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Investing in the future of

NSW Visual Arts Education

Professional Learning Grant
Information and Application Form
For Project Year January 2015 - December 30 2015
As an independent professional association staffed by volunteers, the Visual
Arts and Design Educators Association NSW (VADEA) supports NSW Visual
Arts and Design teachers in promoting the value of Visual Arts and Design
education in the !"# curriculum$ %rants are available to provide funding to
support individuals and groups to develop programs &hich promote the study of
Visual Arts and Design education$
VADEA is no& accepting applications for its 'rofessional (earning %rant
VADEA 'rofessional (earning %rant information and application #)"* ! #)"+
,p to four grants are a&arded per year$ Available funding is -#+)) per grant$
.he VADEA NSW 'rofessional (earning %rant see/s to support pro0ects that advocate and advance
the values and strategic goals of VADEA, as found at1 &&&$vadea$org$au$ 'riority pro0ects are
those &hose focus lies in building net&or/ hubs and connections bet&een individuals, groups and
institutions in NSW$
Artists in residence programs &here outcomes are directly lin/ed to NSW schools and student
2n!school or community e3hibitions &here the value of art and design is being developed or
4ural5metropolitan opportunities to foster lin/s bet&een individuals, groups or schools &ith the
focus on professional development$ 6or e3ample, seminars, conferences or series of
7oung teacher mentoring5personal development
8ollaborative opportunities for secondary Visual Arts and Design teachers and primary
schools, or tertiary5.A6E lin/s$
.he VADEA NSW 'rofessional (earning %rant is open to active VADEA financial members &ho
have been members for at least one year prior to the date of application$ VADEA members may
include students and retired teachers, regional hub net&or/s and schools as recognised affiliates$
%rants are available to VADEA NSW E3ecutive 8ommittee members$
INELIGIILI&( (Applicants &ho are not eligible to apply)
.hose &ho are having their VADEA membership processed at the time of submitting an
application to meet grant deadlines
Applications from residents outside of NSW$
Applications from non!financial members including members of less than a year financial
VADEA &ill not use these grants to cover the costs of attending the VADEA conference
.he pro0ect year for these grants is 9anuary #)"+!:December #)"+ Application deadline1 September
;), #)"* (postmar/ed)$
VADEA NSW must set a strict deadline for applications so that all applicants are treated fairly and
e<uitably$ All late submissions &ill be re0ected$
Every effort is made to ensure the impartiality of the 0ury relative to the applicant$ All grants are
VADEA 'rofessional (earning %rant information and application #)"* ! #)"+
a&arded &ithout regard to age, gender, race, special needs, or national origin$
VADEA &ill not provide endorsements to applicants or offer advice on the content or substance of
applications$ VADEA does not provide a =model proposal= or copies of previous grantee applications$
)%ES&I$NS A$%& ($%# P#$P$SAL
Applicants may contact VADEA %rants, at VADEA contact>vadea$org to ans&er <uestions about
the application in advance of the deadline$ .his guidance is not a guarantee of funding$
APPLI!A&I$N P#$!ESS* 2t is the advice of VADEA that all applicants carefully read and follo& the
re<uirements of the grant application as outlined in these guidelines and chec/ to ma/e sure that all
information is included before submitting a proposal$ Applications may not be considered if any of the
re<uired information is omitted$
P#$+E!&,P#$P$SAL DES!#IP&I$N* Applicants are re<uired to provide a short (ma3imum #))
&ords) description of their pro0ect or professional development proposal$ .his description may be
used for promotional purposes should VADEA NSW funds be a&arded$
'roposals e3ceeding grant limit amounts &ill not be considered unless the applicant has other
partners contributing financially to a pro0ect$
Applicants must provide a brea/do&n of the ma0or e3penses for the program5pro0ect,
2f the applicant is supplementing an e3isting grant, please outline$
