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Are nuclear weapons really important?

By Mattias Sjlin 30 April 2014

Many people debating whether or not if we should use these weapons. Recently, North Korea is
trying to make nuclear weapons for what they say is for defense. Really? If you have the countries
with the most nuclear weapons surrounding you, so you wouldnt need to worry if they were under
attack. Anyway, most countries have already signed a treaty of peace, which is called the Nuclear
Nonproliferation treaty, this is also a good sign that nobody wants a second cold war or even a world
war 3. Some of the countries that have signed the treaty still think that the treat y is unfair, one of these
countries are Iran, the president of Iran says that half of the world having nuclear weapons and half not
is very unfair.
Another thing that developing nuclear weapons have caused is the increase of terrorists trying
to get them. There have been many smugglers caught and many have gone through, but there has been
an increasing act of smuggling. For instance, a Pakistani nuclear scientist bought enough uranium to
make a nuclear weapon for Libya. I definitely shouldnt have built it for Libya when you know what they
could do. I mean anyone could go out and bomb another country, but I dont think anyone would do
that. A great thing as I told you before, the treaty is for me the best thing I can think of. Or how they are
putting radiation sensors on the ports and border controls around the world. This will stop events like
9/11 from ever happening again. Together we can make a difference! The police around the world are
also getting better at catching the smugglers, one example is some Turkish smugglers that tried to sell
1.1 kg of uranium at a restaurant, and it turns out that the buyers were undercover police. All smugglers
should be stopped, of course probably everyone thinks so, but there are still thousands of terrorist
groups all over the world trying to get nuclear weapons for whatever they are going to do, some for
protection, some for mass destruction.
Using nuclear weapons is a debatable subject, we probably all think that nuclear weapons
should be wiped out. There comes another question, where shall we dump millions of tones of nuclear
waste? Well some of you will probably think of Antarctica or the arctic is a good idea. Since the arctic
icecaps are melting already and its ok to dump everything there. What would happen to our water if we
bombed one of our oceans? The water would probably become radiated. But all terrorists think of
having nuclear weapons to increase their rate of being more dangerous.