought from my widow mother’s house from Chootaudepur. I was kept
there at Ashok Guest House in Bhindi Bazaar for one month. During this one month,
Raiskhan was taking me to the house of Teesta Setalvad daily at Nirant Bunglaw, Juhu
Tara Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai which is her office also. Teesta Setalvad use to
explain me about the case their. From their she use to take me to the office of the Public
Prosecutor Manjula Rao & thereafter she use to drop me at the guest house. During this
period of one month, I was getting the expenses from the Dhyansingh or sometime
through Pradip who were working in the office of Teesta Setalvad. Thereafter, I was
kept for 11 months in room No. 102, at Mariam Apartment, Ismile Katre Road, Bhindi
Bazaar. When I was shifted there, same day other witness of the Best Bakery case
namely Taufel, Rais, Shezad, Selon, Asraf, Shahjahan, Zahira Sheikh and her grand
mother also came to stay their.

After few days, Asraf, Shahjahan and the grand mother of Zahira Sheikh left for their
village, reason for their return is not known to me. Raiskhan and Teesta Setalvad kept
strict observation on the flat in which we were residing, we were not able to go out and
no one was allowed to meet us, neither were we having mobile nor we were allowed to
talk to anybody, even if, we request for. We were not permitted to open the window of
the room. Dhyansingh or sometime Pradip working in the office of Teesta Setalvad use
to stay for 24 hours there. They use to fulfill our requirements as well as keeping watch
on us. Raiskhan use to take one of the witnesses in the office of Public Prosecutor
Manjula Rao. Teesta Setalvad use to present there and everybody was tutored what to
speak against whom in the court. After that, whosoever is called in the court for
deposition, use to leave the house & was not returning to the home. After sometime,
when his deposition is over, he use to come back. After that we came to know that
during the period of their deposition, they were kept in the Government guest house.
They use to get mobile phone from Teesta’s men in which outgoing calls were bard.
Teesta use to explain on mobile that what they have to depose. The deposition, which I
gave against the persons, on the advice of these people, were unknown to me.

Teesta Setalvad & Manjula Rao use to show their photographs to all of us on their
computer to identify them. Teesta, many times in her office, took my signatures on few
papers. I have no knowledge what these papers were. Similarly, she use to take
signatures from other persons also on some papers. After the completion of deposition,
her people use to take back the mobile phone and they were sent back in the same
house where we all were staying. Raiskhan and Teesta Setalvad were coming to meet
us till the case was on and were reassuring us that they will fulfill all their commitments
made to us after the completion of the deposition of all of us. I was sent to Ahmedabad
when my need over. I was kept in a house for four months in Shahpur Mill Compound,
Ahmedabad. During this period of four months, Raiskhan did not visit me even once and
he use to send required money through others. I was removed from the house very next
day of the pronouncement of the judgment. I came to know that in the name of Best
Bakery Case and for arranging deposition of persons like us, Teesta has collected lacs
of rupees and nothing was given to us.

Thereafter I came back to Chhotaudepur at my maternal uncle’s house. When I was
driven out of the house of my maternal uncle, few people out of sympathy bought me a
hut by collecting money. Three years back, to secure my future, I got married with a
person named Wahid. He cheated me and left me when I was pregnant; thereafter I
gave birth to a baby boy. My mother is old & not keeping well and even I am also not
keeping well, leading a difficult life with two children. What will happen to my children
after me and my mother? Raiskhan and Teesta Setalvad jointly cheated me. By giving
false deposition in this case, I have not only lost my ancestral property Best Bakery,
which was in my possession and where I started leaving & earning my livelihood, but
also on the basis of false assurances, so many innocent persons got convicted.
Because of this, I am feeling guilty & probably due to this reason I am leading poor and
sorrowful life. I always repent why I did the wrong thing on the advice of person like

Since, the judgment of the Best Bakery Case has been delivered on the basis of false
testimonies, due to this reason, my this letter be treated as a petition, and the case be
re-heard so that, now no poor person can be bribed and mislead by such people and no
innocent person is wrongly punished and the persons like Teesta Setalvad and
Raiskhan be tried as per law, who by misleading and bribing poor, weak and
unsupported person like us, are managing false testimonies.
Date:- 17/06/2010

Sheikh YasmeenBanu Ismailbhai
Identified by me


1) Chief Justice of India, Supreme Court, New Delhi.
2) Chairman, Manav Adhikar Aayog, New Delhi.
3) Police Mahanideshak Gujarat, Gandhinagar

Solemnly Affirmed Declared
Sworn before me by ……………………….

Jayant G. Jasiswal

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