#EP$#&ING* Applicants &ill be re<uired to provide VADEA NSW &ith an update on progress and
outcomes on the financial year <uarters$
P%LI!A&I$N: Applicants are also re<uired to contribute any relevant teaching and learning
resources (for e3ample programs and education /its) to the VADEA &ebsite$ VADEA promotes the
sharing of ideas bet&een its members$
A clearly identified aim &ith relevant lin/s to appropriate Visual Arts and Design content
4elate to5build on resources5developments that are already being produced in the area of
Visual Arts and Design
Does the proposed study have:
Evidence of preliminary preparation$
(in/s to VADEA strategic goals (&hich are published on the VADEA &ebsite)
Draft budget including realistic estimates of costs$
.ransparency of collaboration &ith participating bodies (2f supplemented by other funding)
NOTIFICATION: All applicants (both funded and non!funded) &ill receive notification in &riting
VADEA 'rofessional (earning %rant information and application #)"* ! #)"+
regarding their proposal by November ;), #)"*$
#ELEASE $F F%NDS* All funded applicants must re<uest release of funding in &riting after
December ", #)"*$ 6unds are released in one total payment$ .he re<uest for these funds should be
sent by email to1 VADEA %rants, VADEA NSW, contact>vadea$org
1. A 'rofessional (earning %rant Application 6orm must be completed and submitted$ A signed
copy of the .erms and 8onditions and all supporting documentation is also to be submitted by
the advertised closing date$
2. 2f your application is received after the closing date or does not meet the re<uirements set out in
these conditions it &ill not be considered$
3. 7our Application &ill not be returned and &ill become the property of VADEA$
4. VADEA may cancel the program on offer, &hether or not advertised, or reduce their advertised
5. .o be eligible the applicant must be a VADEA financial member of at least one year$ %rants are
available to VADEA E3ecutive 8ommittee members$
6. 2f the applicant is currently holding any other scholarship, grant or bursary, the applicant must
provide clear details of the nature of the scholarship, grant or bursary$
7. 7our application must include a budget estimating the cost of the %rant and the proposed
use of the %rant funds$
8. 7ou must provide the name and contact details of t&o referees$ 7our referee must sign the
Application 6orm supporting and endorsing our suitability for the %rant, and affirming that you
&ould be a good ambassador for VADEA$
Selection Process
9. ,pon submission of references you consent for chec/s to be conducted$
10. .he VADEA E3ecutive are responsible for the selection of the 'anel$ .he 'anel may change
from time to time &ith no notice to applicants$
11. Successful and unsuccessful applicants &ill be informed by VADEA by email$
12. Applicant must be an Australian 8iti?en and resident of NSW$
Protocol for #ecipients
13. 2f the proposed %rant re<uires leave the recipient &ill need to negotiate relief &ith their
14. 2t is e3pected that the recipient &ill abide by the la& and only be involved in behaviour that &ill
reflect the values of VADEA$
15. Within # months of completion of the grant VADEA E3ecutive &ill receive a final report in the
format specified$ VADEA may re<uire revisions to be made$ .he copy of the final report
submitted &ill not be returned$
16. .he applicant &arrants that they have not breached any other person@s intellectual rights or
moral rights to the e3tent re<uired holds all and any licenses of such intellectual rights or
moral rights$
17. 7ou may be re<uested to ma/e presentations in relation to your e3periences &ithin the %rant at
the VADEA annual conference$ VADEA may re<uest a copy of any material that you &ish to
18. 2f you print or record any material as a result of the program it must include1 A.his &or/ &as
produced by Binsert recipient@s nameC, a recipient of a Binsert full name of the %rant and yearC,
a&arded by VADEA NSWD$
VADEA 'rofessional (earning %rant information and application #)"* ! #)"+
19. 7ou consent to the publication of any form of media produced$
20. 7ou must immediately notify the VADEA of any decision to &ithdra& from the grant$
21. 2t is understood that any unspent funds be repaid to VADEA &ithin " &ee/ of completion of
