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Flowchart : My Information Strategies Step-By-Step

Information Need
1. The assignment criteria
2. How to get Dreamweaver
3. How to use Dreamweaver to
build a digital library website
Person : Lecturer
Attend to his class
Take a note
Internet : Adobe official website
Person : Lecture
Build a digital library website
Person : Colleague
Build a digital library website
Library : UiTM Puncak Perdana
Build a digital library website
Bookstore : MPH
Build a dynamic website
Customer Support :
Dreamweaver Developer Centre
Build a dynamic website
Find the Information Need Sources
Combine all components at
A description of my information need
I have a task of building a digital library website for the MLS 742 course. This
assignment represents 50% marks. Therefore, it is very important to do it in systematic way.
A description of your search strategies step-by-step, along with the information sources you
Information Need
There are three main information needed to complete the assignments. First, I need
to know clearly the needs of this assignment. Second, I need to get the software needed to
build a digital library website. Third, I need to learn how to generate dynamic web pages
using Dreamweaver software.
Information Behaviour and Sources
Person : Lecturer
Lecturer has explained the requirements of tasks in the classroom. I have record
notes about the site features to be built. This is because we are not supplied with the
attachment task. This assignment is given orally. I also have the opportunity to ask directly to
the lecturer during the class. Now I have understood the task more clearly. We are required
to produce a digital library website that contains a collections of images, videos, audios and
texts. The idea is, the users can access for those material in just a few clicks. According to
lecture given, to build a dynamic website for this task, Dreamweaver software should be
integrate with local host server such as Wamp server. Now I know exactly the information
that I need.
Internet : Adobe Official Website
I have been using search engines to find information related to the equipment
needed for this task, the Dreamweaver software. When I type Adobe Dreamweaver
software Malaysia, I found the official Adobe website at I was download the trial
version of Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Suite 5. Unfortunately, Windows 7 block a few
important features of Dreamweaver trial version. Dreamweaver cannot integrate correctly
with Wamp server in Windows 7 operating system environment. I have no choice. I must buy
an original version of Dreamweaver. Once again, using the internet, I find information on
Dreamweaver software sales in Malaysia at I need to know the
price and where can I get the original software. In my browsing, finally I find out that there
have a student and teacher edition. So, as a student I get 80% discount for Adobe Creative
Suite 5 Design Premium software that include Dreamweaver. Base on the information, I
went to their headquarters at Kota Damansara, Selangor to buy the software.
Person : Lecturer
Two of the three information needs were successfully met. Now stay with the needs
of the most important, how to use Dreamweaver to build a digital library website. The first
step, I give full attention to what is taught in the classroom. Lecturer using hands on
method. Very suitable for this task. However, the lecturer using older version of
Dreamweaver, compare it with mine. The problem is, both of those software have a different
interface. That mean, I have a problem to follow exactly what he teach. Mr. Safawi using
Dreamweaver 8 series for compliance with licensing issues. While I was using Dreamweaver
CS5 because Dreamweaver 8 is no longer available for sale. After a series of eight, there
are series of Dreamweaver CS3 and CS4. So far apart. Another obstacle is, learning session
for three hour a week not enough to me. It is because I have no previous knowledge by
using Adobe Dreamweaver application.
Person : Colleague
I realize that I cannot too dependent on the teaching given by lecturer. I notice that in
my class, there have several of my friends that can follow the lecturer instruction much better
than me. We make a small tutorial group among us. Who has past experience using
Dreamweaver application action as an our tutor. The benefit for this, each members can
share what relevant information that we know and apply it to do the task. We learn how to
installing Wamp server as a local hosting into our own laptop and integrate that local server
with Dreamweaver application. Very fun to learn together, but, once again I have face a
problem with the differences of interfaces that we use. Just I am that using Dreamweaver
CS5 version. The rest of them using Dreamweaver 8. It is difficult to build a website when we
not really understand the interface as an applications control.
