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A DNS server houses the IP addresses used to access internet resources. The internet
operates via IP address in the format of (i.e. 192.16.!!2.!15". Since
those are hard to remem#er$ DNS servers are responsi#%e for trans%atin& the user friend%'
names %i(e ))).fa* to 6+.255.15+.1,5. I thin( there are somethin& %i(e - hu#
DNS servers on the internet that rep%icate to a%% the rest (happens constant%'".
.' the )a'$ if 'ou t'pe /01D/ in the 2un #o3 on 4indo)s 5P$ then /PIN6
))).fa* 7ou can see )hat the IP address is for the )e#site.

DNS stands for Domain Name S'stem. A DNS server reso%ves a name to an IP address$
as stated in an ear%ier ans)er$ #ut it can a%so point to mu%tip%e IP addresses for %oad
#a%ancin&$ or for #ac(up servers if one or more is off%ine or not acceptin& connections.
Individua% or&ani8ations ma' have their o)n DNS servers for their %oca% Intranet.
Some sites have their o)n DNS server to s)itch #et)een su#domains )ithin them. 9or
e3amp%e$ a site such as .%o&spot can have su#domains come and &o *uite fre*uent%'.
2ather than force ever' DNS server to update their o)n data#ases )henever someone
creates a ne) #%o&$ .%o&spot cou%d maintain their o)n DNS server to reso%ve names
)ithin the #%o& domain$ e.&.$ to distin&uish #et)een m'#%o&.#%o& and
'our#%o&.#%o& ... their DNS server )ou%d #e *ueried once #%o& is
reso%ved$ and it )ou%d #e responsi#%e for reso%vin& m'#%o& vs. 'our#%o&.
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0an 'ou ans)er these )e#site hostin& *uestions@
4here to post a free c%assified ad for a )e#site
Ao) do 'ou put a video chat on 'our )e#site
Does a domain name a%)a's remain in possession of the ori&ina% purchaser
Ao) do )e# hosts re&ister domain names
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4hat are authoritative dns server and noneEauthoritative dns server @
authoritative dns server is server that has o)n data#ases that has name reso%ution for
the c%ients that for reso%ve from name to ip address and for ip address to name.nonE
authorititative dns server...
Ao) do 'ou c%ear the DNS cache on the DNS server @
start Erunipconfi& Bf%ushdns
4hat does a DNS server do@
(1" Short for Domain Name S'stem (or Service or Server"$ an Internet service that
trans%ates domain names into IP addresses. .ecause domain names are a%pha#etic$
the'Fre easier to remem#er. The...
Ao) do 'ou achieve redundanc' for 'our DNS server @
DNS 2edundanc' is achieved #' %istin& mu%tip%e servers$ such as$$ in 'our domainFs DNS settin&s. 7ou must %ist at %east t)o servers$
and can %ist + or more. If 'ou are...
Ao) do 'ou communicate to 'our dns server @
9or the most part it is throu&h GDP$ )hich is ver' insecure and thatFs one of the
reasons )h' DNS attac(s are so eas' to pu%% off. If 'our rea%%' &ood at pro&rammin&
(or (no) some#od' )ho is$ %i(e I...