22. 7ou also agree to t he appointed VADEA e3ecutive accessing financial records to verify
spending of the grant$
23. VADEA &ill not be liable for indirect and conse<uential loss or damage (including for loss of
profit (&hether direct, indirect, anticipated or other&ise), opportunity costs, loss of business,
damage to reputation and loss or corruption of data regardless of &hether any or all of these
things are considered to be indirect or conse<uential losses or damage) in contract, tort
(including negligence), under any statute or other&ise arising from or related in any &ay to this
agreement or its sub0ect matter$
AD!A N"# Pro$e%%&ona' (earn&n) *rant
Application Form
For Project Year January 2015 - December 2015
A++'&cat&on Dea,'&ne: September ;), #)"*
Applications must reach VADEA or be postmar/ed by +pm on the above date$ 2ncomplete or incorrectly
applications &ill not be accepted or accessed$
"en, a++'&cat&on% to: AD!A *rant%
Pro$e%%&ona' Teac-er% Counc&' .PTC N"#/ PO 0o1 522
(e&c--ar,t N"# 2030
P(!A"! TYP! O4 P4INT IN CAPITA("5 YO6 76"T CO7P(!T! A(( "!CTION"5
PA#& / 0 Applicant Information
Name1EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Surname1 ____________________________
8ome A,,re%%:
Suburb5 .o&n: _________________________________
Wor/1 ____________________ Fome1 __________________
VADEA 'rofessional (earning %rant information and application #)"* ! #)"+
PA#& 1* Support eing Applied For
PA#& 2* School, Institute Details
PA#& 3* )ualifications and E4perience
.ic/ each relevant bo3$
'rimary Secondary .A6E NSW
Name o$ "c-oo'9TAF! N"# In%t&tute
A,,re%% o$ "c-oo'9TAF! N"# In%t&tute
.ertiary Hualifications
Summary of .eaching E3perience
VADEA 'rofessional (earning %rant information and application #)"* ! #)"+
Tick each relevant box.
1 Promotion of connections amongst the professional commnit! "ith specific strategies
#$vocating for the %isal #rts &orse throgh an event sch as exhibition' pro(ect or artist in
)evelopment of crrent research or polic! that contribtes to professional practices' an$ vales
of %isal #rts an$ )esign e$cators.
4 *nhancement of the vale of st$ent learning an$ n$erstan$ing in %isal #rts an$ )esign.
PA#& 5* udget
'revious A&ards5Scholarships56ello&ships (.itle J 7ear A&arded)
'rofessional Associations5 Activities5 8ommunity 'articipation
Per%onne' ."a'ar&e% : Fee%/:
Tota' Per%onne'
Teac-&n) 4e'&e$:
Tota' Teac-&n) 4e'&e$
Tota' !;u&+ment
Tota' 7a&ntenance
VADEA 'rofessional (earning %rant information and application #)"* ! #)"+
PA#& 6* Proposal
PA#& 7* #eferees
Tota' Tra<e'
Tota' Ot-er
Tota' Co%t%
'lease attach a ,eta&'e, *rant Pro+o%a' o$ 1000 &ords that e3plains ho& the a&arded funding
&ill promote and develop the value of Visual Arts and Design education$ 7our 'roposal should
include1 a rat&ona'e= ,eta&'e, &n$ormat&on on t-e %co+e an, $ea%&b&'&ty an, +ro+o%e, bu,)et
o$ your +roject5 It %-ou', a'%o &nc'u,e a 200 >or, %ummary o$ t-e o<era'' +roject .to be
u%e, $or re+ort&n) +ur+o%e%/5 'lease refer to the Supporting 2nformation document for
specifications on compulsory proposal documentation$
T&t'e o$ Pro+o%a' Project:
"ubject Area:
4e$eree 1
'osition: __________________________________________________________________________
"c-oo' 9 In%t&tut&on: _________________________________________________________________
Te'e+-one (&or/)1 ___________________________ (mobile) _____________________________
!ma&' (&or/)1
4e$eree 2
'osition: __________________________________________________________________________
VADEA 'rofessional (earning %rant information and application #)"* ! #)"+
PA#& 7* #eferees
"c-oo' 9 In%t&tut&on: _________________________________________________________________
Te'e+-one (&or/)1 ___________________________ (mobile) _____________________________
!ma&' (&or/)1
2 declare that the information provided in this application and any attached documentation is
complete and correct in every particular$ I con$&rm t-at I -a<e rea, an, >&'' com+'y >&t- t-e
Term% an, Con,&t&on%@ o$ t-e AD!A *rant$
K.erms and 8onditions can be found at the end of this document and are available &ith the %rant 2nformation J
Gaterials document at1 &&&$vadea$org$au
Signature1 ________________
'rint Name1 ________________
VADEA 'rofessional (earning %rant information and application #)"* ! #)"+