Library : UiTM Puncak Perdana Library
To face the constrains, I need to expand my information searching sources. This
time, I decide to using the library services. Through OPAC (an Online Public Access
Catalog) system, I am searching references about take control of Dreamweaver CS5
interface. Luck for me, there have a few related books listed at UiTM Puncak Perdana
Library. At the TK 5105 rack, I found at least 20 books titles about Dreamweaver. But, not
single one of them discuss about Dreamweaver CS5. The most closely to my need is a book
which discusses the use of Dreamweaver CS3 application. After read scanning process, I
borrows six books of Dreamweaver CS3. When I study those books, I find myself more
comfortable using the interface of Dreamweaver CS5. I learn how to using their basic control
panel. At this level, I capable to build a simple static website. However, I should continue my
searching to learn more how to build a dynamic website as an important element of digital
library implement. Those books that I borrow just discusses about to build a static websites.
Bookstore : MPH Bookstore
Now, I go to bookstore to find out what can I get there. When I arrive at 10 am at
MPHs bookstore, the workers so busy set up their shop services. So, I look for myself to
computers category. I found one book about to build a dynamic website. However, the book
focusing Dreamweaver CS3 as it platform. Asking the staff at the counter, we are searching
through MPH bookstores database for the Dreamweaver CS5 references. We found it but
thats all. I am not afford it because it prices so expensive and I was spend a lot of money in
buy an original Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 software in the same month. One more reason,
the books need two delivery day. Lastly, I just bought a book that I found earlier.
Online Customer Support : Dreamweaver Developer Centre
Went home, I study the book that I bought. The information contained in the book
that have 658 pages is very disappointing. There is no step by step instruction. The book just
brief the concept of dynamic website elements. Just look like a formal textbook. I admit that I
get more conceptual knowledge from the source. But at this time, this is not information that I
needed for complete my assignment. I try to think positively again. Suddenly, when I look
carefully at my Dreamweaver CS5 welcoming screen, I notice that there have a new link
added by Adobe online services, or maybe Im just not notice it before.

When I click the Dreamweaver Developer Centres link, I found one tutorial about Build your
first dynamic website using Dreamweaver CS5. There are three part of the tutorial and I
success in completed the first session. Very clear instruction and accompanies with related
material that we can download it before we starting our lesson. Unfortunately, I and the
others tutorial followers fail to download material files for the second part of it. Refer to the
dialogue boxs comment, many of participants ask the moderator to exchange the corrupted
link files. So, what can I do now is waiting to the broken link is repaired by the Adobe staff.
Find The Information Need Sources
For this moments, I need to focusing on build a digital library website and implement
dynamic elements on it. Using all the sources that I found along my information seeking
journey, Im becoming more knowledgeable on how to build a digital library website compare
it with three weeks ago. My information searching behaviour in this topic still running time by
time until the due date. Soon, I need to learn how to customize well the website so it can be
look more professional.
In my information seeking behaviour, Im practicing the rule number one in Albert
Banduras social learning model to understand exactly what information that I really need.
The rule is, pay attention seriously or focus from the beginning.
A person cannot learn much by observation if he does not attend to, or recognize, the
important features of the models behaviour. One of the main component functions in
observational learning therefore involves attentional processes. Exposure to models does
not in itself ensure that people will attend closely to them, that they will necessarily select
from models numerous characteristics the most relevant ones, or that they will even
perceive accurately the aspects they happen to notice. (Bandura, 1973)
In order to learn, we need to paying attention. Anything that detracts my attention is
going to have a negative effect on my information seeking process. Before I go further, I
need to identify my information need and I recognise the main three of them. Now, I have
clear goals to achieved one by one.
I realize that I have a lot of progress in term of information seeking skill, day by day. It
is remain me to a popular example that usually used by Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohd Sharif Bin
Mohd Saad, the rat and the maze. For the first week in searching a related information, I am
not so sure what method suitable to fulfil my task need. According to my flowchart at above,
my sources includes interaction with person such as my lecturer and my colleague, with
library services, via internet and other institution such as bookstore and product distributor.
In week two, I more focus on reading material which that applying hands-on method. I learn
in week one that I cannot too depending on other person that have a limited time to teach
My information sources are variously because Gary Marchionini (2007) emphasis
that users should have responsibility to increase their information seeking skills to get the
accurate results. T.D Wilson said, in the course of seeking, the individual may interact with
manual information systems (such as a newspaper or a library), or with computer-based
systems (such as the World Wide Web).