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Install and Configure DHCP Server in

Win server 2003 Step By Step Guide

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( )*CP $er%er assi&ns IP a""resses to client com+uters, This is %ery often use" in
enter+rise networks to re"uce confi&uration efforts, (ll IP a""resses of all com+uters are
store" in a "atabase that resi"es on a ser%er machine,
Installin& )*CP $er%er is %ery easy in win ser%er -00.
/irst you nee" to &o to $tart01(ll Pro&rams01("ministrati%e Tools012ana&e 3our
*ere you nee" to select ("" or remo%e a role
4erify the followin& ste+s click on 5e6t
$elect $er%er #ole as )*CP $er%er o+tion click on 5e6t
$ummary selection click on 5e6t
Installin& )*CP $er%er in +ro&ress
5ow this will +rom+t new sco+e welcome scree click ne6t
( sco+e is a collection of IP a""resses for com+uters on a subnet that use )*CP,
enter the name an" "escri+tion of your sco+e click ne6t
5ow you nee" to "efine the ran&e of a""resses that the sco+e will "istribute across the
networkthe subnet mask for the IP a""ress , Enter the a++ro+riate "etails an" click ne6t,
Enter the IP a""ress ran&e that you want to e6clu"e an" click on ne6t
$elect lease "uration how lon& a client can use an IP a""ress assi&ne" to it from this
sco+e, It is recommen"e" to a"" lon&er leases for a fi6e" network (in the office for
e6am+le) an" shorter leases for remote connections or la+to+ com+uters an" click ne6t
3ou are &i%en a choice of whether or not you wish to confi&ure the )*CP o+tions for the
sco+e now or later,3ou can select 3esI want to7 ra"ion button an" click ne6t
Enter the router or &ateway IP a""ress click ne6t, The client com+uters will then know
which router to use an" click ne6t
Enter the )5$ an" "omain name settin&s can be entere", The )5$ ser%er IP a""ress will
be "istribute" by the )*CP ser%er an" &i%en to the client click ne6t
If you ha%e !I5$ setu+ then here is where to enter the IP (""ress of the !I5$ ser%er,
3ou can 8ust in+ut the ser%er name into the a++ro+riate bo6 an" +ress #esol%e9 to allow it
to fin" the IP a""ress itself click ne6t
5ow you nee" to acti%ate this sco+e now an" click ne6t
)*CP $er%er new sco+e installation was finishe" an" click finish
5ow your ser%er is now a )*CP ser%er messa&e an" click finish
Configuring DHCP
5ow you nee" to &o to $tart:1("ministrati%e Tools:1)*CP
#i&ht Click on your ser%er click on (uthori;e your )*CP $er%er
(uthori;ation com+lete" now your )*CP ser%er is u+ an" runnin&
)*CP ser%ers +ermit you to reser%e an IP a""ress for a client, This means that the
s+ecific network client will ha%e the same IP for as lon& as you wante" it to, To "o this
you will ha%e to know the +hysical a""ress (2(C) of each network car", Enter the
reser%ation name "esire" IP a""ress 2(C a""ress an" "escri+tion 0 choose whether
you want to su++ort )*CP or <==TP an" +ress a"", The new reser%ation will be a""e"
to the list,
That>s it it is %ery easy to confi&ure )*CP ser%er in win ser%er -00. now you can
confi&ure your win"ows client +c to check your "hc+ ser%er is workin& or not,
If you want to install an" confi&ure win ser%er -00. "omain controller with )5$ setu+
check here
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Windows 2000 Configure DHCP Server
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(fter installin& the )*CPFser%er you will nee" to confi&ure it before you can use itA
$elect GDHCPG which is +art of the !in"ows menu GAdministrative ToolsG, In the left
+lane you will see the name an" IPFa""ress of the )*CPFser%er,
