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Via Fiume 16, 60030 Angeli di Rosora, Ancona, Italy

Phone +39 0731 8161 Fax 0731 814700
The Company


The company was founded by Enrico
Loccioni (19 years old) in 1968 inspired
by the cultural heritage of Benedictine
monks and his family values
First 20 years of the company based on the industrial electric plant engineering
In the 70 s collaboration with Vittorio Merloni passage from the quantity to the
quality quality control challenge
Diversification of markets and competences international leadership in home
appliances and car components testing
Communication with their clients, world leaders in their sectors competences
development in the productive processes automation technologies
From producing to product, from efficiency to quality: network of knowledge at a
very high level on the quality control measurement and testing
In the 90s passage from hand-crafted company to a knowledge company: from
specialized workers to graduated people (recruitment policy) new adventure with
telecommunications competences, ICT and environmental monitoring
Mission: measuring for improving, transforming data into values new business
since 2000: Humancare, solutions for healthcare, nutrition and wellness
Project Leaf Community: Sustainability, efficiency and energy self-sufficiency to draw
the future

First 10 years of the new
millennium: from knowledge to a
thinking company which develops
innovation as a new competitive

Via Fiume 16, 60030 Angeli di Rosora, Ancona, Italy
Phone +39 0731 8161 Fax 0731 814700

About Loccioni

Integration of ideas, people and technologies in
developing measurement and control automatic systems
to improve products, processes and buildings quality,
efficiency and sustainability.

Commitment: measuring for improving, respecting the environment
Partnership with world leaders in the markets of Automotive, Home Appliance,
Environment and Health Care
Global market, installation in more than 40 countries in the world
40 young researchers, professional people and scientists dedicated to the
development of cross solutions for the reference markets
Health, energy, environment, safety, comfort as the issues on wich to improve the
life quality through the technologies development and integration
Operative method: realizing turn key solutions with a strong technical and
innovation know-how
Integration of technologies acquired through collaborations with Universities and
Research Centres, internally developed and then transferred to the industry