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Amanita muscaria is brightly colored fungus that's familiar to everyone from the

illustrations found in fairy story books. Amanita muscaria is commonly found in

autumn in Birch woods or under Pines. Amanita muscaria are the most eye-catchin
g mushroom with its large caps of scarlet or deep red, mottled with conspicuous
white warts. Associated with magic and the fairy kingdom because this other-worl
dly looking fungus is perhaps the oldest hallucinogenic plant known, having been
in recorded use for over six thousand years. Amanita muscaria or as its commonl
y called Fly agaric mushrooms have been adopted by many cultures, in the norther
n hemisphere and worldwide to transport the person eating Amanita muscaria to vi
sionary realms. Fly agaric mushrooms are believed to have been employed as a sha
manic aid by the Vikings and is known to be used by the tribesmen of Siberia.
Amanita muscaria ritual use:
Siberian shamans eat Amanita muscaria in order to enter a clairvoyant trance sta
te and mobilize their shamanic powers of healing. Amanita muscaria are also inge
sted when they wish to communicate with the souls of their ancestors or to conta
ct spirits. One to three Amanita mushrooms appear to be the usual traditional do
se with initial Amanita effects being felt in about twenty minutes. It was the p
ractice of Siberian and other tribes to recycle the urine of someone who had alr
eady eaten Amanita muscaria, and thus, because a substantial amount of active su
bstances in it remained unchanged, it could be used for later or given to someon
e who could not afford to buy Amanita muscaria.
Eating Amanita muscaria Mushrooms:
Today Amanita muscaria are very popular as they are the only genus of magic mush
rooms allowed to be sold in a dried form. Amanita muscaria mushrooms are usually
crushed into a powder and mixed with a few cups of water and let boil on a low
flame for an hour. Drink it with or without the Amanita muscaria pieces on an em
pty stomach, drinking half the liquid and wait for an hour or two for Amanita ef
fects. If you want stronger Amanita effects drink the remainder of the water. Al
l parts of the Amanita muscaria mushroom are psychoactive but for the best resul
ts use only the Amanita caps and directly below this.
Eating Amanita muscaria mushrooms is difficult for consumption because the Amani
ta effects are highly unpredictable. Amanita muscaria effects can be divine, hel
lish or completely absent. Positive effects are often built up after taking Aman
ita mushrooms a couple of times. We recommend that Amanita muscaria mushrooms ar
e taken only when youre in a good frame of mind as this can have positive effects o
n the trip. Because of its unpredictability this mushroom is recommended only fo
r advanced entheogen users, preferably with some experience with Psilocybe mushr
Amanita muscaria effects can take up 5 to 10 hours and starts after half an hour
to 2 hours after eating Amanitas. Many Amanita muscaria trip reports mention na
usea and extreme sweating as initial effects but these soon lesson. Often one mi
ght fall asleep for a few hours with vivid dreams. After awakening the visions r
eally begin, you will probably feel very energetic and ecstatic. Amanita muscari
a description:
The mycelium (the mass of branched, tubular filaments (hyphae) of fungi. The myc
elium makes up the thallus, or undifferentiated body, of a typical fungus.) is w
hite in color and the fruiting body can grow as tall as 25 cm and forms a cap as
large as 20 cm in diameter. The remnants of the velum (the veil-like membrane o
f immature mushrooms extending from the margin of the cap to the stem and torn b
y growth, revealing the gills of a mature sporophore; in a mature mushroom, the
remains of the velum may form an annulus or ring around the stem, familiar from
common button mushrooms and sometimes on the margin of the cap) remain on the ca
p in the form of white spots. Amanita muscaria is also known as Fly Agaric, Fly
Death, Toad Stools, Siberian Fly Agaric or Russian Amanita, Washington State Ama
nita, European Amanita, Soma and many others. Its distribution is from Alaska, S
iberia, Scandinavia, Central Europe, North America, Australia, Mexico and the Ph
ilippines. Amanitas sometimes occurs in the form of fairy rings or witches rings, s
mall circles in which, it was assumed the witches or fairies would dance at nigh
t. Fly Agaric Mushrooms grows only in symbiosis with birch and/or pine trees, Am
anitas are found in artic, temperate, and even tropical climate zones.