(fter installation a )*CP ser%er is not authori;e", Do not forget t*is later 4 (see below
3ou nee" to "efine the ran&e of IPFa""resses to be assi&ne" (H"istribute") by the )*CPF
ser%er, ( "efinition of a ran&e of IPFa""resses (with or without a""itional o+tions) is
calle" a GScopeGA select your )*CPFser%er an" then either with a ri&htFclick or from the
menu G(ctionsG select to "efine a GNew ScopeGA
B+ comes the !i;ar" select G+e5tG
)efine a name for your sco+e continue with G+e5tG
)efine the ran&e of IPFa""ress an" the subnetFmask, $elect a ran&e which "oes not
inclu"e the IPFa""ress of the ser%er itself or any other "e%ice with a manually assi&ne"
IPFa""ress (likeA network +rinters), (lthou&h you coul" e6clu"e them in the ne6t ste+
usually a ran&e is reser%e" for such manually assi&ne" a""resses an" then the rest (in this
caseA C00 F CII ) is &i%en to the )*CPFser%er for automatic "istribution,
If you coul" not "efine se+arate ran&es for manually assi&ne" an" )*CPFassi&ne" IPF
a""resses then you coul" here "efine IPFa""resses or ran&es of IPFa""resses to be
e6clu"e"A not to be use" by the )*CPFser%er,
Ty+ically an IPFa""ress is assi&ne" (H GleasedG ) for a limite" time, This a%oi" runnin&
out of a""resses when %isitors to you office connect to the network an" &et an IPFa""ress
assi&ne", !ithout a timeFlimit such an IPFa""ress coul" not be reuse", usually J "ays is
a &oo" choice an" will ensure that +eo+le e%ery "ay in the office will continue to use the
same IPFa""ress once assi&ne" to them since their systems will in time e6ten" the
GleaseG, (n" if they come back from a - week %acation an" the GleaseG has e6+ire" then
the )*CPFser%er will assi&n a new IPFa""ress to them,
In a""ition to the IPFa""ress an" $ubF5etmask a )*CPFser%er can also be use to "efine
other TCPKIP confi&uration items on the Client systems,
Is your office network +art of a lar&er com+any !i"eF(rea
network (!(5 )L Then you nee" to confi&ure the client com+uters with the IPFa""ress of
the Mateway (or #outer) to be able to communicate with systems on the !(5, Enter the
IPFa""ress an" then click on G#ddG to enter the a""ress to the list of Mateways,
(re you usin& a !(5 an" nee" to hel+ your clients to locate the IPFa""resses of ser%ers
(like !eb$er%ers) on the !(5L =r "o you inten" to ha%e clients connecte" to the
!in"ows-000 ser%er %ia the newA GActive DirectoryG metho"L Then you must confi&ure
the clients for use of a )5$Fser%er, Enter the name of your ser%er an" the IPFa""ress an"
click on G(""G to enter the %alue on the list,
3ou can also confi&ure the !I5$ ser%er a""ress
3ou nee" to acti%ate the sco+e (which you can "o later with a ri&htFclick on the sco+e
an" selectin&A G(cti%ateGKG)eacti%ateG A)
3ou still ha%e to GAuthorizeG the )*CPFser%erA select the ser%er an" either ri&htFclick or
from the menu G(ctionG select GAuthorizeG A
5oteA on my system I ha" to close now the )*CPFwin"ows an" o+en it u+ a&ain to see
that the )*CPFser%er is now G#unnin&G A
a Nuick check on the GScope OptionsG which we ha%e confi&ure" alrea"yA
If reNuire" you can chan&e or a"" the o+tions of the sco+e,
3ou can confi&ure in the GPro+ertiesG of the sco+e tabA )5$ that once the )*CPFser%er
has assi&ne" an IPFa""ress the a""ress will be u+"ate" in the )5$Fser%er allowin& now
other systems on the network to locate your systemA
=nce the )*CPFser%er is confi&ure" an" authori;e" an" the sco+e is acti%ate" IPF
a""resses will be "istribute" , 3ou can then %iew the list of assi&ne" IPFa""resses,